Ever After High | Dragon Games Mix | Team Snow White VS Team Evil Queen | Ever After High Official

  • Published on Apr 24, 2018
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    At Ever After High, the teenage children of famous fairy tale characters choose their own happily ever afters. Everyone from the fairest Royals to Rebel dreamers wonder if the future is fate, or if destiny is just waiting to be rewritten. Are you a Royal or a Rebel?
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Comments • 379

  • jeb _
    jeb _ 2 days ago +1

    So why do only the girls get to ride the dragons?

    • Angelica Fandino
      Angelica Fandino 17 hours ago

      For doll sales... Honestly I wish Hunter had a chance to play. Imagine all the Huntylin moments

  • • korikuruu animations •

    Lmao sparrow stuck his middle finger at raven in the talent show-

  • Ethan Vo
    Ethan Vo 12 days ago +1

    I want these fireproof suits.

  • Amazegirl Girly
    Amazegirl Girly 17 days ago

    Teehee, when AW goes to EQ team is a cool plot twist

  • Tomasz Jakobiak
    Tomasz Jakobiak 24 days ago +2

    What are you doing on the stage

  • Sofia Lucaci
    Sofia Lucaci 24 days ago

    Why do you have to mix the videos!!!!🙁🙁🌸🌸🌺🌺🌷🌷🥀🥀💐💐💮💮🌼🌼🏵️🏵️🌻🌻

  • jennifer ng a .
    jennifer ng a . 26 days ago


  • Silently
    Silently Month ago

    Apple white is kinda a brat I noticed

  • Gizem Senyavuz
    Gizem Senyavuz Month ago

    Where is raven

  • Ex and her Cousins
    Ex and her Cousins Month ago +3

    Apple:What is she up to?
    Me:Excuse me?She is your mother

  • Marlon Villanueva
    Marlon Villanueva Month ago +1

    Can you made again another movies except EVER AFTER HIGH.

  • The funny Cake
    The funny Cake Month ago +2


  • Stephanie Rubio
    Stephanie Rubio Month ago +3

    Isn’t snowy white supposed to have short hair :/

  • Rick Consolabe
    Rick Consolabe Month ago +1

    i love snow white better she loves birds so do i

  • Kathy Ramsey
    Kathy Ramsey Month ago

    Projects Zardo Peasy10

  • Zul Reloader
    Zul Reloader Month ago

    Ni mg k of f Cucy to

  • Lim Family
    Lim Family 2 months ago


  • Denise Uwiragiye
    Denise Uwiragiye 2 months ago +1

    You are my biggest fan🙀🙀🙀🙀👍

    • Sonia Majid
      Sonia Majid Month ago

      Denise Uwiragiye I AM !!!!!!!!🤷🏼‍♂️🙎🏼‍♀️

  • Roland Raya
    Roland Raya 2 months ago

    Why Snow White is so white

  • Wolfie Star
    Wolfie Star 2 months ago

    1. why does snow white have long hair
    2. why is Evil Queen's hair looking like that

  • kaguru susan
    kaguru susan 3 months ago


  • Bymka Bymka
    Bymka Bymka 3 months ago

    Cupid, Briar, Maddie, Raven, Apple and Aushleynn just this 6 girl never fell in love with Daring

    • ShamelessSpirtz
      ShamelessSpirtz 3 months ago +1

      @Bymka Bymka Oh I Thought Apple Liked Daring?

  • Flower girl Game
    Flower girl Game 3 months ago

    Who wants more raven and dex

  • Janette Valdez
    Janette Valdez 3 months ago


  • Lolz & Lolz
    Lolz & Lolz 3 months ago

    Snow white looks unhealthy white

  • Ramona Gibson
    Ramona Gibson 3 months ago

    Göm. F. F vab uv f. F.

  • SUGAR! Nicolas
    SUGAR! Nicolas 3 months ago

    Sooo are dey asuming dat rock is evil?! 😕😒Rock en roll is NOT EVIL! It is fun! Gees!😒

  • SUGAR! Nicolas
    SUGAR! Nicolas 3 months ago

    Der "harmor" dosent even cober der belly.

  • Melany mota
    Melany mota 3 months ago +1


  • Alix Gacha Wolf
    Alix Gacha Wolf 3 months ago

    Sis, snow white sounds like cough cough. MADELAINE HATTER

  • bob the killer
    bob the killer 3 months ago +182

    I thought that Snow White had a very high pitch squeaky voice from talking to animals so much. It says she does in one of the books.

  • Honey bee
    Honey bee 4 months ago +1

    8:05 how the heck is big speakers evil 😂

  • Nguyên Hồ
    Nguyên Hồ 4 months ago +4

    The evil queen is glosbe

  • Néysa C
    Néysa C 4 months ago

    I remember this so well. These girls had bad B tier clothing in every episode. Like omg I cant

  • Hotdog Cat
    Hotdog Cat 4 months ago

    I don’t know why but I don’t like happy endings

  • cezar atienza
    cezar atienza 4 months ago

    I like apple white and holly o' hair

  • Yerramapula Tanuja
    Yerramapula Tanuja 5 months ago

    I love your videos 🌸🥀🌺🌷

  • XxGacha BraidexX
    XxGacha BraidexX 5 months ago +1

    Thats not look likes snow white,snow white have short hair not long and she wear's a red hairband in her hair!!
    And she have seven dwarf's

  • Breeana Playz
    Breeana Playz 5 months ago +4

    Last one if you listened
    Raven: I just wanna go with a friend

  • Rose NatureYT
    Rose NatureYT 5 months ago

    I never thought Snow White’s hair would be that long

  • Khadijah A
    Khadijah A 5 months ago +7

    I liked my own comment cuz no one else will ;-;( btw how do you edit?!?!)

    • tanisha cutie girl
      tanisha cutie girl 4 months ago

      Krrish 3 dot on the on your comment and their you must see the edit option perspective me you will be able to edit your comment

  • Khadijah A
    Khadijah A 5 months ago +2

    1:27 sparrows face is just like…like…idk( then there's Dexters face in the back

  • Taslim Iftikhar
    Taslim Iftikhar 6 months ago


  • Sup Parman
    Sup Parman 6 months ago

    Polly and Holly is looking super 1000 cool im a girl k

  • Starthehybird XOX
    Starthehybird XOX 6 months ago

    At least I have one question Who is briefly and her brother still do not have diabetes X(

  • Merman DJ
    Merman DJ 6 months ago

    The actor who plays Maddie also plays Snow White? What do you think?

  • hirenlalu
    hirenlalu 6 months ago


  • Skelly Gamers
    Skelly Gamers 6 months ago


  • amal elaroussi
    amal elaroussi 6 months ago +1

    I love it 🎓🎀🥇🏅🎹🎵🎶

  • benedick alford
    benedick alford 7 months ago

    kaira is gggg

  • Beatriz Bravo
    Beatriz Bravo 7 months ago

    I love ever after high

  • camillaSølarPop uwu
    camillaSølarPop uwu 8 months ago +1


  • red 300
    red 300 8 months ago +1

    Love your show

  • Eliza Clamper
    Eliza Clamper 8 months ago

    Jiimimimimmmmmmimi’ junk

  • Kristin Rose
    Kristin Rose 9 months ago

    snow white kinda sounds like maddie

  • faith wanjiru
    faith wanjiru 9 months ago

    can snow white be evil

  • Its Liam OMG
    Its Liam OMG 9 months ago

    I thought Snow White's hair is short?!

  • angel sarah
    angel sarah 9 months ago

    45655497 4 6

  • Shiro Kobayashi
    Shiro Kobayashi 9 months ago +1

    Yeh, snow white obviously has the same va as maddie 😂💙💟

  • lee fullsun
    lee fullsun 9 months ago

    Hansel and Gretel looks weird!!!