AMD Is Crushing Intel in Laptops Too?? - ASUS Zephyrus GA502 Review

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
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    We take a look at the first Ryzen mobile processor to hit our office... and spoilers... it's damn good.
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Comments • 4 415

  • Adam Jones
    Adam Jones 21 hour ago

    Can you upgrade the WiFi card and if so, how much are they usually?

    • Keir Rasmussen
      Keir Rasmussen 14 hours ago

      Easily upgraded. Intel 9560 runs around $30

  • Archie Archius
    Archie Archius Day ago +1


  • Victor Durand
    Victor Durand 2 days ago

    is that wifi card issue really a problem ?

  • Ernesto Hdez.
    Ernesto Hdez. 2 days ago

    is this laptop good enough for video editing or I should look for something else?

  • AzeThe Woople
    AzeThe Woople 3 days ago

    now i really want to know is the zephyrus ga502 better than predator helios 300?

  • James Nash Walker
    James Nash Walker 4 days ago

    Which is better?
    64GB total (16GB x 4) DDR4 3000MHz+
    128GB total (32GB X 4) DDR4 2400MHz+

    Using x570 motherboard which support 128GB ram
    Whats your opinion ?

    • ben allen
      ben allen 20 hours ago

      64gb you will never use 128gb

  • Abdus Samad
    Abdus Samad 5 days ago

    how about it's vega gpu?

  • Shobe
    Shobe 5 days ago

    To anyone who bought it: how was your experience with it and would you reccomend it?

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 5 days ago

    Which is better, the GA502 or the helios 300?

  • Jonathan Garcia
    Jonathan Garcia 5 days ago

    I want to change the wifi card, but I dunno wich one to buy. Everything I have found said for intel but could that work with the ryzen?

  • Aleks M
    Aleks M 7 days ago +2

    Using this laptop now. Amazing pick for a good laptop all around. Got this before watching the review. I would highly recommend this laptop to anyone.

  • Davin P.
    Davin P. 9 days ago

    no one cares about a shity webcam!

  • Mattia_98
    Mattia_98 10 days ago

    Who uses webcams anymore? Can't remember the last time I used one..

  • Arūnas Jonas Kastėnas

    Who care about those low quality webcams when we have smartphones? Just use a smartphone instead. I personally could not care less.

  • Anay Makan
    Anay Makan 13 days ago

    i use my webcam everyday...……. for windows hello and that's it

  • Yianni
    Yianni 13 days ago

    Waiting for Glacier Blue version

  • Eduardo Kassar
    Eduardo Kassar 14 days ago

    So i live in canada and all i can find is the 60hz model. Anyone find the 120hz model?

  • Bronn Clegane
    Bronn Clegane 14 days ago +1


  • Marek Ďurfina
    Marek Ďurfina 16 days ago

    Guys, What about buying from Best Buy to Europe? You have any experiences? How is it with warranty? THank you

  • Lindbergh
    Lindbergh 16 days ago +1

    You show off the Zenfone 6, but still hasn't made a video about it? :/

  • JoshMattingleyMedia
    JoshMattingleyMedia 18 days ago

    This or a razer blade stealth 13, need for uni and will be doing CAD and other 3D workloads

    • IDK 700
      IDK 700 15 days ago

      This, the Razer Blade stealth will have comparable battery life, better build quality, a more colour accurate display, but significantly worse performance at a slightly higher cost

  • JoshMattingleyMedia
    JoshMattingleyMedia 18 days ago

    This or a razer blade stealth 13, need for uni and will be doing CAD and other 3D workloads

    • JoshMattingleyMedia
      JoshMattingleyMedia 18 days ago

      @norman Koller but I pref looks of the notebooks. Less gamer esk

    • norman Koller
      norman Koller 18 days ago +1

      for this buy ACER predator helios 300 (2019)

  • Noah Coutts
    Noah Coutts 18 days ago

    Hey Linus or anyone that can help, after like a day of using it left of the mousepad was making a grinding noise, so I restarted it and it worked/resolved the issue, so I kept playing until I went to bed and i played for a while and then it started again so I took it back and I regret so if anyone can tell what happened that will help a lot

  • anoother
    anoother 19 days ago

    5:21 Is the screen on the GA502 really that much smaller than the GX501, or just perspective? They are both supposed to be 15.6"

  • AceAbuser
    AceAbuser 20 days ago +1

    Best Buy legit has this laptop right now for $899 which is even better

    • lu
      lu 13 days ago

      @Mark Michalek battery life under stress please

    • Mark Michalek
      Mark Michalek 14 days ago

      I just got it with a student discount it was a steal and I'm loving the sleek design so when I go to school it doesn't scream GAMER

  • Mohit Joshi
    Mohit Joshi 20 days ago

    helios 300 2019 1200 dollars a fucking better deal in every way

  • xllChristianllx
    xllChristianllx 20 days ago

    Dislike AMD processors. They’re just “Eh”. Not very demanding to my standards. Prefer the i5 over Ryzen 7. Intel just better in my ways.

  • Mes Mes
    Mes Mes 23 days ago

    i have the same laptop i was wondering why do the my fps on dota 2 drop to 40lol

    • Mes Mes
      Mes Mes 12 days ago

      @lu 4-5 hrs sir

    • lu
      lu 13 days ago

      @Mes Mes for example

    • lu
      lu 13 days ago

      @Mes Mes how long does the battery last while gaming ?

    • Mes Mes
      Mes Mes 13 days ago

      @lu ugh what do u mean by that please help me its my first time owning a gaming laptop

    • lu
      lu 13 days ago

      Battery life under stress please

    DR PINCH A LOAF 24 days ago +1

    I got this laptop as an open box at Best Buy for $860 and that’s about $340 off! Always look at the open box section at Best Buy and you will be surprised!

    • lu
      lu 13 days ago

      @DR PINCH A LOAF gaming

      DR PINCH A LOAF 13 days ago

      lu what do you mean? Like how the battery life performs while gaming on it vs just regular internet use?

    • lu
      lu 13 days ago

      Battery life under stress please

    • Eric Khodorenko
      Eric Khodorenko 22 days ago +1

      I’m about to buy it with a student discount and open box geek squad certified for $850 and I’m so excited to finally run games.

  • Squeaky Plays
    Squeaky Plays 25 days ago

    Asus taped the webcams for us!

  • Muhammad Hakim Hafidz Mohamad Onn

    Any suggestions for a compatible wifi card?

  • fsdfmsbcxx
    fsdfmsbcxx 25 days ago

    Hi Linus,
    what about the CPU temperatures under load (30 minutes ingame)? This is always a critical part in Notebooks, because manufacturers are using crap instead of a good thermal paste.

    • Rino AP
      Rino AP 24 days ago

      nah, the heat is just by design
      Too good maybe? since most review I saw was praising the chip for staying just slightly below boost clock (3.6-3.8 GHz) under heavy load and multiple benchmark runs

  • NRG_Live
    NRG_Live 25 days ago +1

    So I know this video is a month old but I thought I'd let people know about this laptop:
    The specs are great but my company bought 4 of these the day this video came out to give to some of our developers/designers/content writers and they were JUNK
    Our first replaced laptop had blue screens due to memory issues within a week and a week after that there were 3 that had the same memory issues one of them being the replacement of the first that we had go bad. This could be a simple RMA fixable issue but when 4 out of 5 laptops were unusable after the first week even after doing driver and bios updates, I could not recommend this laptop to anyone who doesn't have backups in place.

    We ended up returning all of them for a full refund and getting DELL's with RTX 2060's and 6 core i7's instead even though they were considerably more expensive.

    • NRG_Live
      NRG_Live 22 days ago

      They were all purchased from Best Buy

    • Eric Khodorenko
      Eric Khodorenko 22 days ago

      NRG_Live the reviews I read on bestbuy have them with a 4.4, you might’ve just bought a bad batch that the manufacturer knew could be defective but shipped them anyway to try to screw you.

  • Preston Desousa
    Preston Desousa 26 days ago

    I couldn't make up which to buy Acer helios 300 with i7 9500H 1660ti 144hz vs zephyrus 1660ti ryzen 7 any suggestions which is better although both are in same price point

    • Việt Hoàng
      Việt Hoàng 25 days ago

      on the paper, performance wise Helios is the clear winner without a doubt here, but of course there are a lot of things to consider as well, like SSD sizes, power consumption, aesthetics, comfyness,..

  • Dalton Parsons
    Dalton Parsons 28 days ago

    Do you know why my Zephyrus's 1660 ti is throttling really bad at 60°

  • Ali Omari
    Ali Omari 28 days ago

    It is cheaper and more powerful to buy a gaming laptop with Intel i5 8xxxU and webcam than this AMD.

  • Msalazar6sicVI
    Msalazar6sicVI 29 days ago

    No webcam is a huge plus for me! F U NSA

  • Dr konek
    Dr konek 29 days ago +3

    i have this laptop and its awesome!!! i got 6 hours of battery life while watching movies and videos i'm going to try test it for gaming,and going to see how long can it run,i'll update this comment

    • Bryan _350_
      Bryan _350_ 27 days ago

      Dr konek yes plz post updates im looking into buying a Ryzen laptop

  • Ark Vyas
    Ark Vyas 29 days ago

    The FBI would hate that it has no webcam

  • That'll Do it
    That'll Do it Month ago

    I bought it. It gets hot as shit, any help?

  • Mark Hyde
    Mark Hyde Month ago

    AMD calling Intels bluff with OEMs finding a market boon :)

  • Teylor Leon
    Teylor Leon Month ago

    I bought this Laptop It has an extra m.2 slot that's 3x2 but what does that mean? Can I use a 3x4 ?

  • Azalka
    Azalka Month ago

    Honestly my only issue is the storage... but it should be replaceable so it's nit too much of a gripe

  • Azalka
    Azalka Month ago

    This may actually be a laptop i can get behind

    XCOLD KILLA Month ago

    Stay away from intel. ARC inside.

  • arek Zur w k
    arek Zur w k Month ago the Crab music :D

  • Alexander Boost
    Alexander Boost Month ago +1

    i actually bought this thing. Because it does not have a webcam and good price/perfomance

  • Nart Boglin
    Nart Boglin Month ago

    Anybody else miss Max?

  • yf2015
    yf2015 Month ago

    If the performance of Ryzen 7 3750H is similar to Intel Core i5-8300H, then why should people buy Ryzen 7 3750H laptop when the price of a Intel Core i5-8300H laptop is cheaper? You can get a i5-8300H laptop around 650~670 USD. A Ryzen 7 3750H laptop costs you 900~950 USD.

  • Zmart Kooky
    Zmart Kooky Month ago

    Nooooooooo, fk the webcam! fk it fk it fk it and send it to helly hell! The best thing about this thing is there is no fkn webcam!

  • TechFan
    TechFan Month ago

    Did this Mofo Just say that? Why not pick up a sensible gaming laptop? There is no such beast. Gaming Laptops mean throwing money at Resellers to maybe get a machine that can keep up with the latest gaming titles so we have bragging rights. Sensible and Gaming Laptop, do not go together Linus.

  • TechFan
    TechFan Month ago

    Right, So this happened to me after watching too many videos. Watched Linus Video. Heard what I wanted to hear, and purchased laptop based on what I thought I was hearing in the backround. Ended up buying an FX505DU (Asus), and am disappointed with the 3 Cell battery, lack of SVGA, and no USB C. And by the way, no software for this model to disable the RGB Keyboard. It was the only model at the time I could afford with expandable memory. (Requiring 32 gb) Also, like linus, My hand Grease is all over the touchpad. That's hand grease as in oil from my hands. Way to go Asus and nvidia, what a terrible laptop for the price. Problem, it has the hardware I need for running my VM's and Ryzen 3750H which isn't plagued with all the problems that Intel CPU's have. I may be returning this if I can find something in a comparable price range (within 200 bucks of this one) with the things that are missing.

  • Crazy Panda
    Crazy Panda Month ago

    Webcam? We don't need no stinkin' webcam!

  • Jordan Rathbone
    Jordan Rathbone Month ago

    Be careful if you buy one of these a lot of them have bad fan bearings.

  • Clay Cassin
    Clay Cassin Month ago +1

    A-Soos? I have always thought it was pronounced "A-Suss". Oh, right. He's Canadian. They pronounce Nissan as "Ni-san" instead of "Nee-sawn". Wow- maybe they're right.

  • Mircea Stoica
    Mircea Stoica Month ago

    Came to the comments thinking you guys will complain about the lack of a webcam, found out I was living under a rock apparently.

  • diederik eding
    diederik eding Month ago +70

    No RGB
    No webcam

  • jmlinden7
    jmlinden7 Month ago


  • Haley Ellenwood
    Haley Ellenwood Month ago +1

    Can you review this model, but the 1799 dollar model?

  • James Stewart
    James Stewart Month ago +1

    what wifi card would you recommend to put inside this guy? I'm already noticing the slow loads after 4 days!

  • Connor Garry
    Connor Garry Month ago

    Got mine from BB for $949

  • wolfer255
    wolfer255 Month ago +1

    But Linus, we don't care about webcams. Pretty much no one does.
    Most people even go out of their ways to block the camera off with something, like putting tape on it or apply one of those little cover pieces.

  • Anonymimus
    Anonymimus Month ago

    6:06 - LinusSexTips, lel

  • Intellixa
    Intellixa Month ago

    hahhah...! 4:50

  • Zmaniac Gamerz
    Zmaniac Gamerz Month ago

    I don’t even care for a webcam

  • RexTheCapt
    RexTheCapt Month ago +5

    I am personally against webcams on laptops. Never liked cameras on computers.

  • chefkero
    chefkero Month ago

    tbh, i never like keyboard backlight

  • Patrick TAYLOR
    Patrick TAYLOR Month ago +2

    I done got me one of the 16gb ram, 120hz refresh rate models for $950. Good deal as far as I'm concerned.

    • Patrick TAYLOR
      Patrick TAYLOR Month ago

      It's running smooth like melted butter. I saw a similar asus with a 9th gen i7 but only a 60hz screen for same price. I don't get it, why use a better processor with a screen that can't even show a higher frame rate. The GPU was slightly less powerful too.
      The colors are definitely dull but other than that this machine is running like a champ.

    • Shxd0w _
      Shxd0w _ Month ago

      omg same lmfao

    • Christopher Perry
      Christopher Perry Month ago +1

      Patrick TAYLOR just ordered mine from Best Buy the other day too!

  • DragonBook28
    DragonBook28 Month ago

    its on sale for $950 at best buy

  • ASR Voicer
    ASR Voicer Month ago

    I recommend you this laptop
    No i affiliate program it is beneficial
    I also bought
    Costless price

  • Jeffrey Z
    Jeffrey Z Month ago +2

    I just bought one of these and I’m hearing some coil whine. Anyone else experience this? It’s just a high pitched squeal coming from the internals of the GA502

    • Jeffrey Z
      Jeffrey Z Month ago +1

      Khánh Nguyễn yeah overall I’m pretty happy with it though

    • Khánh Nguyễn
      Khánh Nguyễn Month ago

      Ya same for me. Plus the fan is a little loud.

  • Champymarty
    Champymarty Month ago

    I cannot manage to buy this laptop in Montreal, CAN. Can anyone help me ?

  • Official DrillTraizer-Gaming

    What wifi card should i replace it too? I'm planning to get the GA502 soon so i can know which wifi card to get before getting the laptop.

    • Ben Allen
      Ben Allen Month ago

      Official DrillTraizer-Gaming I would say that. Just make sure to plug into Ethernet if you’re getting large downloads.

    • Official DrillTraizer-Gaming
      Official DrillTraizer-Gaming Month ago

      @Ben Allen oo ok, so its safe to say that to people that buy this they dont have to swap out the wifi card yeah?

    • Ben Allen
      Ben Allen Month ago

      Official DrillTraizer-Gaming it did come! I like it a lot. The WiFi card definitely chugs a bit on big downloads, but it was surprisingly competent on game downloads. Skyrim only took a few minutes (granted it’s not the biggest game in the world) and I had no issues latency-wise on Overwatch on WiFi. It was also completely fine for Netflix and RU-clip, I don’t think I’ll end up swapping it out.

  • Clap clap
    Clap clap Month ago +1

    No offense but the ryzen 7 3750h sucks so bad, it bottlenecks the 1660ti. Helios 300 still better with the i7 9th gen for the same price and beats a lot of rtx 2060 out there.


    A webcam can spy you. I think