• Published on Oct 19, 2019
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Comments • 202

  • The jo
    The jo 2 days ago


  • Aidan Guillen
    Aidan Guillen 26 days ago

    If only kenny was agro sad

  • Huy Trần
    Huy Trần 26 days ago

    i miss the old kennyS that almost never miss a shot

  • LWTG_Kronos
    LWTG_Kronos 27 days ago

    Kenny kill his teamate on mid


    • Joshua Jo
      Joshua Jo 25 days ago

      The fault is on his team mate. You don't walk in front of an awper's sight when he's trying to get a quick pick.

  • noobmeister 69
    noobmeister 69 27 days ago

    Each time S1mple failed his knife, He lose xD

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  • One Esports
    One Esports 27 days ago

    wOw Dude this is awesome game i love it. Funny Stewie fail and 1vs5 plays from him in this link ru-clip.net/video/b1aDVJy8Kag/video.html

  • Gawbs
    Gawbs 28 days ago

    13:52 drop some f’s

  • JohnnY.
    JohnnY. 28 days ago

    Im!you are cool

  • Max Crew
    Max Crew 28 days ago


  • RgZ
    RgZ 28 days ago

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    TROYAL CHANNEL 28 days ago

    Nexa hunter Jacks have some really good aim

    TROYAL CHANNEL 28 days ago

    Какая та анрил стрельба у хантера и некса и у джэкса тоже норм

  • Mike Dg
    Mike Dg 28 days ago

    Budget niko so good

  • somehow
    somehow 29 days ago

    Hey! Im posting csgo montages on my channel, check it out if you want and tell me what you think! Thanks in advance!!

  • Momo_CSGO
    Momo_CSGO 29 days ago +2

    Check my channel guys !

  • Paul Hoang
    Paul Hoang 29 days ago

    RIP g2

  • r3oNezz
    r3oNezz 29 days ago

    s1mple sto eto bla just legend

  • Matthew Chan
    Matthew Chan Month ago

    Hunter better than niko

  • Ziger Channel
    Ziger Channel Month ago

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  • Gustavo Wosch
    Gustavo Wosch Month ago

    KennyS was in bad day

  • noman ul haq Khan
    noman ul haq Khan Month ago

    Even boom4 was performing like player of top team and when you look at flamie and electronic...gosh makes my blood boil..in map 2 wtf were they doing like wtf???i stopped watching live cz of these 2 performance

  • Eva Madzar
    Eva Madzar Month ago

    AJAJAJAJAJ easyyyyyyyyyyy

  • EvolutionX
    EvolutionX Month ago

    kennyS is best

  • Avinash Kumar
    Avinash Kumar Month ago

    If kennyS missed that shot on simple in 2nd map last round

  • Shreshth Khatri
    Shreshth Khatri Month ago +2

    I wish G2 would've won

  • Chris wong
    Chris wong Month ago +1

    simple always top flag

  • Mr11ESSE111
    Mr11ESSE111 Month ago

    in this game you dont know if it is more bugg or cheaters or laaag

    • Mr11ESSE111
      Mr11ESSE111 Month ago

      @Juan Diego Esquivel software for hits are so retarded maded and dont have nothing with logic so when i see desert eagle or glock with sniper range and 80% hits is head hit then you must know that idiots made program !! try to hit something size of watermellon on the 200-300meter range when it moves !!there is a tons of buggy garbage especially on dust map !! 1 hit registrate 3 not and it is visible too

    • Mr11ESSE111
      Mr11ESSE111 Month ago

      @Juan Diego Esquivel 30fps are nothing in this game and newly updates only makes game more worse so those who played with same PC specs 2 years ago dont have same fps now !! fakn game looks same as in 2013 but you cant have same PC for same fps like in 2013

    • Juan Diego Esquivel
      Juan Diego Esquivel Month ago

      @Mr11ESSE111 i played with a mac computer that has an i5 for almost a year and even though it was not the greatest setup, it still managed to run at 30fps steady. Youre also confusing lag with low performance and to top it all off on cs lan events they use higher end pcs that can average 180+ fps on most settings on cs

    • Mr11ESSE111
      Mr11ESSE111 Month ago

      @Juan Diego Esquivel if you have gtx 1060 or higher and at least 4/8cpu then there is no some laag but generally it is laag and moves are laagy or commands so 5 sec reload of bullet magazine are slow as fak

    • Mr11ESSE111
      Mr11ESSE111 Month ago

      @Juan Diego Esquivel there is bugg and cheaters!! yesterday 3 assholes was on dust map on deathmatch with over 50-0 result !! i call that cheat especially with pistols hits!! game are stupid maded too

  • Radzik
    Radzik Month ago +1

    s1mple is GOD!

  • Strange Player
    Strange Player Month ago


  • Alvin Kyo
    Alvin Kyo Month ago

    mvp boost

  • J D
    J D Month ago

    I hope g2 has a bad upcoming year for kicking scream. Scream belonged in G2. Shox was smart for leaving.

  • Gaming Life
    Gaming Life Month ago

    Boom Bitch it's #BOOMBICH ON THE BOARD#😂😂

  • Levi
    Levi Month ago +2

    1:42 crisp

  • BuBinyy BuBinyy
    BuBinyy BuBinyy Month ago

    when i see hunter fucking nuuub

  • Abishek Rajkumar
    Abishek Rajkumar Month ago +1

    I was so suspicious about NiKo and HunTer (the same country flag) so as it turns out to be NiKo cousin
    BTW he did perform good

  • Carl Escultor
    Carl Escultor Month ago

    Nice Game

  • Fizzen
    Fizzen Month ago


    NINJA MASTER Month ago +1

    33:23 why tf Amanek do that?

  • Oof woof
    Oof woof Month ago

    good commentary

  • Vanuk
    Vanuk Month ago +1

    Сожрал г2

  • Firoz Alam
    Firoz Alam Month ago +3

    the man
    the myth
    the overweighted

  • Firoz Alam
    Firoz Alam Month ago

    isnt he overrated

    • Smart Guy
      Smart Guy 29 days ago

      lmao. He is the goat

    • Gunner99
      Gunner99 Month ago

      @Kasper Kjærsgaard no he is not

    • Kasper Kjærsgaard
      Kasper Kjærsgaard Month ago

      Firoz Alam yes hes overrated

    • Gunner99
      Gunner99 Month ago

      he is been of lately bro but i asure u he is not at all overated trust me

  • Need Fake
    Need Fake Month ago

    here is this Easter eggs I found

  • bobic ramza
    bobic ramza Month ago +2

    All navi player can do awp hahaha boomich flamie guardian s1mple elec maybe sometime

    • Juan Diego Esquivel
      Juan Diego Esquivel Month ago

      Electronic is the only one ive never seen awping on higher levels. His rifling is top tier tho

  • EvolutionX
    EvolutionX Month ago +3

    Kenny's is playing like that😨

  • counter strike hits nandal


    • Satyam Sangal
      Satyam Sangal Month ago

      Too many bot errors. They literally threw rounds

    • bobic ramza
      bobic ramza Month ago


  • 颖 颖
    颖 颖 Month ago +1

    huNter- : ????

    JACKZ : hehe

  • Franco Paolo Bello
    Franco Paolo Bello Month ago +1

    If G2 lost Mirage after the tk and that molly that would have been dissastrous.

  • KS
    KS Month ago

    Nexa is godlike. That one deag 22:00

  • KnockOnDood
    KnockOnDood Month ago +9


    i love electronic and all, but cmon

    what are those pants mah dude

    • Renz
      Renz Month ago

      his pajamas bruh. gotta be comfortable while you play

      АЛ КАПОНЕ Month ago

      Hes always wearinh stuff like this

  • 姚明
    姚明 Month ago +1

    kennys is noob

    • Komzler Komzlerowski
      Komzler Komzlerowski Month ago

      hes clearly regressing and its noticeable, thats a fact, but lets be honest dude - u wouldnt do better there :P

      NINJA MASTER Month ago +1

      and u?

  • wyjebane zc
    wyjebane zc Month ago +77

    No one talking about hunter?? He has been performing so well against top teams as faze and navi

    • Robtz
      Robtz 29 days ago

      Faze top team 😂

    • wyjebane zc
      wyjebane zc 29 days ago

      @easy stuff hahaha you fuckinf idiot xD. I just turned on my phone at 5:00 am and just opened youtube because there was a notification and then you said that lol

    • wyjebane zc
      wyjebane zc 29 days ago

      @Duty Of Heroes yeah I know

    • easy stuff
      easy stuff Month ago

      Lol faze top team XD

    • Nobi Sewashi
      Nobi Sewashi Month ago

      good but still lost the game, so no1 care

  • wyjebane zc
    wyjebane zc Month ago +1

    Kennys currently is not better than a tier 2 awper...

    • wyjebane zc
      wyjebane zc 24 days ago

      @NINJA MASTER guardian is playing kinda bad but thats because he just joined navi and has to get use

      NINJA MASTER 24 days ago

      @wyjebane zc even S1mple its getting mad cuz that kennyS its doing alot betther in my opinion he make electronic rage at dust 2

      NINJA MASTER 24 days ago

      @wyjebane zc havent u see G2 vs Navi rn Guardian missed like 5 shots in A site and won cuz bomb

    • wyjebane zc
      wyjebane zc 26 days ago

      @NINJA MASTER nooo, guardian is the best awper for me... i said kennys is not playing better than a low tier awper , because i have seen many low tiers awpers performing better than him, at least they are more consistent

      NINJA MASTER 26 days ago

      @wyjebane zc are u saying guardian never kill someone in g2?

  • Saeed E.B.R
    Saeed E.B.R Month ago

    Navi 👑👑👑

  • Ridhuan AB
    Ridhuan AB Month ago

    1st time i saw pro team kill live 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Ridhuan AB
      Ridhuan AB Month ago

      @Gaming Life yeah i mostly watch Navi's game..

    • Gaming Life
      Gaming Life Month ago +2

      Clearly you haven't watched many matches I guess

  • Grod Grod
    Grod Grod Month ago

    What's the point of hiding score in your thumbnail when you featured Dust 2 map (game 3)?? Is this a joke or a spoiler channel??

    • Regan Choa
      Regan Choa Month ago

      Sage Agustin I mean who didnt see the map veto

    • Sage Agustin
      Sage Agustin Month ago

      @Regan Choa well if navi won map 1 then if map 2 is not dust2 guess who'll win map 2 😂

    • Regan Choa
      Regan Choa Month ago

      Grod Grod Its for people who dont know the results yet

  • Master Blaster
    Master Blaster Month ago

    Kick kennyS

    • Kasper Kjærsgaard
      Kasper Kjærsgaard Month ago

      Master Blaster They cant until next major and why would they hes very good

      NINJA MASTER Month ago

      Literaly kicking hes main carry one bad days its not big deal calm ur tits

      NINJA MASTER Month ago

      fuck off xD

  • ZEKE
    ZEKE Month ago +1

    kennyS is washed

  • bodelsr
    bodelsr Month ago +8