Samsung makes Fun of Apple#5(You will hate Apple after seeing this)


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  • Momin Hossain
    Momin Hossain 38 minutes ago +1

    আইফোন বেস্ট।

  • olanjali
    olanjali 39 minutes ago

    Iam here to find out how much apple users are on earth hhm 73k . 😁Ok i will come back later when this video recommend for other apple users left on planet. Thank you for the one like I know you like my comment. Wish you a good life bro.

  • Jan Aisa
    Jan Aisa Hour ago

    Why not roast yourself Samsung???

  • Adil Ahnaf Mahi
    Adil Ahnaf Mahi Hour ago

    Apple dosen't care

  • CrazyCurryStar 65

    Me dont lik semsong I lik appel

  • Camilamunita_GAMER
    Camilamunita_GAMER 3 hours ago

    Really fucking shit

  • Maddie Does Vlogs
    Maddie Does Vlogs 3 hours ago +1

    “You will hate apple after this” I don’t sorry

  • Midnight Summer
    Midnight Summer 4 hours ago

    Ye me hate this cid

  • tea
    tea 4 hours ago

    the day apple lets people know you took a screenshot of a text in imessage is the day i get a samsung

  • Nirjal Khadka
    Nirjal Khadka 4 hours ago

    But but but iphone perform better than samsung and feels better to have it

  • Yung Yesrz
    Yung Yesrz 5 hours ago +3

    Someone: O I have an Android
    Me: *O srry I didn’t know you were disabled*

  • sabri onder
    sabri onder 5 hours ago

    iphone 6 vs s9 ;d

  • TheMinorGamer // ShawnTMG

    I am a proud Apple user and I shall never switch, I’ve been using Apple for almost all my life now and I don’t have any plans to switch

  • Hardcore Gaming With Nate

    But why would I witch when there is a Lear difference

    Apple is good

    Samsung is garbed straight from the can

  • manova jothi
    manova jothi 6 hours ago

    Samsung could also compare with 4s.. so that Samsung can portray much better than this🤪🤪

  • tyan rahan
    tyan rahan 9 hours ago

    omg jeremy from the package is in here

  • SappyGem
    SappyGem 9 hours ago +1

    They say that their phone is slow, yet mine isn’t

    *Like WTH*

  • tuerto
    tuerto 9 hours ago +1

    0:04 Amethyst?

  • Hospitalized
    Hospitalized 10 hours ago

    But after all everyone’s still using apple lmfao

  • RODRIGO286 Digão
    RODRIGO286 Digão 10 hours ago

    This fuck of the Samsung ( Android )

  • RODRIGO286 Digão
    RODRIGO286 Digão 10 hours ago

    Fuck you

  • Johnny Flynn
    Johnny Flynn 10 hours ago

    Apple doesn’t need to take shots at Samsung because the king or smartphones doesn’t need to take shots at inferior products! 😂

  • gacha Rosewood
    gacha Rosewood 11 hours ago

    This video is so fake, I have an iPhone 6 and I still hate Samsung

  • E
    E 12 hours ago

    Someone flexing their iPhone 11 Pro Max.
    Someone flexing their Samsung S10+.
    Someone Flexing their Huwaei Mate P30.
    Me with my 1997 Nokia 3310...

  • E
    E 12 hours ago

    0:00 - 0:04, song please?

  • Egg walter
    Egg walter 12 hours ago

    No, I still hate Samsung. These ads do not convince me to switch at all, it just makes me hate them because of how childish they are -_-

  • Kazuto Plays
    Kazuto Plays 13 hours ago

    I mean Samsung is already better than Apple so....

  • Rahul Summan
    Rahul Summan 13 hours ago

    What's the name of that lady with iPhone 6

  • Ekipa lije
    Ekipa lije 14 hours ago +1

    Apple was good while Steve Jobs was around. Over the years their price went up, but their quality and creativity went down. They are now just stuck at the same design. They are even copying Samsung. Apple may be more expensive, but that doesnt mean that its better.

  • Mr Potatoe
    Mr Potatoe 14 hours ago

    Also the fact they compare the s9 to the 6s I have a 6s and it works better then some of my friends s10 so suck it

  • Jada bess
    Jada bess 15 hours ago

    Team iPhone!!

  • Gabriela Kupresak
    Gabriela Kupresak 15 hours ago

    Funny hating iphones because your poor and dont have money for it.😉 sfu

  • luh Kamei
    luh Kamei 16 hours ago

    I just read all the comments that's it

  • Ranjith K
    Ranjith K 16 hours ago

    It's a roast

  • Adam
    Adam 16 hours ago

    Fuck samsung

    RTS彡 KING 17 hours ago


  • Hunter Killer
    Hunter Killer 17 hours ago

    I already hate apple

  • Green Tea Gacha
    Green Tea Gacha 18 hours ago

    I’m in the apple squad sorry :(

  • Jea Youngmin
    Jea Youngmin 18 hours ago +1

    *Both of them are trash.*

  • danica
    danica 18 hours ago

    I love both of them ♡

  • BTS ARMY forever and ever

    But y'all have to agree that iPhone has the best damn emojis and are more aesthetic

  • Gonzalez luz
    Gonzalez luz 19 hours ago

    3:52 what's up with them

  • Myadag Dorj
    Myadag Dorj 20 hours ago

    When they use an iphone in kdrama:
    Me: Tf

  • Neo Mothibe
    Neo Mothibe 20 hours ago

    Ima giggigigigi

  • Sandy Hernandez
    Sandy Hernandez 20 hours ago

    Everyone is talking about which phone is better apple or android but I’m over still with my Barbie phone i got from the flea market

  • Reee Man
    Reee Man 21 hour ago

    They are saying I’m a hate Apple cause they keep using doodoo worker and a 6

  • salman s
    salman s 21 hour ago

    Hahaha.... Very funny.... King of slow.. Samsung

  • Yolo
    Yolo 21 hour ago

    Haha I got samsung it's actually rlly fast

  • Ryan Wang
    Ryan Wang 21 hour ago

    Apple best

  • M S
    M S 21 hour ago


  • toi t ki
    toi t ki 21 hour ago

    -Watch this from my iPhone 11.

  • itsingloo
    itsingloo 21 hour ago

    Could’ve compared iPhone 10 to s9 but no they chose 6s

  • Colofski
    Colofski 21 hour ago

    Still don't hate Apple.

  • Gaurang Sawant
    Gaurang Sawant 22 hours ago

    Who is watching this on an iphone in 2k19

  • Nimesh de silva
    Nimesh de silva 22 hours ago

    Watching from 11 pro max and been a user of s10 plus as well. I prefer iphone 11 pro over any device out there rn

  • Aedreian james Camiguing

    Samsung is legit❤ My s9plus is already full but the performance is lit😂

  • misochi__
    misochi__ Day ago

    Meanwhile xiaomi user : oh *sips tea

  • Mark Jayden
    Mark Jayden Day ago

    I'm a Xiaomi user, but I support all the phones that uses Android. Samsung's a good phone, just depending on your budget. All android phones are the best.

  • FaTeSniper
    FaTeSniper Day ago

    You guys still use iPhones and samsungs pathetic I use a flip phone