Object 279 (e) is BROKEN in World of Tanks!

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • I recently unlocked the Object 279 (e) in World of Tanks and didn't realise it's completely broken...
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Comments • 2 046

  • Robijas007
    Robijas007 14 hours ago

    I suggest WG makes this tank autoloader with 6 shells in a magazine
    .. but.... with 6 guns, so they can shoot all shells instantly. Reload could be around 13 seconds... 550 alpha with single shell... 😑

  • True Born Son of Liberty

    Someday when you are all old, you'll regret wasting your life on a game that sold you nothing. Good luck kiddies.

  • Foo Bar
    Foo Bar 2 days ago

    I don’t think I’ve seen a team that has the 279e lose.

  • Kingstoler -
    Kingstoler - 2 days ago

    To be fair, it would suck if you grinded all the missions to get another mediocre tank. I don't mind the reward tanks to be slightly OP/ broken.

  • Elian
    Elian 3 days ago

    I don't want to stay competitive, I'm uninstalling the game right now. This is it, i'm done.
    The game has become incredibly pay2win(TM). Whenever I try to use an advantage the particular tank has, the enemy will just load a p2w-WinGuaranteed-goldenShell(TM) and destroy me anyways. And if it isn't gold ammo it's some overpowered premium tank. Cya

  • RJ Rosa
    RJ Rosa 3 days ago

    From what I can tell literally best way to deal with this tank atm is using HE from big TDS like the JP E100, Death Star and shit barn, and E3 and E4. Of course arty is also a good counter. Even then though that’s a very limited amount of stuff to use and a lot of shell to sling to kill one tank.

  • Vinh-San Bernaud
    Vinh-San Bernaud 3 days ago

    I switched to war thunder 1 year ago , and I will never come back on this game , filled with tier VIII premiums , stupid teamates

  • may peace be with you

    Haha poor t-62A

  • WoOchucK
    WoOchucK 5 days ago

    Balance for this tank is very simple. It should be tier XI tank.

  • Márk Sipos
    Márk Sipos 5 days ago

    QB! Challange: 3 GM on OBJ 279 (E) :)

  • Michael Moretti
    Michael Moretti 5 days ago

    Bullshit like this, and WoT's blatant pay-to-win culture, is why I quit WoT.

  • 568 Mobil
    568 Mobil 6 days ago

    WOT MOST SHITY GAME, LOSE TIME FOR NOTHING, BETTER UNINSTALL GUYS i played more 5 years, it was a time lose, dont be like me

  • dtly50
    dtly50 8 days ago

    99% of tanks: If a tank can't be penetrated from the front, flank it, hit it on the lower plate and kill it.

    This tank: nearly damage immune from the front and side, no lower plate.
    Excuse me wtf...

  • Patrick Dawson
    Patrick Dawson 8 days ago

    sto making videos your shit play your self

  • MultiSVED
    MultiSVED 8 days ago

    end FV and taype get nerf hahahaha

  • A S
    A S 8 days ago

    Well, at least it's not Russian... wait..

  • cesar pachon
    cesar pachon 9 days ago

    Russian Bias on all of its glory

  • Hj
    Hj 9 days ago

    Within a few weeks all tech tree tanks will be completely worthless. Left the game a year ago , this shows me i made the right desicion.

  • raging pigeon
    raging pigeon 9 days ago

    Wargaming killing its own player base with all these op Russian tanks and making them good like with bullshit stats

  • Transit Tycoon
    Transit Tycoon 10 days ago

    cry moar poor fags.

  • Mystic Virgo
    Mystic Virgo 10 days ago

    Its all about the power creep with every rebalance

  • Jeremy Bookbinder
    Jeremy Bookbinder 10 days ago

    This type of stuff is why I stopped playing.

  • Ian Bird
    Ian Bird 10 days ago

    The reason I don't play high tiers now battled these and had one on team he won a tier 10 flank attack on tundra by himself against 5 enemy heavies. He bounced 6.5k and did 6.6 k damage we won by the way lol too op for the game

  • PeTru
    PeTru 10 days ago

    Russian bias

  • kampfer91
    kampfer91 10 days ago

    WT-E100 and Obj 279 which one is more broken .

  • jnrmack
    jnrmack 11 days ago

    The whole game is broken time you admitted it. they don't understand the word balanced.

  • Dave Martin
    Dave Martin 13 days ago

    And this why i stopped playing this game a year ago.

  • xXDemonsSoulsXx
    xXDemonsSoulsXx 13 days ago

    Well i guess it was a blessing that i got burned out from this game a long long time ago glad i never picked the game back up

  • repsol Roger
    repsol Roger 13 days ago

    This is another reason why I quit playing...bummer after 7+ years...instead of fixing things in their meetings ...

  • marlboro9tibike
    marlboro9tibike 13 days ago

    and I am struggling to make 3k damage in random battles in E-100. F. T. game.

  • Felix Hoffmann
    Felix Hoffmann 13 days ago

    did quickybaby just swap the post game stats with tank stats?

  • David Cockerill
    David Cockerill 13 days ago

    Oh i don't like this. it's disgusting if it can tank so well at least make its fun worse!

  • Dale Kleine
    Dale Kleine 13 days ago

    Quickybabe if you think it's hard get this tank on pc it pretty hard get the chisel on console

  • Ferenc Kis
    Ferenc Kis 13 days ago

    this is why this game will be a dead one in a couple of years, normal and new players will be vanished due lack of joy. I'm playing the game for 6 years, stop spending any money in a year or so and think will play another year or two max. I'm an above average player (according to the wn8 and ratings) and playing nearly every evening for 2-3 hours I did not manage to get any cw reward tank (907 vk, chieftain), nor any tier 10 mission reward tanks (279 early, obj 260). The result is: rarely invited to any CW battle altough before 2019 I was invited a lot, nor stronghold battles and mostly punished in random tier 10 battles by these OP tanks, many times in platoons. What a nice gaming experience...

  • Neon Vader
    Neon Vader 14 days ago

    And now it’s confirmed that this tank is coming to consoles

  • gzcwnk
    gzcwnk 14 days ago

    This very tank is why I no longer play tier8+ and will NEVER spend money on this game again....I will stay at t5 and t6 where the game is still fun.

  • Tomáš Chochola
    Tomáš Chochola 14 days ago

    E5 was hulldown and players didnt liked it. E5 got nerfed. WG add more hulldown OP tanks and didnt care...

  • Donar
    Donar 14 days ago

    Tier 8,9and 10 are dead. I not going to play my tier 8 to find that thing on the Battlefield. I guess i going to play another game if this is going to be world of tanks.

  • Stingy's Hairline
    Stingy's Hairline 14 days ago

    blitz gang

  • Diemerstein
    Diemerstein 15 days ago

    It's not just a broken tank, it's a fucking broken game.
    The biggest problem with this game is that you have Russians designing this game and no one can ever accuse them of being smart.
    Glad I gave this game up a long time ago, it was a great idea totally fucked up the the stupid Russian fucking morons who though manipulating matches thru RNG was a good idea.
    Rigged piece of shit.

  • Nicolas Husic
    Nicolas Husic 15 days ago

    Not achievable by 99%*

  • Catalin Cojocaru
    Catalin Cojocaru 15 days ago

    and don`t forget about this : 95 % of the owners of this shit,are used to spam gold ammo,without regard to the opponent :arty,light tanks..whatever..just gold-gold- gold...sry..."special ammo" what a joke...

  • BART
    BART 16 days ago

    Solution.... Just don't get the 279 and play the other tanks. The people that get this tank should see its over powered and only destroying the game. Leave it for show in your garage!!!!
    Once my Gold runs out, I'm out.

  • Dániel Jakab
    Dániel Jakab 16 days ago

    Winrate cant win games as it seems so you can be a good player but with never lucky or a bad player with insane lucky

  • Notlistening
    Notlistening 16 days ago

    Only let people play that in matches that contain three or more enemy SPGs. People who hate SPGs will blame the Object, and use physics to team kill it lol

  • Marcel
    Marcel 17 days ago

    Imagine Wargaming would have enabled credit boost for Tier8 and Tier10 clan war reward tanks instead of making some of them highly overpowered...

  • Joe Fraser
    Joe Fraser 18 days ago +2

    I just stopped playing t10 after these tanks appeared on the scene. totally ridiculous.

  • Naefelia
    Naefelia 18 days ago

    God, I'm glad I stopped playing.

  • TheDragonKnight
    TheDragonKnight 19 days ago

    Whats wn8?

  • Dave Houghton
    Dave Houghton 19 days ago

    it really is time to stop giving WarGaming money and give up WOT

  • wordy1234
    wordy1234 19 days ago

    Can anyone with any influence just pose this question to Wargaming: "Do you think the Object 279(e) is balanced?" If they say anything other than "no we are going to change it slightly" I will simply quit the game. The tank is outright ridiculous and completely ruins tier 10 mm NOT INCLUDING the tier 8s it will come across. Broken.

  • TreyDay
    TreyDay 19 days ago +1

    Tip for recording quality improvement: use a Deesser plugin for your mic. Those Es'ses are really extreme..

  • Deus Vult
    Deus Vult 20 days ago

    Poor Game...

  • Red Sabre
    Red Sabre 20 days ago

    Its tanks like this just like this, and almost every Russian tank in the game why I was so against the nerfing of the Type Derp guns as they were the only soft counter to tanks as stupid as this.

  • M. Music
    M. Music 20 days ago

    279 needs buff all the players that have them shoot gold/premium rounds what cost a lot of credits.. so please wg buff pen on the AP rounds.. many thanks 🤣👍

  • Radek Radziszewski
    Radek Radziszewski 20 days ago

    This is the best tank for the best players. Stop complaining about it, same as you complain about bond equipment. It takes a very very very good player to get your hands on one of those, and it's trully a reward for all the sweat you put into missions. Why would you gring all those missions to get a mediocre tank? It needs to be better than tech tree tanks.

  • jay storm
    jay storm 21 day ago

    WG is trying to frustrate its players into spending money, but they only achieve to chase away new players. And the idiots that keep giving WG money are not helping the rampant bias in the russian tanks and those 15-2 games the MM gives out. Thx idiots, keep giving WG a reason not to balance out the game.

  • indrekpoiss
    indrekpoiss 21 day ago

    Well, it's finally clear that there is no point playing and grinding this game anymore. No possibility of getting this tank whatsoever, exept those guy's who play this game for living. Think for a second - you grind your favorite line a year, two years (because you have work, kids, and you grind other lines too), and finally when you reach tier 10, you meet this thing. What is the point of playing this game at all? Yes, right, no point. Thank you WG, you just set me free.

  • PunisherXOmega
    PunisherXOmega 21 day ago

    this tank totally needed the buff

  • SnowLeopard
    SnowLeopard 21 day ago

    you may aswell hack on that game now, its just as fair as those tanks