Justin Bieber - How To Love (Lil Wayne Cover)

  • Published on Jul 27, 2011
  • Justin Bieber - How To Love (Lil Wayne Cover)

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  • genx251
    genx251 6 years ago

    Wow. Over 700K views and you still haven't credited the actual singer, Tae Brooks.

  • Mrs. Tony Perry
    Mrs. Tony Perry 6 years ago

    this isn't Justin it doesn't even sound like him

  • Ashley Lynch
    Ashley Lynch 6 years ago


  • gideongraves231
    gideongraves231 6 years ago

    A year ago XD wow, I used to listen to some bad music.

  • Ruben Guevara
    Ruben Guevara 6 years ago


  • Kailee B.
    Kailee B. 6 years ago

    this is tae brooks :s

  • Grace Orbase
    Grace Orbase 6 years ago

    check my channel. I got a rare version of jb's how to love! original!

  • Rusati dunç
    Rusati dunç 6 years ago


  • genx251
    genx251 6 years ago

    Did you know this isn't Justin's cover? His is posted under the name recklessswaggg. This vid is one of several copies of Tae Brooks' cover done months before JB's. Since you like this, check out Tae's channel. He's got lots of good songs over there. It's a shame someone is using his music and doesn't even credit him.

  • Emma Stewart
    Emma Stewart 7 years ago

    this is Tae Brooks..... just sayin....

  • Abby Lee
    Abby Lee 7 years ago


  • genx251
    genx251 7 years ago

    You'd think a channel that calls themselves ItsJustinBieberTV would not want to intentionally misrepresent JB and deceive its viewers. Why haven't you credited the young artist, Tae Brooks, whose work got copied and passed off as Justin... unless you're really just in it for the views.

  • Matt Hogsten
    Matt Hogsten 7 years ago

    Thanks Justin for ruining a song. Doesn't surprise me with ur douch mouth

  • CONTRAA cvc
    CONTRAA cvc 7 years ago


  • l||l Ehoista
    l||l Ehoista 7 years ago

    OMG so much gays here and lesbias omg omg why ????????

  • Anna Sofie Olsen
    Anna Sofie Olsen 7 years ago

    Yes ;)

  • genx251
    genx251 7 years ago

    Did you know it is Tae Brooks you are loving? :)

  • Anna Sofie Olsen
    Anna Sofie Olsen 7 years ago

    I love this3

  • genx251
    genx251 7 years ago

    Right. This is a copy of the cover Tae Brooks did.

  • AkiraxSaki
    AkiraxSaki 7 years ago

    It's not Justin in this video. -_-

  • a editha
    a editha 7 years ago

    If you guys think this is awesome, try listening to Tyler Ward's rock cover.

  • egypt butler
    egypt butler 7 years ago

    Wow sounds good

  • Herondale
    Herondale 7 years ago

    This sucks is Justin tryin To be like the AmaZayn Lil Wayne *Thumbs Down*

  • genx251
    genx251 7 years ago

    Justin did a cover of this song but this isn't it. This vid was copied from Tae Brooks's channel.

  • zakk waters
    zakk waters 7 years ago

    yes it is and whoever says justin bieber is gay he is really not yall are just haters don't need to say that about him i wish i was his girlfriend i can sing good i love him and yall need to find something else too do because y'all just need a life justin has a life why cant you get one!! ILY JB! ;)

  • Young Savvi
    Young Savvi 7 years ago


  • jealyn ababan
    jealyn ababan 7 years ago

    heHeHe i LOvE this soNg..

  • genx251
    genx251 7 years ago

    I don't expect you to just take my word over the word of the uploader. Do your own research and you'll see this is clearly a copy of Tae Brooks's cover being passed off as Justin. It is word for word and note for note identical to the full version audio download on Tae's channel - the pitch is just lowered. You're a musician so I'm sure as soon as you did that you'd see that this vid misrepresents both Justin's name and Tae's voice. Peace.

  • The Britt Marie
    The Britt Marie 7 years ago

    no its not

  • Consuelo Hernandez
    Consuelo Hernandez 7 years ago

    i guess .

  • gelizabeth pranker
    gelizabeth pranker 7 years ago

    my last name is carter and so is lil wanynes

  • genx251
    genx251 7 years ago

    The person who copied this edited the pitch to make it lower, so that might be what you're hearing. Tae's cover sounds a little higher, but this really is a copy of Tae Brooks ft Juke.

  • Jayme Caudill
    Jayme Caudill 7 years ago

    I just listened to tar brooks and this don't even sound like him

  • genx251
    genx251 7 years ago

    The rapper on this song by Tae Brooks is Juke. If you listen to Juke's new single All Day you'll hear what I'm saying. Only thing that's Justin on this vid is the picture.

  • mazhar abro
    mazhar abro 7 years ago

    hmmmm nice song i like it .......how to love justin bieber you rock it baby....

  • Charlotte Lorimer
    Charlotte Lorimer 8 years ago


  • Charlotte Lorimer
    Charlotte Lorimer 8 years ago

    were can you find the real one of him singing?

  • corporal723
    corporal723 8 years ago

    lade lil wayne (la original) es 20.000.000 mejor que esta(con todos los respetos a l@s beliebers)

  • Leonardo Araujo N
    Leonardo Araujo N 8 years ago

    lil wayne é melhor

  • Semmy
    Semmy 8 years ago

    is this justin voice?? i have never hear this voice of justin..

  • Rafael Alonso
    Rafael Alonso 8 years ago

    @AuroraChicharrera r u kiddin me right?

  • Aurora Armas
    Aurora Armas 8 years ago

    Ya me mato(L) We love it(L)!

  • Emily Davidson
    Emily Davidson 8 years ago

    Yeahh thought so, haa i mean i love justin his my life and i know his music when i hear it(; haaa thankss(:

  • Emily Davidson
    Emily Davidson 8 years ago

    well, eaither ive been taking some really wieard shit or this isnt justin bieber!!(:

  • niyamari10
    niyamari10 8 years ago

    go JUSTIN coming to your concert soon

  • Vallentina Yuksel
    Vallentina Yuksel 8 years ago

    @kappuppylove4ever it's not even justin...

  • kappuppylove4ever
    kappuppylove4ever 8 years ago

    @kickemhi Oops! I thought it sounded like him :S Thanks! :)

  • TTT 4u6#
    TTT 4u6# 8 years ago

    Is this Really JB? I dont Think so.... Cuz Justin Bieber Can't sing this song :P

  • kappuppylove4ever
    kappuppylove4ever 8 years ago

    Justin is reallly awesome in this song!

  • Sierra Johnson
    Sierra Johnson 8 years ago

    I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER IM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN NO MATER WHAT I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU when i have kid and they have celbatie crush i will tell them my stoie I LOVE YOU

  • Fauzia Jafar
    Fauzia Jafar 8 years ago

    @mjc8133 its tae brooks

  • Dunkin Deeznuts
    Dunkin Deeznuts 8 years ago

    btw man ur getting hate on this video because someone posted this on a website called 4chan telling people to dislike it, your good though bro dont let the haters get you down.

  • coolfunkDJ
    coolfunkDJ 8 years ago

    if this was justing beibers cover id tell him how to love,this is what id say "you need to love by having puberty,maybe then youll be a good singer and actually love,coz right now you dont know how to love because your sound high!" sorry beliebers i arnt taking justing beiber off im saying tht he just doesnt sound right :/

  • HeyGiirl55
    HeyGiirl55 8 years ago

    That's not Justin...

  • KS
    KS 8 years ago

    this is the real one!

  • Zuriel Perez
    Zuriel Perez 8 years ago

    I hate this song now

  • Alexander
    Alexander 8 years ago

    It's Tae Brooks

  • Mike Walsh
    Mike Walsh 8 years ago


  • Emma Magness
    Emma Magness 8 years ago

    this isnt him