The WALKING WATER Mystery (in SPACE and SLOW MOTION!) - Smarter Every Day 160

  • Published on Nov 3, 2016
  • Solving a 5 yr old personal mystery about "Why Water Walks on Water". Click here to tweet this video:
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Comments • 8 152

  • wayne watchers tv
    wayne watchers tv 4 hours ago

    I was using mouth wash and that same thing happened to me.

  • Baba Ayman
    Baba Ayman Day ago

    I saw a video about a 4th form of water.
    Ice, water, steam and gel.
    Gel is a thick surface of the water that is electrically charged.
    Because the water is charged with a positive charge and the other water is also charged with a positive charge they repel each other.
    This was testing by putting water in small cells and using hydrophobic and magnetic material to force as many positive and negative charges to opposite sides of the small cells.
    They then used the water to create an electric charge.
    It was extremely small but still showed some solid evidence that the gel was real and it also explains rain and clouds a lot better

  • Harvey Stewart
    Harvey Stewart 2 days ago +1

    Can we see it

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 2 days ago

    Next video: The Walking Dead, Explained

  • anonymous 664
    anonymous 664 2 days ago

    Never seen this in my life

  • Connor Grigg
    Connor Grigg 3 days ago +2

    “It’s water dancing on water”

  • TheRadarBlip
    TheRadarBlip 3 days ago +1

    Ya know why water bubbles like this particular cello tune? It was used in The Master and Commander movie, which is almost completely made on the water!

  • chris gillam
    chris gillam 3 days ago

    had me hooked with the clear suppressor now i cant stop watching need sleep got to work but need to watch one more video 10 videos ago lol

  • pricey0986ify
    pricey0986ify 4 days ago

    Can I have that water bubble with the cello music as my screensaver? Lol
    Also she has to be the most polite girl ever lol

  • O' Heanaigh
    O' Heanaigh 4 days ago


  • Nuda Veritas
    Nuda Veritas 4 days ago

    You must study fisics, and you Will understand it, kiss

  • PoCanDo _
    PoCanDo _ 5 days ago

    I observed this the first time i was playing around in a local pond. I would float a stainless steel plate in the water and hit it with a stick. Then I'd see these tiny water droplets jumping around the plate. I couldn't find anyone who could answer why that happened.

  • Allen Deerman
    Allen Deerman 5 days ago

    Could you add a higher viscous liquid into the mix? Like vegetable oil? Or maybe even used engine oil(for more opposing color difference). Would the same sort of bubbling effect happen in zero-g. A bubble of air, inside a sphere of oil, inside a sphere of water? Or some combination of the three? Would the cello still create the same bouncing result but more awesome?
    What if air were removed from the whole equation? I know water would boil in a vacuum chamber but could another liquid be used instead? Would the drop bounce at all with no air cushion?

  • Crusifix Jesus
    Crusifix Jesus 5 days ago

    ITS CALLED THE FORCE! For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

  • Jay
    Jay 6 days ago

    Plastic ruler in space experiment. Made here in New Zealand! Talented we are really.

    LIFE WITH GAME 6 days ago

    Did you change the temperature and frequency and make a drop !!

  • Finlay B
    Finlay B 7 days ago +3


    Ight imma head out

  • dan moore
    dan moore 7 days ago

    1;30...its an air bubble.... and don petit is a CIA PLANT...

  • Arjun Yadav
    Arjun Yadav 7 days ago

    This is amazing .

  • Erik Flaaten
    Erik Flaaten 8 days ago

    Fantastic. What was the "Best quote ever"? Found it hard to hear

  • VRaziel
    VRaziel 8 days ago

    thanks for all the awesome content for like 8-10 years that i've been watching you.
    much love from Mexico! thanks for being so freaking awesome.

  • spyke6662006
    spyke6662006 8 days ago

    NEVER seen this and im pretty observant, i live in a very dry area, humidity?

  • Nikita Rvachev
    Nikita Rvachev 8 days ago

    How are that people who put dislikes?

  • Allen Waters
    Allen Waters 9 days ago

    Very fantastic. Please explore water information retention and sad water happy water. Wow great video, so I guess now we know why the cello affects us the way it does.

  • Lee Southall
    Lee Southall 9 days ago

    3:00 - 3:04 OMG that is amazing!
    By the way you can do this at home with either a different colour water in the drops or something like milk.
    It’s so cool to see it bouncing on the water. Surface tension of water is amazing to watch first hand.
    Thanks for this video Destin, another great 12 minutes of content 🤪

  • S C
    S C 9 days ago


    • S C
      S C 9 days ago

      creates a new little vacuum of air on each bounce

  • S C
    S C 9 days ago

    cool, happens in my shpwer

  • GSD&Life
    GSD&Life 9 days ago

    I think it also has to do with the water being light enough to not break the surface tension

  • lps shuger cube
    lps shuger cube 9 days ago

    Wait a minute ever got thrown off a tube at high speeds the water feels like concrete it has to do with motion

  • lps shuger cube
    lps shuger cube 9 days ago

    I will take a guess I only heard the question have not seen the video yet, but water sticks and when it falls or float it has nothing to stick to except itself making a sphere "malleability" and it wants to hold that shape when landing on water until it can't hold its shape any longer and pops like a water balloon but instead of rubber its the molecular bond of self containment.

  • nic12g
    nic12g 9 days ago +1

    me trying to get some bathroom explosion going when:
    "Don't let this weird you out...."

  • Jaren Hudson
    Jaren Hudson 9 days ago

    That looks animated but I know its not. Mind blown.

  • Wrap World Creations

    I seriously love you bro

  • Chinese Kid
    Chinese Kid 10 days ago

    Next time you should try using food coloring on the water, and see if the other body of water takes in some food coloring or if it just bounces around the same!

  • Stewart Gulliver
    Stewart Gulliver 10 days ago

    Outstanding video! I have observed this phenomenon from and early age and have always wondered what was going on. Thanks Everything is about Frequency and that's Music. The harmonic overtones in one stringed note are super complex. Sounds like a good topic to investigate!

  • Jason Davis
    Jason Davis 10 days ago

    Claims to want to understand still believes space is real 🤔

    • RockRocker45
      RockRocker45 6 days ago

      @Jason Davis lmao

    • Jason Davis
      Jason Davis 6 days ago

      @RockRocker45 what's a meteorite? 🤔 Any proof such a thing exists?

    • RockRocker45
      RockRocker45 6 days ago

      Where do you think meteorites come from?

  • David B
    David B 10 days ago

    I don't get it. How can that be observed in the woods or the shower where the kinetic energy is so big?
    I've never seen it so what are the actual conditions for it to happen without a speaker?

  • silly willy
    silly willy 10 days ago

    this is the science of water surface walking practice

    JAY PARIKH 10 days ago

    6:20 the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life...... the water vibrating on speaker the troughs and crests created, the drop falling down......... perfect harmony, pure serenity, nature and physics at it's best...... extremely satisfying to watch

  • Kevin Lorne
    Kevin Lorne 11 days ago

    Surface tension. Needs time to "break."

  • Stafford McCoy
    Stafford McCoy 11 days ago

    Would it happen if you did this in a vacuum?

  • Random day
    Random day 11 days ago

    colo ?

  • Jerry W Davis
    Jerry W Davis 12 days ago

    Boy, this was good. I'm still not convinced that it is an air gap, because the drop is spherical and the first contact will be the bottom of the sphere, which would immediately squeeze out any gas between the two masses. So no air. But the reduced air pressure results have me stumped. The cello is one of my favorite instruments, and its good to hear it in experimental physics. Next, look into cello, water vapor and plant health. Does classical cello make plants thrive due to better water performance in the plants exposed to cello? If so, does cello impact fluid performance in the human brain? Why ask? Because high-IQ individuals tend to prefer classical music. I know that it stimulates me when I study. I seem to incorporate the new data better. It becomes more integrated into my personal reality.

  • ElvIsAlive007
    ElvIsAlive007 12 days ago


  • Bob Bastion
    Bob Bastion 12 days ago

    Hey, Justin. Figure out how those little "water skeeters" zip across the water and clue us in.

    • Ben Tadevich
      Ben Tadevich 9 days ago

      @Bob Bastion They use a motion similar to rowing. In my research, I have found that their movements are often referred to as "strokes" like a swimmer.

    • Bob Bastion
      Bob Bastion 9 days ago

      @Ben Tadevich What propels them?

    • Ben Tadevich
      Ben Tadevich 9 days ago

      water skeeters rely heavily on surface tension and weight distribution. Their legs are covered in hairs that create a hydrophobic layer which keeps them on top of the tension layer. That's the spark notes version as far as I am aware.

  • Adrian Wipf
    Adrian Wipf 12 days ago

    They did this in SPACE!? Wha... where did my taxes go!?
    Never mind - keep going!

  • RoseTheTurtle
    RoseTheTurtle 13 days ago

    But why the cello music?

  • Paul Lelievre
    Paul Lelievre 13 days ago

    I wonder if it's the cello notes are hitting the waters frequency, like the same way you can shatter any glass with using its own frequency level.

    • Paul Lelievre
      Paul Lelievre 13 days ago

      I also appreciate some form of the experiment was done in an isolated clean oxygen environment (even if it was zero gravity). And so as your first example in a cooler environment. Amazing work, so thoroughly done. You earned my respect.

  • Sai Rupesh
    Sai Rupesh 13 days ago

    1:13 i got that doubt when i was in school

  • Sai Rupesh
    Sai Rupesh 13 days ago

    1:13 i got that doubt when i was in school

  • MrCooj92
    MrCooj92 14 days ago

    That's such a cool things with the cello!

  • DeathBringerBecky
    DeathBringerBecky 14 days ago

    I always knew cellos were magic.

  • Og maco Sheesh
    Og maco Sheesh 15 days ago +2

    I remember being in science class and i had a gatorade and i hit the side of the bottle with a pencil and this happened. My teacher told me it was air, but i knew it was water. You can also see it happen on the hood of a car when it rains.

  • NazHujan
    NazHujan 16 days ago

    I saw it every time I'm taking pee

  • Alex Fox
    Alex Fox 16 days ago

    Matthew 14:22[ Jesus Walks on the Water ] Immediately Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of him to the other side, while he dismissed the crowd.

  • Robert story
    Robert story 16 days ago +1

    I can’t wait to see what weapon comes from this research and just how big of a threat to humanity it will be. Especially since google is involved

  • cindy chen
    cindy chen 16 days ago


  • T Barry
    T Barry 16 days ago

    Are you the guy on the Whats Inside? channel

  • SkyFlow Original
    SkyFlow Original 17 days ago

    I thought Steve jobs was back