Minimalist Bedroom Design, 3 Ways

  • Published on Jan 7, 2017
    Refreshing is always a good goal at the beginning of the year, and what better place to turn your creative energies than on your bedroom? Getting rid of clutter but adding interesting, minimalist design will assure your year will be full of good dreams and restful sleeps!
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  • Rainbows 78
    Rainbows 78 25 days ago

    I am going to have very very small room and I can not spend a lot of money

  • Abby Omeara
    Abby Omeara Month ago

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    Momo Maldonado 2 months ago

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  • Sarah Loftin
    Sarah Loftin 2 months ago

    I’m thinking about getting my room re organized . Any tips. Ps loooooooove your videos

  • Emi Joe
    Emi Joe 2 months ago

    Hey! Any way you could do DIY Boho interior design? Trying to recreate my room on a budget. Thanks!

  • Louise Wilson
    Louise Wilson 2 months ago

    I love Mr Kate but for some reason whenever I watch these videos my tablet slows down so much it's so annoying!

  • Ramlan Man
    Ramlan Man 3 months ago

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    zoe taylor 4 months ago

    I need help!! I have a very small unorganized room and it's so messy can you please give me some advice?

  • Sue Amira
    Sue Amira 4 months ago

    Hi Mr Kate. I really want to participate I'm moving to a 2bedroom apartment and it's very small I have never got a chance to furnish my own house because we kept moving and I really want to just stay in this apartments . Please get back to me when u get a chance . I need your help . I can't find anywhere where to reach u .

  • Mishler Furramily
    Mishler Furramily 5 months ago

    I looooooove this!!!

  • Eva Riley
    Eva Riley 5 months ago +1

    Last one my fave! Btw I’m super small too lol 😂 thank god im not the only one! Xx

  • Lauren Sargent
    Lauren Sargent 6 months ago

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  • Nanaba Ra
    Nanaba Ra 6 months ago

    I have the same room size but with a door on the right (beside the bed) and a window above the bed -_- It's so damn confusing how to make it comfortable

  • Johanna Petkau
    Johanna Petkau 6 months ago

    You look like a bunny in a good way its soooooo cute 00:05

  • Lady Bee
    Lady Bee 7 months ago

    How about garage makeover?

  • Lady Bee
    Lady Bee 7 months ago

    My fave is the last one. The headboard color and texture is divine. I want it.

  • HiroNewf Gaming
    HiroNewf Gaming 7 months ago

    I dont know about anyone else but I am not a fan of those wall lamps

  • HiroNewf Gaming
    HiroNewf Gaming 7 months ago

    Hey guys im going for a minimalist bedroom so mostly white and black but i was thinking on a little bit of red ascents what do you guys think of that?

  • Leo Aguillon
    Leo Aguillon 9 months ago

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    Steffi Curry 10 months ago

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    Shawndria Cole 10 months ago

    You Talk To Much, But I Love Your Videos💙

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    Allison Althof 10 months ago

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    Megan Davies 11 months ago

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    Dawn Thomas Year ago

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    Malice alice Year ago

    Is this real? This seems like what a sketch show would put out mocking a millenial's vlog. So is she serious, or is this a character?

  • Rosie K
    Rosie K Year ago +1

    I love this but where is the space to put your wardrobe,desk,chest of draws etc?

  • Raven Studios
    Raven Studios Year ago

    LaurDIY sent me and I’m not going anywhere!

  • Ruby Korenoski
    Ruby Korenoski Year ago

    if you watched another video and you like a design can you ask to do that in you room.

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    Em Bowker Year ago

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    Rain Montemayor Year ago

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    how much does she do on your room bc i really want room organization PLS and i live in ottawa how do i talk to her im going to be a youtuber soon PLS ON GOD HELP ME IF U SEE THIS

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  • Amazing adventures


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  • • Night Of Wishes •

    Anyone else like decorating their room or friends room?
    It's so satisfying!
    You have a room with thoughts and colour schemes to do! It's like a new art where you could express your thoughts with just a room!
    My favorite colours to use are ~
    •Light Turquoise, grey, white
    •Light yellow, pale pink, white, black
    •Orange, pink, black, some white
    •Any colour with white for a base and black for little highlights
    •Add plants and decor!!

    *I'm a artist, I think what I just said proved it with my weirdness XD*

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  • Mia
    Mia Year ago

    Ik I'm probably too late but I want some sort of pastel pink,blue and purple look to my bedroom.This may include:Tapestries,paintings,tumblr quotes and organisers.
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    Have a good day!

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