NFL QB Jared Goff Pranks Unsuspecting College Football Team

  • Published on Apr 24, 2018
  • ►Watch Kris Bryant's Transfer Prank here:
    ►See more of the epic prank at
    Jared Goff may be a star QB for the Los Angeles Rams, but for one magical spring day, he was a transfer into the Ventura College football team in Southern California. In what could go down as the football prank of the year, Goff and the coaching staff at Ventura College tricked the team into believing he was the hot shot newcomer eyeing the starting QB job. Needless to say, the real quarterbacks on the roster were none too pleased!
    Some may remember when Chicago Cubs baseball star Kris Bryant transferred into a community college back in 2016 to prank a team. This follows that same juicy plot, just in time for the NFL Draft of 2018. You’re welcome.
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      cmp. rj Day ago

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      nckhrt 10 days ago

      Red Bull you also hit 8 mil

    • jojomoananu
      jojomoananu Month ago


    • Justin Chea
      Justin Chea 6 months ago

      Now u got 8.2 MIL lol

  • M Detlef
    M Detlef 6 hours ago

    In Connecticut they bring in men to run high school GIRLS’ TRACK. Guess what....they WIN. Yeah, SHOCKING, huh???

  • Truebrouce
    Truebrouce 7 hours ago

    Where is number 18 these days ? Car wash? Walmart?

  • Jacob Tucker
    Jacob Tucker 18 hours ago

    System qb

  • Brandon Sly
    Brandon Sly 22 hours ago

    They prpbably thought they were winning the national championship till coach told em who he was. Haha

  • Michael Rice
    Michael Rice 23 hours ago

    Love to see Brady do this

  • Davis J
    Davis J Day ago +3

    #18 tiny af. Mouth bigger than his biceps

  • uNsizzle D
    uNsizzle D Day ago


  • Alexander Krider

    Then scores 3 in a sb

  • Bly Guy
    Bly Guy Day ago

    I'm trying to get money, go D1. Did homie just admit that D1 college football players are getting paid?

  • Billy Ruben
    Billy Ruben Day ago +2

    That was funny, but still ain't watching the anti-American NFL. Nice to have my Sundays back.

  • MTLJack
    MTLJack Day ago

    The same feeling you get when you discover your teammate is a smurf and is a challenger in LoL

  • The eric lai
    The eric lai Day ago +7

    They literally put a mole on him and a wig and nobody noticed him😂😭

    • The eric lai
      The eric lai Day ago

      PuLseFire 17 you right you right😂

    • PuLseFire 17
      PuLseFire 17 Day ago

      The eric lai well you don’t expect him to be Jarred Goff loo😂

  • pr4nk5tr
    pr4nk5tr Day ago

    He doesn't look that strong, how can he throw that far

  • ChrisENT
    ChrisENT Day ago

    What’s #18 name I wanna know where he at.

  • The Truth
    The Truth 2 days ago

    Look at my mole

  • kranky dong
    kranky dong 2 days ago

    mixed grip is illegal

  • Nolan C.
    Nolan C. 2 days ago +1

    Am i the only one who would feel like they would recognize him with the transfer stuff on

  • taylor
    taylor 2 days ago

    Brock’s throw is weird

  • The mystic parrots
    The mystic parrots 2 days ago

    Guys there wearing ab helmet

  • Dermot O'Sullivan
    Dermot O'Sullivan 2 days ago

    This didn't have me on the floor laughing

  • Burt Burt
    Burt Burt 2 days ago

    Good job Goff, now you get a bunch of college kids, wanting to practice with you...

  • Mitchell Fink
    Mitchell Fink 2 days ago

    jonte broski what a name

  • Josh Stimage
    Josh Stimage 2 days ago

    If Goff would've use the "Turbo Set" cadence, his whole cover would've been blown.

  • Nixxy
    Nixxy 2 days ago +27

    #18 is tiny af. He ain’t goin anywhere.

  • Broly I
    Broly I 3 days ago

    This was awesome.

  • chris alexzander
    chris alexzander 3 days ago

    #18 retarded asf like stfu

  • james clemens
    james clemens 3 days ago +6

    #18 is a bad apple. Only tolerable to a point if he can affect his team in a positive way and do great things to back up the mouth

    • Rich Rocks
      Rich Rocks Day ago +1

      I'm surprised his coach let's him talk that way in team meetings. Fun fact: His name is Antonio Brown lol

  • LeVarion Morin
    LeVarion Morin 3 days ago

    WTH HAPPENED AT 6:02 listen carefully it sounds like a troll grunt 😂😂😂😂 reply or like if u herd it

  • L
    L 3 days ago

    18 getting off too easy for that backtalk

  • Jd F
    Jd F 3 days ago

    We need more of this kind of pranks

  • Brian DL
    Brian DL 3 days ago +1

    #18 is 5'5 the damn coach is taller than him 😂😂

  • CIint Beastwood
    CIint Beastwood 3 days ago +2

    I wish they did way more of these.

  • Carlos Chavez
    Carlos Chavez 3 days ago

    One way to inspire the younger future pro's. Great prank

  • jhonsonrules1
    jhonsonrules1 3 days ago +21

    Number 16✅
    Strong arm✅
    Beats out and pisses off current starters✅
    Long blonde hair✅
    Disguised Jared Goff is just Trevor Lawrence

  • Ryan Nelson
    Ryan Nelson 3 days ago

    Thats awesome

  • Vincent Acinapura
    Vincent Acinapura 3 days ago +24

    Jared Goff has more touchdowns in this vid than in the Super Bowl

    • Sosa I
      Sosa I 11 hours ago

      Vincent Acinapura lmao he’s talking about he select few. This team was complete garbage why u think that WR gave Jared the stank face when he asked him about their record. Ain’t none of them kids making d1

    • Vincent Acinapura
      Vincent Acinapura Day ago

      Sosa I 0:15 d1 actually

    • Sosa I
      Sosa I Day ago +1

      Vincent Acinapura u mean to tell me he threw more td against division 3 athletes than one of the best nfl defenses in the league? Color me surprised Vincent.

    • Vincent Acinapura
      Vincent Acinapura 2 days ago

      DwadeFL4SHMV3 no u

    • DwadeFL4SHMV3
      DwadeFL4SHMV3 2 days ago +1

      Vincent Acinapura you expect him to have more TDs against pro players in the Super Bowl compared to non D1 kids?

  • Scott R
    Scott R 3 days ago

    What's cool is the team stood by their QB. The one guy said "but I like Brock".

  • Roxy Cotton
    Roxy Cotton 4 days ago +1

    Whatsup with the black dude making it all about money?

  • Mark Jackson
    Mark Jackson 4 days ago

    They should do this with other QBs

  • fumblerooskie
    fumblerooskie 4 days ago

    That's a fun prank.

  • pat phanhsackdy
    pat phanhsackdy 4 days ago

    That was cool

  • Sports Duo
    Sports Duo 4 days ago +1

    0:34 last name

  • Nixxy
    Nixxy 4 days ago +4

    This school should be on Last Chance U.

  • Andrew Jatib
    Andrew Jatib 4 days ago

    *Before reveal*
    QBs: I'm fucked
    Team: our season is saved
    *After reveal*
    QBs: my season is saved
    Team: were fucked

  • Cathie Lund
    Cathie Lund 4 days ago

    #18 needs to shut up and play.

  • Joseph C
    Joseph C 4 days ago +12

    "he asked if I was the punter"
    "so disrespectful"
    Hahahaha the irony XD

  • Daniel Wentzell
    Daniel Wentzell 5 days ago

    Why wasn’t he like that in the Super Bowl?

  • Julio Villanueva
    Julio Villanueva 5 days ago

    Lol he's not famous enough to do stuff like this

  • Ildado
    Ildado 5 days ago +2

    Goff tried to look like Trevor Lawrence #16

  • lot0pie
    lot0pie 5 days ago

    3:36 is this what y’all mad about??

  • Dirty Sanchez
    Dirty Sanchez 5 days ago +1

    #18 doesn't realize he can't pull a Antonio Brown attitude because he's not at that level

    • Rusty Fuller
      Rusty Fuller 3 days ago +1

      He thinks he can because his real name is also Antonio Brown😂

  • Jonathan Long
    Jonathan Long 5 days ago +72

    18 is the type of dude who makes your team do sprints.

  • Brad the impaler
    Brad the impaler 5 days ago

    What was your score last year?
    That's why they sent me here

  • Matthew Vlogs
    Matthew Vlogs 5 days ago

    All I heard was “I” 😂😂

  • Austin Hyde
    Austin Hyde 5 days ago

    Number 18 really isn’t that good

  • Bodhi Jones
    Bodhi Jones 5 days ago

    He went to the high school that I’m going to rn

  • S P
    S P 5 days ago

    HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol I`m a Raider fn but I LOVE football----------- I wish Jared a great success in the NFL. I think we all thought wtf his first year,,,but he has turned it on and I think he has what it takes to play many years in the NFL. This was fun to watch. GO RAIDERS!!!!!

  • Jarius Jones
    Jarius Jones 5 days ago


  • Robert Bradford
    Robert Bradford 5 days ago

    I loved the vlog🤙😎

  • skdjdf zjdkdkff
    skdjdf zjdkdkff 5 days ago

    Inverted joke in Superbowl

  • aka_novio
    aka_novio 6 days ago

    First few throws he thought he was in the Superbowl

  • Lemon
    Lemon 6 days ago +1

    I have as many super bowl tds as Jared Goff

  • Scotts Freeny
    Scotts Freeny 6 days ago +6

    Guy: I like Brock
    Coach: Yeah I like him too
    Guy: You don't like him enough
    Me: LOL

  • Maria Jiao
    Maria Jiao 6 days ago

    His hair make me sick

  • Luke Surette
    Luke Surette 7 days ago

    This is gold

  • Mark Crunkilton
    Mark Crunkilton 7 days ago +1

    1:54 is the best

  • Vinny Rossi
    Vinny Rossi 7 days ago +2

    #18 really needs to tone his swag down! He isn't even that Good!

  • Groo Wanderer
    Groo Wanderer 7 days ago +1

    I like to say Jared Goff with a Russian accent. Then it sounds like something completely different.

  • Memphis ManeTV
    Memphis ManeTV 7 days ago

    That's why I'm here I guess..lmao

  • Icy Beaut
    Icy Beaut 7 days ago

    tany little humans

  • Lawrence Iosia
    Lawrence Iosia 7 days ago


  • Sean Sartor
    Sean Sartor 7 days ago

    "I knew it" NOT !!!

  • TNL_BibzZ
    TNL_BibzZ 7 days ago


  • William Thomas
    William Thomas 8 days ago

    No one was happier than Brock.