San Antonio Spurs vs Los Angeles Clippers | November 29 2019

  • Published on Nov 30, 2019
  • The Spurs defeated the Clippers, 107-97. Derrick White recorded 17 points and a career-high 5 3PT FGM for the Spurs, while LaMarcus Aldridge added 17 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists and 4 blocks in the victory. Kawhi Leonard recorded 19 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists for the Clippers in the losing effort. The Spurs improve to 7-13 on the season, while the Clippers fall to 14-6.
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Comments • 44

  • John Bradley
    John Bradley Month ago

    spurs wins in their own stadium??? hmmmm

  • Daryl Dy
    Daryl Dy Month ago

    Poor people..

  • suck u mudda
    suck u mudda Month ago

    I'm a simple laker fan
    I see clips & Gsw lost i click

  • Lore
    Lore Month ago +1

    Clippers lose cuz their real superstar not playing well "Lou Williams"

  • King Bum
    King Bum Month ago

    Obviousley that derozan not happy in spurs

  • Kelvin Gillett
    Kelvin Gillett Month ago +1

    Clippers haters be working them candles doh .i see yall be watching clippers games be hoping and praying for a lost .

  • GíoGío
    GíoGío Month ago +1

    The difference between the LA Lakers and the clippers is the step up from the big players LA have Lebron and AD the clippers have Lou Williams if he can't score kawhi and Paul george can't carry the game.

    • ANDREW Tucci
      ANDREW Tucci Month ago

      Clippers depth better than the lakers .... you making the point for clips or lakers ??

  • David John
    David John Month ago +2

    This what happens when you don't give the man his load management

  • Darren T
    Darren T Month ago +5

    Anyone else watching this video thinking Kawhi’s influence in the Raps Championship Run last year was overrated? Coaching and a couple other key pieces more key. Would have rather kept a devoted Derozan

    • ANDREW Tucci
      ANDREW Tucci Month ago

      Kawhi won the raps game 7 in round 2 and had huge moments in round 3 (think game 5) i know steady freddy was big that round but come on man

    • adrex09
      adrex09 Month ago +2

      Lol im a spurs fan as much as i hate the klaw, he is definitely a game changer. If only he stayed with us and play, TOR wouldnt get a ring, we would! He carried us to Conf Finals before Zaza took him down. He's talent is for real, Demar aint clutch and would no way make the shot klaw did against 6ers.

    • Ricky James
      Ricky James Month ago

      are you serious now lmao you really think demar would of made the finals. didnot kawhi lost to spurs last year by 20 points in Toronto? stfu fr

  • Tripystix
    Tripystix Month ago +15

    Imagine the amount of bets that were lost on this game 😂😂😂👏👏👏

  • Darkpierre86
    Darkpierre86 Month ago +1

    the Clippers are really bad.
    We have the impression that they are progressing but not at all unfortunately. They become annoying with their 2 stars who constantly have success rates at ridiculous shots.
    The Defense yesterday was nothing exceptional.
    Shit this team.

  • ripseeze
    ripseeze Month ago +10

    shouldn't have left east Kawhi, can't load mange in the west

  • Ervin Szabó
    Ervin Szabó Month ago +3

    Watch the Spurs. They gonna climb back to the playoffs

  • YTEuropeHD Gaming
    YTEuropeHD Gaming Month ago +7

    And people were saying that the Lakers were trash and beating teams by single digits, when you have the Clippers losing to the Spurs... Kawhi better go to the bench and get ready for the playoffs😂😂

  • O2H Delirium
    O2H Delirium Month ago +6

    Skip and Shannon will dedate this 😁😁😁

    • Diodich Careydion
      Diodich Careydion Month ago +1

      Exactly! Poor Skip. Hes so funny. Always finds a way to hate LEBRON. Let's see now, if how Shannon kicks this idiot's ass.

  • Glen Lehane
    Glen Lehane Month ago +5

    Nice work Spurs!

  • dimmykarras
    dimmykarras Month ago

    All 2bit LeChoke lovers showd up to jerk off. In the playoffs you'll be put in your place.

  • Chief
    Chief Month ago +8

    Doc: happy thanksgiving Pop...
    Pop: thanks I needed that...

  • Bench Mark
    Bench Mark Month ago +5

    Hehehe and the lakers had just romped past wizards

  • vahuid
    vahuid Month ago +27

    Poor kawhai, not getting enough load managament. Let this man to rest, he looks like fifty...

    • Mwanamke Bora
      Mwanamke Bora Month ago

      He is limping n even running looks painful

    • Alen Zmaj
      Alen Zmaj Month ago

      Lol and I was think *Kawhi Leonard will rest for Lakers game*

  • Kayse Ibrahim
    Kayse Ibrahim Month ago +22

    And y'all saying LeBron washed smh, KAWHI looks 35 and 17 seasons in

    • Alen Zmaj
      Alen Zmaj Month ago

      Lol haha

    • Darkpierre86
      Darkpierre86 Month ago

      nicholas gakuu I do not support anything.
      I am for the most deserving.
      Supporter of NBA franchises is good for kids in your genre.
      It prevents them from taking full advantage of basketball because the world revolves around their franchise.
      They are never objective and they deny undeniable facts.
      I hate arguing with this kind of person because I hate the bad time.

    • nicholas gakuu
      nicholas gakuu Month ago

      @Darkpierre86 well then why u soo quick to come up with excuses if u did not loose😆😆😆..the team u support lost every team looses at some point but u go excuses for everything.

    • Darkpierre86
      Darkpierre86 Month ago

      nicholas gakuu I have no excuses to have because it's not me who lost to Spurs😂.
      What is certain is that the Lakers are showing a better level for now and that the calendar so far has been pretty cool with them unlike the Clippers.
      That's facts and denying it is ridiculous.

    • nicholas gakuu
      nicholas gakuu Month ago

      @Darkpierre86 and what about the spurs game do u have an excuse for that.

    HORTY D Month ago +18

    Mr load management needs a rest