Neil Patrick Harris and Hugh Jackman duet at 2011 Tony Awards


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  • Chrisdanmar1127
    Chrisdanmar1127 2 days ago

    I love these two men; they're hot!

  • Tím Ottinger
    Tím Ottinger 5 days ago

    id pay money to see this


    Does anyone else want to see NPH and Hugh Beckman get it on together in bed. That would be hot.

  • Ki ana
    Ki ana 23 days ago

    Hugh Jackman is good at everything and a nice person also a good looking man

  • Jo O Reilly
    Jo O Reilly Month ago

    Both talented.

  • doobiewah357
    doobiewah357 Month ago

    Only the sodomites watch award shows anymore.

  • Séverin Official
    Séverin Official Month ago

    they work so well together!!

  • USA Arts
    USA Arts Month ago

    Amazing👍👍👍👍👍two great artists

  • Sarfaraz sayed
    Sarfaraz sayed Month ago +76

    Who is here after watching JAMES CORDEN TONY OPENING Number 2019

    • James Smithe
      James Smithe Month ago

      Me. And as good as James is he's just not as good as Neil.

  • Dollarama
    Dollarama Month ago

    This was possimpible

  • Olivia Elledge
    Olivia Elledge Month ago

    I feel like Lin Manuel needs to host a Tonys Awards

  • John Keeper
    John Keeper 2 months ago

    Wolverine aka Hugh Jackman aka the worlds gayest straight man with Barney Stinson aka Neil Patrick Harris aka the worlds straightest gay know I wonder of those two are friends in real life...they had such amazing chemistry up there.

  • Sneezing Panda
    Sneezing Panda 2 months ago

    can't believe it has been 8 years damn, 2019 anyone?

  • Mey lia
    Mey lia 3 months ago

    Can someone tell me where do each songs they are covering come from please?? :)

  • Eric Turpin
    Eric Turpin 3 months ago

    The best.

  • Roxette Baybay
    Roxette Baybay 3 months ago

    2019, anyone?

  • MBHarsh
    MBHarsh 3 months ago

    Well, if I had as much time as Wolverine, I'd be a good dancer like him too. Just saying.

  • ShinyGreen
    ShinyGreen 3 months ago

    Canon battle!
    Barney Stinson! The man of 1000 women
    The wolverine! Has knives in his hands
    We all know who would win. Wolverine should just pack up

  • Missie Smith
    Missie Smith 3 months ago

    I wonder who led in that dance.

  • Jonathan Mayor
    Jonathan Mayor 3 months ago

    Alas; if only it had finished with Hugh saying “But to be clear, I’m the top.” And Neil could’ve said “I’m fine with that.”

  • Alberts Choise
    Alberts Choise 4 months ago

    *squeels* best thing evrr

  • Chris Robert
    Chris Robert 4 months ago

    2:11 huge is dancing (heterosexually) with more flair than the gay guy

  • scraull
    scraull 4 months ago

    Imagine if Hugh played Marshall

  • Cindy Helms
    Cindy Helms 4 months ago

    And, this just became my second favorite Award show moment. (The first being the final Oscar Award blunder).

  • Queen Doc
    Queen Doc 4 months ago

    Never seen the Wolverine dance kkkkkk

  • prank ranger
    prank ranger 4 months ago

    Hugh jackman vs neil Patrick Harris drop the mic

  • Sam Mcknight
    Sam Mcknight 5 months ago

    I live it when Neil hosts the Tonys

  • Tessa
    Tessa 5 months ago

    I think Neil won with the 2013 opening

  • pasternacco
    pasternacco 5 months ago


  • Oleksandra Bakun
    Oleksandra Bakun 5 months ago +1

    I'm surprised there are no comments about "I'm the bottom, you're the top" part of the song here,

  • Flower
    Flower 6 months ago

    Way funny ….loved it.

  • MP Fann
    MP Fann 6 months ago

    2:12 Oh, if Wolverine had only done that just one time during a fight

  • Leanne Blake
    Leanne Blake 6 months ago

    How Brilliant. Love it .

  • Jo O Reilly
    Jo O Reilly 6 months ago +1

    I would rather watch these two, than what is usually served up, on what is called 'Free View ( EWWW(

  • Jo O Reilly
    Jo O Reilly 6 months ago +1

    I think both Guys are So talented

  • Jo O Reilly
    Jo O Reilly 6 months ago

    Do U have any talent?

  • Lord Ramoth
    Lord Ramoth 6 months ago

    He's an Aussie.

  • Benjamin Barham-Wiese
    Benjamin Barham-Wiese 6 months ago +1

    this is all I ever needed in life...

  • DMG Mana
    DMG Mana 7 months ago

    Love it don't question it just LOVE it

  • maria theresa valderama

    truly Huge Jackman is a total performer....

  • Angela Balliet
    Angela Balliet 7 months ago

    Me: *is happy*

  • Micallerina
    Micallerina 7 months ago

    The greatest showman and the greatest count

  • kurui mushikin
    kurui mushikin 8 months ago

    Hm...... wolverine in 2011 people...
    2018 Nov?

  • Khairiyyah Sari
    Khairiyyah Sari 8 months ago

    love it!!

  • Rebeca Rodriguez
    Rebeca Rodriguez 8 months ago


  • Banjax The Ragman
    Banjax The Ragman 9 months ago

    Oh my f***ing god

  • The Road to Cosplay and Comic Con

    Wolverine vs Count Olaf

  • Xx_carys_xX Xx-jones-xX

    So this hallened

  • twighla dove
    twighla dove 9 months ago

    Did not know what I clicked onto... I’m very happy 😃

  • Laurent Quintana The Serpent'Slava
    a song that I made dedicated to NPH

  • crawlbitchcrawl
    crawlbitchcrawl 9 months ago

    That was cute lol

  • Davina Gerungan
    Davina Gerungan 10 months ago +2


  • PiDsMedia
    PiDsMedia 10 months ago +1

    This alone is reason enough for Hugh to guest star in the Dr Horrible sequel.

  • Cynical Cthulhu
    Cynical Cthulhu 10 months ago +1

    Girls, girls, you're both pretty ;)

  • amano yukiteru
    amano yukiteru 10 months ago

    I love it.

  • Linda Warren
    Linda Warren 10 months ago


  • Toasty Pearl
    Toasty Pearl 10 months ago

    1:15 MY HEART AGHH

  • God Emperor Guy6000
    God Emperor Guy6000 11 months ago

    Anything you comment I can comment better

  • Quinn
    Quinn 11 months ago +2

    "if youre the bottom im the top" takes on a whole new meaning if neil patrick harris sings it

  • Sophie Crabtree
    Sophie Crabtree 11 months ago

    This is pure gold!

  • Karson Palmer
    Karson Palmer 11 months ago

    Bold to assume Harris would top between them

  • Jasmien Debonnet
    Jasmien Debonnet 11 months ago +2

    Ok,Neil did very well. But come on! Nobody can think that he's better than Hugh! Jackman really won this! (like he always does ;) )

  • Lid ya
    Lid ya 11 months ago

    Two legends in one video, AHHHH

  • Noah Smalls
    Noah Smalls 11 months ago

    Wolverine vs the Music Meister

  • J
    J 11 months ago

    wow, they have such great chemistry, is there anything that gerard butler can't do?

  • Johnny Skyfire
    Johnny Skyfire 11 months ago

    Give these guys a variety show. Sing, dance, act, comedy, they can literally do everything

  • Midnight Sonnet
    Midnight Sonnet 11 months ago

    Can Hugh play Captain Hammer? Like, seriously, I need this to happen just so Niel can play Dr. Horrible again.

  • stealthpanther
    stealthpanther 11 months ago

    These two are awesome

  • Janet White
    Janet White 11 months ago +1

    Still one of the most replayed bits on You Tube and well worth the watching!!!

  • Nancy Kochsmeier
    Nancy Kochsmeier 11 months ago

    .james cordon 2016 Tony award

  • Maj van hee
    Maj van hee 11 months ago


  • Chloee Catherine Maki


  • Vivian Diaz
    Vivian Diaz Year ago

    Legends 👏🏽🙌🏽😂

  • Diane Nelson
    Diane Nelson Year ago

    These two are truly entertainers!

  • Indrajeet Kashyap

    Hugh is complete pack of actor..

  • Zuzanna Grabowska


  • Rebecca E Unicorn

    What background songs are they ising

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow Year ago

    And that kids is the story of how your uncle Barney hosted the Tony’s with the Wolverine. Legend wait for adamantium claws dary

  • Pamela Karr
    Pamela Karr Year ago

    they should stick to acting.. it's what they do the best....

  • M Catherine W
    M Catherine W Year ago

    That was sooo AWESOME!!! LOVE IT!!

  • Fay May
    Fay May Year ago

    Look it’s Wolverine and Count Olaf!

  • Dorica Nuccio
    Dorica Nuccio Year ago

    Watching this always makes me feel happy

  • Debra Moore
    Debra Moore Year ago

    Fabulous together!! Love both

  • localhost
    localhost Year ago

    I still want to know what a "pre-unwrapped cop drop" (?) is.

  • Nikhil Sukumar
    Nikhil Sukumar Year ago

    I feel like Audrey Hepburn and Marylin Monroe would be the best female version of this duo. What say?

  • Kiersten Davey
    Kiersten Davey Year ago

    their voices work so well together

  • Tess Crelli
    Tess Crelli Year ago

    I dare anyone to name every single musical these songs were from.
    Also, how the hell did I manage to find this 7 years too late?

  • Berit Falkeborg
    Berit Falkeborg Year ago

    Beyond awesome.

  • Aria Scarlet
    Aria Scarlet Year ago

    Jackman and Harris: Buddy if i'm the bottom then you're the top

    TGITFH Year ago

    ...Hugh Jackman would be the top...

  • Susan Lauchli
    Susan Lauchli Year ago

    super duper!!!

  • Janet White
    Janet White Year ago

    This is still the best Tony number ever.

  • Jane Revevalin
    Jane Revevalin Year ago +1

    saw this comment once and just had to copy it: kids, meet the world's Straightest Gay Man and the Gayest Straight Man

  • Bush Wookie
    Bush Wookie Year ago

    That Phantom reference though!!!

  • CC
    CC Year ago

    Just awesome !!!!

  • Sanjaya Limbu
    Sanjaya Limbu Year ago

    Fabulous!! 😘😘😘

  • A.SH
    A.SH Year ago +1

    I love u Wolverine but don’t @ at himym

  • Justine Douillet
    Justine Douillet Year ago +1

    4:08 The man on the left spits in his handkerchief !

  • Patrik Korda
    Patrik Korda Year ago

    The only thing my gay ass was thinking during the middle part was: "We all know who would be the top in that duo" :D

    • Vish Wah
      Vish Wah Year ago

      CorryUnderPressure - I'm not gay and i was thinking the same thing....hahaha

  • SingenStatt Atmen

    I love that one of the high praises they sing at each other eventually is calling the other 'a pre-unwrapped coughdrop'. xD It tells you they truly have suffered the slings and arrows of performing live theatre. ^^