Sylas: The Unshackled | Champion Trailer - League of Legends

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
  • Power is so easily taken. Watch me break a kingdom with it.
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  • Exortzy
    Exortzy 23 hours ago +1

    *TeRiZLa cOpYRiGhT*

  • patanasak mailieng
    patanasak mailieng 2 days ago

    *RUN!! TEEMO RUN!!*

  • — ; CUPID 愛
    — ; CUPID 愛 6 days ago

    Big Johnny Depp energy

  • Palandium /__/
    Palandium /__/ 7 days ago

    I dont know what haopens to qualty champion relases. Sylas reminds of the good old days of Jhin and the likes. Yuumi had cool gameplay but her lore and design meh and qiyana is just a horrible mess

  • SJ
    SJ 9 days ago

    Malcolm X?

  • Pathorn Panichapong
    Pathorn Panichapong 12 days ago

    One word:


  • Joseph T.J
    Joseph T.J 18 days ago


  • Lisiasty 24
    Lisiasty 24 20 days ago

    Hes my scond favorite politc
    Vladimir Lenin

  • King Craig
    King Craig 21 day ago

    Sylas cant steal your ult
    If you dont have uprgaded it yet

  • Nicholas Lau
    Nicholas Lau 23 days ago

    Rubick: HAHAHAHAHA

  • Gangplank
    Gangplank 23 days ago +4

    after 2 patches in the dark i was gutted

  • Anime
    Anime 24 days ago

    Sylas steel your ultimate and use against the enemy

  • BrainZoid
    BrainZoid Month ago +1

    From a good revolutionary communist figure to a ruthless coward. You always ruin your characters..

    • BrainZoid
      BrainZoid 25 days ago +1

      @Cagaanan Earl Have you seen the comic?

    • Cagaanan Earl
      Cagaanan Earl 25 days ago

      What do you mean? what did riot do to ruin his character?

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha Month ago

    GREATEST intro ever

  • Harvey Miantezila
    Harvey Miantezila Month ago

    Sylas: Does Zed ult

  • Not Me
    Not Me Month ago

    The communist manifesto

  • GaMEs_INsiDe
    GaMEs_INsiDe Month ago +1

    What happend to lux at the end?

    • Ahmedstrator
      Ahmedstrator Month ago

      She freed him, because she knows he's right

  • Alex Darum
    Alex Darum Month ago

    His ingame model looks hotter than his splash art

  • SeanMichael Bascug
    SeanMichael Bascug Month ago

    Hahaha kratos

  • Majama Akimbo
    Majama Akimbo Month ago +8

    im still getting goosebumps everytime i watch it , such a cool trailer

    • TejoY
      TejoY Month ago +1

      I love the music, its so perfect



  • xviper resolute
    xviper resolute Month ago +3

    I wanna see full stacks chogath of sylas and shaco. In short. I wanna see two huge sylas's.

  • ora
    ora Month ago

    league of legends communist version

  • Zapper
    Zapper Month ago +1

    Sylas is a communist confirmed.

  • Spyrelion Sol-ADRIAN JAREÑO


  • Vocal Vortex Studios
    Vocal Vortex Studios 2 months ago

    I find it hilarious that sylas is straight up just wearing jeans

  • Barasingha
    Barasingha 2 months ago


  • Nine B
    Nine B 2 months ago +3

    This has to be the best teaser ever, still gives me shivers

  • Sage Sheridan
    Sage Sheridan 2 months ago +1

    What happens when a sylas steals a sylases ult

    • TejoY
      TejoY Month ago

      He gets whatever ult Sylas currently have stolen. If he have no ult, he cant use R on him.
      He also says a quote when taking it; "This is going to be confusing"

  • Jors Manel
    Jors Manel 2 months ago

    Sylas: The unshackled abs.. gad dem.. mmm

  • Katarina
    Katarina 2 months ago

    They made a champion that steal your looks, now a champion that steal your ult. What’s next?

  • Nate Lazer
    Nate Lazer 2 months ago +2

    New champion idea Q: steals enemy q W: steals enemy w E: steals enemy e Passive:Steals enemy passive R: steals enemy Gf

  • Sylas Henson
    Sylas Henson 2 months ago

    My name is sylas

  • Ian Taylor
    Ian Taylor 2 months ago

    Gamers rise up

  • Hanzo Akuma Ninja
    Hanzo Akuma Ninja 2 months ago


  • Moms Spaghetti
    Moms Spaghetti 2 months ago

    Slyas is a commie

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 3 months ago

    This is what europe needs right now

  • Enrique Zuñiga
    Enrique Zuñiga 3 months ago

    Sylas is me on my socialist phase during college

  • Yap KY
    Yap KY 3 months ago

    Lin beifong

  • Jeff Bobson
    Jeff Bobson 3 months ago

    yea communism

  • Lyle Galon
    Lyle Galon 3 months ago

    So hes thinking about communism......

  • ferre feys
    ferre feys 3 months ago

    The 3.5k dislikes are from traditional demancians

  • Shaun Gaming PH OFFICIAL

    Sylas vs terizla

  • Tactical Toast
    Tactical Toast 3 months ago

    Sounds like communist propaganda but ok

    • Tactical Toast
      Tactical Toast 2 months ago

      @Alan Gonzalez Dude the whole idea of communism which Stalin and Lenin pushed for was for a world revolution where the working class brought down the upper echelons of society, so it definitely fits under communism. Moreover, for it to be an anarchist ideology, it has to reject the state as an institution in and of itself and replace it with rule by the people. Moreover, it cant be anarcho-monarchism (which btw is only a thought experiment since no political party is supporting the idea) since he sylas wants to remove the monarchy, so it woldn's make sense to want to institute another form of it

    • Alan Gonzalez
      Alan Gonzalez 2 months ago

      Technically it would be Anarcho-Monarchism but the non-meme version would just be anarchism. Might want to read up on your political theories a bit more buddy. No ones seizing the means of production or abolishing private property. It's about bringing down the kingdom's hierarchy and making everyone "equal".

  • Feliz35
    Feliz35 3 months ago +142

    This speech legit makes him my favourite champ forever.

  • Gumi StockBot
    Gumi StockBot 3 months ago +1

    I'm late to the party but Sylas claims he sees a world without Lords or Peasants - where every Demacian is a king. Instantly contradicted himself.

    Good writing.

    • TejoY
      TejoY Month ago +2

      I'm pretty sure he ment, that everyone deserve to live like a king. If you read his lore, its easy to understand, that he just want Mages and "king and queens" to be equal.

    • EvilRubberDucky
      EvilRubberDucky 3 months ago

      Gumi StockBot syndrome said it best “when everyone’s one will be”

    • YohAmida
      YohAmida 3 months ago

      As a sociopathic buddy would say: when everyone is a king, no one will be.

  • Stg Peng
    Stg Peng 3 months ago

    WAIT THIS DOSENT WORK IN the comic it stays he was in prison 11 years this right now says hes in prison 15 years WUT!"?

    • D3vilish1mp
      D3vilish1mp 3 months ago

      Stg Ahri, it's called "Retconning".

  • Hydra X9K
    Hydra X9K 3 months ago

    More like Sylas, the Unbalancable

  • Temonation Playz
    Temonation Playz 3 months ago

    when a guy from demacia wears jeans

    • TejoY
      TejoY Month ago

      Does he though? Im pretty sure its overalls and he just ripped the top off. He is from a poor family, so it would make sense

  • Stop watching this
    Stop watching this 3 months ago

    99K likes make it 100k pls :))

  • Off Road
    Off Road 3 months ago

    Tylas 15 years
    Terizla 10 years

  • famgar
    famgar 3 months ago

    ruh roh looks like we have the magneto of league of legends

  • Cristopher Kun
    Cristopher Kun 3 months ago

    Sylas : Hi
    Riot : Yes

  • არაშNდა Production

    ye now we need to champ that steals our passive

  • SnapIntoASlimJimYeah
    SnapIntoASlimJimYeah 3 months ago +63

    Demacia, no need to worry. He has finally been shackled. By nerfs, that is.

    • Emre
      Emre 20 days ago

      Hes kinda trash atm

    • Kerem Yur
      Kerem Yur 2 months ago

      @Athan i love sylas but i think most of the champions are better than him right now.

    • Lint Boi
      Lint Boi 3 months ago

      Athan And the winrates being below the majority in essentially every league

    • Athan
      Athan 3 months ago +1

      @Suto yes

    • Suto
      Suto 3 months ago

      @Athan So you're telling me his gutted passive is still busted?

  • Early Gaming3061
    Early Gaming3061 3 months ago

    sylas is communist confirmed

  • Acetheigloo
    Acetheigloo 4 months ago

    He’s like magneto lol

  • Felix3_D
    Felix3_D 4 months ago


  • Chr Lol
    Chr Lol 4 months ago

    Not my ULT... OUR ULT!!!

  • Voxel Rush
    Voxel Rush 4 months ago

    Sylas the communist