Best Note-Taking Device Ever? iPad Pro vs. Paper Notebooks

  • Published on Jul 25, 2018
  • Today we're taking a look at the iPad Pro as a note-taking device. Should it replace your paper notebook?
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Comments • 1 069

  • Adam Simpson
    Adam Simpson Year ago +933

    It’s worth noting the 2018 iPad is compatible with the Apple Pencil, you don’t have to spend the extra for the iPad Pro, unless you want the bigger screen

    • kip Learning
      kip Learning 18 days ago

      Adam Simpson not only the bigger screen but more power and better screen.

    • Fat Lip
      Fat Lip 28 days ago

      @Sapan Reddy you dont need 120hz to work, only if your running 4k everything!

    • sky peters
      sky peters Month ago

      Adam Simpson I like mine bc I can easily take screenshots and open it when it’s flat

    • Rebecca Stowe
      Rebecca Stowe 2 months ago

      Not hing highly doubt that statement. Everyone loves Thomas

    • Badriya A
      Badriya A 5 months ago


  • Ananya Chinnu
    Ananya Chinnu 3 days ago

    Note books are affordable

  • raydlevel5
    raydlevel5 3 days ago

    Do I need to take the Apple Pencil out to dinner before I bind with it?

  • Perpendicular Driving

    why is he so handsome 🤔

  • ガチャ•• Sakura

    i think an ipad is worth it cause you dont have to buy notebooks every time and you dont need to buy any more pens! and its good because your wasting less wood :)

  • Kavi Jangid
    Kavi Jangid 16 days ago +2

    Buy i pad
    #save tress
    Not money#😁😁

    • oksana gutierrez
      oksana gutierrez 12 days ago +1

      It’s all relative,huh ? Since money comes from tress. 😝

    • oksana gutierrez
      oksana gutierrez 12 days ago +1

      Kavi Jangid teeeeeheheeeheee, that’s a good one 💯 amen!!!! 🥳🤣

  • ArunMozhi S
    ArunMozhi S 16 days ago

    What about the Apple Notes? 😳
    That's a default one! 🤔🤷‍♂️

    YODA_LIKE_SODA 18 days ago

    How much RAM does the paper have?

  • Peter McGill
    Peter McGill 20 days ago

    04.15 Converts handwriting to TEXT!! Yes!!

  • Cher Ait
    Cher Ait 22 days ago

    One note is stock on it

  • THE DUde_xd
    THE DUde_xd 23 days ago

    Can anyone tell me that does that samsungs new tablet have the same pencil and writing expo

  • candleby
    candleby 23 days ago

    Come on, man: this is not about iPad vs paper notebooks but about selling a particular app. Pretty poor.

  • Joseph Valenti
    Joseph Valenti 27 days ago

    I invite you to consider Livescribe's offerings. You're right, Thomas, the writing with a pen on paper is still the better experience... and Livescribe allows you to do just that. Livescribe then takes your ink-on-paper notes and transfers them in a digital form to a PC or mobile device (depending on the model of Livescribe smartpen you buy). Here is the kicker: Livescribe also allows you to synch audio to your notes. You can literally record the voice of your teacher, client, interviewee and have the content synchronized, moment by moment, to your handwritting. Reliable, fast, with the very high "resolution" that only ink-on-paper can provide. The RocketBook you mention in the video is also great... I've used it and enjoyed it, but Rocketbook doesn't have audio. On the plus side, you DO have use (inexpensive) special paper with Livescribe, where the RocketBook writing surface is a wipe-able board. Thanks for your cool video. Joe from SmartpenCentral in Canada.

  • Fat Lip
    Fat Lip 28 days ago

    why are you showing your self in a video about apps? BORING!

  • zeena sayyid
    zeena sayyid Month ago

    Do we need wifi to write notes on iPad ?

  • DynaCentral
    DynaCentral Month ago

    writing on an ipad pro is GODLY for left handers like me! NO MORE SMUDGES ::D

  • Toxic Btwww
    Toxic Btwww Month ago

    Me: the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

  • Fabio Mota
    Fabio Mota Month ago

    I'm super late to this video lol but still, the problem I had with Noteshelf 2 was the poor latency with the Apple Pencil. Might be a reason you didn't enjoy the writing experience that much. Not sure if they've improved that in the meanwhile though. In other apps and Apple's Notes apps, latency of the Apple Pencil is extremely impressive and Apple is even improving it in iOS 13 with optimized software. The Apple Pencil experience is one of the biggest strengths of the iPad compared to other digital pens already, so I was kinda surprised that they're improving on that even more via software update. And from a few comments I heard from people that tested iOS 13 in the first beat already, it actually makes a difference, theres basically no noticeable latency.

  • terry651000
    terry651000 Month ago

    Has to be ipad pro over paper. I am moving all my files personal e business to computer.

  • Russian Homecat
    Russian Homecat Month ago

    I need paper. I have IPad Pro 11, but I prefer a notebook. A paper notebook is easier to handle and I can't break it. Paper forever.

  • B D
    B D Month ago

    Uchh away and don’t talk shite

  • Khang An Nguyễn
    Khang An Nguyễn Month ago +8

    I couldn't hear a thing u said! your eyes mesmarised me!!!!

    • SJ P1
      SJ P1 Month ago

      Ditto lol

  • Jeff Drew
    Jeff Drew Month ago

    Imo, if your handwriting style is illegible or poorly structured, then paper or ipad w/pencil really does not matter, does it?

  • James Dent
    James Dent 2 months ago +1

    Has anyone tried the PaperLike screen protector?

  • Heather Alisa
    Heather Alisa 2 months ago

    I love my iPad Pro it feels sooo real

  • Benjamin Pinto
    Benjamin Pinto 2 months ago

    need to improve handwriting..

  • Lodewijk Langeweg
    Lodewijk Langeweg 2 months ago

    How about the ReMarkable? Its screen surface feels like real paper.

  • Nate Frig
    Nate Frig 2 months ago

    I got the 2018 MBP but wish I got the iPad Pro instead. oh well

  • Jack lin
    Jack lin 2 months ago

    As a poor university student, I can't afford the IPAD pro. With the ipad pro, I can surf the lecture notes and take notes at the same time. However, I can still do all these by just printing out the slides ( I feel like it is not green ).

    • Jack lin
      Jack lin 2 months ago

      @OutOfBodyBRB i will try to have A look on second hand one.thanks for your advice 😅😄

    • OutOfBodyBRB
      OutOfBodyBRB 2 months ago +1

      Have you thought about the gen 6 iPad? It costs a couple hundred dollars less, I think. Still extensive, but a bit more manageable.

  • Christina Luis
    Christina Luis 2 months ago

    Actually the Notes app has a writing feature built in.

  • Judol Alejandro Rodríguez Franco

    Is it possible to export notes in pdf format in case i want to print it.?

  • Missy Oveson
    Missy Oveson 3 months ago

    There is something that helps iPads feel more like paper which is a screen cover called paper like.

  • Ashiqur Rahman
    Ashiqur Rahman 3 months ago

    What is your reading experience on iPad

  • TopGames
    TopGames 3 months ago

    I’m a paper guy too!🤗😉

  • Abdul Newaz
    Abdul Newaz 3 months ago

    What are your opinions on the Yoga Book vs Ipad

  • Ian Crosson
    Ian Crosson 3 months ago

    I about died laughing about your weekend plans! Pretty bro way to die; but the allure of Hayabusa top speed run....

  • Spaghetti
    Spaghetti 3 months ago +1

    iPad pro, Paper or whatever I still dont pass my classes anw lmao

    • Izabelle Mari
      Izabelle Mari 3 months ago

      I'm willing to take your Ipad pro if ever 😉

  • Micaela
    Micaela 3 months ago

    No entiendo una mierda de inglés, pero no pude dejar de ver sus ojos 😍

  • AlOryx x
    AlOryx x 3 months ago

    Oh my god you are gorgeous

  • Ägip Filån
    Ägip Filån 3 months ago

    you're cute alright

  • ed bell
    ed bell 3 months ago


  • Nadia
    Nadia 3 months ago

    Maybe i'm getting ipad pro when i join college :) but for now that i'm in high school it's okay to have a notebook

  • Culture of Wellness
    Culture of Wellness 4 months ago +10

    Being left-handed, I prefer the iPad Pro. No notebook rings to deal with, and no ink stains!

    • Culture of Wellness
      Culture of Wellness Month ago

      @ll Eftanyel ll I wish it were that easy! Those rings are the bane of every lefty's existence.

    • ll Eftanyel ll
      ll Eftanyel ll Month ago

      Couldn‘t you just Turn your Notebook ?

  • Mary T. Wells
    Mary T. Wells 4 months ago

    Have you tried paperlike? It’s a screen protector and it does make it feel like you are writing on paper.

  • Tina Bahena
    Tina Bahena 4 months ago

    Im so torn! 😭 i love stationary so part of me wants to just keep using pen and paper, especially because it’s a lot less expensive. BUT the cool features make me so tempted. Although it’s frustrating that you still have to pay for an app to write notes like you would on a paper. Why did they create an Apple Pencil and not only sell it separately but also the app is sold separately-.- that’s annoying tbh

  • CosAnime AU
    CosAnime AU 4 months ago


  • Hong A
    Hong A 4 months ago

    Hi Thomas, thanks for the great review. Can I ask a question? If you use ipad a lot, can you tell me if it is a good screen for reading ? I had other tablets, the screen of some are stressful for the eyes. I never used ipads, as I've only used Android devices, samsung galaxy s3, etc. The contrast on tab s3's oled display is too high, i don't enjoy reading on it. Can you enjoy reading on ipad for a like 2 hours ?

  • Angel Halo
    Angel Halo 4 months ago

    what app do you use to write on?

  • Guy Drori
    Guy Drori 4 months ago +1

    Awesome vid :)
    As I always say, there are pros and cons to everything.
    I personally prefer to combine paper and digital.

  • Frizi Game Channel
    Frizi Game Channel 4 months ago

    500$=1000 copybooks in Russia . Hello from Russia !!!! LOL

  • P. Ching
    P. Ching 5 months ago

    Is there will be any price changes of iPad Pro 10.5 in the future?

  • Badriya A
    Badriya A 5 months ago

    I started using my iPad 2018 about 2 months ago and first I began with writing random things and drawing so I can adapt to this fundamental change in my note taking, now I use it to write down lecture notes and I just love it 😍! I use Goodnotes 5 app which made it much easier and more fun, it’s totally worth it
    Remember when you replace paper with iPad, you are helping in saving this planet by consuming less paper

  • Daavvviid
    Daavvviid 5 months ago

    I want to write all my notes on an iPad Pro with the Apple Pen cause I can not mange all the papers i got. So I write a few thing on my MacBook Pro but I think it could be a bit more realistic on an iPad with the Pen.

  • Kefou Kefak
    Kefou Kefak 5 months ago +2

    I love how those who "hate, complain" are most likely the ones who can't afford one in the first place, but secretly want one.
    I switched to the ipad pro 2018 a week ago. And I love it.
    Not only for school purposes, which by the way, is such a pleasure to take notes that way and so comfortable switching between all my classes and all my notes.
    I also use the ipad for creative purposes. I downloaded a free full drawing app and I started drawing pictures again like I used to. And with all the variety of pencils, colors, brushes etc, it is such an amazing feeling.
    It cost me overall 1300 dollars, but man, it IS worth it.

  • Harry White
    Harry White 5 months ago

    ipad all the way only downside is the battery

  • At Home With Jen
    At Home With Jen 5 months ago

    lol palm pilot, haven't heard that one in forever :)

  • Jacob Sed
    Jacob Sed 5 months ago

    All I could think about it how handsome this man is haha

  • squattingheads
    squattingheads 5 months ago +1

    "i dont kill a bunch of trees" ...what do you think electricity comes from?

  • Helios
    Helios 5 months ago

    I think overall a surface pro is better for notetaking cuz you can use the full version of One Note that it's overall the best software you can find on every platform for this matter . You can virtually do everything ... Ocr , conversion , export , recording , add image everything .... on ios all the Apps are very powerful and nice to use but something like One note it's from another league . It have all the features of goodnotes + notability + noteshelf2 plus much more and you can find it for free . Also the surface pen it's better for writing cuz you can change the nibs to get a more paper-like feeling.... instead if you need to draw the Apple pencil is more precise but you can try to find a Tablet-pc similar to the surface pro with a Wacom digitizer that it's even better for professional illustration . (mobile studio , hp spectre etc)
    The problem with the surface book or surface pro is the size that can be too big for some people and the price . In case you want to buy an Ipad Pro 12.9 it's always better to buy a surface ... You get more for even a little less money . instead if you are smart enough to buy the Ipad 2018 well even on the configuration of 128 gb it's the king of the market . You can't find nothing better to take note or if you just want a beautiful tablet .
    I think it's a little silly to buy an Ipad pro 12 , 9 instead of a surface pro cuz you spend the same or more and you still get a mobile os ... that it's powerful and everything but it's not as versatile as windows 10 . The quantity of software available for win10 it's uncanny ... The appstore it's good too but all the best app are not for free and you get a lot less functionality and a lot less variety .
    For me the smartest solution is to buy a small ipad with pencil support based on your budget ... 9.7 -10.5 - 11(max) doesn't matter the memory size cuz you will upload everything ... they can have a couple of features less or more but they work all the same too ... and to use a good laptop or a desktop to manage and prints the notes (that maybe you already have at home) . The surface pro it's a omni-comprensive solution that can be useful for the people that need to upgrade their pc or they don't have enough money to buy multiple devices .

  • Prapti Garg
    Prapti Garg 5 months ago

    You are handsome.😊

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L 6 months ago

    @00:32 ok good not just me. I have to put a cloth or tissue under my palm, not because of detection, but because the friction between my hand in the screen is to intense to write easily. the way styluses and the apple pencil slide across the screen doesn't provide the feedback i need to write quickly and legibly like i can with a pencil. I find i have to take my time and write slower, and my hand cramps up when trying to use the iPad for notes, solving math problems, etc.

  • Tech Hints
    Tech Hints 6 months ago

    This video is more about review of "NoteShelf" and very less about "writing on paper vs writing on ipad" thing.

  • Patrik
    Patrik 6 months ago

    You should try a ReMarkable.

  • Ryan L
    Ryan L 6 months ago

    Just got my iPad pro a week ago, my girlfriend suggested Notability because it has a record function that can "re-wrote" my note while replaying the record. That app also includes the function that noteshelf 2 has, import pdf, convert handwriting etc...If you want to use OCR that can recognize your handwriting and no needs for the recording function, the goodnotes is the app for you. Goodnotes also include dictionaries so you can translate words in the app. Onenote also good, but is not friendly when you try to export notes to pdf or printer, it basically will mess up the paper scale. Other than that, Onenote is a good app and is free to use so is better to try it out before paying for other apps.

  • Chee Thao
    Chee Thao 6 months ago

    There's also screen protectors that makes the texture of the writing feel like it's paper.

  • officiial. chriis
    officiial. chriis 6 months ago

    Which type of camera did you use for this video recording? @Thomas Frank

  • Jack Diez
    Jack Diez 6 months ago

    You should take notes on paper because you commit it to memory better,

  • All Alone
    All Alone 6 months ago +2

    *I will try this, I’m running out of space on my forearm*

  • Tanya Artiaga
    Tanya Artiaga 6 months ago

    3:01 powerhouse of the cell !!!! 😂😂😂

  • Tony Lin
    Tony Lin 6 months ago

    Your handwriting is the best

  • Tyra High
    Tyra High 6 months ago +1

    Off topic, WHY is he GORGEOUS😮

  • Sketchy Wallace
    Sketchy Wallace 6 months ago

    My iPad Pro came with notes, it's an apple version of Word?

  • Samson Raj
    Samson Raj 6 months ago

    Why does your handwriting suck man?

  • Gurjeet Singh
    Gurjeet Singh 6 months ago

    Ipad is better- no brainer.

  • Akilleus
    Akilleus 6 months ago

    How much puss do you get on a weekly basis?

  • Ayat Alkurdi
    Ayat Alkurdi 6 months ago +5

    Thomas is extremely good looking!

  • X
    X 6 months ago

    digital note taking.>>>>
    1.neat(there is also correction of your hw)
    2.adding text,pics
    3.find and search no need for infinite
    page flipping
    4.put all organized in one place ,organiz
    notebooks,light take only one tool for
    many notebooks
    5. lasso scissor select plus!annotate plus many brushes,many
    colors just one pencil,
    6,convert handwrite to neat text
    7.copy/paste plus autocorrection
    8.insert records&images,gifs like in notability
    9.environment friendly
    10.sync everywhere you can also print them out,colored or not,neat and beautiful

  • tubeMonger
    tubeMonger 6 months ago +3

    I really wanted to like taking notes with iPad. Paper and pen 🖋 just feels natural for me. It is the quickest method as well.

  • Specifically Random
    Specifically Random 6 months ago

    I make notes on the last day of exam. By the way, the satisfaction that paper gives when you write is old school and can't be compared

  • StyngRay
    StyngRay 6 months ago

    Wait what? I thought God... I mean Jobs was against the stylus idea. ! Never mind the billion years of evolution it took to make the thumb do what it does now and the neocortex that has grown around it to support higher cognition and associative frontotemporal memory ! But hey what does it matter what nature thinks is right versus what Jobs thinks is right ! Anyway, good that the stylus is there now.
    I still think there needs to be some way to replicate the 3Dness of a book or notebook as it is integral to memory formation and retention.

  • Manuel Lara
    Manuel Lara 6 months ago

    you shoul try lenovo yoga book! for writting is amazing, because you literally write on a piece of paper

  • Letmehealyouxo
    Letmehealyouxo 6 months ago

    I would take notes on my paper first proof read then have finalized corrected notes put into my iPad . Because at times we record too much notes so going over your paper before entering the final notes I feel is more better and organized .

  • System64
    System64 7 months ago

    One of the biggest issues with note taking on the iPad Pro is to firgure out if the School allows any electronic devices because in some European countries that just prohibit the use of electronic device that is a rule and on the school rules it writes specificly "The use of electronic devices during the school hours it is stricly prohibited. " If you break this rule you are going to be eliminated for few day depending of how severe it was it ranges from 2 days to 5 days.

  • Ang Cc
    Ang Cc 7 months ago

    Apple barely splits screens this year? Bit behind..

  • Stephen Szymanski
    Stephen Szymanski 7 months ago

    I've used a surface for notes and it was an okay experience. I eventually went back to paper.
    Now in graduate school, I decided to give it a try on my iPad pro and I love it. I use goodnotes. If you can get used to experience of writing digitally then you'll never want to go back to pen and paper.

  • Ian Johnson
    Ian Johnson 7 months ago

    Yeah that is a shockingly cute man

  • Oliver P
    Oliver P 7 months ago +1

    not so good since i would have to change my computer in order to use it
    effectively syncing with my computer (pc)

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 7 months ago

    What a man?

  • Fay
    Fay 7 months ago

    i feel like this was just an add for noteshelf2

  • Mace Maylion
    Mace Maylion 7 months ago

    My favorite note app so far is one note :)

  • dan di
    dan di 7 months ago

    Don't buy glass very weak if is broken apple say to you buy new we do not fix apple pro

  • Peas and nuts Peanuts
    Peas and nuts Peanuts 7 months ago

    Apple Pencil is far more superior than surface pen

  • Paul Murley
    Paul Murley 7 months ago

    6:02 “Note” is said 11 times in one sentence. Possibly a record, please confirm.

  • Shonette Sobers
    Shonette Sobers 7 months ago

    Could you make a video about the rocket book? How do you feel about using it to take notes in medical school?

  • Kolby Register
    Kolby Register 7 months ago +1

    Ok wow he’s hella attractive wth

  • felicia cole
    felicia cole 7 months ago

    I love writing with paper and my favorite fountain pen. But at times I have considered getting an iPad due to the amount of notebooks cluttering up my tiny apartment. I’m a writer so I write everything down. Also since I’ve started back to school online I’m using more digital books so I like the idea of using the iPad for that. I’m just trying at this point to decide if it’s worth it when I already have a MacBook. I don’t know whether I would continue using physical notebooks for my bullet journaling or the iPad but it’s definitely something that would cut down on the amount of junk cluttering up my place and eventually being thrown away or lost.

  • Lara Babic
    Lara Babic 7 months ago

    there are screen protectors that have a special finish that make it feel more like writing on paper so maybe you could look into that

  • Tolga Gungor
    Tolga Gungor 8 months ago

    Just realised this is the old iPad Pro.

  • Jawline
    Jawline 8 months ago

    Get notability, it’s worth it I swear, our school uses it and I’ve never had a better note taking experience ever

  • Jon Son
    Jon Son 8 months ago

    I used to use tablet + pen for my notes. But I didnt upload it into the cloud. Guess what happend....
    My tablet broke and ALL my notes were lost .............
    Ever since I went back to paper and pencil.