How To Mount Your Cell Phone to Your Motorcycle Handlebars

  • Published on Feb 19, 2014
  • Easily mount your cell phone to your motorcycle handlebars. The Velocity Clip mount works with all smartphones and can accommodate any protective case. Use with iPhone, Android, Samsung, Nokia, and Windows Phones. The Velocity Clip Bike Mount is universal so it will fit anything with handlebars. Mount to your bicycle, dirt bike, Harley, street bike, road bike, mountain bike, jet ski, snowmobile, quad or ATV.
    Use your cell phones GPS or film with your HD camera to record awesome POV videos of your rides. Also because you will be using your mobile phone you can edit, upload, and share instantly!
    Check it out at:
    Velocity Clip is 1/3 the price of a GoPro, and 1/2 the price of Optrix, MiVeu, or Mophie OutRide.
    Most smartphones feature quality video recording in 1080p HD. That's great and all, but when you're rocketing down a rocky mountain side or snowy slope at warp speed or even pushing your kids on the swings, it's safe to say both your hands are going to be spoken for. That's where the Velocity Clip Smartphone Video Mount comes in.
    Velocity Clip allows you to transform the smartphone you already own into an amazing hands-free POV video camera. It allows bikers, skateboarders, hikers, snowboarders, and parents to conveniently record all of those special moments hands free!
    Best of all Velocity Clip is totally universal. Velocity Clip will hold any smartphone on the market. Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Nokia, protective case, no matter what is in your pocket we've got you covered! We've even tested it with the Galaxy Note III with an Otter Box case (that's the largest phone on the market and one of the biggest protective cases)!
    Use any one of the 6 Velocity Clip accessories (Chest Mount, Head Mount, Bike Handlebar Mount, Adhesive Mounts, Monopod, or Suction Cup Mount) to keep your camera optimally located for video capture while you focus on enjoying the moment. It's been tested up to 150 mph, under water, as well as in jarring conditions that would see any conventional mount shaken loose. Revolutionize your smartphone with this bar mount!
    Check it out at:
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Comments • 6

  • A.F. Wood Floors
    A.F. Wood Floors 4 years ago

    Great intro on the mount. Any sample vids that you've recorded with your phone?

  • Voltron1823
    Voltron1823 5 years ago

    hahahaha watch this video with captions on. It's hilarious.

  • dakillas34
    dakillas34 5 years ago

    If you have English captions turned on, at 1:45 it says "back on now you're for an awesome porn videos" instead of point of view videos lol
    Anyways, I'm debating on getting this. I think it'd look too weird on a helmet, and I would only be able to put it on the top instead of one of the sides. And on the handlebars, it looks like you can't adjust it left/right. Only up/down. Is that correct? :/

    • dakillas34
      dakillas34 5 years ago

      @SmartReviews Yeah I'm only going to be doing street riding. Actually just got my first bike. 2009 Honda Rebel 250. Pretty good on turning so far, not so much on keeping it upright while stopped on a slope though. But it's a start :3
      Yes they do lol I use them on videos that the sound doesn't work properly on (need to update my graphics driver) and they fail often.

    • SmartReviews
      SmartReviews  5 years ago

      That is correct, only up and down. If you are doing trail riding the camera in the Handlebar Mount will vibrate quite a bit (its just physics), its a great mount to have to pull some POV video out under ideal conditions (like a smooth part of the trail or in the air) but I now use the Chest Mount for the majority of my filming.
      PS. RU-clip captions suck LOL