Attack on Titan is Incredible Now.

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
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    So I finally caught up on Attack on Titan and was absolutely blown away by it, I never thought the series would get this good when looking back when this first aired, but here we are now.
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  • PatchCornAdams723
    PatchCornAdams723 13 hours ago

    Is Attack on Titan an allegory for how the Jews have destroyed Europe? I gave up on it -halfway through season 2- after season 1 ended, because I felt like it got very drawn-out, and I had other things to binge, but this one looks captivating and fresh.

  • Jair Navas
    Jair Navas 14 hours ago

    Attack On Titan is literally my favorite show!!! I cant wait for season 4! It's gonna be a fucking masterpiece!

  • Yuni møøñ
    Yuni møøñ 14 hours ago

    So uhh does that mean that we r gonna see Levi die...

    Cuz I don't wanna do dat

  • Giulio Emme
    Giulio Emme 18 hours ago

    I don't know what makes me more excited, all the mindblowing reveals of this season, or the fact that Eren is keeping some Infos a secret to everyone else.

  • Giulio Emme
    Giulio Emme 18 hours ago

    I'm hyped beyond human understanding levels for the next season

  • SkyOfDarknesss
    SkyOfDarknesss 22 hours ago

    what’s the song at 12:40 called?

  • nev luvsroses
    nev luvsroses Day ago

    I started to watched Attack on Titan in 6th grade once I first got Netflix. It was literally my first anime and I will continue to stan

  • Armin Arlert
    Armin Arlert Day ago



  • Sophie!!
    Sophie!! Day ago

    the end of the video gave me goosebumps 🥺‼️

  • No Name
    No Name Day ago


  • Andre Fernandes
    Andre Fernandes Day ago

    watch it while listenng to this:
    I promisse its worth it..

  • Imperial Watch
    Imperial Watch Day ago

    Now we just have to pray to god that they won't 'one punch man S2' AOT season 4. I hope a studio change won't be happening at all.

  • Aarow the Blacksmith

    15:11 Goddamn, sums me up perfectly. That's why I don't like going to the theater and being surrounded by people overreacting to every scene.

  • VIISe7en
    VIISe7en Day ago

    Great video! Just curious, what is the title of the song at the end of this video?

  • Bran Coan
    Bran Coan Day ago +3

    Manga readers who've read the latest chapter will understand:
    Gigguk you didn't like the first season, and then liked the other two, because Eren wanted you to.

  • Aya
    Aya Day ago

    Hey gigguk please make a review on banana fish anime

  • Skylark Ravenslark

    I was hooked since Episode 1 ... what a pilot episode ... going to manga ... while waiting for the anime ... usually that's a bad idea as you no longer get surprised ... but they surprise us anyway ! One of the best anime (I miss Claymore T_T) in this genre(s)

  • Maru 42
    Maru 42 Day ago +1

    "You know what they say, never bring a sword to a gun fight"

    Levi in s3 p1: Let me in introduce myself...

  • ꪜ عَلي الحُسَينيّ

    Now that’s some good shit

  • Kesara Rathnayake
    Kesara Rathnayake Day ago +1

    21:58 GOOSEBUMPS

  • Erico Panergalin
    Erico Panergalin 2 days ago

    9:30 me too

  • Erico Panergalin
    Erico Panergalin 2 days ago

    Attack on titan season 3 part 2 only has 10 episodes

    • nvir
      nvir 21 hour ago

      Season 3 has 22 episodes, sounds better

  • Benjamin Flagg
    Benjamin Flagg 2 days ago +3

    Attack on Titan follows basic logic arithmetic rules.
    3>2>1= Valid/True

    STARLIGHT LORD 2 days ago +1

    Where to watch season 3

  • LRGonzales
    LRGonzales 2 days ago

    What’s the music at 6:58?

  • mango
    mango 2 days ago

    this video just made all my stored up emotions about the anime burst.

  • TheBfutgreg
    TheBfutgreg 2 days ago

    I've noticed a lot of parallels to Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood in this show

  • TheBfutgreg
    TheBfutgreg 2 days ago

    So wtf was that quadruped Titan? Brings new meaning to the term "duckface" No manga spoilers please

    • Andrea Draghi
      Andrea Draghi 2 days ago +1

      Bro get the hell out of here spoilers are everywhere

  • TheBfutgreg
    TheBfutgreg 2 days ago

    2nd opening (music) is better, the melodies are more uplifting there I said it

  • Louise Bouguerra
    Louise Bouguerra 2 days ago

    you are h i l a r i o u s

  • Night Elf
    Night Elf 2 days ago

    this was biggest outplay tio haters in anime history no one saw this complicated story coming

  • Alpha
    Alpha 2 days ago +1

    Help me what's the song at the background on 8:00?

  • ugh hi
    ugh hi 2 days ago

    what's the track at 17:20 ?

    • Ehrde
      Ehrde Day ago


  • Kyle Pastarov
    Kyle Pastarov 3 days ago

    one word:


  • Tiago Rafael
    Tiago Rafael 3 days ago +2

    Pisses me off that on the first episode Eren doesn't comment on Mikasa's hair like he does in the manga. Amazing foreshadow

  • Space
    Space 3 days ago

    I think the technology in Naruto is like that because of the feud between their nations so they don’t have time to develop their tech.

  • José Miguel De toro B

    Dude, you haven’t seen the greatest yet.
    The manga actually went crazy

  • Eric Bengts
    Eric Bengts 3 days ago

    I like to listen to this before i go to bed tbh, the end just get me hyped/happy/calm and its just really relaxing somehow, in others words thank you for giving us this video

  • Aden sk8erboy
    Aden sk8erboy 3 days ago

    I literally hated attack on Titan I saw memes of titans of how stupid they look and how they eat people never gave it a chance I just thought it was gonna be like a anime where all they do is kill Giants yet it goes way more deep than that when anyone who hasn't watched it I strongly recommend it.

  • Spectralniy
    Spectralniy 3 days ago +2

    Hi from Russia. :D
    Attack on Titan is better than game of the thrones. It's the most epic anime that I ever watch.

  • Alessia Amore
    Alessia Amore 3 days ago

    I got 22 minutes of shivers while watching the video. I completely agree with you and it's so good having someone saying all of this out loud!

  • Sel Furyx
    Sel Furyx 3 days ago

    Me: Trying to convince my brother to watch Attack on Titan
    Me: Knows he skips the op of any anime
    Me: Mission Failed

  • SamBeg StHa2
    SamBeg StHa2 3 days ago

    AoT should be a series.

    • Hi Hi
      Hi Hi 2 days ago

      SamBeg StHa2 what do you mean?

  • HighPlayer
    HighPlayer 3 days ago

    you don't just fuckin say that *bertoltoototo* wasn't even in the first season

  • Sindilimmi the Cheeky Brawler

    your review of AOT is my emotions beautifully put into words!

  • Ricardo Galvis
    Ricardo Galvis 3 days ago

    Amazing video. Great work!

  • Cheech Whit
    Cheech Whit 3 days ago

    damn season 4 is it... Shit... the manga is about to end then... holy shit...

  • Cheech Whit
    Cheech Whit 3 days ago

    why are we obsessed with Boxes? especially mystery boxes, weird...

  • Hiits aabidah
    Hiits aabidah 3 days ago

    me in the future making my kids watch aot religiously

  • Ari Aesthetics
    Ari Aesthetics 3 days ago

    The Best Anime Out Here!! Season 3 Part 2 Gave Me A Literal Panic Attack While Watching. I Was On The Edge Of My Seat 😭💕

  • Ita Pupu
    Ita Pupu 4 days ago +14

    Eren told Gigguk to make this video.

    AULAZ 4 days ago

    20:41 what anime is that?

  • Sammuel Miranda
    Sammuel Miranda 4 days ago +1

    Sayed it all.

  • Ned Stark
    Ned Stark 4 days ago +1

    Get ready for all the deaths in s4😂

  • Gamer QC
    Gamer QC 4 days ago +4

    As a manga reader, holy shit are all you anime watchers in for a ride.

  • IG: confused_melo to see proof he is garbage #Ginga

    Incredible now??😭😭😭 You Casuals are hilarious

  • Ivan18 Marquez
    Ivan18 Marquez 4 days ago +1

    22:00 legit goosebumps

  • Chronical Varsity
    Chronical Varsity 4 days ago +1

    You actually waited it? You're fucking insane dude... The manga is really good tho and honestly worth the read. Like hell they're so far behind and the past few chapters were absolutely incredible, I can't imagine having to wait another few years for it

  • NShida
    NShida 4 days ago

    Ngl it’s my favourite anime of all time now, dragon ball has always had a special place in my heart but this is just too good

  • taiga
    taiga 5 days ago +1

    Reading ahead after season 3 was the best mistake of my life. Art.