Potato Cannon vs. Human Head

  • Published on Apr 27, 2018
  • Brian and Jason have been driving around Austin declaring themselves the Potato Pirates and they have the cannon to prove it. It's really gotten out of hand, they commandeer cars in the neighborhood yelling, "AVAST" while they throw potatoes out of the windows. They don't even have a good potato pun or anything, they literally just keep yelling the word "avast" over and over again.
    As always, big thanks to Bill for pulling this all together.
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  • The Modern Rogue
    The Modern Rogue  Year ago +215

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    • Tommyg2002 dux
      Tommyg2002 dux Month ago

      Mmmh the mixture of the gas is a little off that's why it doesn't always fire
      I recommend a mixture rich of oxygen and a gentle spray of about 1 second of anti-insects spry.....
      I made a video about a potato cannon i built with my friends showing how it fires with the mixture i just recommended....
      I'm just gonna say that i went deaf for a solid 10 seconds after the shot
      The video lasts about 3 seconds but i have another one showing how we load it and a test fire with some paper, if you want i can upload it

    • Anonymous Anonymous
      Anonymous Anonymous 2 months ago

      too much fuel with the ether,stoichiomometry

    • Andrew Adams
      Andrew Adams 3 months ago

      Cut the potatoes in half to give it a flat bottom

    • Andrew Adams
      Andrew Adams 3 months ago

      Carve the end of the pvc so it cuts the potato when you put it in

    • Matthew Hunt
      Matthew Hunt 4 months ago

      Well I can tell you it may not be fatal for a human to get hit by a potato gun, but when I was in boyscouts a crow got hit by one and it did not make it.

  • Oliver Novák
    Oliver Novák 20 minutes ago


  • Vishal Choudhary
    Vishal Choudhary 2 hours ago

    12:41 best part 😅

  • Joe Coastie
    Joe Coastie 4 hours ago

    Rubbing alcohol is better. Less stick and more umph

  • Original Thundercat
    Original Thundercat 19 hours ago

    If you wanna know how to make a potato gun complicated just watch this video

  • WalkerBrosFilms
    WalkerBrosFilms 20 hours ago

    In a chamber that size 8 seconds of spray primer. I’ve made these for 10 years and used ever fuel you can imagine. Best there is. Hairspray is good but the mess isn’t worth it.

  • Jacob Smothers
    Jacob Smothers Day ago

    Air powered potato cannons are the way to go. 100 times more efficient then aerosol propelled

  • hk
    hk Day ago

    9:05 the most least awkward awkward hanshake ever.

  • DatBoi 06
    DatBoi 06 Day ago

    Italy1939 requests your location

  • Sid Vicious
    Sid Vicious Day ago

    What's in the fucking box!!?

  • John Moreno021006

    Wait until someone tries to shoot anything other than potatoes out of a modified (larger canister, more narrow or bigger barrel, etc) potato gun

  • Desert Lizard
    Desert Lizard Day ago

    This should be a execution technique, I am quite the advocate of “Death By potato”

  • Josh Noneyabuissness
    Josh Noneyabuissness 2 days ago +1

    WHATS IN THE BOX!!!!! thank you thank you... That was my impression of Brad Pitt....

  • bystander66
    bystander66 2 days ago

    Use ether! Just kidding...don’t do that.

  • Hunter Wall
    Hunter Wall 3 days ago

    "4 years of art school and here I am... carving a d**k shaped potato"

  • Connor S
    Connor S 3 days ago

    At 15:34 there is a number 17 in the clouds

  • Alphaztic
    Alphaztic 4 days ago +1

    Everybody gangsta til the potatoes start firing

  • Niggle, Thats Me
    Niggle, Thats Me 5 days ago

    Spray that shit like a man..... I hold my ether open for 7 seconds to fire up my P.O.S. Dodge 3500 ....

  • Charles Wratten Eassie

    If u want an easy method of putting the potato in the barrel, put a slider on top of the location where you want to put it so u can slide the barrel backwards, put the potato in, the slide it back to its original position, making it easy to arm the cannon whilst maintaining the airpressure inside of it

  • KMG
    KMG 6 days ago

    Those spud guns from scrap mechanic are finally paying off in real life

  • PHISHY 69
    PHISHY 69 6 days ago

    File the end of the barrel to a sharp edge so it cuts the potato to size and drill and put a bolt at the other end of the barrel to stop the potato! Your welcome.

  • Douglas Sterry
    Douglas Sterry 7 days ago

    Lighter fluid

  • Aidan Ratcliff
    Aidan Ratcliff 7 days ago

    i made a potato gun and instead of cutting the potato i sanded a bevel onto the pvc so it would cut the potato itself

  • Corino Gaming
    Corino Gaming 7 days ago

    Use spray paint

  • i8dapuszy
    i8dapuszy 7 days ago

    Wtf is up with the fake laughs every time they shoot the shit

    • i8dapuszy
      i8dapuszy 7 days ago

      12:40 admit it, that sounds like a fake laugh. Not tryna be rude I’m jus sayin

    • The Modern Rogue
      The Modern Rogue  7 days ago

      You knew here? Stick around. You’ll eventually figure out our magical laughter is pure joy and sincere.

  • caseyernstmusic
    caseyernstmusic 8 days ago

    Use ether and black abs. And sharpen the end of the barrel to cut the potatoe

  • Tristan Christiansen

    shot glasses full of tacks/nails.

  • Justin Schmiedel
    Justin Schmiedel 9 days ago

    Load with cap off , point barrel down when spraying, NEVER stand behind in case cap blows off

  • Deya
    Deya 10 days ago

    Ether is very volatile and evaporates very quickly, there’s a good chance that it actually just didn’t have enough oxygen to ignite.

    COD DESTROYER 115 10 days ago

    I just smash the potatoe into it instead of getting to the right size

  • James Layell
    James Layell 10 days ago

    If at all interested you should try green black walnuts makes very nice potato gun ammo

  • Scarakus
    Scarakus 10 days ago

    Should of chamfered the outside edge of the end of the barrel, so that it shaves the potato perfectly, and effortlessly.

  • Scarakus
    Scarakus 10 days ago

    My brother and I built a air compressed potato cannon from a 10 gallon propane tank with a 2" hole, welded a 2" ball valve on it, and connected 4' of 2" PVC. Used a weed eater sling to hold it up (by hand).
    ..it put some nice dents in a tin shed.. Shot over 100' straight up.

  • Chris Hack
    Chris Hack 11 days ago

    The starting fluid I used didn't work well because it was too oily. I ended up having a flaming tube which was still neat. Propane I found works the best. I am going to try non chlorinated brake clean for science!

  • Jalbert1995
    Jalbert1995 11 days ago

    Ah yes, The Irish Army's field artillery...

  • Clifton Stickler
    Clifton Stickler 11 days ago

    Methenol works best

  • Kaden Goldman
    Kaden Goldman 11 days ago

    Call of duty: Potato warfare
    Full potato’s for mortars
    Tator tots for handguns
    French fries for rifles
    Potato hand grenades

  • Calvin Burton
    Calvin Burton 11 days ago +1

    Why does it look like your experimenting with SCP-173 that mannequin literally almost looks like it.

  • Tyler Beard
    Tyler Beard 12 days ago

    Use propane

  • Theone !
    Theone ! 13 days ago

    Use Calcium carbide wrapped in a tissue dipped in water!!! Trust me😁

  • Big E
    Big E 14 days ago

    Not exactly sure on the time line here but about 10-15 years ago one of my ex co workers made a potato cannon that had about twice as long a priming/fuel chamber as the one shown here. I think they would do a 3 sec prime. The kicker was that they used to put nails inside the potatoes.

  • classCexplosive
    classCexplosive 14 days ago

    I always use just a quick spray of starting fluid. Works wonders.

  • Secrecy
    Secrecy 15 days ago

    Death by starch.

  • Jim Thorpe
    Jim Thorpe 15 days ago

    WTF. ........

  • DJ Hogan
    DJ Hogan 16 days ago

    DJ Hogan approves

  • pam lewis
    pam lewis 17 days ago

    1,112 comment so hi

    THE KEKRONOMICON 17 days ago

    We put nails on our potatoes and they would constantly shoot through 3 quarter inch pieces of plywood. Potato cannons superhumanly strong

  • M C
    M C 19 days ago

    Those were limp

  • Brian Dady
    Brian Dady 19 days ago

    Just shot his eye out....

  • Scott Farkus
    Scott Farkus 19 days ago

    Needs more Mississippi!

  • E vdawg
    E vdawg 20 days ago

    It takes some chemistry. I've grown-up around probably 5-6 different spud launchers I've hit a 3 foot target at 500 yards once 👍lots of practice 😂

  • Maxim Beyers
    Maxim Beyers 21 day ago

    The second time you removed the tape

  • Ramp Shark
    Ramp Shark 22 days ago

    This spuds for you! 😂

  • Jayden Ferris
    Jayden Ferris 23 days ago

    What if they put the manikin head on the barrel to make a manikin cannon

  • Don Tinker
    Don Tinker 25 days ago

    Use WD40 instead of hair spray, WD40 has a great flash point. Less cleaning needed.

  • ELKA pivot
    ELKA pivot 26 days ago +1

    yellow gillet vs flash ball 😂😂😂

  • Donovan Keeney
    Donovan Keeney 28 days ago

    I need a potato hpp (hairspray, propelled, potato)like an rpg

  • Matthew Bolton
    Matthew Bolton 28 days ago

    Next time u guys wsnt to build a potato gun, get a hold of me

  • Matthew Bolton
    Matthew Bolton 28 days ago

    Dont use hair spray, use ether, or starter fluid. Works WAY better and uses a hellnof a lot less

  • Jck Dnls
    Jck Dnls 29 days ago

    Sand the inside of the barrel so the potato is a fraction larger diameter, creating a better seal, also, install a computer fan inside to mix the gasses