CLC(씨엘씨) - 'Devil' Official Music Video

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
  • CLC(씨엘씨) - 'Devil' Official Music Video
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  • park chimin
    park chimin 9 hours ago +1


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  • Fadwa Alora
    Fadwa Alora 11 hours ago

    1:40 what’s her name?

  • Kauana Lee
    Kauana Lee 12 hours ago

    1:37 SO CUTEEEEEEEE💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💎💎💎💎💎💎😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • {kim•ᅳ• hea}
    {kim•ᅳ• hea} 12 hours ago

    •لا يعني لي شيئاً ان انهيك الآن دفعة واحده
    الشيطان الحقيقي والقاسي لا ينهي الأمور بسطحية.•

  • Abinaya Kalpathi
    Abinaya Kalpathi 13 hours ago

    I came here for Sorn after watching Idol Party w Yuta hehe I’m an NCTzen

  • Sornicals Sornicals
    Sornicals Sornicals 14 hours ago +1

    0:32 No ones gonna talk about Seungyeon pretending to eat soap?

  • gờ pê gờ ét gửi sáu sáu tám chín

    omg omg omg omg

    ÖØŒ ÆŁŸ 16 hours ago +1

    is soo good clc you’re good job 💕💖

  • aisyah
    aisyah 18 hours ago

    yay 6 million

  • Ruhma Inam Ashraf
    Ruhma Inam Ashraf 18 hours ago


  • SOY Edú No Eduardo
    SOY Edú No Eduardo 20 hours ago

    Amo mucho el mv aaaaaaaaaaa

  • Girl Hidden
    Girl Hidden 20 hours ago +2

    Cheshires please vote for Eunbin on Starplay. Please use the starpoints to vote for her. If she wins, she will get a media PR which will boost her popularity.

  • CLC TH
    CLC TH 20 hours ago

    6 million views

  • I will to love you forever Eunjung

    6.015.407 fighting cheshires 7M

  • Carat Cheshire Insomnia

    Yeahh 6M already

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  • Definitely Not The Boss

    We unlocked 6m shall we go for 7m?
    #clc #s3m

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    Juliana Wolf Day ago +4

    6M 👍

  • Boots and Cats
    Boots and Cats Day ago +3

    6 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 ! ! !
    Congratulations CLC and Cheshires! 😸

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    OMG 6M views !!!!
    Good job 👍

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  • Clarissa Mezzomo
    Clarissa Mezzomo Day ago +3

    so sad that they don't have many stages for this amazing song

  • clc Crystal Clear
    clc Crystal Clear Day ago +5

    clc devil

  • clc Crystal Clear
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  • clc Crystal Clear
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    clc pepe

  • clc Crystal Clear
    clc Crystal Clear Day ago +4

    we are clc

  • dinar eksa
    dinar eksa Day ago +1

    Idk why... but the mv remind me of Red Velvet "Russian Roulette" murdering sort of thing

  • clc forever
    clc forever Day ago +10

    yall yesterday we were at 5.899.148 and now we're at 5.988.724 ❗❗❗ we achieved 89.576 v1ews in 24 hours! that means that if we work like yesterday then by tomorrow we should have 6.078.300 ❗❗🌈

    • clczoned
      clczoned 23 hours ago

      clc forever we are improving. the past few days we only got 65k-70k views. keep it up cheshires!! :)))
      we should grow in order for clc's fame to grow also LOL

  • clc stan
    clc stan Day ago +11

    cheshires in case you didn't know, the latest cheatkey episode has eng subs now 💙

  • clc stan
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  • Stream Chicken noodle soup

    Wth Why does this only have 5,9m views? This deserves so much more.

  • clc hyuna
    clc hyuna Day ago +10

    CheShire keep str3am for 6m vi3w

  • Kujaku Impact
    Kujaku Impact Day ago +8

    Keep str34m guys for 6M

  • Abuti Ju
    Abuti Ju Day ago +2

    Wtf with yeeun rap??????? Periodt!!!

  • frank pitts
    frank pitts Day ago +1

    I dont know all their names. Whos the one eating cereal on the bed at 35 seconds? I found out about CLC cause of Sorns youtube page.

    • clc stan
      clc stan Day ago +2

      please check this guide to clc and this clc fanacc on twitter @ clcomfortzone. i swear they're the most precious angels. please give them a chance💕💕

    • Hello Bye
      Hello Bye Day ago +1

      Welcome,if you are interested in learning their names I will tell you

  • park chimin
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  • Mohamed Ali
    Mohamed Ali Day ago +12

    Love u guys😘 pls stay strong, eat well sleep well .My babies 💓💓

  • LostMyHalo
    LostMyHalo Day ago +12

    Queens of kpop

  • LostMyHalo
    LostMyHalo Day ago +2

    Eunbin's part is my favorite

    • tif
      tif Day ago +2


  • LostMyHalo
    LostMyHalo Day ago +4

    This songs is amazing

  • Antares
    Antares Day ago +2

    Sorn using a one-legged chair to change a light bulb... looks like a bad idea, and not only because she's about to get pushed.

    • Antares
      Antares Day ago

      @Boots and Cats Yep, something like that :D

    • Boots and Cats
      Boots and Cats Day ago +1

      I think she may have misread the assembly instructions from IKEA! 😸

  • Oh Seunghee
    Oh Seunghee Day ago

    Kalau CLC tk fmaous jgk cam group lain cube kau kene ngan aq srs 😌

  • Sou Kpoper
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  • Al-Shaeed Muntasil
    Al-Shaeed Muntasil Day ago +12

    *6,000,000 VIEWS SOON*

  • CLC Queens of K-Pop
    CLC Queens of K-Pop Day ago +12

    we are clc

  • I will to love you forever Eunjung

    5.967.699 fighting cheshires 6M


    stan clc

  • Rosé Hair flip
    Rosé Hair flip 2 days ago +4

    So I’m getting to know them and I think I already know all their names. Anyways Seunghee have such a beautiful voice 😍 it’s one of the best I ever heard it stands out so much. She really shines in this comeback. And seungyeon dance 😱.Why is clc so underrated?

    • 넬슨
      넬슨 2 days ago +3

      3 Reasons:
      1º - Bad CUBE Management and promotion mostly in the past not so much nowadays. (CUBE is still making mistakes on CLC management and promotion, but at least CUBE gave CLC three comebacks this year and maybe (hopefully) a 4th comeback at the end of this year 2019).
      2º - Korean and mostly k-pop fans only care about popularity nowadays and are sleeping on CLC and on their talent.
      3º - Not enough fans/followers/subscribers/supporters like others k-pop groups. (Ex: CLC RU-clip Official Channel have 637 mil subscribers (increasing everyday) but still not enough compared with others k-pop groups).

  • ARMY
    ARMY 2 days ago +1

    Ah tô viciada, alguém pelo amor de Deus, eu venho todo dia assistir o MV, mas principalmente escutar, é muito boa!

  • Sarahi Hernandez
    Sarahi Hernandez 2 days ago +2

    Clc aquí en mi corazón , Like si no hablas inglés y no entiendes ni maiz..🤓😉😍😍💓💓💓😊😅😅