iPhone Xr Clone Unboxing! 6.1-inch!

  • Published on Sep 12, 2018
  • NEW $200 iPhone Xr Clone Unboxing! Working 6.1-inch iPhone Xr Clone With Real Notch Display, How Bad Can It Be?
    iPhone Xs Max Clone Unboxing: ru-clip.net/video/YDvG4tr_w_g/video.html
    Last Minute Xs Max Leaks: ru-clip.net/video/ws7MHnUpcA0/video.html
    iPhone Xs Giveaway: ru-clip.net/video/xV_s7vlgT0I/video.html
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  • Anime Boi
    Anime Boi 11 hours ago

    I'm going too buy this

  • uyanda boo
    uyanda boo Day ago

    Please can you do a iPhone giveaway please some of us don't have iPhones

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    Does the real iPhone XR have dual sim support

  • Michael Moretti
    Michael Moretti 6 days ago +1

    Ruryrryrury 5th th rr tt

  • yellooh
    yellooh 7 days ago

    Learning about clones oddly

  • mr22387
    mr22387 8 days ago

    Where are you getting the fake phone?

  • Thomas Toth
    Thomas Toth 9 days ago

    Can these clones install apps form the app store?

  • BroBear 97
    BroBear 97 11 days ago

    I'm watching this on the iPhone XR🤣

  • Kenzie Frogs
    Kenzie Frogs 11 days ago +2

    watching on iphone 7.🌚

    ASHLEY WANG 15 days ago

    Where do you buy it

  • C. Nambayan
    C. Nambayan 17 days ago

    Are you able to remove this skin and just run stock Android?

    • C. Nambayan
      C. Nambayan 15 days ago

      @E That's what I'm looking for! Lol thanks E

    • E
      E 15 days ago

      Probably not, but why would you bother anyways? Just get a Xiaomi Mi A2 if you want stock Android and an iPhone-like design.

  • C. Nambayan
    C. Nambayan 17 days ago

    Asia's been doing double sim for years. It's no surprise.

  • ivan david guerrero rosas

    Where did you buy this fake iPhone in a page of internet or a shop

  • iPhone XR God
    iPhone XR God 23 days ago +1

    back in the day my mum got a 140 dollar andriod phone and it still works

  • Paul •93 years ago
    Paul •93 years ago 28 days ago +1

    Where did you get that clone at.

  • Shah01 Azra
    Shah01 Azra Month ago +1

    Very bad quality...

  • Jack Jack
    Jack Jack Month ago

    Where Can I Buy One

  • Panther Trio
    Panther Trio Month ago

    nowdays iphone xr clone has a bit more smaller chin at the end

  • MarioMaster838
    MarioMaster838 Month ago

    Where did you get it

  • renegade raider
    renegade raider Month ago

    Where can u find this?

  • Tactical Basements
    Tactical Basements Month ago

    Does iMessage work and does it link to Apple Watch

  • Elias Bogin
    Elias Bogin Month ago

    Where can you buy the replica I phone

  • Pull up on a kid
    Pull up on a kid Month ago

    What carrier in usa will this work with

  • Alejandr a
    Alejandr a Month ago

    Any one no were he buys the clones

  • Computer Nostalgia
    Computer Nostalgia Month ago +1

    How can I get it and where

  • Indian Techsupport.
    Indian Techsupport. Month ago +2

    Where can you buy this..?

  • Jair reimann
    Jair reimann Month ago

    Where can I buy a clone some one leave me a link

  • The 1 Blue Dog
    The 1 Blue Dog Month ago

    Where did he get it????

  • Michi Ok
    Michi Ok 2 months ago

    bEttery percentage in icloud storage :D

  • Bee&Vee
    Bee&Vee 2 months ago

    Can someone give me the link to the fake iPhone?

  • Sup Guys27
    Sup Guys27 2 months ago

    Am I the only one who is sometimes confused in the video when he is comparing them which one is fake and which one was real and was concerned

  • Spy Groot
    Spy Groot 2 months ago

    cool ikea table i hve that too

    GEAN RAMBANO VLOGS 2 months ago

    unbox the latest iphone xr there is a lots of new thing in it

  • Tudor Tudor
    Tudor Tudor 2 months ago


  • odeleye isreal
    odeleye isreal 2 months ago

    Add this hacker on Instagram @johnrichard1876 or whatsapp +12404284893 if you want to clone any iPhone or get into sms or contact or messages kindly dm him he's %100 legit and sure

  • Allex Girt
    Allex Girt 2 months ago

    can anyone please answer this question, if so that would be awesome. So is this supposed to be non-working but you put the sim card in and then it finally works or did you get a working one

    DZ GAMER 2 months ago

    How i can buy it

  • Aalok Luthra
    Aalok Luthra 3 months ago +1

    what is the price of clone?
    Is it is like original?

  • Cavidan Necefov
    Cavidan Necefov 3 months ago

    Çakması bile pahalı aqq

  • Flame Gaming
    Flame Gaming 3 months ago

    What is the price

  • Sockies Vlogs
    Sockies Vlogs 3 months ago

    Can I have a link

  • ron collins
    ron collins 3 months ago

    drop a link to that sick knife bro

  • Joshua Holmes
    Joshua Holmes 3 months ago

    I and just so you guys know he got the phone off of goophones

  • Joshua Holmes
    Joshua Holmes 3 months ago

    For every like I will give 1 out of 60 people will get a iphone

  • Jaeda Pihema
    Jaeda Pihema 3 months ago

    where do you get these

    • HtxGamers
      HtxGamers 3 months ago

      Jaeda Pihema that’s wat i wanna know

  • Yoshipower 10000
    Yoshipower 10000 3 months ago

    I have the XR. But it doesn’t have staneless steel. Thats not good because if you drop it, it dints more. It looks more nicer tho. 😀😀

  • yeeter teeter
    yeeter teeter 3 months ago +12

    Do you record ur voice live or after the vid?( pls like for him 2 see)

  • Muhammad Ijaz Mayo
    Muhammad Ijaz Mayo 4 months ago

    From where do you get clones

  • Rilend Roam
    Rilend Roam 4 months ago

    Can I have the clone pls

  • Peter Pipedher
    Peter Pipedher 4 months ago

    Do you have any links on the updated phones? Have they improved the x or XR, xs, etc over the past few months?

  • harsh vardhan
    harsh vardhan 4 months ago

    Apple iPhone XR
    MRP : ₹91,900
    Order at : clnk.in/hAeU

  • dj Ar palada
    dj Ar palada 4 months ago

    Hey everythingapplepro please make an unboxing video of an iPhone XR 1:1 from goophone. it replicates everything from the packaging and it has an apple sticker included.. Please please please.

  • Dylan Mitstifer
    Dylan Mitstifer 4 months ago

    can you use the apple app store?? i hate the play store that android uses.🤣🤣 or does it completely run android 6.0 os? cuz that may be a no-go.

  • Mariama Kabba
    Mariama Kabba 4 months ago

    Where do you buy it

    • odeleye isreal
      odeleye isreal 2 months ago

      Add this hacker on Instagram @johnrichard1876 or whatsapp +12404284893 if you want to clone any iPhone or get into sms or contact or messages kindly dm him he's %100 legit and sure

  • Chicken Legs
    Chicken Legs 4 months ago

    Do they charge

  • Kyle Ciauri
    Kyle Ciauri 4 months ago

    We’re do you get these form?????

  • Roaster of world ranjha

    Bro where from you get money

  • music edit
    music edit 4 months ago

    Glitched at 3:20

  • music edit
    music edit 4 months ago

    Wow did anyone see it glitch at 3:21

  • New Kid
    New Kid 4 months ago +70

    I love how it’s more pleasing to watch a fake iPhone unboxing then an original...

  • PocketRocket 1
    PocketRocket 1 4 months ago

    Wow, that looks damn cool!!

  • Gabe
    Gabe 4 months ago

    Is it unlocked

  • At movie time
    At movie time 4 months ago

    Xr me pubg support karti hayyyyy

  • At movie time
    At movie time 4 months ago

    Pubg supported

  • Bacon Studios
    Bacon Studios 4 months ago

    iPhone XR user🙋‍♂️ here, anyone

  • andrew patsiantos
    andrew patsiantos 4 months ago

    The best clones are from estores china

  • TTV_aaden
    TTV_aaden 4 months ago

    how do you get the fake one

  • Pawan Maurya
    Pawan Maurya 4 months ago

    How to buy

  • Valerio Coppola
    Valerio Coppola 4 months ago

    Where you find them

  • Alaina Echelbarger
    Alaina Echelbarger 5 months ago +6

    For every like I will add a 🍟 I will add one for mine

  • Valerio Coppola
    Valerio Coppola 5 months ago

    Were you find them

  • David Zachalski
    David Zachalski 5 months ago

    Where can I buy one?

  • Jack’s Channel
    Jack’s Channel 5 months ago

    I’m addicted to your clone videos 😂😂

  • Smoke Jumper
    Smoke Jumper 5 months ago

    Whts the best clone out there to this date ..

  • Casey Holden
    Casey Holden 5 months ago

    Can anyone send a link of a really good x under £100?

  • Javeonn Jamir
    Javeonn Jamir 5 months ago

    where can i buy a clone from?

  • Xavier Ramirez
    Xavier Ramirez 5 months ago

    Your face is sooo long

    LETS PLAY MC SILENT 5 months ago

    There is no "iPhone 9"🙄

  • christoher beltran
    christoher beltran 5 months ago

    Do you ever give away the clones?

  • Ben MX
    Ben MX 5 months ago +1

    Can I use the same case for it?

  • Risaiah Wong
    Risaiah Wong 5 months ago

    can you please mail a real iphone to me its much needed or a clone if you want just reply to me for info thanks

  • tech talk
    tech talk 5 months ago +1

    Wat the h???? 200$ for a clone, I spent 80$ for the same thing lol Russians I’m a Russian myself whatevs get the steal of a deal here.... dhgate.com search goophone xr

  • aroldo arrieta
    aroldo arrieta 5 months ago +5

    *I absolutely love this phone !!>>>**ur2.pl/1250** I wasn’t planning on getting it but when I saw it in person and played with it my jaw dropped . Absolutely amazing !! Super easy to use . I thought I wouldn’t get used to not having the home button , the thought scared me but it’s super simple to go back home. The screen is huge! The battery life is super long . Super clear videos , and the pictures WOW Amazing!!!! I love it !!! Best purchase ive made!!*

    • Codz_526
      Codz_526 4 months ago

      This is an advertisement for a scam

    • Ben MX
      Ben MX 5 months ago

      Does it fit the Normal xr cases??

    • saleah subhan
      saleah subhan 5 months ago +1


  • Its Grace
    Its Grace 5 months ago +1

    Who’s watching on a XR?

    • tech talk
      tech talk 5 months ago

      Nope: iPhone X yup yup

  • jonnyfive film
    jonnyfive film 5 months ago +1

    bro interesting thx for the info

  • SuthernShea
    SuthernShea 5 months ago +29

    Ha watching a video on a fake iPhone XR, while on a iPhone XR

  • tech talk
    tech talk 5 months ago +1

    Cool vid,,,,, I’m buying the goophone xr clone for a review vid, I wanted to ask. Does the clone have Animoji or not????

  • Mxin Yoongi
    Mxin Yoongi 5 months ago

    Anybody notice android keyboard. And it has android camera quality

  • Raziya Rausse
    Raziya Rausse 5 months ago +1

    i really really really need a phone for school my sister broke my phone

    • tech talk
      tech talk 5 months ago

      Dude, I feel u, check out dubstep.com goophone xr 80$ only or get a phone off of cragslist

  • tech talk
    tech talk 5 months ago

    is it goophone,, i want to get one for a review

  • All Time Covers
    All Time Covers 5 months ago +1

    where do you get em

    • tech talk
      tech talk 5 months ago

      Dhgate.com goophone xr

  • Literally a Child
    Literally a Child 5 months ago +1

    Password 0000 lol

    • tech talk
      tech talk 5 months ago

      All his phones have the same password lol 😂

  • racemanstill
    racemanstill 5 months ago


  • surya ragavan
    surya ragavan 5 months ago

    can you please send me link of xr clone online shopping

    • Ben MX
      Ben MX 5 months ago

      tech talk thanks for the reply really appreciate it

    • tech talk
      tech talk 5 months ago

      yeah i meant dhgate.com@Ben MX

    • tech talk
      tech talk 5 months ago

      yes, it is the exact same size and is pretty much the same@Ben MX

    • Ben MX
      Ben MX 5 months ago +1

      tech talk does it fit the real xr cases

  • Edoardo Battaglia
    Edoardo Battaglia 5 months ago

    try to change camera application

  • Edoardo Battaglia
    Edoardo Battaglia 5 months ago

    with a custom rom would be better

  • ThinkPad22
    ThinkPad22 5 months ago +1

    Notice the logos covering the apple logos when he peeled the back off they fooled customs good.

    • tech talk
      tech talk 5 months ago

      😂 lol I got one too for a unbox vid,,,,, lol 😂 😆 lol

  • Michael Rogers
    Michael Rogers 5 months ago +1

    Lol these phones have Siri on them?

  • Capo TheeGreat
    Capo TheeGreat 5 months ago +1

    Can yu send me the website you bought this from so I can compare ??

    • tech talk
      tech talk 5 months ago

      Bro,,,, dhgate.com search goophone xr

  • Harrison Sims
    Harrison Sims 5 months ago +1

    Where do u find these fake phones