Kobe Bryant v.s Lebron James (MVP race)

  • Published on Mar 24, 2008
  • Kobe v.s Lebron whos gunna win MVP

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  • Oskar Hartman
    Oskar Hartman 6 years ago

    LeBron has 3 mvps and counting and Kobe has 1 and will not get anymore. I think I know who won this mvp race...

  • Tre' Green
    Tre' Green 7 years ago

    Kobe Is Better Than Magic Kareem Wilt And Larry? Get Real

  • Yeah333x
    Yeah333x 7 years ago

    Kobe Bryant 4ever!!! :D

  • fliprydersyko
    fliprydersyko 9 years ago

    LeBron best finisher, Kobe best closer. Both people good. statistically leBron is better but gamewise and clutchwise Kobe is the most efficient. so you idiots shut up and dont say someone is better than anyone. and both of them are friends and is afraid of each other

  • Maniac Inc.
    Maniac Inc. 9 years ago

    I would only prefer Kobe bryant if team work is involved but Lebron is better individualy.

  • Lyle Bautista
    Lyle Bautista 9 years ago

    BOTH!!!!! :)

  • lebroncash23
    lebroncash23 9 years ago

    lebron all the way!!!!!

  • michael gomez
    michael gomez 9 years ago

    kobe won cause he is the bomb

  • will lam
    will lam 9 years ago

    the last play for lebron wasn't even a dunk

  • Tej Chauhan
    Tej Chauhan 10 years ago

    I KNOW WTF!!!! i think i know whats wrong, artest is trying to overdue it and take into kobe's role but hes not good. he throws up poor quality shots. trevor ariza was smarter and more of an assest to their team even though he wasnt as talented

  • Tej Chauhan
    Tej Chauhan 10 years ago

    i hope cavs fans enjoyed there trip to the conference finals because the celtics are back with KG and Sheed so they wont be getting there again for a while, Doesnt matter lakers got Ron Artest so i cant wait for lakers celtics rematch in the finals!

  • Tej Chauhan
    Tej Chauhan 10 years ago

    im pretty sure if they didnt have a team they wouldnt have had the best regular season record. oh wait with the exception of celtics,magic,cavs the eastern conference is a joke compared to the west.

  • Tej Chauhan
    Tej Chauhan 10 years ago

    YOUR AN IDIOT,shut the fuck up with wilt, that was way back in the 60's nba bball was a joke back then when compared with now. I think your trying to say kobe cant score 60 points well he just scored 61 this season at age 30 dumb fuck.

  • Tej Chauhan
    Tej Chauhan 10 years ago

    i meant scoring accomplishments but kobe's career is not over yet, he could easily catch up with the championships but the mvp's no. i think thats pathetic how they could give that big idiot shaq finals mvp three times over there all star shooting guard that big douche shaq. i could live with it have going to gasol because of how talented he is.

  • Tej Chauhan
    Tej Chauhan 10 years ago

    as far as individual accomplishments go kobe has jordan beat. 81 points,61 points at MSG breaking jordans record, 4 games running with 50+ points, 12 threes in a game, out scoring the mavs for 3 quarters with 62 points. jordan has the mvp's and championships but kobe will get more than six if him and artest and gasol have good chemistry together

  • Tej Chauhan
    Tej Chauhan 10 years ago

    well put, next season i hope the cavs make it to the finals that way kobe can destroy his enemies in lebron and that big idiot shaq. hit two birds with one stone aka a championship ring.

  • Zhihao12
    Zhihao12 10 years ago

    i liked kobe's top 10 more but lebron is a better player due to his beastly athletic ability.
    btw, quit comparing them to Jordan. Jordan is the best ever and nobody now can even be compared to him. Kobe and Lebron and just kids compared to MJ.

  • Idk Idk
    Idk Idk 10 years ago


  • Hensi_Geovanni
    Hensi_Geovanni 10 years ago

    are you serious!?!??!
    Lebron owns stats, but that's all he is.
    Lebron is good on paper, but he couldn't take his game to the Post season, WHERE IT MATTERS THE MOST!
    Kobe doesn't need recognition from people who fall for hype, he is the greatest of all time next to MJ.
    Lechoke is overrated.

  • Hensi_Geovanni
    Hensi_Geovanni 10 years ago

    Lechoke is overrated...
    He couldn't take his MVP season over to the post season, where it means the most...
    Dallas was first overall in the west once and got beat down by the 8th seed Warriors, the season only means so much.. 66 wins, MVP and Coach of the Year and couldn't beat Orlando? Overrated..
    Lakers CHAMPS!

  • Andrew Huey
    Andrew Huey 10 years ago

    what about d-wade?

  • Eric Wojo
    Eric Wojo 10 years ago

    i say lebron is gonna be mvp cuz hes is.

  • LakersDynasty42
    LakersDynasty42 10 years ago

    I can't wait to see the Lakers and Cavs tomorrow. Oh wait....

  • Kim Hin
    Kim Hin 10 years ago

    i say kobe is gonna be mvp cuz of nice ass 3 point shots

  • Tej Chauhan
    Tej Chauhan 10 years ago

    kobe scores in a variety of ways that lebron and jordan couldnt. as much as people wait until lebron is in his prime that could easily be now. its been years and people just wont accept that lebron is not and will not be the perimeter player that kobe is. compare lebron to magic and kobe to jordan

  • Denis Redzepagic
    Denis Redzepagic 10 years ago

    in every cavs-lakers game kobe beaten bron's ass. how can you say he is better than kobe.ccc

  • KinG FitZ
    KinG FitZ 10 years ago


  • lak3r4life
    lak3r4life 10 years ago

    Kobe is better, but that is not an insult to Lebron, who is amazing, as well.

  • tussell r
    tussell r 10 years ago

    Great comment !-DRIVER8train
    Kobe is at his best when he is not asked to carry the team. The Lakers have enough talent to win without Kobe. They have 3 centers that could start for any other squad.If lebron had the team that Kobe had last year, he would have carried the Lakers to victory. Kobe froze up as usual. This year the Lakers have enough guys to pick up the slack when Kobe vanishes

  • tussell r
    tussell r 10 years ago

    Kobe has a better team than Lebron, but he is not better. The stats R against you. The Lakers have guys on the bench that would start for other squads. They have more talent than any other team. You can replace Kobe with Lebron or Wade and they would have won last year. Gasol and Bynum make up for the loss of Shaq. Odom was tight before he came to the Lakers. Kobe may get his 4th ring, but it is not because Kobe is carrying them. The Lakers front office did a good job getting top guys like Brown

  • brownyponce
    brownyponce 10 years ago

    kobe is the best men.. lebron cant beat kobe and if you dont trust me this year is the real proof... KOBE SICK DO MORE THAN SHIT JAMES...

  • Raul M
    Raul M 10 years ago

    u aint lying lebron is tha best!
    better then kobey!

  • Isaac Marsh
    Isaac Marsh 10 years ago

    lebron doesnt hav a bad team
    and kobe can do more than wat lebron can

  • Aman Mangalore
    Aman Mangalore 10 years ago

    this is the mvp highlight for i think the 07-08 season (currect me if im wrong) but he didn't make it for the 08-09 season cause this video was posted on youtube b4 the season had even started....

  • Aman Mangalore
    Aman Mangalore 10 years ago

    u dumbass this video was made on March 23 of 2008! read the description b4 u call some1 an amatuer mixer....

  • Isaac Marsh
    Isaac Marsh 10 years ago

    sure kobe has a better team than lebron but seriusly kobe doesnt even try scoring the first half and only half starts in the 3rd quater he does all his damage in the fourth and yet he still averages 27 pts a game. kobes all about letting the younger kids learn how to play without him coz he aint always gonna be tehr
    KOBE MVP!!!

  • zigation
    zigation 10 years ago


  • Trevor Schmidt
    Trevor Schmidt 10 years ago

    Even without lebron we would have daniel gibson and mo williams

  • grant
    grant 10 years ago


  • vlindo10
    vlindo10 10 years ago

    LeBron without a shadow of a doubt this season.

  • Gjiah77
    Gjiah77 10 years ago


  • uncledave
    uncledave 10 years ago


  • Andrew clark
    Andrew clark 10 years ago

    go kobe

  • Andrew clark
    Andrew clark 10 years ago

    fuck of kobe dominates lebron

  • leaderofsithclan
    leaderofsithclan 10 years ago

    lebron ganna win but overall kobe is 10 times better then lebron just watch the suns game last week lebron missed a open dunk! then he went to shoot a open three and missed. kobe wouldent do that unlike lebron kobe well do something smart.

  • Donpaeng
    Donpaeng 10 years ago

    season 08-09
    cavs vs lakers 0-2
    kobe 17-39
    lebron 14-45
    note: (at game 1 kobe was sick with the flu)

  • khalid720
    khalid720 10 years ago

    question to all

    if your down three in the nba finals game 7

    who would you want to shoot the three


  • khalid720
    khalid720 10 years ago

    actually after there last game kobe tied it up at 4-4 or 5-5

  • khalid720
    khalid720 10 years ago

    kobe aint got shit

    dude kobes middle name is clutch

    lebrons is brick (kobe doesnt miss open dunks)

  • osamabindrinkin40s
    osamabindrinkin40s 10 years ago

    Stats are usually overrated. Its all about Crunch time and game winners. I like both Lebron and Kobe but Kobe is still the best.

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 10 years ago

    No no no...Wrong wrong wrong

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 10 years ago

    SO WHAT??? Lebron has won 5 times against them and kobe 2 or 3 so there you go

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 10 years ago


  • l0vefreak
    l0vefreak 10 years ago

    i think both kobe and lebron are amazing!BUT still i think kobe better i like him more X3

  • HaletoExcile
    HaletoExcile 10 years ago

    You think lebron is better just because he is called KING JAMES?
    Jesus christ are you an idiot.

  • xXxLasersxXx
    xXxLasersxXx 10 years ago

    hahaha that made me laugh, but he does have a nickname its the black mamba

  • 440txi
    440txi 10 years ago

    kobe is so good that they couldnt give him a nick name to describe how good he was. so they simply called him kobe

  • papoohla smith
    papoohla smith 10 years ago

    kobe all the way leBron is good but kobe has more experience

  • dakarrenscott
    dakarrenscott 10 years ago

    lebron baby

  • Dan holland
    Dan holland 10 years ago

    stupid to think kobe better than lebron absoutly stupid but everybody will change there mind once his career is over hes called the king for a reason what is kobe called ?????