What i'm packing for Hawaii + Travel vlog!

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • YAY NEW VLOG! What i'm packing for Hawaii + Travel vlog!
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  • Karla Flores
    Karla Flores 6 days ago

    Ahhh I love country music 😍😍💛 we have the same taste in music lately

  • Naychalee Valentin
    Naychalee Valentin 9 days ago

    My favorite vlogger ❤️

  • Claire Finnerty
    Claire Finnerty 9 days ago

    what happened to penny??

  • Tiffani Linde
    Tiffani Linde 10 days ago

    You're gorgeous

  • Trinity Faye
    Trinity Faye 10 days ago

    Use a reusable straw

  • Mary Leigh Williamson
    Mary Leigh Williamson 11 days ago +5

    this is your job sirrra. it’s not a hobby. this is your job. no other hard working person with a normal job can just stop working because they don’t feel like it or don’t know what to do or whatever. these people telling you to take your time are ridiculous. don’t take your time. get off your butt. stop taking all this “self care” time and do your job.

  • Mary Leigh Williamson
    Mary Leigh Williamson 11 days ago +3

    from what? the 3 minutes of filming (aka the job that you’re getting paid A LOT to do) that you’ve done this week? funny.

  • Haylee zornes
    Haylee zornes 12 days ago

    I thought her and Alex got back together?

  • Rossy Dutch
    Rossy Dutch 13 days ago

    Hi Sierra, I am a student who is currently struggling to pay my tuition fees I’m most likely getting kicked out of university and I don’t where help will come from please help in anyway you can . If not please just say a prayer for me ❤️🙏🏿

  • Bek Stear
    Bek Stear 13 days ago

    Where are you sunnies from?! Need a pair like them! #obsessed! 😍

  • quinn hartnett
    quinn hartnett 15 days ago

    loved the vlog!

  • Omar Ayoub
    Omar Ayoub 16 days ago


  • rayray s
    rayray s 16 days ago +1

    Hey guys lets unsubscribe from her and subscribe to alex. Lets cancel Sierra

  • No fast Fashion
    No fast Fashion 16 days ago

    Horton hears a who!!! Mixed with Scream!!!!!!!!!

  • kayla savage
    kayla savage 17 days ago

    anybody know what the first song was that was playing when she started it?

  • Ida Jansen
    Ida Jansen 17 days ago

    Where is the workout clothes from?

  • Courtney Jennings
    Courtney Jennings 17 days ago

    Okay super random, but PLEASE PLEAAASSSEEE where is your vanity/makeup mirror from? I’ve been searching everywhere for one like it!

  • Valeria
    Valeria 17 days ago

    Everyone is so mean in this comment section, if you want to say something please say it nicely don't forget that you'll be treated the way you treat others.

  • Querencia.tv
    Querencia.tv 18 days ago

    Whats up! we just stumbled over your incredible channel and love your videos. 👍 We are traveling often, maybe you'd also just love to explore our Cinematic Travel Musicvideo as well 🌴 So lets inspire each other. Enjoy your amazing day, and also keep up the wonderful work! 😊

  • Tanya Lane
    Tanya Lane 18 days ago

    Hey Sierra, just wanted to say that I noticed your whole person and attitude changed since the break up; To me it's a good thing and I am so happy for you. I feel like you let go of a lot and I am so excited for more content. Much love.

  • Caitlyn
    Caitlyn 18 days ago

    People! If you don’t like the content then don’t watch it! If you feel the need to comment something negative then go watch an influencer that you actually LIKE and save her the annoyance of your rude and unnecessary comments. She’s human too yo. She’s going through a break up and handling it like a fucking boss. Gtfo if you don’t like it.

  • hannah lucas
    hannah lucas 18 days ago +1

    people in these comments are so rude and miss context. im sorry sierra. your'e doing amazing and im so proud. youre happy and kind and incredible

  • Chippy Chompy
    Chippy Chompy 19 days ago

    That starbucks worker that threw the drink was kinda rude 🤣

  • Christianne Ledet
    Christianne Ledet 19 days ago

    What are the Nike shoes your wearing called?! Those are so cute!

  • Kayla Antonovich
    Kayla Antonovich 19 days ago

    her top lip definitely looks like it has been done. like some people look natural but hers stands out? no hate though

  • Halyn Dayrit
    Halyn Dayrit 19 days ago

    What is the song title 0:01?

  • Jen Z
    Jen Z 19 days ago +4

    Miss Remi ashten is cackling at when you put that powder down your throat like that without shaking it with water like her HAHAA

  • H B
    H B 19 days ago

    She’s thriving

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 20 days ago

    Good stuff 💯

  • _Quirt
    _Quirt 20 days ago

    When I commented to you previously I thought this was the Skid Row channel(& I thought you were a Skid Row local named LaTwonda). I apologize.

  • SG SlashGames
    SG SlashGames 20 days ago +1

    Have a Good time in Hawaii

  • Emily
    Emily 20 days ago +2

    I left a comment on the last vlog giving some advice & now my comment is all of a sudden deleted? Your subscribers are simply trying to give you advice on what to vlog since you told us you don’t know what to vlog anymore. Sigh...

  • Rhianna Dang
    Rhianna Dang 20 days ago

    I haven't been completely following along, what happened to penny?💕

    • Rhianna Dang
      Rhianna Dang 19 days ago

      @shash 12 oh okay thankyou

    • shash 12
      shash 12 19 days ago +1

      Rhianna Dang when her and Alex broke up alex took penny bc he gave it to sierra as a gift

  • Plumeria Place
    Plumeria Place 20 days ago

    Enjoy your trip girl! Don't forget to smell the pretty flowers! ;)

  • Ashley Sisley
    Ashley Sisley 20 days ago

    What nikes are those? Im dying to have them

  • Kalina Martinez
    Kalina Martinez 20 days ago

    You excited for kane brown's concert in January 2020 😃!!!

  • islandofjaniece
    islandofjaniece 20 days ago +2

    Yall, just let her be. She just got out of a relationship, she's still young, she's figuring herself out and most likely she isn't feeling as motivated for RU-clip. And that's okay. I get the sense that she is more focused on her real life, as opposed to the vlog life. Give her time and I promise you she'll be back to doing better videos. In the meantime, let's stop being so negative and selfish. I know we WANT to see better vlogs, but realistically, she's going through this new stage in life. So, let's all try and be understanding and have the patience and faith to know that she will come through! This is only my perspective though. Hope everyone is having a good day and remember to be kind 💖

  • Keahi Ohana
    Keahi Ohana 20 days ago

    Aloha from Hawai’i 🌺

  • Mia Redwine
    Mia Redwine 21 day ago

    lol why do you wear jewelry to work out 😂

  • S.K. Beatz
    S.K. Beatz 21 day ago

    Hey how you doing? I’m S.K. @sktru89 music producer and my wife Tiara Luv @tvart92 does graphic design. We just had our first baby Nola Amore Killins sept 14, 2019. Who we hope takes interest in what we do as well lol. But I was wondering if I could send you instrumentals, logos, flyers, business card designs for any future projects. If so how do you need me to send our work?

  • Matlida Boy
    Matlida Boy 21 day ago +31

    I love how she gave zero context as to why she’s going to Hawaii who she’s going with etc. like girl don’t forget we pay your bills

    • Matlida Boy
      Matlida Boy 17 days ago

      @TJ FREAK

    • TJ
      TJ 17 days ago +7

      @Matlida Boy ew. You seem like the type of person to treat any employee anywhere like dirt.

    • Matlida Boy
      Matlida Boy 18 days ago +4

      @Caitlyn Her "content" only makes money by the people commenting and watching her videos. If she didn't have any viewers she wouldn't be making any money. A vlog isn't supposed to leave your viewers confused or unaware of what's going on. Theres not anything interesting in leaving out major context questions.

    • Caitlyn
      Caitlyn 18 days ago +10

      She’s going to Hawaii....for vacation...with her friends...that she showed in the video....and her content pays her bills. Not the awkward 12 year olds in the comments section.

  • First time brownies
    First time brownies 21 day ago +1

    4:45 please what is that soundtrack thing

  • Kika Longkumer
    Kika Longkumer 21 day ago

    OMG I missed kane

  • Alisa Platte
    Alisa Platte 21 day ago

    What was the first song???
    “ I thought I knew it all before I knew what love was”

    • Hannah
      Hannah 20 days ago +3

      @Elizabeth Landwehr 'kinfolks' by sam hunt

    • Elizabeth Landwehr
      Elizabeth Landwehr 20 days ago

      Alisa Platte I am wondering this too!!!!! 😊🙏🏼

  • xoYaSsYox
    xoYaSsYox 21 day ago +5

    dont do that while driving...thats dangerous for you and for everybody around you

  • Eri Kason
    Eri Kason 21 day ago +3

    2:00 Sierra have your own personality please. Teala does this all the time..

  • Edmond Goodfinger
    Edmond Goodfinger 21 day ago

    I enjoyed the video. Did you?
    Walking hand-in-hand, young happy faces tilted up, raindrops falling from the sky.
    Laughter and tears and funny stories on a lonely Sunday, the kind you don't want to get out of bed. You walking Spike and wasn't that ... ?

  • Lush Lavish Lena
    Lush Lavish Lena 21 day ago

    If you don't like what she is filming unsubscribe people, She gets money from her views. I have been watching several youtubers for years and now it feels like they are different people with money.

  • Ashley Jade
    Ashley Jade 21 day ago +1

    😲 ... I was not expecting Kane AT ALL!!! Omgosh! ... Random BUT amazing! 💕

  • Ale9jandra
    Ale9jandra 21 day ago

    1. what nail color are you wearing? 2. What shoes do you wear to the gym? 3. I hope you're doing good

  • Jocelyn Osti
    Jocelyn Osti 21 day ago +3

    Dude did I miss a vlog about her dog?? Can someone answer where Penny went?😂

  • Jenn
    Jenn 21 day ago +1

    If you're on Oahu FYI Manoa Falls is closed if you wanted to actually hike.

  • Whoknows ?
    Whoknows ? 22 days ago +22

    Girl plz think before you film. These vlogs are just getting worse and worse

    • Caitlyn
      Caitlyn 18 days ago +1

      Vlogs aren’t meant to be planned out. They’re supposed to just show a day in her life. You should check out her main channel if that’s the content you’re looking for! 😊

  • Carolinevels
    Carolinevels 22 days ago +75

    Maybe she doesn’t like to film anymore because Alex use to be her editor and now she’s too lazy to edit her own videos 🤷🏻‍♀️ Im assuming

  • Awesomeness
    Awesomeness 22 days ago +8

    You should do modeling, you have the looks and the bod.

  • Mia Ricci21
    Mia Ricci21 22 days ago

    Okay kinda bit late asking this, but what happen to penny??

  • Darby Darby
    Darby Darby 22 days ago +3

    Penny? Is she with Alex plz explain

    • GeelyM 35
      GeelyM 35 14 days ago

      Alex has a RU-clip if you wanna check that out, but she is with him

    • Darby Darby
      Darby Darby 21 day ago +1

      Oh thx I don't have instant though

    • Jazmin Rye
      Jazmin Rye 22 days ago +1

      Darby Darby if you look at Alex’s Instagram you can see that he has penny! She looks super happy.

  • Alyssa Leidenius
    Alyssa Leidenius 22 days ago

    please answer do you know Holly Strilof?? you used to be friends with her

  • Stefanie Stefanov
    Stefanie Stefanov 22 days ago +6

    I know you are trying to change parts of you life, in order for you to be happy, but its really weird the way you treat your fans compared to how you used to/ telling us what your doing and showing us a glance just shows that you dont care in a way.

  • Vanessa Baltierra
    Vanessa Baltierra 22 days ago +94

    It’s crazy because when she was with Alex she said she just wasn’t happy with him and honestly just watching this ...girl,you still aren’t happy

    • JustSimply
      JustSimply 21 day ago +3

      Awesomeness she didn’t but you could tell

    • Awesomeness
      Awesomeness 22 days ago +1

      When did she say she wasn't happy with him?