Engine Building CrossFit® Workout with Rich Froning

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
  • Aerobic Capacity Workout with Rich Froning
    Yesterdays Video: ru-clip.net/video/PueQXsDWMyM/video.html

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  • Roy Morales
    Roy Morales 3 days ago

    How long have you been doing CrossFit for?

  • Nicolai Balslev
    Nicolai Balslev 7 days ago

    Whats the song starting @ 09:46 (a storm is coming but im prepared)

  • Amy Hutchison
    Amy Hutchison 27 days ago

    Question for Rich: will Elly come back and talk about the CrossFit ban? Last time she talked about it (at least that I know of) she said she’d come back with helpful info for athletes.

  • William Bryan
    William Bryan 28 days ago

    Am I the only one that is still amazed at how CrossFit and the culture around it is so popular? They’re just working out people.

    • Ride Red
      Ride Red 18 days ago

      It's the same thing as bodybuilding , Just people like different things.

  • Subramanian S
    Subramanian S 28 days ago

    Which is that version of "Storm is coming but I am prepared" can anyone tell?

  • Mikaela Ernberg
    Mikaela Ernberg 28 days ago

    Love this video 👌🏻BUT going crazy cuz i don’t know the song about 10min in? Help plz 😭

  • Tony Luong
    Tony Luong 29 days ago

    As a Canadian you can tell she’s not a Canadian.

  • Tyler Floyd
    Tyler Floyd Month ago

    @5;30 the seats too high, look how his hips rock side to side. just little cycling tip

  • Kishan
    Kishan Month ago

    mainline? IV?

  • Christian Navarro
    Christian Navarro Month ago

    Froning has good run form.

  • HardToKidnap
    HardToKidnap Month ago

    1:46 when you for sure know she is definitly not canadian...canadians are never offended!

  • Greg Tysor
    Greg Tysor Month ago

    Dubai wrap up ?

  • Errin's Journey
    Errin's Journey Month ago +7

    I love how Craig still gets excited about seeing trucks lol

  • Jeff Sikes
    Jeff Sikes Month ago +1

    Froning is still the man (GOAT)!

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith Month ago

    I’m not as fit as rich just fitter😂😂

  • Emmi Auranen
    Emmi Auranen Month ago


  • JGFitness
    JGFitness Month ago

    Sick content

  • espera guapa
    espera guapa Month ago


  • rtcharge
    rtcharge Month ago

    🇨🇦🇨🇦 wasup

  • Rootrd Hubbardston
    Rootrd Hubbardston Month ago +1

    Thanks for showing that scaling\modifying is ok

  • Joe Stubbernubbensteingenson

    Is Jas ever not smiling?

  • deeshmond
    deeshmond Month ago +14

    Pffft, whatever Nikki we Canadians are offended that you were mistaken for being Canadian! 🇨🇦

  • Lester Lesoine
    Lester Lesoine Month ago

    Thought rich froning retired fron crossfit?

    • M P
      M P 24 days ago

      Lester Lesoine he is doing team since 2015.

  • Nick Smith-Chandler

    Too much sagittal work has squared off your frame. You struggle with bi-pedal contra-lateral movement. You suck at running basically and any other human movement

  • J R
    J R Month ago +3

    Living the dream!

  • Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin Franklin Month ago

    3:20 Poor Terry, probably looked everywhere for his/her drink and couldn't find it.

  • Mark Stafford
    Mark Stafford Month ago

    Looks Epic 👍🇦🇺

  • Pauliina Hovila
    Pauliina Hovila Month ago +10

    Like for the Finland’s fittest couple!!! 💪🏼

  • Emre Karaçor
    Emre Karaçor Month ago

    5:23 Dan Bailey with a beard

  • Rossouw Botha
    Rossouw Botha Month ago +2

    Heard that : "...... .. .. Tennessee?.
    Craig :" ah dude I'm down"

  • Courtney Smith
    Courtney Smith Month ago +1

    Love the content!! I always look forward to the great uploads!😀🤙🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️

  • MR : D DOUG
    MR : D DOUG Month ago

    Super ❤️

  • Ali Hadi
    Ali Hadi Month ago +27

    Offended for being Canadian? As a Canadian I'm offended that she's offended 😁

    • Skiddins
      Skiddins Month ago +1

      But you're supposed to be too polite to point it out ;-)

  • Adam Perkins
    Adam Perkins Month ago +1

    Jas says she’s not as fit as Rich, maybe true but you’re fitter than 99% of us 🙂

  • Autumn Lee
    Autumn Lee Month ago

    Whats the song you played during the workout on here?

  • Jade Teasdale
    Jade Teasdale Month ago

    Seeing the world one vlog at a time! + you guys & CrossFit! 🥰❤️ Who needs to travel!

  • Sonny Contreras
    Sonny Contreras Month ago +2

    that "help" insert was too funny

  • Jarrod Gentry
    Jarrod Gentry Month ago

    Perfect timing for this video

  • Aussie Matt
    Aussie Matt Month ago +3

    That part at the petrol station had a lot of Jeremy Clarkson about it 🤣

  • Kuri Kaito
    Kuri Kaito Month ago +1

    Name of the song, please?

  • jigglywiggle
    jigglywiggle Month ago

    When do you think your back will be fully recovered?

  • Dayna Monica
    Dayna Monica Month ago

    What’s it like to have Rich Froning program a workout for you and train with you?

  • birgitta mattson
    birgitta mattson Month ago

    What did rich do after that WOD

  • Matt Wilson EAP
    Matt Wilson EAP Month ago

    1:53 -- craig's red face matching the back ground red !!

  • Burke Swenson
    Burke Swenson Month ago +3

    What’s the song in this episode? Searching but can’t seem to find who sings it. Help please?

    • Burke Swenson
      Burke Swenson Month ago +3

      anita123dk Black Hole by Tommy Ljungberg 👍🏼

    • anita123dk
      anita123dk Month ago

      Would love to know too.

  • Emma A
    Emma A Month ago

    Rich is probably the hottest man in crossfit :$ or am I wrong?

  • Joe Lemos
    Joe Lemos Month ago

    You’ll get there Jas!!

  • Joe Lemos
    Joe Lemos Month ago +56

    “I’m not as fit as Rich Froning”
    -everybody that’s not Rich Froning

  • Sara Yingling
    Sara Yingling Month ago

    I can confirm with Nikki. TV reporting is the worst career ever. Don’t do it kids! 😂

  • Maria Eggers
    Maria Eggers Month ago +3

    Perfect way to start my Saturday morning. Crossfit work out in the morning straight into enjoying my cup of coffee while watching Craig and Jas living the Crossfit fandom life in Dubai with Rich Froning :) Love you guys! Keep up the hustle!

  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson Month ago +1

    Bro! You’re music on these vlogs is BOMB!

    • Chris Thompson
      Chris Thompson Month ago

      Burke Swenson I wish I knew! I’d be playing it in car right now if I did though for sure.

    • Burke Swenson
      Burke Swenson Month ago +1

      Chris Thompson Any idea what the song was in this episode?! LOVE today’s music!

  • Jari Kärkkäinen
    Jari Kärkkäinen Month ago

    🇫🇮 presented in 2 vlogs in a row 💪 pls go to Switzerland someday and make some sick content with Jonne and Emilia!?

  • Trevor Goertzen
    Trevor Goertzen Month ago +6

    Another awesome video 👍. Props to Rich for being so great about being filmed and sharing his time and knowledge.

  • Thunderlipz
    Thunderlipz Month ago +2

    Got my order today! The sweatshirts are legit! Thanks again guys

  • Lee Poston
    Lee Poston Month ago +2

    Sent you Facebook messenger again. Still having back pain. #McKenzieMDT
    We specialize in the spine and teaching self-management. Hint you cannot stretch or strengthen it away.

  • Steve Adkisson
    Steve Adkisson Month ago +19

    In the dictionary under: Intensity it should say “ see Rich Froning”. Amazing athletes all of you.

  • Tom Leonard
    Tom Leonard Month ago +32

    The best part of this content was seeing how willing Rich is to discuss scaling of his workouts so all can participate with him.

  • Christopher Alemao
    Christopher Alemao Month ago +51

    dam bro...the way she dissed Canada like that...makes me just wanna crack a cold bud and just sit outside in the snow in my underwear. #TeamCanada

    • Christopher Alemao
      Christopher Alemao Month ago

      @Matt White it was her tone brother! all love doe! Canadians love everyone!

    • Matt White
      Matt White Month ago +4

      Did she say she was offended that someone thought she was from Canada? Why is that so terrible?

    • Christopher Alemao
      Christopher Alemao Month ago

      @Angela Porras naw Budweiser ftw

    • Angela Porras
      Angela Porras Month ago +2


    • FYPNLP
      FYPNLP Month ago +2

      I know. I was like don't you talk about the country I want to emigrate to like that!!!

    JEFF CURRY Month ago

    A video on core exercises would be GREAT 👨🏻👍🏻

  • Mohammed Hasan
    Mohammed Hasan Month ago

    I where i Dubai last month, and i went to Alioth and the same Jetski place u where at! OMG