r/entitledparents Best Posts #2

  • Published on Feb 24, 2019
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  • Verawaty Verawaty
    Verawaty Verawaty 10 minutes ago

    Em: give me ur turtle , ill pay u 500 dollars
    Me: No
    EM: *Hold an ak 47*
    Me: * use the infinity gauntlet* Reality is often dissapointing
    Em: Shit
    Me * snaps*
    Em: * turns to dust*

  • FamAriasSoto
    FamAriasSoto 30 minutes ago +1

    I hate the parents I wish I were him and hit them

  • JasonTheAce
    JasonTheAce Hour ago +1

    EM: starts grabbing Oogway
    Oogway: I’m about to end this woman’s whole career

  • Rocio Corona
    Rocio Corona Hour ago +1

    Oog way is the king biter :D

  • TimmyCedar1500
    TimmyCedar1500 3 hours ago

    If I was in any of these situations, I'd probably just tell the EM and/or EK "No f u", and just leave

  • JoyJoyTheInternetGirl 7241

    Oogway is turtle in Chinese I think think

  • King Leo
    King Leo 4 hours ago

    Honestly if someone yelled at me, I would yell louder back at them.

  • Greenish
    Greenish 6 hours ago

    Me talking virtually to the Entitled people: *How the turnings have tabled*

  • Emily Guertin
    Emily Guertin 6 hours ago

    12:18 - 12:34
    Su personaje es tan lindo! :3

    (You gots to translate this to figure out what I said. ;>)

  • Shiny Pikachu
    Shiny Pikachu 6 hours ago

    Em:tries to take oogway
    Oogway:I’m about to end this whole mans career

    I EM CLUMSY 6 hours ago

    Who is the bully in that story

  • Darkest Shadowz
    Darkest Shadowz 6 hours ago

    Em: Give me your turtle
    Oogway: *bites*

  • gamestar the game boss

    i have this friend at school and his mom is such a jackass. lol. anyway, i was at the fair tending to my livestock. I was in charge of keeping them fed. A few hours after my shift, the friends mom basically interrogates me saying i didnt feed the pigs. This made me mad bcuz i have to feed or else the pigs wont show well. Why wouldnt i feed the pigs? Then after that she went to my mother saying i snapped at her. i have never met a more stubborn person in my life. Long story short I had to apologize to the mom for "snapping at her" and "lying to her". lol. it still triggers me to this day. Btw they are pigs, they will eat all the time. No matter how much u give them, they will still eat. either way, it triggers me, but i still laugh a little about it.

  • money man 06
    money man 06 8 hours ago

    8:25 he could adopt the child 🙁

  • MA gaming
    MA gaming 9 hours ago

    Why no adds??🤔🤔

  • gabeN
    gabeN 10 hours ago +1


  • Jonathan Escobar
    Jonathan Escobar 11 hours ago +1

    I'll just do anything they dont want so they can die in their own rage

  • K Koop
    K Koop 11 hours ago

    Me: Leave him alone
    EM: No
    Oogway: You should have gone for the head
    EM: (Screeches) NO

  • lily dab
    lily dab 12 hours ago

    That firt story made me want to take the girl to my home and keep her as my sister that i would never be able to have (sadly) im 11 btw

  • lily dab
    lily dab 12 hours ago

    E people r stupid AF

  • Random Xbox
    Random Xbox 14 hours ago

    I love the name Oogway it’s from Kung Fu Panda

  • gun man
    gun man 14 hours ago

    Spoiled FRKN BRAT

  • Joshua Gallegos
    Joshua Gallegos 15 hours ago +1

    elderly woman Hey can I have ur car keys
    Me no I need them
    Elderly woman your generation is so rude ( she took my keys )
    Me give me my keys back

  • Kalthom Ahmed
    Kalthom Ahmed 16 hours ago

    Em trying to steal turtle: *exist*
    Cop: I'm about to end this ma- ladies whole career

  • Akz
    Akz 17 hours ago +1

    Can Someone Reply Something For Me To Say r/Whoosh to!?!

  • Jenny Gailey
    Jenny Gailey 17 hours ago


  • Don't Look FBI MODE
    Don't Look FBI MODE 17 hours ago

    I Freaking hate all blonde girls and racist people
    Me:(turns naruto mode)RASENGA

  • ca4ceogaming
    ca4ceogaming 20 hours ago

    *He took my daughter's happiness* *why cant I take his things?* because that is illegal. And you will get arrested

  • Ernesto Lezcano
    Ernesto Lezcano 21 hour ago

    EM:Give my son your PC
    Me: Uh no

  • NOMNOMaKitKat :3
    NOMNOMaKitKat :3 21 hour ago +1

    My dad managed to weasel his way out of receiving any more furious *a n i m a l s*

  • Snubert ._.
    Snubert ._. 21 hour ago

    You shouldve rubbed oogways piss all over her face
    Thatll sure work

  • Deutschland 132
    Deutschland 132 22 hours ago

    No wonder your single

  • Dana Villarreal
    Dana Villarreal 22 hours ago


  • time 2 TRY
    time 2 TRY 23 hours ago

    EM:goes fo oogway
    OOGWAY:bye thot ima ruin yo life

  • DeeSciPhur
    DeeSciPhur Day ago +1

    These people make me sick inside,

  • Zeraora Playz
    Zeraora Playz Day ago

    O gee 9th graders

    The boiatches of all the grades

  • Sausciii MoonTunes

    I can really relate to the last one. (Not the party part, Sorry to disappoint) like I am half asian, and half European (white) and I look more like my dad; so some people don’t realize I’m part asian. But one day, word gets out that I am and suddenly a ton of people at my school start being quite racist to me. Next year, I’m transferring to a different school! I’m very excited about that. Also, when I went to their orientation, I saw a lot more asian people there, which made me happy!

  • Cheeseit 67
    Cheeseit 67 Day ago

    I love the story's you tell😀😀😀😆😀

  • Magical_banana8
    Magical_banana8 Day ago

    I have a story ok so I'm on at the bus stop it's pouring rain I'm with like 7 others than a family of 5 comes and says they are better and richer than us here's the dialogue
    EM:Move out of the way idiots
    Me: really we don't have umbrellas you do
    KW:hey sir we all are humans not animals
    Km:yes we will not leave
    Me:yea go away or act like a human
    *they left after saying "we are more valuable"*

  • Nick2K17
    Nick2K17 Day ago

    It makes me angry when people try to take a pet for their child who will mistreat it

  • I am here for Fun

    That girl lived to put herself up for adoption.🤣😭😢🤪😔😂

  • Tega X
    Tega X Day ago

    Oogway is a certified g

  • Jd God
    Jd God Day ago

    stop moving the camera god dam ur giving me a headache, usually like to read along but not for this one

  • Thac/fatboi Nguyen

    My mom hates me

  • Zack 2.O
    Zack 2.O Day ago +1

    I know how that feels like once a woman tried to steal my car I’m 18

  • Da Frank
    Da Frank Day ago +2

    EM: Tries to take Oogway
    Oogway: Oooooohhh another woman’s life to trash, nice

  • Nathan Pyk
    Nathan Pyk Day ago

    Da Änd

  • Zene
    Zene Day ago

    I hate when my boss sends me furious animals

  • Ian Lancaster
    Ian Lancaster Day ago

    2:53 please tell he took Oogway back before he left

  • Julian Worton
    Julian Worton Day ago

    EM: Entitled Mother...

    More Like:
    Entitled Monster

  • Hauptmann Sturm
    Hauptmann Sturm Day ago

    Wait, aint sliders a type of sandwich?

  • Bright Sky life
    Bright Sky life Day ago

    You know these parents are just making sure there kids are spoiled brats..

  • Incognito Burrito

    I want to say my mom has brought me to the aquarium before when I was 10 and I was trying to look at a part where you stick your head up at the fish so I was in line when it was finally my turn 5 people cut in front of me then my mom got upset and yelled they are not even that cute anyway meaning the fish but a lot of parents got mad so I ran for the exit and then just met up with my mom

  • Groom teem Clan frame Mrkwkw03

    In ader vid he sad he’s a girl. Bat he has wife or. Xewife now.

  • Ryan Singh
    Ryan Singh Day ago

    Oh god its master ogewa

  • TinyBunngiey Thing

    Same here.

  • TinyBunngiey Thing

    What does “entitled” mean???

  • RedNinja629
    RedNinja629 Day ago

    I would roast them.. But my head hurts..

  • FragKaan
    FragKaan Day ago

    Capitalists: Me
    Communists: We
    Entitled People: Mine

  • Bikram 666
    Bikram 666 Day ago

    Entitled Parents subreddit is my absolute favorite and even better when you narrate them. They are so cringy and funny at the same time!

  • Lubna Ghazwi
    Lubna Ghazwi Day ago

    Bro don't worry people say my eyes are smaller than an Asian's


  • Braixen The Killer Fox

    *things exist*

    EM: This mailbox is mine and this triagional sign....

  • Rat_pat25
    Rat_pat25 Day ago

    4:55 Wait dose that mean there is 15 people in front of her or 14 people... well it doesn’t matter because she left the line

  • SaZe Flight
    SaZe Flight Day ago

    Every one knows r/woooosh but do you know r/woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh

  • Clear Beer
    Clear Beer Day ago

    I had experience with an EP but I was a bystander. A couple years ago, I was at an amusement park and me and my family was waiting to go on the bumper cars. I couldn’t help but notice a lady arguing with the young guy working the bumper cars. She had her kid there who looked maybe 5 or 6. It was the dumbest thing ever too. She basically said, “I measured my daughter the other day and she *is* tall enough to ride the bumper cars by herself.” I couldn’t hear what the guy was saying but he looked kind of upset. He was staying calm though, and I respect him for that. The EP’s daughter was just standing there, also looking upset. And the mom just kept going on and on about how her daughter should be able to ride by herself. But she was very small and I was just barely tall enough to ride by myself at the time so I really don’t think she was tall enough. Because she looked much shorter than me. I really wanted to step in and tell her that she was being ridiculous but I didn’t know if my parents would be disappointed in me or happy that I ‘helped out.’ So I stayed quiet. I know this was unnecessary to tell, but it was interesting.

  • Lord Parmesun /roblox

    I woman stole my iPhone and the police believed the woman:
    I was at the park with my friends, we played on the swings and stuff and I was on my iPhone. I saw a kid (guessing age 5) walk up to me and asks if I can play on my iPhone I said no because my iPhone is important to me, the kid goes crying to his EM. The em comes up to me and says did you steal my sons iphone, I replied with the simplest answer “no” the woman snatches the iPhone off me but I snatch it back, she calls the cops for no reason :c. As soon as the cops arrived the woman said “oh hi there sir you see this man here he stole my sons iPhone” I thought the police wouldn’t believe her but the police officer takes the iPhone off me and tells the kid if it’s his iPhone odiously the kid said yes in a really sad yet evil voice. The police officer gave the iPhone to the kid and told me “if I see you stealing again I’ll arrest you for grand theft, my friend thought I lost my phone but I told them the story *SIGH*

  • Ninja Hunt
    Ninja Hunt Day ago

    I’m watching this at 4am(kill me):()~

    INFERNO Day ago

    im asian too

  • Banks Banks
    Banks Banks Day ago

    oogway vs the parent
    Parent did grab
    That was not Effective
    oogway did bite that was very effective

  • Daniel Burrow
    Daniel Burrow Day ago

    All the dislikes on this video are entitled parents

  • Sa i
    Sa i Day ago

    These fuck heads just makes me want to punch them

  • Big Chigga
    Big Chigga Day ago

    Dam I hate racist bullies I'm Asian too and I get a lot of racist comments
    For some reason, a lot of people think it's fine to be racist to asians

  • gimme avocados
    gimme avocados Day ago

    Em: * reaches for oogway
    Oogway: *my time has come*


    No you are single crazy bit** with terrible hair

  • Ike Evans-Healy
    Ike Evans-Healy Day ago

    If the Em got oogway he would die

  • John dragonstorm

    I never thought thieves could actually be that dumb.

  • Im Not Ray
    Im Not Ray Day ago

    EM: Steals Oogway
    Oogway: *bites* EM
    ATTACK 100

  • Israel A Vargas
    Israel A Vargas Day ago

    The last bitch was
    Ike I hope you get bullied more like what the beans

  • Reed Seagroves
    Reed Seagroves Day ago

    Do more

  • Nathan Killion
    Nathan Killion 2 days ago +2


  • Toob Animation
    Toob Animation 2 days ago +1

    These people are triggering me so bad lol

  • Emanuel LaFleur
    Emanuel LaFleur 2 days ago +1

    Entitled mom tries to step my phone
    So is walking down this side walk and the entitled son says hey what are you playing I'm playing fortnite and the kid asks me if he can play too and I say I don't let 039or use my phone then about like two minutes I'm not half way down the block the entitled mom stoped me and says hey my son likes that game so can be used your phone to play on it and then I say again i do not let people use my phone. Then her face turns red with frustration she says you are so rude for talking to me like that the she tries to grab my phone out my my hand then I snatch my hand back in time then the kind husband comes out the house with same phone as me and says what's going on here. The entitled mom says that i am not giving her son my phone then the husband says look at my phone and his phone they are the same brand he can use my phone to play on them the entitled mom brings and then she matches back in the house with frustration then the kind husband says I'm sorry it was a miss understanding then I say no it's okay but you have a nice day.

  • Tavin Swinford
    Tavin Swinford 2 days ago

    Fatality oogway wins

  • NuKlearr LaZerr // NuclearRedGames Ross

    I hate how people play the “single mother with a child” card. You’re in control of wether or not you have a child (unless being raped, or something else idk), and wether or not you marry the right guy. Not the person’s fault that you’re a single mother.

  • Julius HDgames
    Julius HDgames 2 days ago

    Em: *reaches for oogway*
    Oogway: observe

  • Miss Yeet
    Miss Yeet 2 days ago

    I'm only smart because I'm Asian?
    That explains why I'm smart

  • Ethan Nguyen
    Ethan Nguyen 2 days ago

    Me:WTF some parents yesh

  • Lil OOF
    Lil OOF 2 days ago

    When a bully is a *her* I think it’s just that she likes u xd

  • gavin thein
    gavin thein 2 days ago

    Oogway: my time has come "snap"

  • Free_De_La_Hoya
    Free_De_La_Hoya 2 days ago

    ME : umm no thank you get off my property or I call the cops.

  • Felix Xu
    Felix Xu 2 days ago



    Oggway is turtle From kung fu panda

  • Mr. Whale
    Mr. Whale 2 days ago

    Not the turtles.

  • Aiden Lee
    Aiden Lee 2 days ago

    I am half-Asian half-British and girls fall when they see me...LOL

  • Aiden Lee
    Aiden Lee 2 days ago

    Americans always lose their s*** really quickly...especially blonde people. (WTF) (I AM NOT BLONDE)

  • JakeThe Scar
    JakeThe Scar 2 days ago

    I love these

  • Battle Royale
    Battle Royale 2 days ago

    EA also = (E)lectronic (A)rts Sports and we all know what they think they're entitled to...

  • Dragonfire900
    Dragonfire900 2 days ago

    For the second story: no matter what u say, it’s the wrong thing to say.

  • Jarred Jakko
    Jarred Jakko 2 days ago

    Oogway: Urinates on hand :)

  • levi rutledge
    levi rutledge 2 days ago

    These parents just piss me of so much my balls feel like their going to explode in rage but I can’t stop watching them