Homers power Astros in 6-4 victory | Angels-Astros Game Highlights 9/20/19

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
  • Condensed Game: The Astros belted four home runs, highlighted by two dingers from Carlos Correa, to take a 6-4 win over the Angels
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Comments • 92

  • Joe Jordan
    Joe Jordan 21 day ago

    In baseball today you're as good as third world players are Houston Astros for example are full of third worlders there's no pitching inside there's no knockdown stitches so these players produce more than they should the Dodgers the Astros and Yankees are all very similar they come from third world cesspools with third world players that are not intimidated or not knocked down or brush fact this is why they do what they do voice text

  • Ramiro Rubio
    Ramiro Rubio 24 days ago +1

    Even better JV will take the field Sunday wrap it up Astros.

  • John-boy
    John-boy 24 days ago

    I thought it was appropriate that Bregman first since Bergman to hit that many homers (not sure on the spelling)

  • Carlos Abelar
    Carlos Abelar 24 days ago

    Dodgers play better when Dave Roberts is not in the game..he needs to sit out during the playoffs..

  • Jamaal Horton
    Jamaal Horton 24 days ago +1

    Carlos Correa is the absolute truth!!!! He has 21 homers in 80 games!!! Houston is Scary Good!!!

  • Hasan Falih 2
    Hasan Falih 2 24 days ago

    I was there that game great experience

  • 13th Exit
    13th Exit 24 days ago


  • Brandon S
    Brandon S 24 days ago +3

    If the astros keep this up we will win the World Series

    • ekimshield
      ekimshield 24 days ago

      A lot can happen tween now and then. The team that gets hottest usually wins the WS. All play-off teams are capable of igniting.

    • Mario salcido
      Mario salcido 24 days ago


  • Troy Hanes
    Troy Hanes 24 days ago +3

    Imagine if Correa stays fit for a whole season🔥

    TRISTINO A. 24 days ago +2

    Why does Grienkes Jersey always look to big for him?

  • Mark
    Mark 24 days ago

    What a disappointment come on angels.
    Guys are slacking!

  • Christian Ramirez
    Christian Ramirez 24 days ago +1


  • You Want Cheese On That Burger?

    Astros are my pick to win it all

    • 13th Exit
      13th Exit 24 days ago

      You're really going out on a limb there.

  • Ramiro Rubio
    Ramiro Rubio 24 days ago +5

    Astros Will Clinch Saturday. We will not be stoped from the crown. I’ve waited so long for this. Congrats Astros.

    • Ophyllia L
      Ophyllia L 24 days ago +1

      "I've waited so long for this."
      Astros won in 2017.

  • Ramiro Rubio
    Ramiro Rubio 24 days ago +4

    I think will clinch Saturday night. I smell Another championship so proud of our Team.

  • Carlos faña
    Carlos faña 24 days ago +1

    Zack Greinke tells Albert pujol, that Home ampayer is crazy my brother 😂😂😂.

    • therealiity ls2hardforyou
      therealiity ls2hardforyou 23 days ago

      @Jake Ü thats what l should say nice try ..good night mr teacher !!!

    • Jake Ü
      Jake Ü 24 days ago

      therealiity ls2hardforyou not really but nice try, lol

    • therealiity ls2hardforyou
      therealiity ls2hardforyou 24 days ago

      @Jake Ü lt doesnt matter my bro lt doesnt matter we all get lt...

    • Jake Ü
      Jake Ü 24 days ago

      Umpire bro.. umpire

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle 24 days ago +5

    Nice to have Carlos back.

  • Border Reiver
    Border Reiver 24 days ago +2

    brilliant win by the Astros with some belting homers...

  • HouTown1
    HouTown1 24 days ago +8

    A little positivity for us here in Houston. The last time it flooded like this in our city... the ASTROS won the WORLD SERIES! GO SPACE CITY ASTRONAUTS!... Roger that Houston

  • Steven Schaefer
    Steven Schaefer 24 days ago +2

    Aaaaaaaand we're set. Everyone's healthy, our lead with the number one record will continue to grow, and the magic number will be 0.
    Where's that Krunk meme? I know I left it here somewhere...

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones 24 days ago

      when marisnik can't even crack your top 10 batters you know your team is loaded when healthy..like diaz is their best bench hitter not him...thats crazy

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones 24 days ago

      colins out for the year as is sanchez but I get what you mean still those were some blows even if they were security luxuries it lessens the margin for error...

  • DJ 40oz
    DJ 40oz 24 days ago


  • therealiity ls2hardforyou
    therealiity ls2hardforyou 24 days ago +16

    Correa on fire wow l mean the full team ls on fire ,lt feel weird our boy Yordan Alvarez dont get in the homerunparty tonight like he always does

  • Mark Leopard
    Mark Leopard 24 days ago +20

    Good to see Carlos swinging well comeing off injury

  • Canto III
    Canto III 24 days ago +15

    Correa and Pressly are back and we are ready for October! Let's set a new franchise record by getting to 104-105 wins!

    • Brayden Miluszusky
      Brayden Miluszusky 24 days ago +4

      Asmosis Jones Greinke is 7-1 With a 3.48 ERA as an Astro, I think us Astros fans are so spoiled with Cole and Verlander that anything less is a disappointment...those guys are in a league of their own, Greinke is going just fine.

    • Brayden Miluszusky
      Brayden Miluszusky 24 days ago +1

      Asmosis Jones you trust Sanchez over Greinke?????? Jesus Christ

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones 24 days ago

      as they come back look who went out...sanchez..smdh....I actually like him more than greinke in a series as a starter I trust more that who won't collapse ...and they also lost colin but hes not been that good and they have enough back relief help with this urquidy guy coming up and the wild card veteran joe smith as well as the reliable chris devenski and josh james who been there done that in the postseason for this team so they should be fine helping out rondon osuna harris and presly to go with their starting 5 rotation ..i just wish sanchez stayed healthy...hes pretty good...

  • Tj Hanna
    Tj Hanna 24 days ago +13

    Happy for Correa

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones 24 days ago

      if correa played all year he too would have over 35 hrs lol..same for yordan ...so basically no team has ever had 4 guys get 30+ hr's but if healthy and if we restarted the year the stros would have 6 and like 5 guys with 35+ ..lol...

    • julio CS
      julio CS 24 days ago +1

      Agree here! I hear people on radio not wanting to resign him ...he just been hit with a rash of injuries last couple years...he has all world talent and can easily carry this team in short series...can’t wait for playoffs! Go Stros! 👍🏼

  • Metal BoarN
    Metal BoarN 24 days ago +3

    Marisnik is worthless offensively and should no longer be in the lineup. Time to move on from him and play Tucker in his place.

    • Daniel Leal
      Daniel Leal 24 days ago +3

      @Asmosis Jones Chirinos has been one of the best catchers we've had hitting wise, so I dont know what you've been smoking.

    • Asmosis Jones
      Asmosis Jones 24 days ago

      I mean you say that but when yuli and springer play they dont need marisnik or tucker or toro heck they don't even have room for diaz so...like relax they rested 2 of their main 5 guys lol...I wish there was a way to sit marisnik and chirinos but diaz can't play catcher sadly or else I would have him be the catcher and 9th hitter...this team needs diaz not chirinos

    • Steven Schaefer
      Steven Schaefer 24 days ago

      But if it did end up happening, I wouldn't hate it, I would just be cautiously optimistic. In the end, we're so good, it might not even make a difference.

    • Steven Schaefer
      Steven Schaefer 24 days ago +1

      Besides, we dont need more offense. We just need Greinke to stop having these weird lapses and stay consistent. And for our bullpen to stay strong. Offense is the least of our worries, trust me.

    • Geoff Adam
      Geoff Adam 24 days ago +2

      Metal BoarN ..agreed. He needs to be a late inning defensive replacement only.

  • Beautiful Surprise
    Beautiful Surprise 24 days ago

    Question, because I am new to baseball: Since the Astros currently have the best win/loss ratio in all of baseball this season, why are they in the wild card position and not the clinched division position? The current standings that I just saw show the Yankees with a win/loss ratio of 100-55 and the Astros are 101-53, but the Yankess have clinched the division, whereas the Astros are in wild card position. Am I understanding that correctly and if so, why is that since the Astros have a better record? Please be kind. I am just getting into sports.

    • Jordan Roberts
      Jordan Roberts 24 days ago

      because no team is able to catch up to the yankees cuz the 2nd placed team to many games behind but the O's had a chance to catch the astros

    • Canto III
      Canto III 24 days ago +2

      Beautiful Surprise It's good to ask questions, because that's how we learn. It's also good to not have people giving condescending comments when you're trying to learn.

    • Joanna Martinez
      Joanna Martinez 24 days ago

      Apparently Minnesota HAS NOT CLINCHED THEIR DIVISION... SO SORRY FOR STATING WRONG INFO. Guess I don't pay attention to Minnesota.... But then again who does 😉 Cleveland is 4 games behind and can still catch them.

    • Ty Truong
      Ty Truong 24 days ago

      @Joanna Martinez But why the Twins not reach 100 wins yet and they are winning not by so many games compare to the Cleveland (the difference is 5 win-games) still the Twins clinched, but the Astros not clinched 'y' even the Astros reach 100? Another word what decides to clinch the division and wildcard? By win/loss difference in the divisions or what?

    • jermster17
      jermster17 24 days ago +1

      The team with the best record in the AL & NL gets home field advantage. Important especially to have your home fans cheering you. Astros are trying for best record in MLB this year. A world series would start in Houston.

  • Anthony Santillan
    Anthony Santillan 24 days ago +19

    Wow 4 homers in the 1st! Terrible pitching 😂😂😂

    • jaime rodriguez
      jaime rodriguez 24 days ago

      Actually it was only 3 homers but still not a really good pitching demostration

    • ekimshield
      ekimshield 24 days ago

      The Angels NEVER have good pitching.

    • Dalton Jaggers
      Dalton Jaggers 24 days ago

      Honestly both of the above led to a 5 run 1st inning for the astros #GoStros #TakeItBack

    • Steven Schaefer
      Steven Schaefer 24 days ago +3

      And a great Astros offense ;)

  • Anistyn Francis
    Anistyn Francis 24 days ago +14

    Was there tonight, Friday night fireworks were beautiful

    • William Barrentine
      William Barrentine 23 days ago

      On cool they actually did they fireworks we left before them but game was awesome

    • leiva family
      leiva family 24 days ago

      Anistyn Francis ye same with that tejano music

  • OdinTheDestroyer
    OdinTheDestroyer 24 days ago

    1 more then we get the magic number. We now have the gang together with Carlos Correa back from injury and We're ready to go to the Postseason and we'll be ready to take on the Evil Empire. Bring it on Bronxville, we'll see you in the ALCS! #TakeItBack

  • MegaAri90
    MegaAri90 24 days ago +7

    Another win for the Stros coming down the stretch...and the Yankees taking Ls all over the place...let's hear the excuses today Yanks?XD

    • coolgamer17
      coolgamer17 22 days ago

      MegaAri90 domino could be back for the playoffs but after what he did they might just release him. The ace came back though with two great starts. The A’s were doing just as good last year and when the playoffs came they fell so u don’t know. The Yankees aren’t the only good New York team lmao

    • MegaAri90
      MegaAri90 23 days ago

      @coolgamer17 well it was all over the news and the yankees are always here letting us know its there year and really they were the only competition in terms of win/loss besides the A's who look great but now its really just the A's alone i'm worried about...the yankees just got way to much going on to be any kinda threat, but good luck i'm sure its tough with the yankees being the only decent show in town.

    • coolgamer17
      coolgamer17 23 days ago

      MegaAri90 funny how u guys only worry about us. The Yankees live in your head. Laugh now cry later 😂😂😂

    • MegaAri90
      MegaAri90 23 days ago

      @coolgamer17 crying? the only one crying is Domingo German sitting out for the playoffs. good luck trying to beat anybody XD

    • coolgamer17
      coolgamer17 23 days ago

      MegaAri90 u were saying? You went from laughing to crying. Karma is rough 😉

  • the man
    the man 24 days ago +3

    Magic number is 1, go Astros

    • Ibraheem Rao
      Ibraheem Rao 24 days ago +1

      the focus is the magic number for home field in the AL which currently 7 for Houston.

  • Man Bear Pig
    Man Bear Pig 24 days ago +6

    Vaginal Crease