Alissa Violet - VLOG Day 1

  • Published on Oct 16, 2016
  • This is my VERY FIRST VLOG EVER!!!!! Literally. Ever.
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  • hazelle labra
    hazelle labra Day ago

    I miss the old team 10

  • Louncer Rin
    Louncer Rin Day ago

    Wkwkwkwkwk I Like Its Video Wkwkwk

  • Sabreen Ahmed
    Sabreen Ahmed 2 days ago من هو عربي يخش يشترك معي بل قناه دعم لنا علاشاننكون الافضل القناه لسه تحت الانشاء

  • Pradeep Gurung
    Pradeep Gurung 3 days ago

    beautiful girl

  • szcxav
    szcxav 4 days ago

    why tf is she sooo annoying in here

  • F0RWARDER News
    F0RWARDER News 4 days ago

    Hi alissa ....i wanna know you so close...
    I'm from indonesian

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  • Abrar Musaad
    Abrar Musaad 7 days ago

    I love rewatching fit alissa

  • ادلبيه وبفتخر

    بتجنني ههههه 😂😂😂👌

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  • Indian vlogger raju
    Indian vlogger raju 9 days ago

    There is no great struggle without
    Jai Jai is not a car without doing anything,
    Until the hammer injury hits,
    Till then, no stone is a god for people.

  • Bomwang Vlogs
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  • CapRoet
    CapRoet 13 days ago

    Nice vlog, greeting

    R.A PRANK 14 days ago

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  • Warik TV
    Warik TV 15 days ago

    Small vlogger here... Anyone give some hug?

  • Bob Bautista
    Bob Bautista 15 days ago

    Hello im a small youtuber..
    Pls.. subscribed me and will subscribed you back.. thanks a lot😊

  • Cerita Kartika
    Cerita Kartika 15 days ago

    Hai sis you beautiful, I greetings

  • Antonio Tony Centelha
    Antonio Tony Centelha 15 days ago

    very crazy, more like this this girls.

  • Antonio Tony Centelha
    Antonio Tony Centelha 15 days ago

    Very good, like this

  • Sira1726
    Sira1726 16 days ago

    #Alissa your hyper activeness behavior is similar to "The Mask" movie hero when he puts his mask. Seriously watching your first video itself i fell in love with you "I love you" 🌹💘😍😘

  • Amol Sangar
    Amol Sangar 17 days ago


    DOĞA VİDEO 17 days ago

    hello süper video 😉👍

  • meliza gutierrez
    meliza gutierrez 17 days ago

    Kili kili mo ang itim

  • rachel.brooke7
    rachel.brooke7 17 days ago +1

    2019 anyone

    UTUY DINERO 17 days ago

    Im inlove

  • radhika chettri
    radhika chettri 18 days ago

  • radhika chettri
    radhika chettri 18 days ago

  • radhika chettri
    radhika chettri 18 days ago

  • radhika chettri
    radhika chettri 18 days ago

  • صدام حسين
    صدام حسين 21 day ago

  • Husen Sammi20
    Husen Sammi20 22 days ago

    Ada orang Indonesia gk :(

  • PV Channel
    PV Channel 22 days ago

    great and nice your vlog

  • PV Channel
    PV Channel 22 days ago

    wow nice videos Alissa

  • Mish3k
    Mish3k 23 days ago

    remember! Russia is occupant!

  • Javid Sekh
    Javid Sekh 23 days ago

    How are you

  • Kenia’s Coffe
    Kenia’s Coffe 23 days ago

    Them old days 😭 but it’s fine she don’t need no team 10 or Jake Paul

  • Mate Chkheidze videography

    ahahhah :d so crazy

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  • tomsquackson
    tomsquackson 24 days ago +1

    jake ruined erika & alissas friendship i’m #madaboutit

  • The Nature
    The Nature 25 days ago

    hi.. nice video i,m new friend ❤ from bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • omaima omaima
    omaima omaima 26 days ago

  • gaswat bonek
    gaswat bonek 26 days ago

    Tingalkan laki laki itu sayang

  • gaswat bonek
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  • Sadzili
    Sadzili 28 days ago

    Ini cewek kenapa ya haha

  • Anjani Official
    Anjani Official 28 days ago

    Nice video...

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  • Nancy Lloyd
    Nancy Lloyd Month ago

    I think Erica didn’t like alisa ily Alissa

  • Theodore Vegh
    Theodore Vegh Month ago +1

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