Italy - LIVE - Mahmood - Soldi - Grand Final - Eurovision 2019

  • Published on May 18, 2019
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    Mahmood represented Italy at the Grand Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Soldi. Read more about Mahmood here:
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  • Eurovision Song Contest
    Eurovision Song Contest  Month ago +143

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    • BACO
      BACO 4 days ago

      Each country should sing in its own language

    • MXP_Liam
      MXP_Liam 14 days ago

      SURE DID

    • Tamara Meier
      Tamara Meier 16 days ago

      Eurovision Song Contest rl ls

    • Roberto F.
      Roberto F. Month ago

      Eurovision Song Contest

    • FalesTEEZ
      FalesTEEZ Month ago +3

      Prophet Muhammed never existed

  • Armando Venturi
    Armando Venturi 8 hours ago +1

    Which is better?
    Like = soldi soldi
    Comment = clap clap

  • Valerie Perin
    Valerie Perin 9 hours ago

    Walladi walladi habibi wala nang pera. 💲💲💲
    I'm the only filipino here.🇵🇭

  • Burymyeggo
    Burymyeggo 19 hours ago +4

    i still listen to this song everyday, honestly, the winner for me. love from spain 💛

    • Diana S
      Diana S 18 hours ago

      GREAT☆So do I,few times a day infact☆☆☆☆

  • Medine Özpolat
    Medine Özpolat 23 hours ago +4

    Here I am again

    • Diana S
      Diana S 18 hours ago +1

      And me...Super Mahmood♡

  • Antonello Zito
    Antonello Zito Day ago +3

    Europa Good Vibes
    On August 8, 2019, the first dates of what will be Mahmood's first European tour are announced: the singer will perform 8 special concerts in 7 European countries:
    23 October 2019 Lugano Switzerland - Studio Foce
    24 October 2019 Zurich Switzerland - Mascotte
    27 October 2019 London England - Under the bridge
    October 28, 2019 Paris France - Cafe de la danse
    29 October 2019 Luxembourg Luxembourg - Rockhall
    31 October 2019 Brussels Belgium - La Madeleine
    3 November 2019 Berlin Germany - Frannz
    4 November 2019 Barcelona Spain - Razzmatazz

    • Antonello Zito
      Antonello Zito 7 hours ago


    • Diana S
      Diana S 18 hours ago +1

      Thanks lots for all the information,great news☆Love Mahmood♡

  • The Unboxing Channel!

    Mi piace tantooo!😍😍😍👌👌👌👏👏👏

  • Marouan Hb
    Marouan Hb 2 days ago +4


  • Remedios Morales Hierrezuelo

    Es muy guapo ❤😍

  • assi assi
    assi assi 3 days ago +5

    Merecia ganar eurovision 2019

  • ronaldo ce7
    ronaldo ce7 3 days ago +8

    Good song i am from kosovo but live in Sweden

  • The Unboxing Channel!
    The Unboxing Channel! 4 days ago +14

    I like it that he sings in italian!!
    The winner😍i love this song so much!

  • Lethaloli
    Lethaloli 4 days ago +3

    Arcade: 12 mln di visualizzazioni
    Soldi: 14 mln di visualizzazioni

  • Shana Prz
    Shana Prz 4 days ago +2


  • Taimituuli
    Taimituuli 5 days ago +11

    What a masterpiece!

  • Jade Kevin Santos
    Jade Kevin Santos 5 days ago +3

    The song is actually:
    25% words
    75% claps 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Francesco Viola Scognamiglio

    12 marzo Italia: Disco di platino (106.543) vendite e 43 milioni
    1Aprile Doppio Disco Di platino (206.765)vendite e 69 milioni di ascolti
    3 Maggio Triplo disco di platino. (287.987) vendite e 87 milioni di ascolti
    2 Giugno Primo disco di platino in Spagna (54.376) vendite
    12 Giugno Disco di platino in Svizzera (29.543) vendite
    3 Luglio Disco d'oro 854.453 vendite

  • YoItzMax
    YoItzMax 6 days ago +9

    I love the song

  • Clara A.
    Clara A. 7 days ago +15

    Today soldi 4th platinum in Italy and Calipso 3rd platinum in Italy
    Mahmood 👍
    And he's in Sardinia recording new music with dardust and thekatoo

  • Tiffanye 92
    Tiffanye 92 7 days ago +4

    Sono l'unico commento italiano!!!

  • arzuman babayev
    arzuman babayev 7 days ago +25

    I can’t get rid of this my head. My brain says always soldi , soldi.. clap, clap

  • Ioanna ijrohrihknghoDosi


  • Pieter Meermans
    Pieter Meermans 7 days ago +11

    I am on vacation in Italy so I'm listening oh yeah

    • Pieter Meermans
      Pieter Meermans 4 days ago +3

      @Bisquit Macchiavelli-Larsson thank you have a nice day and I hope you are enjoying your vacation too

    • Diana S
      Diana S 7 days ago +4

      Lucky you☆☆☆enjoy yourself clap clap☆☆

    • Bisquit Macchiavelli-Larsson
      Bisquit Macchiavelli-Larsson 7 days ago +5

      Enjoy bro 🔥

  • Iliana Anagnostopoulou
    Iliana Anagnostopoulou 7 days ago +13

    He is so beautiful i love his song❤❤❤

  • Melina's Cat Place
    Melina's Cat Place 8 days ago +2


  • mishi mishi
    mishi mishi 8 days ago +33

    Because of Mahmood I got introduced to Italian music, and it's so good! I love his songs, I love calipso, and I even started learning some Italian words! love that language 💗

  • Fabio Greggio
    Fabio Greggio 8 days ago +6

    Duncan who?

  • JGfp
    JGfp 9 days ago +15

    En España se sigue escuchando en la radio

  • Sounds of a brick
    Sounds of a brick 9 days ago

    I dont Think half of this comment section dosen't even know what soldi means.

    • Hipotenuza
      Hipotenuza 9 days ago +1

      @Sounds of a brick trust me,everyone knows

  • Ben Maouia Youssef
    Ben Maouia Youssef 9 days ago +1


  • SaD GiRl
    SaD GiRl 9 days ago

    Комева заела

    LUDI GAMERI 9 days ago +3

    Soldi Soldi 👏👏

  • Erik åkerström
    Erik åkerström 9 days ago +14

    Mahmood sei così bravo a cantare. Vorrei che tu fossi al primo posto al largo dei Paesi Bassi. Grandi baci e abbracci dall'Italia !!!!!! 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • Carmen sanchez
    Carmen sanchez 10 days ago +8

    Me encanta no paro de escuchar

  • JCN_Diego Xx
    JCN_Diego Xx 10 days ago

    Like si No entendes

  • Giancarlo Marchese
    Giancarlo Marchese 10 days ago +2

    Forza marocco 🇲🇦✌️

  • SparkyPlayzツ
    SparkyPlayzツ 10 days ago +6

    Im from Norway🇳🇴
    But THIS song should have earned all the votes from all the countries in Eurovision
    This is my favorite song🇮🇹
    One more thing:
    Italy a tip if you wanna win Eurovision 2020 use this song!

    • cyonide
      cyonide 9 days ago +1

      You mean use money? 😆

  • Динара Телтаева

    Не очень песня и почему его любят на другом языке ещё и не особые спецефекты лучше бы второе лазареву дали

  • NQt_eyal
    NQt_eyal 10 days ago +7


  • KolE
    KolE 10 days ago +82

    He was supposed to win. After the show I was happy for the Netherlands, but their songs dissapears from your head. This song not. He is true winner :(

    • Χρύσα Κονιδάρη
      Χρύσα Κονιδάρη 3 hours ago

      The same thing happened with Eleni Foureira last year with Fuego

    • KittyandTwitty
      KittyandTwitty Day ago


    • TheAzO9aAz TheAzO9aAz
      TheAzO9aAz TheAzO9aAz 8 days ago +2

      Nah it's immpuseble for Arcade to get out of your head. It's always on the radio in Holland even in Belgium. But you are read. I keep singing soldi soldi clap clap.

    • The Thicc King
      The Thicc King 9 days ago +2

      Arcade is really memorabele but both songs are. You can keep saying that he is “ the true winner “ but that’s not gonna help because he just didn’t win. But be happy that he got 2nd because that is an amazing place.

  • Andrew Bell
    Andrew Bell 11 days ago +7

    Love this song

    Uxue URMENETA 11 days ago +1

    oh mi cot this is ITALYANO :):):)

  • tomer almog
    tomer almog 11 days ago +3

    מי שישראלים לייק

  • Fornite gutt Radev
    Fornite gutt Radev 11 days ago +5


  • Marcus Birro
    Marcus Birro 12 days ago +4

    Ti amo mahmood

  • Ayse Sevim
    Ayse Sevim 12 days ago +3

    eurovision turkey as we miss you

  • Valerie Perin
    Valerie Perin 12 days ago +2

    Ravioli, ravioli give me a SOLDI SOLDI (clap clap) 💲💲💲

  • shahar gameing
    shahar gameing 12 days ago +6


  • Shin
    Shin 12 days ago +15

    Ascolto questa canzone nella radio in Francia!

    • Diana S
      Diana S 11 days ago


    • dangi79
      dangi79 12 days ago +3


  • eliya gamer
    eliya gamer 12 days ago +1

    אני לא מבין אם זה של איטליה למה יש דגל ישראל

  • ZER JF
    ZER JF 12 days ago +1

    Good, but Roi >>>

  • Lorenzo Picozza
    Lorenzo Picozza 12 days ago +2

    Dislike=France and Germany

    • ZER JF
      ZER JF 12 days ago

      FRANCE >>>>>>

  • S. Pock
    S. Pock 13 days ago +8

    October: 23 Lugano, 24 Zurich, 27 London, 28 Paris, 29 Luxembourg, 31 Bruxelles
    November: 3 Berlin, 5 Barcelona

    • mishi mishi
      mishi mishi 11 days ago +2

      @Diana S oh nice! Thanks for that info:)

    • Diana S
      Diana S 12 days ago +4

      Yes Clara is right,he said he likes Israel and plans to return and spend some more time there and a tour of sorts when possible-He appreciates the many fans he has in Israel☆☆☆♡

    • Clara A.
      Clara A. 12 days ago +3

      @mishi mishi yes i think he's planning to go to Israel but maybe in another period; when the shows are officially announced write to him and the label...

    • mishi mishi
      mishi mishi 12 days ago +3

      Why isn't he coming to Israel?? His song is so successful here.
      I think it's more successful and listened than in Europe. Like, it's on the radio, in partyies, at weddings, everywhere...even the Israeli t.v interviewed him two weeks ago

    • Diana S
      Diana S 13 days ago +4

      THANKS for the information,I'm hoping to see him in my city of London ♡♡♡

  • zMaX Bon
    zMaX Bon 13 days ago +2

    Duncan Laurence Wins Congratulations!!!!!!!
    Me:No Words......
    Bravissimo Mahmood Sei un Grande Dovevi vincere

  • Man Go
    Man Go 13 days ago +34

    I immediately fell in love with this song! I'm still listening to it quiet a few times a week and it's not getting boring.
    Thanks for this great song!

  • Goyzi_RU
    Goyzi_RU 13 days ago

    Воооу воооу.. Лучшее что я слушал на Евровидении 2019. Отдал бы ему голос))

  • Алина Костина
    Алина Костина 14 days ago +10

    loveeeee 💮💮💮

  • Luisa Farina
    Luisa Farina 14 days ago +43

    bravissimo mahmood, bellissimi i commenti di tutti..pensare tutte le polemiche che ci sono state al Festival di San Remo...

      T4 TEAM OFFICIAL 8 days ago +1

      Luisa Farina finalmente qualcuno italiano e si hai ragione poi troppo bello quando tutti a tempo fanno clap clap

    • Giselle V
      Giselle V 11 days ago +5

      Quei caproni adesso devono tutti ficcarsi la lingua in culo, perché Alessandro sta avendo successo ovunque.

  • Antonio B
    Antonio B 14 days ago +324

    Who is stil watching in August 2019? Love it🇮🇹 Like 👇

  • shahar janach
    shahar janach 14 days ago +27

    I love you. From israel❤🇮🇹💙

  • loquiño 13
    loquiño 13 14 days ago +81

    The Best song of Eurovision this year!! I love this song!! He must win the eurovision. Un saludo desde España

  • Aleksandra Anatolieva ilieva

    No canta como la cancion😟😟😟

    • sara Flower
      sara Flower 14 days ago +1

      Ha tenido que cortarla porque era mas de 3 minutos

  • Diana S
    Diana S 14 days ago +17

    Wow Soldi ☆☆14m☆☆endless love to you Mahmood♡♡

  • Mustapha Troqui
    Mustapha Troqui 14 days ago +7

    Shuda won

    MÜSƏLMAN ALİM 14 days ago +8


  • Gordana Savin
    Gordana Savin 15 days ago +57

    1st listening: I love this song
    2nd listening: Soldi, Soldi, clap clap
    3rd listening: *know Italien*
    Much love from Serbia! You are one and onely. You will alveys have the first place in our hearts.

  • Patrick Sweeney
    Patrick Sweeney 15 days ago +1

    It's just noise though the dancers are good.

  • Andrew Bell
    Andrew Bell 16 days ago +21

    One of my all time favourite Eurovision songs. What a hell of a song

  • cupcakes YT
    cupcakes YT 16 days ago +3

    איזה מלך

  • Vaqif Eliyev
    Vaqif Eliyev 16 days ago +28

    Who is better?
    Like: Mahmood
    Comment: Keiino

  • Oh MyGlo
    Oh MyGlo 16 days ago +8

    GUAPO 😍

  • Vaqif Eliyev
    Vaqif Eliyev 16 days ago +20

    Who is better?
    Like: Mahmood
    Comment: Sergey Lazarev

  • Vaqif Eliyev
    Vaqif Eliyev 16 days ago +25

    Who is better?
    Like: Mahmood
    Comment: Chingiz

  • Vaqif Eliyev
    Vaqif Eliyev 16 days ago +70

    Who is better?
    Like: Mahmood
    Comment: Luca Hanni

  • Vaqif Eliyev
    Vaqif Eliyev 16 days ago +44

    Who is better?
    Like: Mahmood
    Comment: Duncan