AWAY Weekender Bag Review

  • Published on Jul 5, 2019
  • Away Luggage - (this link should give you $20 off in the USA, and also gives me $20 off my next Away purchase lol)
    In this video I'm reviewing the ridiculously expensive AWAY Weekender Bag. This bag has been my weekend companion for several months now and so I thought I'd put this together to help anyone considering buying it. Enjoy xx
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Comments • 124

  • SGT Phoenix
    SGT Phoenix Month ago +122

    You have forgotten the time stamps
    00:57 - Why get a weekend bag?
    02:41 - Away Weekender features
    08:10 - Is it worth the money?
    But maybe I am blind and did not see his comment.

  • Ezzy N
    Ezzy N 9 days ago +1

    Can u review the luggage??

  • Selene Soto
    Selene Soto 14 days ago +1

    I love that. Spend your money where you want to spend your time.

  • pebble888
    pebble888 17 days ago

    Ali many thanks for this video. When you have time could you do a review of the Away carry on you have including how you pack it for a week+ trip please

  • misjade
    misjade 20 days ago +1

    Great advice ...didn't expect that from a product review video.

  • Andrea Aue
    Andrea Aue 21 day ago +1

    Enjoyed your review on the weekender. Did you ever do a review of the Away carry-on? Would love to hear your thoughts on that :)

  • Wish Perera
    Wish Perera 22 days ago +1

    Enjoy listening to your rational thinking ✨

  • Dominic King
    Dominic King Month ago

    I’ve ordered one of these! Thanks for this video!

  • Michael Nguyen
    Michael Nguyen Month ago +1

    cOOL bAG.

  • Umi Alam
    Umi Alam Month ago +1

    11:26 "I can chuck shi- stuff in my bag" 😂😂

  • Umi Alam
    Umi Alam Month ago

    Ali please do an anatomy video and save your fellow medic's lives

  • The Compass
    The Compass Month ago

    I have a question. Which would you prefer: digital textbooks or printed textbooks.

  • Jonathan Morales
    Jonathan Morales Month ago

    Check out the Private label NYC duffle bag. It is mainly for shoes but you can also put clothes. It has a laptop compartment. Honestly one of the best

  • Michelle Zachar
    Michelle Zachar Month ago +1

    The BEST piece of advice I received from your Away review is that The Weekender has the same capacity as The Carryon. Thank you for pointing that out!

  • Ishrat Hossain
    Ishrat Hossain Month ago

    Hello! Would you recommend a hard case for your MacBook or a fabric sleeve type cover??

  • Su7sH FT9
    Su7sH FT9 Month ago

    Now I’ll spend more time packing

  • Hopiedopeyy
    Hopiedopeyy Month ago +8


  • PB12345
    PB12345 Month ago +3

    Best bag I ever bought cost me less than 10 euros. The Newfeel 55l duffle bag. It’s exactly carry on dimensions, weighs nothing and folds itself into its own pocket. I definitely recommend it as a lower budget option.

  • Ashish Tarasia
    Ashish Tarasia Month ago +2

    My handwriting is very bad and also I don't feel much comfortable while writing. Pls suggest me getting a good grip over the pen and my handwriting..

  • Harkirat Singj
    Harkirat Singj Month ago

    5:06 those are no show socks😂🤙

  • Ryan Davis
    Ryan Davis Month ago +1

    Did the Everywhere Bag interest you at all? I'm thinking The Weekender would be too large...

  • Brian Gutierrez
    Brian Gutierrez Month ago

    I'll give you $45 dollar if you send me an unwashed underwear. The red one would be nice. Make sure you do a heavy workout before.

  • Denisse Rosas
    Denisse Rosas Month ago

    Obviously I do not know if you really do not fold your clothes when packing, but I bet that if you do it, you will have twice of the free space 🤣🤣😅
    Also, I really liked the review and tbh I would like to have but I'm a broke student *LOL* T.T However, since I would like to travel, I will definitely get it in the future, it seems super convenient 👌👌

  • Killer K Boesen
    Killer K Boesen Month ago +1

    Can your Ipad replace a computer 2k19 edition.

  • Devanshi
    Devanshi Month ago

    HI! I tried the link however it just led me to the main page of Away and didn't add the discount to my page. Help? Thank you! :)

  • Faclon Bane
    Faclon Bane Month ago

    Ali please make the kindle video, I really want to know which one to buy!

  • Wajahat Shah
    Wajahat Shah Month ago +1

    Well done Ali

  • anwar mohamed
    anwar mohamed Month ago +1

    Hii . I am a medical student. Is stethoscope needed for me in first year

  • Che Spraos Romain
    Che Spraos Romain Month ago +3

    I think I have a bag review addiction

  • ecepps
    ecepps Month ago +2

    I prefer a cabin sized suitcase with easy access pockets and 4 wheels which is more versatile for travel in general and saves my back/ shoulder from pain with all the weight in the weekender hanging on a thin strap. Or invest in a well built travel backpack for the more active travelers.
    P.S. I don’t care if people think I cannot pack lightly as I am laughing from saving £250 and £XXX from physiotherapy fixing my back which could be better spent on experiences

  • koipen
    koipen Month ago +2

    You spoke in this video a lot about the benefits of travel; I can see that with domestic travel / train travel. But what about international plane travel? In that case doesn't one's personal fulfilment come at the cost of (extremely high!) carbon emissions, which would make it a costly activity and one which one would like to indulge in small quantities but not /as much as possible/? I'd be interested in hearing your take on this topic because it's a question I've been thinking about a lot and one to which I've yet to reach a satisfying answer for myself.

  • Ezra Varley
    Ezra Varley Month ago +2

    the weekender bag is 38.7L and the carry-on is 39.8L , the bag's have a 1L difference -- what is the need for the new bag Ali?

  • Fiza Zulfiqar
    Fiza Zulfiqar Month ago +4

    Pls do a collab with kharma medic, you both will rock it

  • Kezla
    Kezla Month ago

    For anyone on a bit more of a budget who wants bags with pockets, I highly recommend looking at the brand Kipling. They don't have specific shoe pockets per se, but come in a huge range of sizes and prints, and the material is showerproof. Plenty of pockets to put things in too!

  • Mohab Moatasem
    Mohab Moatasem Month ago +1

    Ali is the only person that can spend this amount of money on a bag and I’ll be like “yea that’s worth it “😂😂

  • Tinkuman28
    Tinkuman28 Month ago +1

    Man you would make such a good salesman. You always make me want stuff that i know I don’t need haha.

  • guoen xie
    guoen xie Month ago

    Hi Abdaal
    Could you recommend some music when you feel unproductive xd.

  • Darity Valentina Croft Kharkongor

    You opening and closing the zip is a mood

  • Maya Jasmine
    Maya Jasmine Month ago +3

    Hi Ali, I'd really really love to see your review of the away suitcase! I want to get a suitcase because I'm moving out and the away ones seem very attractive...

  • Stouzough
    Stouzough Month ago

    Good perspective video. I enjoy the Filson bags in a similar size, made to last for life

  • Patrick Dizonz
    Patrick Dizonz Month ago +2

    you should have check out peak design 35 l duffel

  • JayJay9j
    JayJay9j Month ago +1

    Looks like an awesome on call bag

  • ThaRealCoyote
    ThaRealCoyote Month ago

    I’m a chemistry major but I still love ur videos convinced me to get a iPad Pro cause I’m so unorganized with paper notes lol

  • Alguien Mas
    Alguien Mas Month ago

    I love this man

  • Shueb Khan
    Shueb Khan Month ago +2

    What car does he have?

  • Toby Wilkins
    Toby Wilkins Month ago +2

    What size away suitcase do you have ali?

  • eden
    eden Month ago +3

    wtf u didnt even fold them and there is still so much space?? is that the tardis in bag form?

    • stormymac27
      stormymac27 Month ago +1

      eden I think it’s the 21st century version of Mary Poppins’ carpet bag.

  • Wafaa Hassan
    Wafaa Hassan Month ago +1

    Please .I want to know the respectful internet websites you are used to use in the medical field
    Or you can kindly make a video in this topic

  • Ebiere Daunemigha
    Ebiere Daunemigha Month ago +4

    When are you going to release a “study with me video”

  • Sudipta Barman
    Sudipta Barman Month ago +5

    Wow, didn't know a bag review can be this good😦💙

  • Marcus Kwan
    Marcus Kwan Month ago +4

    Love these types of vids Ali, please do more! You might come off as a bit pretentious I know, but I enjoy hearing you talk about products you adore

  • Sota Maehara
    Sota Maehara Month ago +4

    I bet you posted this conveniently just so that you could make that pun at the end 13:34

  • Stacey Thomas
    Stacey Thomas Month ago +1

    I would have to agree with your view point. I don’t own away products but I can say as someone who does like to travel I did invest in a different brand of luggage. I got tired of constantly buying TSA approve locks and so I bought one with a lock built in. I’d say that was the best investment I made. Plus, quality products last longer than those that are purchased based on the lower price. Remember you get what you pay for!

  • Matt Prance
    Matt Prance Month ago +3

    What could you recommend to a student who's in Oceania that wants to be a junior doctor like you?

    (By the way, love your vids)

  • J
    J Month ago +2

    Not everyone has rich parents :/

  • That’s A. Moret
    That’s A. Moret Month ago +2

    Buy right first and avoid buying twice.

  • That’s A. Moret
    That’s A. Moret Month ago +2

    Buy right first and avoid buying twice.

  • thesleepingcity
    thesleepingcity Month ago +2

    Your videos are so calming.

  • S A H A R
    S A H A R Month ago +2

    🦋Fucking love you keep up the good work x

  • Heng Z.
    Heng Z. Month ago +10

    I have to say, you’re really good at justify things and I love it!

  • mejanie
    mejanie Month ago +10

    I love the logic you apply toward purchases. I can't say my husband always agrees with my joy-valuation arguments, but I enjoy hearing how thoughtfully you approach all things in your life, including weekender bags. Keep up the great vids!

    DiLLZGFX Month ago +6

    U should out your shoes in a another bag and then inside the expensive bag

  • Chris Huerta
    Chris Huerta Month ago +2

    I’ve actually been looking for a similar bag for 1-2 day work trips I make and the only reason I didn’t get a bag like that was because of the laptop pocket. Definitely looking into this!
    Also appreciate how you articulated paying more for quality items. I think about my purchases the same way. Again, awesome video!

  • That Medic
    That Medic Month ago +7

    Are you recovering from a cold? Because you should maintain the croak in your voice rn to be honest 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • mike miles
    mike miles Month ago +2

    Good video!

  • The Uno Life
    The Uno Life Month ago +4

    Do a study with me cause next week is exams❤️😭

  • Iyshwarya Neelakantan
    Iyshwarya Neelakantan Month ago +1

    Such an adorably cool nerd! 😊

  • Rama Nrusimhadevara
    Rama Nrusimhadevara Month ago +28

    "Spend your money where you want to spend your time". Advice like that, my good sir, is the reason I hear your words of wisdom on this channel.

  • Jango Man
    Jango Man Month ago +2

    Maybe make a organise video.

  • Rama Nrusimhadevara
    Rama Nrusimhadevara Month ago +3

    You should do a review of your car for us 😁

  • Ziyad Saloojee
    Ziyad Saloojee Month ago +16

    Nice bag man but impractical colour. Always go for dark shade/black

  • Nawaf Umer
    Nawaf Umer Month ago +113

    "Spend your money where you want to be spending your time"
    -Ali Abdaal
    Thanks a lot for the great piece of advice Ali.

  • Michele Cruz
    Michele Cruz Month ago +2

    Love it so much! Thank you for sharing. Going to be buying one for an upcoming vacation ❤️

  • Hemam Nirmala
    Hemam Nirmala Month ago +2

    Ali.....I just love your manly voice😍😍😍

  • Lukas Fiedler
    Lukas Fiedler Month ago +1

    are you sick dude?