shane dawson wants to QUIT his series over THIS...

  • Published on Nov 8, 2019
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  • Shane Dawson is my queen

    Do you people get that, these videos take forever to make, he was tired after making the palate videos, let him rest, he’s a good person, and he’s the best RU-clipr of all time!!

  • SammiDoll J
    SammiDoll J Month ago

    Theres a study that suggests when people look to the right they're just recalling events, but if they look to the left they're thinking of a lie. This one made me want to rewatch a lot of his to see how often and when he looks to the left or right.

  • Stephanie Butcher
    Stephanie Butcher Month ago

    Awwww, Oh No! Ya'll couldn't get your tea? Boo freaking Hoo. Shane obviously wasn't comfortable with talking about it. *RESPECT THAT.* Support people for who they are and their content. *Not* "the tea" that comes out of their mouths. Are ya'll 12? There's no conspiracy, there's no clickbait, there's no trickery. It didn't feel right to him. The drama would have made him more money. If he cared about money he would have included it. He's not a toxic person and want's to make content that makes him happy. (Like every content creator should!) If ya'll can't accept it, then ya need to Grow Up "hunty"🤮

  • Lara Croft
    Lara Croft Month ago

    How are you editing a video for months then say that you still editing the night before and when the video comes the editing is shaky and out of chronological order and messy.

  • Lara Croft
    Lara Croft Month ago

    Shane Dawson is honestly so disingenuous that it hurts. If he was any other RU-clipr he would be canceled by now

  • s i n j i n
    s i n j i n Month ago

    Everyone: If it drains you out, don’t do it. No need to make a big dea-
    Shane: HEY GUYS JUST CAME OUT WITH ANOTHER SERIESSSSSSS. btw I won’t be able to continue it after three days. Also, if I get demonetized I will delete my channellllllll.
    Everyone:.........GIRL BYE

  • KPOP Doll
    KPOP Doll 2 months ago

    Aaaand that's why I didn't waste my time on this "documentary" and it comes from ex shane fan.

  • nicciii p
    nicciii p 2 months ago

    Plus mfs switch up on ppl all the time in the beauty community everyone hated James now they don't.. I'm sure he'll pull something tg and everyone will be dickriders again

  • nicciii p
    nicciii p 2 months ago

    I think shanes fucking awesome and I'll still ALL WAYS WATCH his stuff bc iv been a fan for a decade and I think he truly is stressed just bc he just mad a shit ton of coins means he can't be stressed?

  • orot cat girl
    orot cat girl 2 months ago

    I don't know

  • J B
    J B 2 months ago

    I’m so tired of Shane and his fans pretending like he’s just this poor little defenseless chimney sweep. His house is bigger and nicer than Jeffree’s lmao give it up! Sis is loaded, always has been loaded, and is even more loaded now

    NAJLA BH 2 months ago +1

    I’m really sick of the series thing ... can we go back to normal videos ?

  • Drew Hill
    Drew Hill 2 months ago +1

    Didn’t he have like 10 months to figure this out?? Like consider this before you drop the teaser... it’s not like you didn’t have time

  • Alex Taylor
    Alex Taylor 2 months ago

    This is why I only watched the trailer and not one bit of the series. RU-clip is a stage and Shane and all these other youtubers are the actors/entertainers just waiting for us to buy their merchandise. Ffs. Open your eyes people. They don't care about us. They care about our money and views. Fuck that. Stop caring about people you don't know irl and people who really don't care about you! Stop being played like fools! Worry about YOU. Fuck the drama. Stop worshipping false idols. It's all a lie.

  • Dank:Dilly
    Dank:Dilly 2 months ago +1

    Shane Dawson is just not who he used to be. He is pretty much just liked now for his documentaries which the youtube algorithim pushes into trending.

  • Line Frøkjær Eriksen
    Line Frøkjær Eriksen 2 months ago

    I really wanted the whole experience with making the palette and his experience with the beauty world.. Mabye he could put in a disclaimer about the drama.. I really looked forward to see more behind the scenes of the beauty community.

  • lol no
    lol no 2 months ago

    omg just bc its a 'tea' video doesn't mean everyone has to hop on shane's ass in the comments, y'all shit changes, it isn't that deep :/

  • E AN
    E AN 2 months ago

    Shane is just gonna hold onto the material and side-eye James Charles forever. And Tati, and whoever else he has dirt on.

  • Grace C
    Grace C 2 months ago

    It seems like Shane isn't really enjoying being fully involved in the beauty community... I miss happy Shane who just wanted to solve conspiracies...

  • Stef Son
    Stef Son 2 months ago

    Everyone that’s mad about the documentary not including the drama are CLOWNS. Come tf at me

  • DiannaLovee1
    DiannaLovee1 2 months ago

    Can we get the old Shane back. Pre Jeffrey. His old content was way more entertaining.

  • Vanessa Gould
    Vanessa Gould 2 months ago

    Honestly i feel like jeffree changed him. Like we all meet new friends and sometimes it changes you and u act how your nee friends act sooo

  • kurono gei
    kurono gei 2 months ago

    "i dont care about money" you have tons of it now so why would you care???

  • Jeff Sites
    Jeff Sites 2 months ago

    BITCH PLEASE. Just do what you want if it feels good & your happy. FUCK the rest of them.

  • Jackie
    Jackie 2 months ago

    Shane got his money and dipped😅

  • Ghost
    Ghost 2 months ago +1

    Oh get out of here saying u don’t care one bit about the money. That’s just a lie and it’s unnecessary. People would think it’s weird if you weren’t excited about the money. what a stupid lie

  • Ghost
    Ghost 2 months ago +1

    like just make the decision stop dragging it out. We can’t make it for you
    Edit: if we make it for him he’ll come out unscathed

  • LaciesLife
    LaciesLife 2 months ago

    I bet jeffree has an issue with him bringing back up the drama.

  • Thu Duong
    Thu Duong 2 months ago

    We didn’t ask for another Jeffree Star series

  • Tonya  Cook
    Tonya Cook 2 months ago

    He only got $20 million for one pallet that made $65 million. How much did he get the the other stuff. How much did it take to make and how much did jeffree make?

  • Faminz Horse
    Faminz Horse 2 months ago

    Everyone should just be happy with their palettes and accept whatever comes or doesn’t come out. Anyone who’s been paying attention knows Shane is fragile and has good intentions.

  • Gabriel Gutierrez
    Gabriel Gutierrez 2 months ago

    This is why Shane isn’t the king of RU-clip and why he’s not as good as he was because now he always has problems from no releasing on time when he says it will come, making things more intense when they are not, and now this.

  • DavvDanny
    DavvDanny 2 months ago

    Shane is weak- gimme the 10M and I will start drama and spill teaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Angela Kammerer
    Angela Kammerer 2 months ago

    I have a feeling there’s gonna be drama unfolding between Shane and Jeffree. We all know how most of Jeffree’s friendships end up...

  • Silly Sloth
    Silly Sloth 2 months ago

    Next episode: Jeffree and Shane’s falling out. 🙄

  • Shianne Henion
    Shianne Henion 2 months ago

    if shane advertised this, then he should keep it to begin with. like, how are you going to back out on showing things you decided to put into the trailer????

  • yarib
    yarib 2 months ago

    If people didn't mention the drama, I honestly would have forgotten about it. It was like a 30 second part in a 4 minute trailer. Let it go lol.

  • Caleb Cole
    Caleb Cole 2 months ago

    He cares too much about what people think he needs to just do whatever tf he needs to do

  • Bryony xo
    Bryony xo 2 months ago

    people are also not realising that shane in shane’s series so far he didn’t just talk about HIS pallet. he spoke about his and rylands engagement, his anxiety, his problems, the meet and greet, jeffrees robbery, etc. he didn’t trick anyone into watching things in my opinion

  • Bryony xo
    Bryony xo 2 months ago

    yet if he posts the drama it will most likely cause that drama to come back . which as everyone knows was a mess, the beauty community is vicious and it will cause problems

  • Mark Hornsby
    Mark Hornsby 2 months ago

    Pure clickbait. He said no such thing, so this is just your demented crap for views

  • かわいいć
    かわいいć 2 months ago

    He feels weird because he knows he’s pulling out when everyone wants him to bust already

  • LOLO
    LOLO 2 months ago

    forgot how much I love to see rich people complain....notttt

  • Gabby
    Gabby 2 months ago

    Y’all expect too much from this man. Let him be happy for once.

  • Drew
    Drew 2 months ago

    Stupid ass people everyone cares about money

  • omgderyah
    omgderyah 2 months ago

    You cant say you dont care about money... when the whole point is to brand your work and your still getting money......

  • Tyrion Shelby
    Tyrion Shelby 2 months ago

    Guys dont try to criticize him or bring up valid points, his stans will absolutely destroy you for being reasonable. Lol

  • Justthetip
    Justthetip 2 months ago

    Well now he can buy Jeffree''s pink Barbie house he's moving out of.
    20 Million in bank now has a hole lot of new problems.

  • A Cat
    A Cat 2 months ago

    Bro I just want to see why Jeffree called James a fucking predator and claimed he had receipts, and then dipped trying to take the moral high ground.

  • megahn webber
    megahn webber 2 months ago +1

    Shane really thought he did something by saying “I don’t care about the money”. You know how much PRIVILEGE that takes?? I WISH I didn’t have to care about money.

  • megahn webber
    megahn webber 2 months ago

    Shane just made millions of dollars and has the nerve to say “I can’t even enjoy this” like fuck off

  • KittyKati13
    KittyKati13 2 months ago

    Just show the launch... put a cap on the series. All the extra drama isn't really needed. Or put in an extra video at the end, not mixed in with the palate success.

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M 2 months ago +1

    I don't care about the drama. I'm not even sure I watched the trailer because this whole promise of drama doesn't sound familiar. I watched because I wanted to see the palette come together. Anyone else? Im sure the majority of you arent drama hungry toxics.

  • Jada Wadhams
    Jada Wadhams 2 months ago

    I personally think that if he wanted to show us the “secrets” of the beauty world, meaning the business AND drama parts of it cause we all know it includes both.. so he should include it for sure 🤷🏻‍♀️ I agree with the idea at the end of this video 100%

  • Pillsinmyshoes
    Pillsinmyshoes 2 months ago

    Honestly who fucking cares, the series was boring as fuck

  • Mahnoor Mehmood
    Mahnoor Mehmood 2 months ago

    Honestly the series claimed that it would show the behind the scenes of jefree stars life along with the production of the pallete. Jefree star was involve in the drama.

  • Nikki Downs
    Nikki Downs 2 months ago +1

    You know, I just love how people can be okay with something and love something and then dig deeper and turn completely around. Shows how fake people really are and it isn't just the RU-cliprs. It's like being best friends and then you hear something bad about them that isn't even that bad and then just completely forgetting them. He is stressed out about this and trying to make the right decision and all you guys care about is what you get. Sometimes people make mistakes, like you guys but you guys don't want to forget about theirs and help them move on. No, you guys always want to bring some negative in. Just 5 days ago everything was fine, and now you guys want to notice it? Wow, didn't know that there was this many fake people.

    • almightybeanchild
      almightybeanchild 2 months ago

      Yes RU-clip Twitter and social media makes me realise. We basically never leave high school

  • Sydney Illsley
    Sydney Illsley 2 months ago

    If y’all paid attention to the series in it Jeffree said it would be 20 million take home for the company and he gets like around 30% of that prophet so he didn’t make 20 million

  • Meg K
    Meg K 2 months ago +1

    I think the series sucked. I stopped watching after the second episode and I'm glad I didnt waste my time because it was all just a big infomercial for the palette. He lied so he could sell out his palette and make a bunch of money but ppl will buy anything if it's from Jeffrey star or shane no matter if the palette sucks or not. Bullshit he doesnt care about the money lol like shut up. I liked shane before all of this stuff but now he is getting annoying especially saying he is broke all of the time.

  • Anal Queen
    Anal Queen 2 months ago

    The main reason I watched is for the drama.