Apple reveals new Beats Solo Pro! Where's the iPad Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro & Mac Pro?

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
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    Beats Solo Pro headphones are Apple's new product launch in October, but we're still wondering when we'll see the new iPad Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro, or Mac Pros.
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  • Brian Tong
    Brian Tong  26 days ago +9

    Thanks to WinXDVD! Free backup your iOS data before upgrade to a new iPhone or iOS 13:

    • Johannán Sánchez
      Johannán Sánchez 24 days ago

      Brian Tong I think apple should patent the pro thing , I think they were the first using the pro now everyone mostly Chinese are using the pro word.

    • EWave
      EWave 25 days ago

      Brian Tong I don’t think they need a new iPad Pro that thing is already a beast!

    • Ryan Paquette
      Ryan Paquette 26 days ago

      I didn’t feel like Apple was going to release another iPad Pro just one year after the last release. Times have shown that Apple doesn’t release new iPad models every year like the iPhone anymore. Thus, people don’t upgrade as much as they use to either! People tend to hold on to their iPads longer these days and don’t upgrade every year or even every other year! I feel like maybe we’ll get new iPad’s in March or WWDC. I still could be wrong but the iPads that were released last year are still plenty powerful enough even a year later.

  • JK Rob
    JK Rob 17 days ago

    How about a meh apple instead of a sad one.

  • jonathan jenkins
    jonathan jenkins 21 day ago

    We love you Momma Tong! Your son is one of the best out here for tech news so be proud of him and how smart he is and handsome too😏. I've been a fan since his early days at Cnet and believed in him ever since. His comedy and and quick wit to news makes him stand out 🤙.

  • Bohdan Mykytey
    Bohdan Mykytey 22 days ago

    Brian, are you not a part of cnet anymore?

    • Brian Tong
      Brian Tong  22 days ago

      Nope, on my own now completely indy

  • Pasha Bhai
    Pasha Bhai 22 days ago

    Why did you leave CNet

  • Dan
    Dan 23 days ago

    hey Brian I think your Mama should be in one of your videos.

  • Pheng Ov
    Pheng Ov 23 days ago

    Nice video 😃 very informative.

  • Joshua rose
    Joshua rose 23 days ago

    Are you take RU-cliprs talking shit, Apple invented the word Pro

  • Thanh Tran
    Thanh Tran 24 days ago

    Frequent updates
    Still buggy

  • sterling archer
    sterling archer 24 days ago

    Was hoping the ipad would’ve gotten an update cause I need a new computer and I’ve decided an ipad is gonna be my computer of choice moving forward. Don’t really feel like buying outdated tech at full price though.

  • LiK
    LiK 24 days ago +1

    Yea, I need to know when we getting the new iPad Pro refresh.

  • Xleader99
    Xleader99 24 days ago

    Hi Mom

  • AJ Booster
    AJ Booster 24 days ago

    Buy a Sony Beats are crap.

  • Raul Mendoza
    Raul Mendoza 25 days ago

    Sorry but the Sonys set a benchmark. The sound is amazing.

  • Ben777
    Ben777 25 days ago

    Why are people screaming for a new iPad Pro??? The current iPad Pro is still killing all other tablets on the market by far and besides iPad Pro is not like the iPhone in that there’s a new version each year

    LA MASSAGE ARTIST 25 days ago

    Idk. I’d rather not feel the pressure to upgrade my iPad Pro 9.7 just yet. It’s still good! But I know the new screen on a new pro is gonna be waaaaay better!

  • Jerbear
    Jerbear 25 days ago

    Brian needs to do standing news like the Apple byte!

  • foxroano9t
    foxroano9t 25 days ago

    Love how Apple LOVES to talk about how many upgrade to the latest SOFTWARE. But doesn't show us a HARDWARE chart, yah we know iPhone 7 is killing it as the iPhone of choice.

  • foxroano9t
    foxroano9t 25 days ago

    Hey PRO! We heard you like to be PRO! So we made an iPad Pro as you listen to your Beats power pro as you work on your macbook Pro while taking pics on your iPhone 11 Pro MaX that you transfer to your Mac Pro listening to your Beats Solo Pro.

  • Tigerex966
    Tigerex966 25 days ago +1

    Hopefully they are adding a 4-5K OLED touchscreen or the Macbook Pro, even the the dell xps 13 2in 1 has a 4k+ touch screen.
    along with 2 tb3-2 usba, 1 hdmi, 1 sd card, 1 fast charging magsafe connector, the tb3 ports will also charge but slower.
    battery level indicator, and front ir blaster and status light, headphone jack with digital out like older macbook pros.
    upgradeable memory and 2 upgradeable ssd slots.

    • sterling archer
      sterling archer 24 days ago

      Tigerex966 wouldn’t hold your breath on literally any of that lol. None of that will be happening.

  • xman ###
    xman ### 25 days ago

    Where are you from,Tong?

  • 8bit Flea
    8bit Flea 25 days ago +2

    Today my iPhone 11 dropped 2 calls on me, I thought I was going crazy but I guess this is happening to others

  • suamana brown
    suamana brown 25 days ago

    why are they doing this.

  • Dean W. Thomas
    Dean W. Thomas 25 days ago

    I don’t think it’s necessary to release another iPad Pro in 2020. The current one is so powerful. I’d rather them do it every 2 years and get it right.

  • Andreios Wilson
    Andreios Wilson 25 days ago

    Brian Tong’s mom has got it going on! 🎶

  • TEKnight Rider
    TEKnight Rider 25 days ago

    I agree a SAD Apple! You are the best Brian! I'm starting to think Apple needs to start paying beta testers, instead of apparently relying on public betas...because obviously nobody that is detailed or actually uses the OS for real life are reporting back to Apple...other than reporters blogging stories about the “New macOS Features Coming Soon”.
    I’ve been finding so many obvious bugs in Apple’s own stable of standard apps in Catalina, from the installation process with iCloud problems to just opening the new Photos App and it crashing and having to rebuild for hours...seriously seems someone at Apple just needs to test their own work as I cannot see how anyone could possibly miss some of these glaring problems. Otherwise how else could they miss finding problems (so it would seem). Quality control is way down! Plus, four (4) iOS / iPadOS in a month...dang!
    So I know it's NOT all Apple (but it is when it comes to their own standard apps). But still, these other software developers...I say shame on them for both not testing their stuff and they have been warned for years and years that this was coming. I have so many clients that hit the upgrade button (thinking that it will be fine like most iOS updates)...but Catalina is different. So far, it feels more like the jump that happened in 2011-2012 with Lion and no more Rosetta or PPC code. No need to be on cutting edge this time around.

  • David Rosario
    David Rosario 25 days ago

    lips dry af 😂 someone get my man's some burts bees!

    • Brian Tong
      Brian Tong  25 days ago +1


  • Sam Knapp
    Sam Knapp 25 days ago

    Hi mummy how aren’t you

  • Ds Vic
    Ds Vic 25 days ago

    bose is trash! all about Bang & Olufsen biatch

  • l3n1x
    l3n1x 25 days ago

    I forgot to ‘like’ your video, so I came back to ‘👍🏽’ it and leave this comment saying so. So you better follow me on Instagram. (If you ever wanna see your daughter again!)

  • Tommy T
    Tommy T 25 days ago +3

    Bro I’ve been having problems with dropped calls with the iPhone 11 “Pro” Max. Irritating

  • Creepzr
    Creepzr 25 days ago

    Hi mama!

  • naveen singamsetti
    naveen singamsetti 26 days ago

    That do not have active nice canceling. They have Pure Adaptive Noice Cancelling.

  • Blue Eyed Tech
    Blue Eyed Tech 26 days ago +2

    Pro right now is just being used as a buzz word to sell units

  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez 26 days ago

    Hi Mrs Tong your son said you watch the videos and read the comments so I wanted to say hello and hope you have a great weekend and watch some FOOTBALL LOL and maybe you will be in one of your son's new funny videos!!

  • Anthony Leisner
    Anthony Leisner 26 days ago

    Hi Brian's mom! You raised an amazing guy!

  • Owen O.
    Owen O. 26 days ago

    Brian Tong!!! When will your beef for Apple end. Jeez

    • Brian Tong
      Brian Tong  26 days ago

      There is no beef! What are you talking about? Have you seen my reviews lately?

  • Joe Morales
    Joe Morales 26 days ago

    I was hoping there might a Mrs Tong impersonification

  • Babak Masoudrad
    Babak Masoudrad 26 days ago

    Hi Brian, thanks for your good videos.
    The thing about apple not anouncing the new iPad Pro and Macbook Pro and... is that.. probably they were preparing for an event in October to do the introductions, but something(s) in Microsoft announcements made them change their strategy.
    Now, what those things were, could be from two extreme ends of reasoning amongst many others! I mean either they felt they need better products to compete with Microsoft new products for market share. Or the announcements were so lacklustre in their analyses and sales predictions, that they decided they can delay introduction of some of their products and not lose sales to Microsoft devices anytime soon.

  • Iamsteezze
    Iamsteezze 26 days ago

    299 Oh my days. Fucking expensive. I'll wait until they're discounted in 2 years.

  • Collin Penn
    Collin Penn 26 days ago

    Difference between these and the other slightly higher price higher end noise canceling phones is the H1 chip which means audio-video syncing which is big for me.

  • Bo Bu
    Bo Bu 26 days ago

    Well that means iOS 12 users should upgrade to iOS 13 on the week of the launch of iOS 14, just to be sure all bugs and call drops are sort out 🥴

  • the matrix has you
    the matrix has you 26 days ago +1

    Looks like all apple releases were pushed back a little due to relocating a lot of the production back to the USA (out of China)

  • Peter Cheape
    Peter Cheape 26 days ago

    He's much happier now Mrs Tong, after the shock of getting the sack so no worries.

  • Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy 26 days ago

    The new IOS sucks! My iPad dies so much faster then before!

  • Kim Rene Jensen
    Kim Rene Jensen 26 days ago

    Do not bother with Pixel review.. You are an Apple fanboy so Pixel will always be not-that-good....

  • Jefe Final
    Jefe Final 26 days ago

    God bless Brian’s Momma!!!!!!

  • fredrick carling
    fredrick carling 26 days ago

    Kinda of misleading considering I was forced into 13.1.2 so of that how many else were?

  • Michael Byrdsong
    Michael Byrdsong 26 days ago

    Are you tired of the iPad Pro that you just got last year?

  • skyllerkyller
    skyllerkyller 26 days ago

    But but AirPods 3....

  • The Mighty Finger
    The Mighty Finger 26 days ago

    I couldnt wait any longer for the notch to go away and upgraded from 6 plus to iPhone 11... and baam 2 days later you show rumours of a notchless phone. I hate you. But seriously, 3 weeks in and this new amazing glass is scratched to hell. Google shows I’m not the only 1. Please look into this... I can feel a bad Apple acoming...

  • Max Powers
    Max Powers 26 days ago

    iOS 13 is ....not good

  • Powi
    Powi 26 days ago

    Hi Mama Tong!!! Nice to meet You!

  • Allan Ø.N.
    Allan Ø.N. 26 days ago

    Hi Mamma Brian. Good 🍎

  • ThexBorg
    ThexBorg 26 days ago


  • paralyzingtech
    paralyzingtech 26 days ago

    I use my iPad to make calls and I would be in a important call and my call would drop and it happens all the time

  • David Brody
    David Brody 26 days ago

    maybe they will do more releases in the coming days like they did a while back.

  • xGamer
    xGamer 26 days ago +1

    I can’t wait until the audiophiles weigh in on this!

  • mr cjw
    mr cjw 26 days ago

    New Bowers and Wilkins have just come out too.£349 and look are also charging for the wired cable at this price,greedy.

  • HCoRE8
    HCoRE8 26 days ago

    Hi Brian Tong's mom!