Be Careful, You Can Forget Your Name! 6 Amazing Illusions

  • Published on Oct 24, 2018
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    Did you know that your seemingly perfect organs, like your brain and eyes, can deceive you? Yes, that’s what they do when it comes to optical illusions. Instead of listening to our explanations, in this video you will literally see that this is true. Today we are gonna show you some optical illusions with interesting effects. We just warn you right away: your body's reaction to the images from the video may be completely different, your head may get a little sore, you may feel unwell, or... nothing can happen, and you would watch the video to the end without feeling nothing. Well, are you ready to be deceived?

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    The fisheye one

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    My name is Christian Coleman *reminder*

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    I did see my wall moving but nothing happend other then that

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    Swipe down fast and you will see purple

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    I not forget my name hehehe

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    I saw the circle even know i didn't blink

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    I feel like every thing i look at is getting big

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    Me:but won't you remember it if you have it as your RU-clip name?

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    In the first illusion when it finished i looked at our walls and the walls just swirl. Like if you feel that

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    Im zeze fakyou bro

  • KittyGamer Gamer
    KittyGamer Gamer 3 days ago

    The illusion you asked about all it had was the swimmy affect :p But not as hard

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    i blame the illusions not working for me on the fact that the suggested box appears during them

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    I didn't watch the video but the comments r enough!!! 😂
    I don't want to forget my name! 😭

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    Its shocking

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    I just forgot all the things i had study

  • Caitt
    Caitt 3 days ago

    I’m pretty sure I know how this works.
    Your brain is douching on a moving image and teaches itself to keep track of it. When you look away, your brain takes a few seconds to get back to processing still life and you see the things around you move in a way that you saw in the optical illusion.

  • Samuel Lopez
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    No way this is crazy

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    just me who is acctually scared to do it?

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    Black and white spinning

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