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  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
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    Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) episode 173: The Immortal for NES. The review part was filmed in one continuous shot. The Immortal is an isometric adventure game originally created for the Apple IIGS by Will Harvey and published by Electronic Arts. The main plot revolves around a wizard attempting to find his mentor in a large and dangerous labyrinth. The game is known for its high degree of graphic violence (it is much reduced in the NES version) along with its punishing difficulty. Let's see if the Nerd can tackle this game and his own dungeon.
    James Rolfe's Twitter: cinemassacre
    Camera rig operated by:
    Forrest Shamlian and Tom Scholl
    Musical arrangements by Anthony Lombardi:
    Crew: Justin Silverman, Kieran Fallon, Antonio Piluso
    Thanks for the audio help, Andrew Jones from Deity Mics!!
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  • Cinemassacre
    Cinemassacre  8 days ago +153

    Check out the BEHIND THE SCENES here:

    • Zain Ali
      Zain Ali 2 days ago

      Do WWE 2K20.

    • RpgBlaster
      RpgBlaster 3 days ago

      Did he survived the dragon ?

    • Jinx Head
      Jinx Head 5 days ago

      Guardian Legend might be worth a shot :P

    • tenjek
      tenjek 6 days ago

      Def worth checking the BTS out

    • Jinx Head
      Jinx Head 7 days ago

      Dude, do iceclimbers! That game sucks. And thx for all the great fun you brought us, my wife and I binged every episode when we found you a year ago! You rock!

  • TheInsaneComputer Gamer

    Is this a Let's play?!?!

  • piou77piou
    piou77piou 6 hours ago

    Ok. This fucking room is awesome.

  • johnplayer420
    johnplayer420 8 hours ago

    Epic set and costume designs, dude!

  • Benny Bam
    Benny Bam 9 hours ago

    One shot... Okay, nice but the Video was not good at all.

  • Jake H
    Jake H 10 hours ago

    What happend man never see these avgn episodes anymore miss ya avgn

  • Bhargab Das
    Bhargab Das 11 hours ago

    I m so glad avgn is still rocking 👍

  • Richard Cranium
    Richard Cranium 11 hours ago

    What were you thinking???

  • Richard Cranium
    Richard Cranium 11 hours ago

    You ever get a salad at a restaurant and it's got all kinds of weird shit on like shrimp, cactus, mango, and you're like what is this, I just wanted a fukn salad. That's how I'm feeling right now what is all this extra shit nerd? Too much production can be a bad thing

  • Stellarheim
    Stellarheim 14 hours ago

    You are not Immortal, James.

    MDKAI 22 hours ago


  • trobe23z
    trobe23z Day ago +5

    I can't watch anymore, sorry James I appreciate you trying new things but this was lame.

  • RLJG zr069
    RLJG zr069 Day ago

    Tis an awful fortnight to have rought upon ones self a wicked spell-bound curse!

  • Jessie Tamayo
    Jessie Tamayo Day ago


  • Fridtjof Riibe
    Fridtjof Riibe Day ago +1

    This video was incredible, but it doesn’t feel right. I prefer the regular episodes, the fact that you dare to take risks is a good thing though

  • Ivan Angelov
    Ivan Angelov Day ago +1

    Please review sonic boom

  • Reginald Johnson
    Reginald Johnson Day ago +1

    Dear AVGN,
    Don't do this again. It's like your reporting the news or weather. I had to come back and finish watching. Keep it the way it always been.

  • Dan Conover
    Dan Conover Day ago +1

    I remember renting this game every weekend for over a month from West Coast Video here in NJ... Thanks to this video I now know why I have anger issues!... Thanks for reminding me about this game, James!!!... lol

  • Nathaniel Bendy
    Nathaniel Bendy Day ago +1

    Prepare to say goodbye to AVGN because by December 6th we will never see him ever again!

  • Ahmed Sadman
    Ahmed Sadman Day ago +1

    This is by far the worst avgn episode for me.
    One shot or not,
    The direction was horrible!!

  • Aggris Abernathy
    Aggris Abernathy Day ago +1

    This game was made by EA, things have not changed much.

  • Sudimax
    Sudimax Day ago +2

    Why are the episode numbers being removed and thumbnails of old videos being changed?
    Not really diggin the new thumbnail aesthetic

  • TheFirebolt22
    TheFirebolt22 Day ago +1

    Damn, I thought the skeleton would talk

  • John Kimonster
    John Kimonster Day ago +2

    "Unconstitutional government surveillance" - Creepy

  • Skooby Snax
    Skooby Snax Day ago +1

    Seems like an old school dark souls

  • Zenith Studio
    Zenith Studio 2 days ago +1

    2:16 What the hell is that thing?

  • theeoneandonlyibraw
    theeoneandonlyibraw 2 days ago +7

    Dark Souls: Prepare to Die
    The Immortal: Hold my bag of bad smelling spores

  • Haakon Anderson
    Haakon Anderson 2 days ago +2

    Damn dude is 5-8x bigger then the smashing pumpkins right now, that is fucking crazy right

  • Methias Crow
    Methias Crow 2 days ago +2

    I miss when you were good at this. Sadly this doesn't even seem like you anymore.

  • Alexis Sepulveda Fuentes

    Pokemon sword and shield deserves a video

  • BatHunterofDevon
    BatHunterofDevon 2 days ago

    Well, Hurrah, Huzzah! Bravo, AVGN! I didn't think you were interested in vintage British comedy!

  • Brody M.
    Brody M. 2 days ago

    You Should Review Mr. Gimmick For NES, And Guess What? The Game Is Hard And It Was Made By Sunsoft!

  • Rodrigo Wolupeck
    Rodrigo Wolupeck 2 days ago

    Uh, Shakespeare in The Park? Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?

  • Vlad Tepes
    Vlad Tepes 2 days ago

    givin into the sup-par is what keeps mankind alive: a strong belive that the shitty is all there is - n so we marry.

  • Henri Klokkenberg
    Henri Klokkenberg 2 days ago +7

    my friends: so what kinda movies are you into?
    me: you wouldn't get it

  • Mark Spark
    Mark Spark 2 days ago

    Did Immortal come out on any other console apart from the NES

  • g shelton
    g shelton 3 days ago +1

    This was a fucking fantastic episode!!

  • Rojel 45
    Rojel 45 3 days ago

    Please rewiew bomb jack for nes your Work is always great

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    4packdaddy 3 days ago

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    Blanca Hernandez 3 days ago

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  • Mark Howard Ganzon
    Mark Howard Ganzon 3 days ago

    Highly impressive.

  • Myles Mashburn
    Myles Mashburn 3 days ago

    Here’s a suggestion: Tower of Druaga by Namco. Always wanted to see someone big talk about it.

  • nyfinest017
    nyfinest017 3 days ago

    Kinda glad you mentioned Blackadder, it is really funny.

  • Craters Away
    Craters Away 3 days ago

    wanna play a bad game play fortnite

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    Doc McBungas 3 days ago

    Play WILD WOODY you psycho. Please :)

  • Vollystri MKII
    Vollystri MKII 3 days ago

    holy fuck the production and the narrative of this video is amazing

  • Mr_ Testuo
    Mr_ Testuo 3 days ago +3

    Avgn is not the same anymore

    • PrdPak
      PrdPak 2 days ago +1

      watch this, then say something, AVGN worked very hard for this episode.

  • J Martin
    J Martin 4 days ago

    Always look forward to your videos. Sure the old is gold but even getting new content is awesome.

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith 4 days ago

    What kinda NES was that?

  • Simo Heinonen
    Simo Heinonen 4 days ago +1

    ”Even the item kills you.” So much for ”Immortal”, right?

  • Brian Vetrano
    Brian Vetrano 4 days ago

    Please do another 12 days of shitmas to end this year nerd !

  • Connor Currie
    Connor Currie 4 days ago

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  • Ryan Ventura
    Ryan Ventura 4 days ago


  • Sinh Tran
    Sinh Tran 4 days ago

    Could the Avgn review super clash bros?

  • Josh R
    Josh R 4 days ago

    Cue cards everywhere. Smart with your presumed time constraints.

  • Spetsnaz Kitten
    Spetsnaz Kitten 4 days ago

    Is anyone gonna mention how much fucking effort the Nerd put into this skit? They just get better and better, fuck i wanna play immortal on my commodore 64 now.

  • Demon Gamer
    Demon Gamer 4 days ago

    Hey nerd!, Look up camdrome

  • Skye Reynolds
    Skye Reynolds 4 days ago

    This is one take, so no pausing the video.

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    Dave Goolsby 4 days ago

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    AnythingGoes 4 days ago +1

    We are not worthy 🙌🙇