Dababy - Suge (Yea Yea) Official Music Video

  • Published on Mar 4, 2019
  • "Baby on Baby" on all streaming platforms
    Dababy - "Suge" (Yea Yea)
    Producer Jetsonmade
    Billion Dollar Baby Production
    Dir. x Reel Goats
    Story by Dababy x Reel Goats
    DP/Editor @ricodidit
    Video Producer Gemini.one1
    Video Producer Iamspicyrico

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  • Michael Lozano
    Michael Lozano 23 hours ago

    that song is funny😂😁

  • Atlanta Joe
    Atlanta Joe Day ago

    That adidas jumpsuit hard

  • Atlanta Joe
    Atlanta Joe Day ago

    Da Baby hiriaol pissing on the porch

  • Atlanta Joe
    Atlanta Joe Day ago

    When god is behind an artist can no man stop it frfr

  • Atlanta Joe
    Atlanta Joe Day ago

    Who would love to hear a remix of Suge song we got to put all the great rappers up their. @Guccimane @Migos @Tip @Agichi all the great rappers

  • Hosa Toatamab
    Hosa Toatamab Day ago

    0:59 ok he meant it for real

  • Justine Kline
    Justine Kline Day ago

    this beat goes so hard

  • Sparta Lee
    Sparta Lee Day ago

    From this song to the intro.
    Same flow on his album, different beat. 😕 Hopefully he improve cause we need new rappers

  • Martell is a qt
    Martell is a qt Day ago

    Teachers:wow he is never going to make it in life
    Da babay:"I'm the type to make a nigga think I'm broke then I pop out with one million".

  • Rene Ortiz
    Rene Ortiz Day ago

    Everyone failed to notice that the contract had "Life Contract" written on it and the guy was practically forced to sign it! People often misinterpret the idea of "selling your soul". It isn't cutting your hand, letting the blood drip on a pentagram and saying some demonic prayer; It is simply ignoring God and doing things for the love of money.

  • Kellie Dizon
    Kellie Dizon Day ago

    I love when he smiles LOL

  • Shar L.
    Shar L. Day ago

    Puts me in the mind of Pac in poetic justice when he worked in the post office lol very great video.

  • Banks Nicholson
    Banks Nicholson Day ago

    How do you say it?

  • Bones Doonny
    Bones Doonny Day ago

    Du-BAI BEE

  • Yassin Zappa
    Yassin Zappa Day ago

    The most underrated Rapper strikes again

  • Liqliq FNGameplays
    Liqliq FNGameplays Day ago +2

    Play this song in 2x speed it’s lit 🔥

  • Jyanigma Bolthouse

    Sugarrhilllllllll htwnnnnnn bb

  • YNW.S.A
    YNW.S.A Day ago


  • Junior Medina
    Junior Medina Day ago

    this song used to play in the radio all of the time.

  • Phylisha King
    Phylisha King Day ago

    Dababy is famous

  • Long live Waheguru

    Lael Hanson?

  • Belem Romero
    Belem Romero Day ago

    2:24 me tryna twerk

  • ralvarez1366
    ralvarez1366 Day ago

    Nuevo Mexico....takin shit n ima slap da shit out ya...Yea Yea ……..Da baby..dats whats up dogg!!

  • Carrie Jane
    Carrie Jane Day ago

    Flow Mayweather

  • S1L3NT R34P
    S1L3NT R34P Day ago

    when the bass hit hard,i do a woah xD

  • Sir Wellington
    Sir Wellington Day ago


  • Itz Sentle
    Itz Sentle Day ago

    Dababy is the type of person to bring fishing gear on an airplane

  • Brennan Mckay
    Brennan Mckay Day ago

    High sky copyed this

  • Latekia Blair
    Latekia Blair Day ago

    My baby like this song

  • Suparbhat Raturi
    Suparbhat Raturi Day ago +1

    This is a good remix to Joyner and Tory's song

  • Cesar Villalobos
    Cesar Villalobos Day ago +1

    I was dead when he slapped him and threw poop 1:00

  • eXiT TiMe
    eXiT TiMe Day ago

    163 million fools and this guy's another 1

  • heather hewett
    heather hewett Day ago

    Look like a tarded 4th grader in that shit HA!!!

  • Chess Cadet
    Chess Cadet Day ago

    Producer: What do you want the video to be about.
    Dababby: Huh Huh👊-👊

  • Chess Cadet
    Chess Cadet Day ago

    I knew dababby from loveliveserve lol I'm I the only one

  • Keesha Lady
    Keesha Lady Day ago

    I'm looking for the song at the end...what's the name??

  • Acia Menafee
    Acia Menafee Day ago

    He's sexy

  • Lakeisha Moman
    Lakeisha Moman Day ago

    Yall hateing hey's cool 😛😛😛😜😃😎😎 good job DaBaby

  • isaac Toledo
    isaac Toledo Day ago

    Yeah yeah

  • mr anonymous
    mr anonymous Day ago

    I blame dababy for not recieving my court order child support letter, and they actually me see slide .

  • Jaylon Oneal
    Jaylon Oneal Day ago

    What’s up DaBaby

  • Jaidan Julian
    Jaidan Julian Day ago

    You are cool

  • daiblo demonlord kiruto

    What is the song ad the end pls tell im new

  • Nick Renauld
    Nick Renauld Day ago

    Another dumbass mumble rapper

  • San J
    San J Day ago

    Vbd bnc nv c b hrghs
    Hdhdbx skeptic ejsn f,sjvw fhdnxh vdhxbc

  • Hype Edits
    Hype Edits Day ago +1

    2:42 shit aim

  • Hype Edits
    Hype Edits Day ago +1

    David Bunmi anyone?

  • Fatu G
    Fatu G Day ago

    Is that YK Osiris? 🤣🤣

  • Jacobs Memes
    Jacobs Memes Day ago

    DaBaby the type of guy to knock on someone’s door and ask why did they knock

  • Vincent Omondi
    Vincent Omondi Day ago

    for a moment I thought Dre was in on this. (Yea Yea).

  • Tierra Harris
    Tierra Harris Day ago

    I see your pretty ass 💘

  • lou bailey
    lou bailey Day ago

    And the and the baby did the Billy bounce

  • lou bailey
    lou bailey Day ago +1

    Don't play with the baby cuz he a slap your ass

  • lou bailey
    lou bailey Day ago +1

    Yeah yeah yeah yeah. that she lying

  • __jooniedimples
    __jooniedimples Day ago

    Dababy a whole cutie

  • Shao Kahn
    Shao Kahn Day ago +1

    Your gonna like this comment

  • Boom Da Drilla
    Boom Da Drilla Day ago

    He said nigga more then a racist white president.

  • Peter Makau
    Peter Makau Day ago

    yeah yeah haaaa

  • Manoushka Thevenin

    Yeah yeah you shut your ass cuz you a bad guy brownie

  • Manoushka Thevenin

    You should look ugly boy