I Tasted Kobe Beef for the First Time | A5 Japanese Wagyu

  • Published on Dec 19, 2018
  • We taste A5 Kobe Beef (A5), the highest grade of beef in Japan and have our taste buds ignited. What better way to spend our time in Kobe of Day 18 of Journey Across Japan (and send off Pete).
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  • Abroad in Japan
    Abroad in Japan  9 months ago +1213

    A big shoutout to Pete Donaldson for joining Journey Across Japan, he'll be sorely missed! To find out who's joining us next as we journey south towards Hiroshima, be sure to check out the end of the video, when he who must not be named is finally revealed.
    And for more of Pete, you can always tune in to the Abroad in Japan podcast, where we discuss all things Japan, every single Thursday! (Podcast: hyperurl.co/nhgr30)

    • Wool Puppy
      Wool Puppy 5 months ago

      Is he dead?

    • Michael Knesevitch
      Michael Knesevitch 7 months ago

      do you still make videos?

    • King Bradley
      King Bradley 7 months ago

      Yo Chris what's up, everything OK?

    • ShinobiTrix
      ShinobiTrix 7 months ago

      @Steph anie personal opinion. Majority of the world eats meat; if you don't like it don't click the video with a massive picture of meat on it.

    • The Grand Champion
      The Grand Champion 7 months ago +1

      wheres the rest of the journey? its been 2 months already

  • The Cat
    The Cat 4 days ago

    eat kobe beef dont eat beef in kobe ... got it mate

  • AlbaTross
    AlbaTross 5 days ago

    I'm not sure if Pete had it easy or difficult. On one hand he hadn't ridden a bike in a long time and had to navigate with you using a paper map. On the other hand he only had to bike for one day and spent the remaining three living it up in Japan.

  • none
    none 10 days ago

    What restaurant is it?

    • Desiree Menken
      Desiree Menken 9 days ago


  • Vikotnick
    Vikotnick 11 days ago

    The end had me in stitches!

  • Superblobby
    Superblobby 11 days ago

    ah I remember when I learned history...on the wall of my local starbucks

  • Justin Adrian Soriano
    Justin Adrian Soriano 12 days ago

    Arigatou Cowzaimasu

  • Alse 72
    Alse 72 16 days ago

    Wait, if that fat melting temperature is 26°C do the cows melt on a sunny day?

  • stuartrockin
    stuartrockin 16 days ago

    More Geordie Abroad plz

  • Colin Ogren
    Colin Ogren 17 days ago +2

    It's taken me way longer than I'm proud of to realize that your channel name is a play on your surname. Clever Broad.

  • Henry Teo
    Henry Teo 18 days ago

    You guys look remarkably alike to a fat Tony Stark and indie Loki. Thanks Bryan Cranston.

  • D M
    D M 23 days ago

    westerners: hey Japan look we got beef, it is very tasty
    Japan: hold my sake

  • Jesus Jhon
    Jesus Jhon 24 days ago

    Food wars makes it look better

  • Arthur Cooper
    Arthur Cooper 24 days ago

    what restaurant is this?

  • btingey
    btingey 25 days ago

    Ok, ketchup... sorry, I went to public school.

  • btingey
    btingey 25 days ago

    I didn’t notice any catchup... is it not available?

  • Funny Memes
    Funny Memes 26 days ago

    Wow... that was cheaper than I thought... a normal cut in NY that size, is about $40. A meal in a restaurant is like, $200 - $400 normally...

  • Funny Memes
    Funny Memes 26 days ago

    I thought A in A5 meant quantity and the 5 is the quality. I usually eat A1 beef... at least that's what I think it is... least quality beef, but in American sized portions...

  • Kazuma Yagami
    Kazuma Yagami 27 days ago

    Shouldn't Gordon Ramsey be there eating that??

  • drencoss
    drencoss 27 days ago

    Meanwhile im eating 4 Wagyu Iceland burgers for £3.

  • Virishikii
    Virishikii 27 days ago

    *soma vs nikumi flashbacks*

  • A RB
    A RB 28 days ago

    5:00 that the salt bro

  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom 28 days ago +1


  • Taiko Krchy
    Taiko Krchy 28 days ago

    Why can’t we raise cows like this...

  • Arthur Yamashita
    Arthur Yamashita 28 days ago

    jesus why is he holding the hashi in such a stupid way

  • Yes Mam
    Yes Mam 28 days ago

    For real, when you eat this you litteraly drink the meat you don't even chew...
    Can you imagine how digusting that is ?? like ...
    Beef and fat put in a blender still hot and fcking drink it.
    While you at it make a kobe beef and 90% fat candy .
    Just melt a stick of butter annd drink it, I just madeyou save 250 dollars, you sheep.
    Wtf is up with the meat rating that is completely stupid A5 god damn.
    Man, it's only fat.

    Dude, this beef have nothing special, it's only a fat lazy cow who was treated way too much.
    Come to France, ask for an AUBRAC medium rare and fcking tell me that is not better than that dumb shit...

    And guess what, why they serve a only 3 pîeces of that sht on one plate and they serve this right in front of you?
    because if the fat cooldown it fcking goes back to the consistence of a chewy dirty paper..
    the whole piece taste like that because the meat isn't meat , IT'S FAT , YOU ARE EATING FAT.

    250 DOLLARS
    10 GRAMME

    Im triggered.

  • Igor Malusevic
    Igor Malusevic 29 days ago

    Pete struggle with chopsticks xD

  • HardWorkingSlacker
    HardWorkingSlacker 29 days ago

    That’s not correct about wagyu beef all coming from Japan, a couple of years ago I saw in an agriculture paper that they, a Japanese company, started sourcing wagyu from Idaho. They have to follow very strict standards, and all of it monitored by the Japanese to make sure the quality is up standard

    • Obi DANK Kenobi
      Obi DANK Kenobi 28 days ago

      It can be from anywhere but they have to meet the standards that's all. And it has to be that particular black cow.

  • Super Slovak
    Super Slovak 29 days ago

    i think if i tried this meat i would orgasm instantly

  • Rick Bailey
    Rick Bailey 29 days ago

    prob only 500-1k worth of meat but they charge the customer the price of a car so 10lbs is worth 3k but that hunk is prob heavier but maybe not since its 95% fat

  • PoLISh JeRRY
    PoLISh JeRRY Month ago

    y e e t

  • Hugh Janus
    Hugh Janus Month ago

    stupid english accent, it's not kobee.

  • Dean Gully
    Dean Gully Month ago

    My man pete just gets a higher IQ when eating beef of this quality.
    *Big Brain*

  • Dean Gully
    Dean Gully Month ago

    The cows keep getting yeeted to the slaughterhouse. Hence the name

  • Pekka Laitinen
    Pekka Laitinen Month ago

    Next: We tasted Bryan Cranston

  • Martin Tremblay
    Martin Tremblay Month ago +2

    So let's dew it- Guga foods

    • Itzpayday 123
      Itzpayday 123 Month ago

      I know it doesnt look very good now, but watch this

    • King Curtis
      King Curtis Month ago

      Still waiting on him to dry age it

  • Reeze Vlog
    Reeze Vlog Month ago

    the CCCP shirt has an A3 fat content............

  • Ģirts D
    Ģirts D Month ago

    This wtf moment when eat total row meat insane

  • Carlos V
    Carlos V Month ago +1

    Me, First 5 seconds: "Is that Wakkoqu?" Looks at the description: "Oh nice!"
    I went to Wakkoqu myself in 2014. I wasn't using any sort of mobile maps back then because I was too cheap to get a WiFi hotspot when travelling, so I got lost, and no locals I asked knew of the place. I had to reorient myself with a static map, and it didn't help that I was already close to running late because I took the wrong shinkansen from Hiroshima.

    Anyway, that was the best meat I've ever had in my life. It's definitely something everyone should experience at least once in their life. I really want to go back one day.

  • aimanseymos
    aimanseymos Month ago

    Did you really left pete??? please no

  • FCBayern4Ever
    FCBayern4Ever Month ago

    Asians have the best food!

  • Taysco
    Taysco Month ago

    Gordon Ramsey would tell you that steak was still shitting itself

  • DarkSteel
    DarkSteel Month ago

    was it justice delicious?

  • Kayser Yoshimatsu
    Kayser Yoshimatsu Month ago

    you know, kobe isnt that expensive of the japanese beefs? there are far more wagyus that are a LOT more expensive...

  • Troy Lee
    Troy Lee Month ago

    8:55 his shirt looks like A5 Beef

  • FunMixTime
    FunMixTime Month ago

    Fun fact death row last meal normally can only cost between 40$-50$

    • Chubowubo
      Chubowubo Month ago

      maybe different for each state within the US or for each country? i heard someone ordered countless items of food that surely surpassed $100

  • ham and cheese
    ham and cheese Month ago

    I wonder what the Japanese people would make of my baked beans and toast with some a1 bacon.

  • SarcasMiss
    SarcasMiss Month ago

    im just catching up now and Im scared of what to do with my life when ive finally caught up with this show and wait like the rest of you lot.

  • The Predator32
    The Predator32 Month ago

    North, north UK? Sooo Scotland?

  • Junon Tann
    Junon Tann Month ago

    why the constant thanks to bryan cranston?

  • Mike Lee
    Mike Lee Month ago

    Since you didn't pay for the meal, it technically mean that you still owe him a meal for that shoutout.

  • Png. Png
    Png. Png Month ago

    ecchi shiyou ze >:)

  • Gaochang Li
    Gaochang Li Month ago

    Why am I watching this? I haven't had dinner...

  • Im not mark
    Im not mark Month ago

    You know what it taste like? Fatty beef to be honest

    • Im not mark
      Im not mark Month ago

      The texture is like a Filipino dish called tucino very chewy

  • CrashMK1
    CrashMK1 Month ago

    For anyone wondering. I'm sure that there's a very specific definition, but brackish is usually used in reference to a type of water where fresh water, and salt water meet and mix. Therefore, brackish water.

  • Max Rockatansky
    Max Rockatansky Month ago +2

    I'm Hindu and vegetarian, don't know what I'm doing here. Not offended though even that meat is cow meat.

  • lolmao500
    lolmao500 Month ago

    Vegans triggered

    CON D. ORIANO Month ago

    The Fact that they arent eating the beef with rice makes me anxious.

  • TheBigH
    TheBigH Month ago +1

    This is why I like this channel when it comes to food; Other food review channels will do the "food pron" type thing where the descriptions and the glory shots go on and on - there is nothing wrong with that, but this gets down to business.