FIXED: Canon Printer Error B200 With 5 Different Solutions

  • Published on Mar 19, 2014
  • Five different solutions you can try to fix the Canon printer error B200.
    Is your printer playing up and not doing its job? If you the LCD screen shows the error B200 here is what you can try. See the video for instructions.
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  • Tania Rinaldi
    Tania Rinaldi 8 days ago

    Thank you, thank you, thank you IT Jungles!!! I tried both solution 1 and 2 and after several trials, it finally worked!!! So happy :-D :-D :-D Never loose your faith!!! :-)

  • raindrop132
    raindrop132 20 days ago

    buy a new print head of ebay for 22 dollars problem solved .

  • Mark Majoris
    Mark Majoris 20 days ago

    2 days trying everything suggested and nothing works. It's going off a cliff!

  • pimpninja1985
    pimpninja1985 2 months ago +2

    The solution to the b200 error is to wait for an employee of canon to walk by your window and throw the printer at their face.

  • Colina Florentina
    Colina Florentina 4 months ago

    Soooo.......... i have low ink print on some cartridges, the power is on aswel as the orange light being on too all the time, the carridges don't slide to the left to replace them, when i turn the power on. Wtf i do?

    • Colina Florentina
      Colina Florentina 4 months ago

      also it says printer is offline when i try to print smth even though its plugged in both in the laptop and energy source.

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 7 months ago +19

    If you're not sure about any of these settings, you can call Canon support 1800-535-2592 ( US & Canada ). That’s the easiest and most general way to get help for your printer. Best thing about their service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real technician. The service is completely free and covers almost any issue you can have with your Canon printer.

    • Richard D'Angelo
      Richard D'Angelo Month ago

      BEWARE! I called this number and talked to an Indian who called himself Barry Johnson (lots of people in India have American names I guess). He gave me some spiel about how my system was hacked by Russians from Moscow (no kidding) and how I could fix it by paying $299. So call at your own risk.

    • Greg Fulford
      Greg Fulford 7 months ago

      Thank you so much! Sweet relief...

  • arif özçelik
    arif özçelik 8 months ago

    Canon mx925 b200 error

  • Antonio Rueda
    Antonio Rueda 11 months ago

    También puede hacer el pino con las orejas mientras te comes una pizza y rezas un rosario... Vamos que no tienes ni puta idea... Que forma de hacer perder el tiempo al personal!!!

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones Year ago

    6: nothing works. yer f***ed...

  • HP Tech Support
    HP Tech Support Year ago

    Call Printer Experts to Solve your Issue. Call Toll Free Phone Number - 877-690-9305

  • DAS Photography
    DAS Photography Year ago

    Point 4 on your list, HOW does one take the printhead out (5 cartridge system)?

  • nicola nicola
    nicola nicola Year ago

    The color cartridges do not turn on inside the printer
    What is the solution and I can not print

  • Ottavio Forte
    Ottavio Forte Year ago

    If the B200 code appeared all of its own, without you having caused it by some intervention, the the following applies. The B200 error code can be caused by several failures: 1)A bent pin on the carriage that mates with the print-head. 2) a lose cable that connects to the carriage. 3) A burned out logic board. 4) a burned out print-head. If the problem is 3 or 4, you must replace both the logic board and the print-head, because either defective part could cause the other to fail. 2) is difficult to verify or reconnect by the consumer. 1) is perhaps doable by the user, but rare to occur unless damaged by the clumsy re-seating of the print-head. Most people wash the print-head with hot water to clean completely the print-head, then dry it overnight. It works sometimes. Other solutions are not possible by the user and it is recommended you buy a new printer. A visible overheated or heat scorched print-head, means you have a burn out in the logic board and/or the print-head, throw the printer away.

  • Nik Nikolov
    Nik Nikolov Year ago

    Very good explaining and it's work!

  • j jay
    j jay Year ago

    this guy fixed multiple head printer: Magic!

  • Bertie Pimplebum
    Bertie Pimplebum Year ago

    I tried solving this B200 error. Got a new printer instead. I have 20+ unused compatible cartridges to give away. PGI 525 & CLI 526. Postal costs needed, in the UK. Bought new printer in Black Friday sales. My MG 5250 printer goes to anyone who wants it, too. Regards. UK. Midlands.

  • Sparkle Lee
    Sparkle Lee Year ago

    one you missed. turn on printer by pressing the start / on button 5 times very fast. that did it for me. wow. fixed the error...after trying a million things before that.

  • Jamie Tresor
    Jamie Tresor Year ago

    NOTE TO Class action Lawsuit! Cannon played us all!

  • Indecence
    Indecence Year ago

    This doesn’t work at all

  • xfist2facex
    xfist2facex Year ago

    Started with printer off, open the flap as to change ink, turned power on, waited for ink cartridges to slide along to the right, before the disappeared to the right I closed the lid. Bob's your uncle it worked first time. Didn't try anything else. MG5560

  • pssst3
    pssst3 Year ago

    Power down printer.
    Unplug it.,
    Manually move the print hed to the center.
    Remove all the cartrriges.
    Remove the printhead (varies).
    Remove the paper/trays.
    Fill your bathtub with hot water. Add 2 Tbs Dawn dish detergent.
    Place printer, head and trays into tub and allow to soak for 3 hours.
    Remove printer, head and trays from from tub allow to air dry for 48 -72 hours.
    Go to and order an Epson Workforce printer.
    Place dry printer, head and trays into 40 gallon trash bag, take it to the local recycling yard and pay them th$10 to recycle it for materials. They appreciate clean material.
    Place open cartridges in a plastic bag with shredded newsprint to absorb the waste. Carry it to your garage or basement and leave it there for a yeqt=r to dry out. Then place in the garbage.

  • Jamie Tresor
    Jamie Tresor Year ago

    thanks this got me going in the right direction...

  • Mart Walker
    Mart Walker Year ago

    Pixma MG7550 code B203 - I have changed all the inks cleaned the print head still got the error code but found a heat bubble on the print head, Printer is 15 months old and scrap. It is cheaper to buy a new printer - Very expensive print jobs over the last year.

  • heydre1
    heydre1 2 years ago

    Solution #1 worked for far on a Pixma MG5320...thx. Don't forget to remove the two brass clips and raising the grey release bar before you can take out the cartridge holder/head. Good luck

  • Blueskywatcher
    Blueskywatcher 2 years ago +1

    No. If you're going to tell people to use water, you neglected to say what not to get wet. This will ensure you will shell out $100 for a new printer. Keep the gold pins on the print head dry.

  • Mary Holt
    Mary Holt 2 years ago

    How do you fix the error: "The tray is out of paper. Add paper and press OK". We have 1/2 tray of paper, but it pulls one sheet to the rear of the printer and paper gets stuck there.

  • artynan1
    artynan1 2 years ago

    after tryi ng everything on u tube ...I juts opened the ink top bit and then turned the printer on , then slammed it down as inks tried to return , just before they got to end and it worked , I was about to bin the printer mg5650 error b203

  • John Fourshared Dotcom
    John Fourshared Dotcom 2 years ago +2

    all Canon printers in this series - MG5150, 5250 and 5350 have a counter built in that makes them FAIL after a certain time - all with either B200 or U052 errors
    there's nothing actually wrong with the printer, it's just Canon's way of saying "Fuck you" to their customers

    • Broken Pencil
      Broken Pencil 2 years ago

      If there's a counter to force it to "FAIL"...why are many having success here? Conspiracy theories -are just theories, unless you have facts.

  • Mia Wheeler
    Mia Wheeler 2 years ago

    It worked first time-- thank you Gmarn is happy.

  • Inktronics Blog
    Inktronics Blog 2 years ago

    Worked a couple of times for me but third time the printer completely died. It won't power on at all now. I bought it in 2012. Just ordered a newer version that uses the same cartridges since I have plenty.

  • 37diamond
    37diamond 2 years ago +1

    This is better then paying $32 for a online tech which I'm glad I didn't, it always pays to You tube first...

  • Allison Rabecca
    Allison Rabecca 2 years ago

    Good effort and nice demonstration. We give online and remote printer support and step-by-step guidance for troubles in printers.

  • Florin Popica
    Florin Popica 2 years ago

    no efect

  • Wilma Helfen
    Wilma Helfen 2 years ago +1

    Mal Davies rocks! Winner and still champion! Solution presented worked on my second try. Thanks a million.

  • carol ward
    carol ward 2 years ago +2

    would be better if you spoke SLOWLY, and demonstrated where the head were? Not everyone knows the insides of a printer.

  • Elizabeth Nostvick
    Elizabeth Nostvick 2 years ago

    Mal Davies for the win! Thanks so much!!!

  • Saleem Rehman
    Saleem Rehman 2 years ago

    My MX890 serial printer is giving the same error message B200. I cleaned the headm put it back. No success. Can I just use for Scan only? I gave up on the printer part.

    • bjg
      bjg 2 years ago +1

      Try Mal Davies advice below. I had to do it a couple of times but it did work.

  • storeboss
    storeboss 3 years ago

    Mal Davies advice it work for me :-) I try a lot of thing that did not work....

  • erg0centric
    erg0centric 3 years ago +12

    thank you so much for reading this PowerPoint presentation for me

  • RossOriginals
    RossOriginals 3 years ago +3

    You know what would be useful in a video?
    Actual video showing how to do these things instead of just instructions I could find on any non-video source.

  • Mal Davies
    Mal Davies 3 years ago +56

    Turn OFF Power
    2. Open the print head bay (as though you were about to change inks)
    3. Turn ON power
    4. Wait for print carriage to start moving to the left and let it go past half way
    5. Before print carriage reaches left hand side (but after going halfway across) shut the cover.
    6. Leave the Printer turned on
    7. Took me a half dozen times of near starts but it kicked in and the old work horse works perfect again. and it works foe my mp640

    • Tania Rinaldi
      Tania Rinaldi 8 days ago

      I did just the same and after several trials It finally worked. I can't believe it !!! :-D :-D :-D So happy!!!

    • neuromancer13
      neuromancer13 Month ago

      Worked for me as well on an MG5250. But when I tried to print the test page, the B200 error appeared again.

    • Duncan Michael-MacGregor
      Duncan Michael-MacGregor 2 months ago

      Thank you so much!!! This worked first time :-). You sir, are a legend!

    • Karen Dodd
      Karen Dodd 4 months ago

      OMG Mal Davies it worked first time like a charm!! After 20 mins of washing the print head to no avail. Thanks mate! How on earth you learned this trick I will never know but it absolutely worked. Lifesaver

  • tbyt20
    tbyt20 3 years ago

    Thanks ITJungles, I tried several different things as you suggested, the one thing that did the job was cleaning the printhead with hot clean water, shake it and dry it gently. My printer is a Pixma-920.

  • mircea vasile Chiriac
    mircea vasile Chiriac 3 years ago

    Tks a lot for the tip, I used the solution 1, wash the head with hot water, unplug the printer for 24 hours.
    Everything is back to normal.
    Tks a milion !!!

  • GoWFAN
    GoWFAN 3 years ago +3

    Print head won't move. What now? IP4300.

    • videobruce b
      videobruce b 8 months ago

      @bjg It doesn't, the printhead doesn't move!

    • bjg
      bjg 2 years ago

      Try turning it off, then open the cover, then turn it on again. Print head should move back to the middle.

  • Craig Paterson
    Craig Paterson 3 years ago

    Superb! This worked great.

  • Highlight Videos
    Highlight Videos 3 years ago

    Antrocks42 worked! Thank you.

  • Mark Reimers
    Mark Reimers 3 years ago

    AntRock's solution worked and it took less than 2 minutes. Thanks man.

  • Dave Gould
    Dave Gould 3 years ago

    Solution 2 worked for me thanks!

  • garne2t
    garne2t 3 years ago

    Thanks. Two steps fixed my problem. First I cleaned the printer heads. Then I reset the printer using AmRocks42 suggestion.

  • Manamanaia
    Manamanaia 3 years ago

    Pixma MG5250 has sat idle for nearly a year until I followed advice from AntRocks42. Worked perfectedly first time. Thank you very much - now I have a useable MFD again.

  • Star Camp Shasta
    Star Camp Shasta 3 years ago

    replacing the printer head worked for me. nothing else got rid of it.

    • goldenone00
      goldenone00 3 years ago +1

      +SMGJohn I definitely tried cleaning it first. In my case it was either replacing the print head or the printer.

    • SMGJohn
      SMGJohn 3 years ago

      +Starcamp Shasta
      Printheads are expensive so not all of us want to do that.

  • Sina Kavian
    Sina Kavian 4 years ago

    Incredible!!! AntRocks42's solution Works.

  • Gloria Z
    Gloria Z 4 years ago +2

    AntRocks suggestion worked initially, but when I tried printing again, the B200 error message returned. Was determined to fix this myself, so I followed therandomdot's helpful explanation of identifying, removing and cleaning the printer head. I removed all 5 ink cartridges, but used a Baby Wet Wipe to clean the gray printer head unit and sensors - instead of submerging it in water - as a first resort. Waited an hour to make sure everything was dry before inserting the ink cartridges. Good news - the printer has been working well ever since - 10 days.
    Note: for some reason, the B200 error message messed up the printer settings on my Mac, so I had to delete those 2 problematic Canon printer settings before printing.
    Shame on you Canon troubleshooting team for making it seem like this required a new printer purchase and for not telling me about these simple fixes. And a big thanks to all of you who took the time to post your comments.

  • therandomdot
    therandomdot 4 years ago +2

    I'm cleaning the print head in water before trying AntRocks's solution. While running it under hot water ink, ink and more ink came out. It came out in phases, though, so that tells me there's a lot of dried build-up in the print head.
    Also, in case you're wondering how to get the printhead out, just open the printer to change ink like you normally do. The printhead is the part that runs back-n-forth. Pull it towards the middle. Flip the gray bar up to remove the ink. Then, the printhead (the black plastic part with the ink tank ports showing on the bottom) just lifts out. You'll see it has a micro-chip thingy on one side that it uses to talk to the printer itself. As such, while washing you need to make sure it is absolutely dry otherwise you'll short out the micro-chips in it.
    Wash it using the absolutely hottest water you can stand. I spent 5 minutes just watching wave after wave of ink flush out of it. Flush the bottom (the slits where the ink comes out and prints on the paper) and the top (the ports where the ink tanks sit). The water going in both ends will loosen ink and cause it to come out both ends. The blue port was clogged beyond belief. I let it sit in hot water for an hour, then rinsed even more ink out. This printer has never been serviced (is my gf's old college printer), and has sat for weeks without printing anything. So, I'm not really surprised.
    To dry it out, do the old wet cellphone trick. Toss the printhead into a plastic ziplock baggy with some dry white rice (eg: insta-rice). The insta rice wicks away all the moisture from inside the baggy, which will ensure all the moisture gets wicked away from the printhead. I'd recommend leaving it like that at least 24 hours. If you want to rinse it out again, let it air dry over night, then rinse again, then perhaps repeat that again (one of the slides in the vid said to repeat that up to 4 times!). But, for the final drying, toss it in a baggy with minute rice and let it sit for 24+ hours.
    I'm sort of crossing my fingers on this. I really don't want to have to buy a new printer, because we already popped like $50 on more ink for this thing.

    • Jamie Tresor
      Jamie Tresor Year ago +1

      I was curious if the "generic" ink package that I bought from a mailorder company had anything to do with that...

  • 531 Kinder
    531 Kinder 4 years ago

    I did solution 2 and now my printer won't tun on. what now?!

  • Stuckneutral
    Stuckneutral 4 years ago

    Thanks, for the help

  • Innessa Z
    Innessa Z 4 years ago

    i have MP5420. Tried absolutely everything I could think of. Then tried the method described by AntRocks42 (excactly), and it worked!!!!! Thank you soooo much!!!

  • Emily Burton
    Emily Burton 4 years ago

    AntRocks42 was totally right. I didn't think it would work as easily as it did, but first try did the trick. "the solution that worked for me was to unplug the printer, open the cover and slide the printer head to the center, then plug it back in and turn it on with the cover still open. The printer head will start moving but once it starts going to the very left, close the cover and wait until it boots up. This worked for me so it might work for you"

  • Lydia
    Lydia 4 years ago

    Awesome, Did what AntRocks42 said. It took a couple tries. Also tilted towards me like Jane Glassman said. Hope it holds out.

  • Agnieszka S.
    Agnieszka S. 4 years ago

    Miracle! ;) Thanks a lot AntRocks42!!! How you know such a strange "manual" ways of printers programming :)) Now I can print my tickets to Roma for Friday :)

  • Jane Glassman
    Jane Glassman 4 years ago +1

    Used the solution mentioned but it did not work at first. The error message went away and then returned when I went to print. I then tried it again after tilting the printer up towards me (which I recalled from a previous fix I read about, when this happened before) This time the error message disappeared and it took a few minutes to reset and was able to print!

  • beebe2142
    beebe2142 4 years ago

    I thought no way this is gonna fix it...but it did! Thanks AntRocks42. I was about to buy a new printer.

  • Imagine If Photography

    This is the proverbial "stand on one foot and hold your mouth just right!" After everything else I tried (that seemed to make sense) including a call to Canon, I tried this out of desperation and it worked!! Only time will tell how long the printer will continue working until the B200 error happens again, but for now, it's awesome!!! Thanks so much for the suggestion!

  • Mike Gazda
    Mike Gazda 4 years ago +1

    I followed AntRocks42's solution ("unplug the printer, open the cover and slide the printer head to the center, then plug it back in and turn it on with the cover still open. The printer head will start moving but once it starts going to the very left, close the cover and wait until it boots up") and it worked like a charm for me. Amazing! Thank you so much AntRocks42.

    • videobruce b
      videobruce b 8 months ago

      You can't do that with all printers!!

      NIKKI MANSELL Year ago

      Worked for me too, thanks, boarding pass needed printing so started to panic

  • Gloria Charter
    Gloria Charter 4 years ago

    Thank you so much. This worked for me

  • Loretta Beckwith
    Loretta Beckwith 4 years ago

    Hey, AntRocks42's solution worked also for me.... after I cleaned the print head of ink build-up, I let my printer set for over 24 hrs. then did his solution. Worked great! Thanks a million!!

    • Mangchik Mangchuk
      Mangchik Mangchuk 4 years ago

      Gosh Dude! I was about to give u until i tried yr solution n it works!!!! A gadzillion tx dude :D

    • lando
      lando 4 years ago

      No problem, even though I went out to buy a new Epson printer it's still good to help people out. My method didnt work for myself but it seems that it is for everybody else so that's good

  • Thomas Olsen
    Thomas Olsen 4 years ago

    It Works. Fantastic

      SMOOTHVIDEOS 3 years ago

      +ITJungles how do i solve it with ip 7240 B200 ERROR

    • ITJungles
      ITJungles  4 years ago

      Great to hear it Thomas.

  • Lee Wong
    Lee Wong 4 years ago

    It worked for a day and problem comes back again.

  • Paul C Johnson
    Paul C Johnson 4 years ago

    I would like to suggest using white vinegar as the solvent. The white vinegar devolved ink on a print head on my old Canon Star Writer jet 300 cir. 19**

    • ITJungles
      ITJungles  4 years ago +2

      This is interesting, I will look into it.

  • Philip Kuchel
    Philip Kuchel 4 years ago +6

    I won't be buying a Canon Printer again...utterly unreliable, this Pixma MG5300.

    • Lisette Degenaars
      Lisette Degenaars Year ago

      It is now 2018, nothing changed. No more Canon!

    • Jamie Tresor
      Jamie Tresor Year ago

      Yes they lost several class action lawsuits for doing that...if you registered your machine they have a rebate they got to give you.

    • Jamie Tresor
      Jamie Tresor Year ago

      google class action lawsuit cannon and you will see they played us all and you can get some credit if you registered your machine when purchased.

    • Jamie Tresor
      Jamie Tresor Year ago

      I wont buy cannon bc the tech was worthless and tried to upgrade me to another machine...I asked what it MIGHT be ...he had NO idea? REALLY? I figured if he would have had me TRY something and it didn't work..ok ...not lost..but couldnt even try to help!

    • Hercule Holmes
      Hercule Holmes 2 years ago +1

      I'd say I can't believe that's true, but I remember some 15 years ago there were issues of printers failing for no reason. I bought my Canon MX925 as a reconditioned unit about 2 years ago; so if I assume that it was switched on a year before that, I can call that 3 years since first switch-on. There's no reason my printer should be playing up, it's been very well looked after and there's no way any parts could have worn out from such light use. But still I got the dreaded "B200". It's working again for now, but I have no idea if it will keep working or if the B200 will come back again.

  • trenir1
    trenir1 4 years ago

    а по рузьке перевести????

  • DrymouthCWW
    DrymouthCWW 5 years ago

    This worked perfectly on my Canon Pixma M5150 with several ink heads. After doing exactly what you described, the MG5150 reported being shut down improperly , i then pressed the enter button as prompted on the LCD screen and voila! No more B200 error! Thanks a million brah!

    • lando
      lando 4 years ago

      Even though it was 4 months ago, no problem! I'm happy to help so many even though it didn't work for me. But I have a new printer now.

  • Rolando Dalida
    Rolando Dalida 5 years ago +1

    its better to buy new one, dont waste your time, time is gold

  • Jim Haberstock
    Jim Haberstock 5 years ago +1

    Solutions 4 and 5 didn't work for me. However Solution 2 (rinsing the print head and swabbing the connectors) did the trick! Note that the printer did not work on the first power up, but all was working good on the next power up. Thanks for posting this!

  • Cowboy Jojo’s Adventures

    my computer showed Error 200 and after trying several times to resolve the issue it completely shut down. and it is no longer working. The only solution is to throw it off a cliff.

    • Jim Asimenios
      Jim Asimenios Year ago +2

      A friend of mine said that this error code is with ALL Canon models. Within the printer is a "timer/counter" which keeps track of usage. When the specified limit is reached, the error code is generated. This is done so that people will buy a new printer, when in actuality, there is nothing wrong with the printer. What he said makes sense and I wonder if he was right.

    • jolesco
      jolesco Year ago +1

      I know that feeling

    • Scott McClenaghan
      Scott McClenaghan 4 years ago +2


  • Kelly Xia
    Kelly Xia 5 years ago

    something is with my printer. Me and my dad went to the store and bought ink but after we've put it in where in goes it still says there is no ink and i don't know what to do ..

  • lando
    lando 5 years ago +90

    +mfsumption the solution that worked for me was to unplug the printer, open the cover and slide the printer head to the center, then plug it back in and turn it on with the cover still open. The printer head will start moving but once it starts going to the very left, close the cover and wait until it boots up. This worked for me so it might work for you.

    • Tom Österman
      Tom Österman 4 months ago

      This worked fine for my MP990, for some time. But now I got the same error again and the previous solution does not work anymore.

    • Scott Cox
      Scott Cox 8 months ago

      I would come and hug you if i could. thank you, thank you, this has worked for me, i am so gratefull xx Joan

    • Szmisik
      Szmisik 9 months ago

      It worked for me! Thanks!

    • Todd Hayes
      Todd Hayes 11 months ago

      This post was very helpful and worked for me. As you stated, as soon as the print head started moving left I closed the cover, it booted and error message went away. Thanks

    • Finley Burch
      Finley Burch Year ago +1

      This allows me to access the menu, but I wasn't able to actually do anything without the error coming up again. I couldn't print, I couldn't run any maintenance routines, etc.

  • mfsumption
    mfsumption 5 years ago

    Rinsing the print head with hot water did not work for me.

    TOBY BENNINGHOFF 5 years ago +4

    print driver has nothing to do with turning the printer on and getting the error message. driver only applies if you are trying to print from a computer. common sense tells you this since you don't need a computer to use the printer.

    • videobruce b
      videobruce b 8 months ago

      Very correct, another lamo vidit u-boob video!

    • Jamie Tresor
      Jamie Tresor Year ago

      Truthfully, I would normally agree with you....but I don't want to sound like a conspiracist...but, I have always wondered if they actually programmed it to go kfluke...right as it was at the end of the cycle....but after cleaning the head and rebooting worked...the driver was my next option...

  • Jim Parker
    Jim Parker 5 years ago

    took out print head and rinsed it with hot water and it worked! thanks!