Magician BLOWS AWAY Penn & Teller With These INSANE Magic Tricks!

  • Published on Feb 12, 2019
  • Jibrizy tries to fool Penn & Teller on the TV show Penn & Teller Fool Us with some insane visual magic tricks. Illusionists Penn & Teller sit in the audience and watch as aspiring magicians try to impress them with a trick that the famous illusionists are unable to duplicate. If a magician successfully fools the legendary duo with a trick, be it a sleight-of-hand routine or a grand illusion, that person wins a trip to Las Vegas to perform as an opening act in Penn & Teller's show at the Rio Hotel & Casino. Many magicians try and fool Penn and Teller with sleight of hand card tricks, mentalism tricks, coin tricks, or creative original magic tricks. I hope you enjoyed this great performance. Subscribe for more HD Penn and Teller fool us videos.
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Comments • 2 903

  • Levi Eloy
    Levi Eloy Day ago

    I know everything he did there, he not fool me

  • SharpTech Gaming

    What's with Alison being a bad host LOL

  • Owen Pollock
    Owen Pollock Day ago

    3:05 I put it back in slow mo, literally impossible

  • yinyanman
    yinyanman Day ago

    This guy sucks and he’s a liar. No way he’s from south Chicago

  • Oliver Steinweg
    Oliver Steinweg Day ago

    the sugar packages are prepared thats why he asked to rip em in the middle
    yeah and for the pen trick is an explaination in the comments

  • Mano-Dazai TDY
    Mano-Dazai TDY 2 days ago

    2:47 - 3:15 ... really its so ez .... but seriously

  • Josh Kary
    Josh Kary 2 days ago

    Everybody doubts every fooler like “they just believe him?” That’s not how it works you dolts, and even if it was - who are you to doubt in the first place? Jesus Christ let the kid with the disease have his earned victory

  • MrSpacelyy12
    MrSpacelyy12 2 days ago

    Why he got one nail painted

  • Houston Texass
    Houston Texass 2 days ago

    It's a double sided pencil/pen.. Slow it down to 0.25 speed and go to 2:58 and keep pressing play & pause over and over you can see the half pen and half pencil.

  • Houston Texass
    Houston Texass 2 days ago

    Show is rigged. lol

  • Muhdie Bodoamat
    Muhdie Bodoamat 3 days ago

    New videos ? Please

    HORUS 3 days ago

    Tra il cambio della penna e della matita c'è un piccolissimo fermo immagine e il ragazzo si sposta verso destra di pochissimo. Lo si può notare con una app che riduce il video in fotogrammi, ben fatto comunque.

  • mago jack
    mago jack 3 days ago

    Donde se pueden ver que alguien pase un Link

  • Will
    Will 3 days ago

    This was the most awkward experience I've ever witnessed.

  • Petr Yakovlev
    Petr Yakovlev 4 days ago

    Мммм какой магический нигер,много пиздежа и никакой магии.Я думал в конце ведущая превратится в нигера а он в белого

  • Fuzzy Mammal
    Fuzzy Mammal 4 days ago


  • Kahlia Higgs
    Kahlia Higgs 4 days ago

    He's really cute though

  • CreativeVids
    CreativeVids 4 days ago

    Real Coins Magic! Otherworldly Superhuman Powers

  • StarLander6
    StarLander6 4 days ago

    Don't know for sure, but apparently with this trick there were two sugar packets, one without a coin, one with. (any coin would do ...) The one without the coin, first being felt, he then dropped or switched it out for the other packet, which had been prepared with a normal coin "glued" in it... probably held it with his other hand during the switch out. This packet was felt for the first time with a coin... which was to be ripped and poured out ...
    The normal coin remained stuck inside the sugar packet no matter of how much sugar was being poured, yet he had been holding the original x coin in his top hand (out of sight...) where only sugar came out from the packet....

    Being that the plain coin was still stuck inside the packet, he simply poured out the packet of sugar, he then dropped the x coin from his top hand, and quickly dropped the sugar emptied coin'd packet onto the table, thus giving the effect that the packet had been fully emptied out, while the original x coin was now dropped in its place, taking center stage. ...well I welcome any other idea here but I think that this was how the trick was done.

  • Trey Youmans
    Trey Youmans 4 days ago

    why he look like king bach

  • Hezikia Williams
    Hezikia Williams 5 days ago

    Everyone wants to have an explanation for the unexplainable. It’s called selling your soul fam, that simple.

  • jarik bliatout
    jarik bliatout 5 days ago

    He talks slow lmao it’s annoying

  • Frankie Cuellar
    Frankie Cuellar 5 days ago

    Everyone hate this guys he's so fool of shit!

  • xX Reverse Gaming Xx

    The pens are half and half

  • supkidzz325
    supkidzz325 6 days ago

    2:50 on the lowest playback soeed is the scariest thing

  • Alya Connolly
    Alya Connolly 6 days ago

    This one time, at band camp...

  • Leuci goncalves
    Leuci goncalves 7 days ago +3

    Go to 4:53 u see the sugar in his right hand palm.

    • Houston Texass
      Houston Texass 2 days ago

      No.. I slowed it down completely and there wasn't sugar in his right hand palm.

  • Fivestar5000
    Fivestar5000 7 days ago

    well this looks like alot of bullshit. sure he obviously has some skill but this isnt enouph to fool pen and teller.

  • I Am Mowgly
    I Am Mowgly 7 days ago

    Slice the bags of sugar just to the size of the coin, and overlap the slits, slide the coin into the back, then have the "volunteer" rip along the slice covering your traces

  • Laurence Mangalindan
    Laurence Mangalindan 7 days ago +1

    2:50 that man looks like the cast from now you see me LOL😂

  • Skye Florence
    Skye Florence 7 days ago

    He had the dime in between his fingers

  • laporan cheatpb
    laporan cheatpb 7 days ago +2

    he can pop up money but still working as a magician,

  • Deano
    Deano 8 days ago

    Thumbnail: that’s not possible
    Actually clips: we knew what you did
    Me: who do I listen to.

  • Cameron G
    Cameron G 8 days ago

    There was a slit in the sugar packet.. anyone could do that and the pen was one half of the side was a pen and the other half was a pencil so if you spin it 180 it’s either or. I was expecting something good

  • Pencilok Video
    Pencilok Video 8 days ago

    5:20 watch in slow speed haha

  • Blobby2
    Blobby2 8 days ago

    couldnt u fool them by not showing up

  • Jeff Jantzen
    Jeff Jantzen 8 days ago

    2 sided writing utensil???? The rest? Beyond me!

  • Stefan Pigford
    Stefan Pigford 8 days ago

    Talented young kid

  • Ahmed Yassin
    Ahmed Yassin 8 days ago

    I had really thought that it’s a fake video 😂 I was confused about it, 😅😅 but I steal thinking a little bit that its a fake video

  • Rory Rhymes
    Rory Rhymes 8 days ago

    I still think Alison from American Pie still a dream

  • Austin Starke
    Austin Starke 9 days ago

    These thumbnails are so stupid lol

  • M4
    M4 9 days ago

    I’m guessing there was a tiny pocket in the back of the sugar packet that he slipped the coin into. That’s part of the reason what he wanted Alison to rip the sugar packet right down the middle.

  • Ninjokotaro
    Ninjokotaro 9 days ago

    "HE FOOLED YOU!" cutest thing ive ever seen.

  • CBS_ Blood
    CBS_ Blood 9 days ago

    2:50 if you flip the pen around you see a pencil if you flip the pencil around you see a pen

  • Vp rithun Hari
    Vp rithun Hari 9 days ago

    Ommmmallla thitttuuu tavidiya paiya dmk

  • Cesar Avila
    Cesar Avila 9 days ago

    This guy isnt from the Southside of Chicago. What a loser for lying about something like that

  • Danny Zainas MC
    Danny Zainas MC 9 days ago

    Garing triknya

  • lilnick production
    lilnick production 9 days ago

    IT'S an act in an act pay attention it's all camera trick but the biggest trick of all is the audience

  • Cxncvpt
    Cxncvpt 9 days ago

    How to win “no I didn’t do it like that”

  • Aux Beats
    Aux Beats 9 days ago

    This woman has a sad life

  • Me Some
    Me Some 9 days ago

    this one time..

  • Twixxxily
    Twixxxily 9 days ago

    It's tiny that's what she said Lmao

  • ALPH4 Official
    ALPH4 Official 9 days ago

    Lmao he did do it like tha gmfu

  • mark ingram
    mark ingram 10 days ago +1

    I think the sugar packet had a hole in back to put the coin in , he was not letting go of that sugar and made her rip through middle so she can cut through the existing hole in the back

  • mark ingram
    mark ingram 10 days ago +1

    He was ready to fight them

  • Keshava Satwik
    Keshava Satwik 10 days ago

    Like who have reduced the playback speed to know the trick

  • Randy Thomas
    Randy Thomas 10 days ago

    @2:36 pause the video exactly and you will see the pencil with the black hanging just out of his left hand.

  • Ziare Black
    Ziare Black 10 days ago

    I Do HaVe To SaY I’m MaRrIed... nobody cares ugly bitch 👁👄👁

  • Will Weathers
    Will Weathers 10 days ago +1

    This is the same guy that admitted to selling his soul for the power of magic. So he's actually really doing the trick. It could never guess correctly what do you do because it's the real deal. Just a terrible price to have that power

    • NoNORADon911
      NoNORADon911 10 days ago

      Yeah this walking up walls, levitating etc these guys are doing is not slight of hand...

  • drew
    drew 10 days ago

    At 4:24 you can see him holding the coin with the X behind the sugar packet and Allison obviously felt it so she's clearly in on this shit.. Now I know that she's in on all the tricks and this show is fake as fuck! That was a dumbass trick! There was obviously a slit in the sugar packet and when he had the coin in his hand he just slid it in there..

  • Isaiah Stuto
    Isaiah Stuto 10 days ago

    He just had two pencils

  • seldomsceen
    seldomsceen 10 days ago

    Love this kid. Keep doing it bruh

  • Tregti aL
    Tregti aL 10 days ago


  • DJ IGRIC с гитарой


    SKONJIE 11 days ago +2

    Jibrizy!?-Hahaha please tell me he made that up!?

  • Tammy Soto
    Tammy Soto 11 days ago

    I thought he was good. Magic is fun to watch but if you try to find any explanation about it then the magic is gone. Regardless of what haters think of him...he did fool penn and teller!

  • bigfriki
    bigfriki 11 days ago

    8:07 horrible lying....

  • VEiNT ID
    VEiNT ID 11 days ago +1

    demon follower

  • Vigg Pigg
    Vigg Pigg 11 days ago

    B Lou?

  • Jesus Reigns
    Jesus Reigns 11 days ago +1

    This guy admits to have sold his soul to the devil. He is doing witch craft. This is not impressive but sad that he sold his soul for eternity in hell for fame and to dazzle you bunch of blind folk thinking that there was slight of hand.

  • NoodleSoup
    NoodleSoup 11 days ago

    4:05 the coins is already in that packet, you can see it’s marked underneath the r and when he tells her to feel it, he is holding the coin at the top bc he doesn’t let go. then he flips it and shakes it so the coin falls. i bet he couldn’t do this with her signature

  • noel käfer
    noel käfer 11 days ago

    I love how Teller stands at 8:16 waiting for a hug

  • Jaxツ FNM
    Jaxツ FNM 11 days ago +4

    I saw a sliver of the deck that turned into money at 2:00

  • BrainFuck10
    BrainFuck10 12 days ago +9

    His real trick was getting Allison to cheat on her husband

  • Yt illusionn
    Yt illusionn 12 days ago

    Guys plss sub im trying to grow but if you dony wanna cause you think im self promoting then kool but any sub will be appreciated thank you and have a great day

  • ra men
    ra men 12 days ago

    And this one time at band camp

    RIKLASVEGAS 12 days ago

    He takes his TV money and buys rims… For his feet

    RIKLASVEGAS 12 days ago


  • Kragatar
    Kragatar 12 days ago

    My guess on the sugar packet trick:
    -Sugar packet contains a coin with an X on it from the beginning.
    -Holds coin up in the top of the packet so it looks and feels like just sugar in there.
    -Has Allison draw X on coin.
    -Pretends to pick up coin but actually drops it behind table.
    -Pretends to magic the non-existent coin in to the packet as he loosens his grip to let the coin inside fall into the bottom where Allison can feel it.
    -Opens pack and reveals coin, dumps sugar on it to obscure the slightly different X.
    -Switches coin from the packet with Allison's for the final close-up examination.

    • ZackAshM
      ZackAshM 10 days ago

      he didn't do it like that

  • What Thehell
    What Thehell 12 days ago

    5:21 i dont think coin fell from sugar pouch it came from his hand.

    • _TbrBarbeque_
      _TbrBarbeque_ 11 days ago

      What Thehell nah put it on .25 play back you can see it fall

  • JLo™
    JLo™ 12 days ago

    helllllllaaaaa awkward!

  • Kvamus
    Kvamus 12 days ago

    Steals your bike. "Surprise! It's magic."

  • Kvamus
    Kvamus 12 days ago

    "I'm way too white to make a joke." This casual self-deprecation by whites needs to stop already. We have so much anti-white hatred directed at us from all the other groups that we really don't need to add more to it like this.

  • Victor El naturo
    Victor El naturo 12 days ago

    Im getting american pie flashbacks seeing her

  • Jd Cruden
    Jd Cruden 12 days ago

    Hé is cool

  • Junior Hunter
    Junior Hunter 13 days ago

    Lilly? What are you doing? Go back to painting!

  • Nicholas Johnson
    Nicholas Johnson 13 days ago

    He admits to using his mouth, but I cannot see when he does it.

  • Dolly Devi
    Dolly Devi 13 days ago

    Sugar packed was opened

  • Dolly Devi
    Dolly Devi 13 days ago

    Colour changing pen pencil

  • Derek Anderson
    Derek Anderson 13 days ago

    This show is a hit and miss. Sometimes it's good other times ot sucks and its cheesy

  • SavageMonkey463
    SavageMonkey463 13 days ago +3

    4:38 I wonder how he did that, maybe a back pocket would work😱😂

    • Kooper Seewald
      Kooper Seewald 11 days ago

      SavageMonkey463 5:00 you can clearly see the other side of the packet

  • Game Hacks
    Game Hacks 13 days ago

    that girl looks familliar ...from American Pie??

    KHOBIE SALCEDO 13 days ago +1

    He just turn it around i put this video 2.5 speed

  • James Holbrook
    James Holbrook 13 days ago

    Has he ever faked a hate crime

  • Ultraman Music Official

    When he put the coin on sugar packet he rip off little on the back

  • atai zhumashev
    atai zhumashev 13 days ago

    Хуйня а не фокус заталкать монету в пакетик сахара я худею.

  • MrWelnius
    MrWelnius 13 days ago

    I lost all beauty in these 'tricks' once I learned how they do it. Every time I see this level 'trick', I just get annoyed. His performance was very premature, idk why they were so pleased about it. 2 sided pen was like a school level trick, these should be banned LOL. Pen and teller thought he just dropped a coin out of his hand, but he used same fawking school level trick with that bag with an extra pocket...... I mean, COME ONE..... WTF is this? A fooler? or a stupid Pen and Teller.......

    • Devontae Shingles
      Devontae Shingles 13 days ago

      You sound like a hater shut the fuck up and don’t watch it if you feel that way 😂

    2SHAYNEZ 13 days ago

    The beginning is pretty simple..

  • l swae l _s_
    l swae l _s_ 13 days ago

    I clicked because i thought he was king bach