iPhone XS, XS Max & Apple Watch 4 Unboxing! All Colors

  • Published on Sep 22, 2018
  • When You Just Can't Choose a Color.. Mega iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max Unboxing + Apple Watch Series 4 Gold Stainless. Gold, Space Grey & Silver.
    iPhone XS BEND Test: ru-clip.net/video/q8motr4cihw/video.html
    iPhone XS WATER Test: ru-clip.net/video/4LMqqJKbLfA/video.html
    iPhone XS DROP Test: ru-clip.net/video/89_0Kp2_foY/video.html
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  • Chloe Amistom
    Chloe Amistom 14 hours ago +1

    Lol here in 2019 with an iPhone 7 Gold 🥰 still going strong

  • F1naL Flam3r
    F1naL Flam3r 15 days ago

    DAAAAAAAMN anyone else see that Ducati ?????

  • Julio sports Montage
    Julio sports Montage 20 days ago

    I really need an iPhone I have the Samsung j4

  • ali TV-YT
    ali TV-YT 20 days ago

    I *Love* it

    -I have it-

  • Amazing Nabz
    Amazing Nabz 29 days ago

    “The iPhone XS is small”
    Me: the phone isn’t the thing that’s small it’s because ur hands are large😂

  • F U
    F U Month ago

    What do you do with all the phones when you have like two backup phones

  • MrCrepers86
    MrCrepers86 Month ago

    I still can not get used to wear my watch I also wish the store I got it from had different colors to chose from. All though when I got my I had the black iPhone 7 now I have the gold XS max

  • Simona Strand
    Simona Strand Month ago

    Hello! What color and size you prefer ?

  • Yeet Skeet69
    Yeet Skeet69 2 months ago

    When he said no small apple stickers I felt his pain

  • Kwadwo Asamoah
    Kwadwo Asamoah 2 months ago

    Please am from Ghana i don't have money to purchase xs max so give one

  • Donnie Brasco
    Donnie Brasco 2 months ago

    I’m upgrading from an SE

  • Ali Bastaki
    Ali Bastaki 2 months ago +1

    Getting the Xr 128 gb and Apple Watch 40mm for my birthday

  • 666demonknight666
    666demonknight666 2 months ago

    Cube packaging is way more premium

  • Joshua Ewe
    Joshua Ewe 3 months ago

    Can you gift me an iPhone XS Max Gold pls?

  • BravoV
    BravoV 3 months ago +1

    Jesus that's like 8 grand bro

  • Sheraz Haider
    Sheraz Haider 3 months ago

    Give me white iPhone

  • Cxndy Drxps
    Cxndy Drxps 4 months ago

    Erm upgrading from iPhone 7 or 6?
    I’m upgrading from an iPhone SE

  • LaaLoo Tv
    LaaLoo Tv 4 months ago

    Is he still doing the giveaway?

  • Josh plays YT
    Josh plays YT 4 months ago

    Why is the ten s max cracked in space grey

  • Hardy Black
    Hardy Black 4 months ago

    Do you still do the give away Sir ???

  • Ricardo Rodriguez
    Ricardo Rodriguez 5 months ago

    U have so many give them out to the poor

  • Ricardo Rodriguez
    Ricardo Rodriguez 5 months ago

    Yes i got iphone xs max from having iphone 6s plus for 2 years and half

  • Tin Nguyen
    Tin Nguyen 5 months ago

    Phone wonderfull.. Show. Verry good..🤓..phone..01257549467..ngoc

  • Mantra Robinson
    Mantra Robinson 5 months ago

    Just got the gold Xs 256gb

  • Maritza Ingram
    Maritza Ingram 5 months ago

    Can I please get one of those iPhones very please

  • Shota Leladze
    Shota Leladze 5 months ago

    ერთი ცალი მეც მომე

  • Random Dave
    Random Dave 5 months ago +1

    iPhone 4 gang 🤙

  • Nicholas Oldfield
    Nicholas Oldfield 5 months ago +2

    Who is still here with a 7 or below because we’re all broke and can’t afford a $1000 phone

  • Shrradha Thapa
    Shrradha Thapa 5 months ago

    I want one

  • Gregory Henderson
    Gregory Henderson 5 months ago

    Who here would buy the iPhone X instead of XS

  • Juan-Sebastian Valencia-Moreno

    This video was made completely to show off.there is no reason to by all of these phones.You can say that yeh jail breaks blah blah blah but you don’t need all of these phones

  • Chloe Games
    Chloe Games 6 months ago +10

    I’m too poor to afford any of these rip

  • Othman Abd. Ghani
    Othman Abd. Ghani 6 months ago

    I want One iphone

  • CJ Jaycee
    CJ Jaycee 6 months ago

    Why did you put down the silver iPhone? it looks the "plainest" but the best! LOLOLOL

  • Zaerrius6
    Zaerrius6 6 months ago

    You could buy me a car with all that 😂

  • Kendall Schillinger
    Kendall Schillinger 6 months ago

    I have the x but getting the xs max just cause I like the bigger screen and the gold color

  • Shobhit Gordon
    Shobhit Gordon 7 months ago

    That Ducati though😂😍

  • Ahmed Hussain
    Ahmed Hussain 7 months ago

    I want the Airpods

  • Brandon Pakfar
    Brandon Pakfar 7 months ago

    Ur bike tho :)

  • MRL Games
    MRL Games 7 months ago

    Mi Apple Watch series 4 did not come with the more premium charger.

  • Jih Bhhh
    Jih Bhhh 7 months ago

    Anus red

  • Keyon Mcclendon
    Keyon Mcclendon 7 months ago +3

    Watching this bc Im stuck with an I phone 7 foreveeeeerrrrtr

  • SilvesterClash ClashRoyale-Gaming

    The silver is sooooo beautiful. But I don’t like the silver frame really. Whit a Black frame it would be Dope as f*ck.

  • Zycklacon
    Zycklacon 7 months ago

    Even though I like Samsung, those look so good. I actually want one of them but i don't have $1,200 on me

  • Christian Perez
    Christian Perez 7 months ago

    I updated to iPhone XS from a small iPhone 7 in silver now I have spacegrey iPhone 10S

  • isaac  tagit
    isaac tagit 7 months ago

    I wish I could have one still have my 6s with me just can’t afford 😕

  • JaydenTheXpert26
    JaydenTheXpert26 7 months ago

    This dude is more rich than shrimp Tbh...

  • Brett Quinaln
    Brett Quinaln 7 months ago

    I want the ipine

  • Imdaadh Jaleel
    Imdaadh Jaleel 7 months ago +7

    iWatch Unboxing Bcuz iCant afford it🤣😂😭

  • Annabel Cheung
    Annabel Cheung 7 months ago

    My hands were shaking when I inboxed my iPhone XS, he acts like it’s no big deal.

  • Ghaffar Ejaz
    Ghaffar Ejaz 8 months ago

    I want 1 . I can afford it in half payment 🙂

  • Balamurugan Nagarajan
    Balamurugan Nagarajan 8 months ago

    apple series 4 watch how much is that?

  • Theshalan Ramasamy
    Theshalan Ramasamy 8 months ago

    I really need  watch

  • Huskyap1
    Huskyap1 8 months ago

    I have the iPhone X s max ( I’m 10 ) and I upgraded from a iPhone 5 s !!!! Lol 😂

  • Elijah Conner
    Elijah Conner 8 months ago

    How do you get in the drawing thing

  • Petya Daneva
    Petya Daneva 8 months ago

    My adress is in DE.If you contakt me i will tell you details.Thank you.

  • Petya Daneva
    Petya Daneva 8 months ago

    How i can get one.please send me one

  • Karen
    Karen 8 months ago

    Hello, I broke my iphone it’s all shattered .. so it would be sooo cool if I could win the give away !🙏🏼

  • Bilal Parkar
    Bilal Parkar 8 months ago

    Gold looks soo good

  • laurence javier
    laurence javier 8 months ago

    i want the iphone x