iPhone 8 Final Design & Latest Leaks!

  • Published on Jun 2, 2017
  • iPhone 8 Final Design Confirmed & Latest Leaks, Rumors & Features. Touch ID in Display, More Clones Leak, Wireless Charging & More!
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  • May Parker
    May Parker 17 days ago

    faceid cough cough touchid dead rip 2013-2016

  • Khalil Taylor
    Khalil Taylor Month ago

    Don’t have an iPhone really won’t one hate my android phone.

  • X6_ Ryan
    X6_ Ryan 2 months ago

    They got everything right... but the name

  • Obsessed Gamer
    Obsessed Gamer 2 months ago +7

    Holy shit we are already in 2019 with the iPhone XR and this was 2 years ago it flew

  • Zachary Allen
    Zachary Allen 2 months ago +1

    Pretty Close to what it actually is - Watching in 2019

  • Ari R
    Ari R 2 months ago

    Face ID

  • Ari R
    Ari R 2 months ago

    iPhone XXXXXXXX

  • Miguel LaChica
    Miguel LaChica 2 months ago

    Lol the real design is an iPhone 7 with a glass back

  • Miguel LaChica
    Miguel LaChica 2 months ago

    That is the iPhone X 😂

  • Debunker Debunkers
    Debunker Debunkers 2 months ago

    This prediction was way too advance that it jumped to iphone x instead of 8

  • TeocapoTv
    TeocapoTv 2 months ago

    plz can i get the iphone7

  • Nelson Araujo
    Nelson Araujo 2 months ago

    Great work

  • Slade Posegate
    Slade Posegate 3 months ago

    Can I have it please I have an iPod

  • ITheKid Enjoy
    ITheKid Enjoy 3 months ago

    It’s funny that the iPhone 8 leaks predicted the iPhone X

  • Nelson Araujo
    Nelson Araujo 3 months ago +1

    Everything Applepro you’re the man!!!!! Thanks Bro

  • Eleanor Adams
    Eleanor Adams 4 months ago

    He knewwww

  • Angela or Shawn
    Angela or Shawn 5 months ago

    Who’s watching this in 2019?

  • Glamoure
    Glamoure 5 months ago

    Wtf he predicted it

  • Miguel LaChica
    Miguel LaChica 6 months ago

    They predicted the iPhone X without the notch on top

  • Braun Strowman unofficial

    And then the iPhone 8 was really just a 7s

  • PeaceInGMark
    PeaceInGMark 6 months ago

    It’s the iPhone X

  • Kate Weissenberger
    Kate Weissenberger 6 months ago

    Not even close... 😂

  • Angel Gil
    Angel Gil 7 months ago

    It is the iPhone x

  • Jean Grey
    Jean Grey 7 months ago

    2019? Anyone

  • Elizabeth Strader
    Elizabeth Strader 8 months ago

    I would love to win the AirPods!!!!!

  • HeLlO hOw aRe ya
    HeLlO hOw aRe ya 8 months ago

    Jesus 🤦🏽‍♀️ apparently that didn’t happen

  • Signe Evenstad
    Signe Evenstad 8 months ago

    love how everybody is like "THAT IS THE IPHONE X" like everybody knows that now.... hahhaah

  • Roblox gain 1th
    Roblox gain 1th 8 months ago

    Can have a iPhone 7 pls

  • Mihail Todorov
    Mihail Todorov 8 months ago

    i want the iphone 7+

  • Jun J
    Jun J 9 months ago

    Never got anything from giveaways yet!!
    This time will be +1😭😭😭

  • Tanishq Bhujbal
    Tanishq Bhujbal 9 months ago

    You are super cool 😎 I want IPHONE for gaming

  • Joya Rahman
    Joya Rahman 9 months ago +1

    Looks like iPhone📱X

  • Tanu Sharma
    Tanu Sharma 9 months ago +1

    Wanna win 👍🏻

    • Oof Oof
      Oof Oof 6 months ago

      Tanu Sharma lol

  • CreeperMaster88
    CreeperMaster88 9 months ago

    And here we are with a xs and a home button-less iPad lol

  • Uzair Ahmed
    Uzair Ahmed 9 months ago

    We were so wrong

    YOUNESS JOHRANI 10 months ago


  • M&J Vlogs
    M&J Vlogs 10 months ago

    little did he know...

  • Random stuff
    Random stuff 10 months ago

    Thats the fuckin iPhone X

  • 1103 Musik Berlin
    1103 Musik Berlin 10 months ago

    very epic video thank you

  • The Xinner
    The Xinner 11 months ago

    I can never win any giveaway I know that
    I hate myself 😣😣

  • Spyros Hormovitis Kirbmain


  • memes guten
    memes guten 11 months ago

    Close enough

  • Poo Butt
    Poo Butt 11 months ago


  • Jet Life
    Jet Life 11 months ago

    I need it plz

  • Anai Castañeda
    Anai Castañeda Year ago

    Anyone else looking at these vids after the iPhone 8 came out to see if his predictions were close?

  • Kevin Camino
    Kevin Camino Year ago

    Thats the x

    • Kevin Camino
      Kevin Camino 9 months ago

      Space i wasnt so mind you’re own business i dont know everything i never said I knew everything so shutup sweety talk nicer or i will talk like this

    • Space
      Space 9 months ago

      Kevin Camino but the 10 was called the 8 in leaks! stop thinking you know every thing

  • Unknown
    Unknown Year ago

    I think they got the 8 and X mixed up

    • Space
      Space 9 months ago

      Unknown nope the iphone 10 was not the name that we thought it was we thought it would be called the 8

  • Sora Tech
    Sora Tech Year ago

    I’m excited for the new iPhone 8 😂

  • Stephanie Crawford

    well he’s wrong buttttt the x

  • Armaan Rafiq
    Armaan Rafiq Year ago


  • ConnorTube
    ConnorTube Year ago

    you was wrong

  • Itsme Ethan
    Itsme Ethan Year ago

    The iPhone 8 on your channel it's actually iPhone X

  • Axl luke Cabiltes

    I want it pls

  • lovinq jill
    lovinq jill Year ago +61


    • matthias jeanpierre
      matthias jeanpierre 24 days ago

      lovinq jill fax

    • Fusion Dingo
      Fusion Dingo Month ago +1

      Peridax, the iPhone 8 was released before the x

    • Sebsta
      Sebsta 4 months ago

      ilikechocolate / Roblox exactly

    • Sprite
      Sprite 5 months ago

      ilikechocolate / Roblox tard Lél

    • Peridax
      Peridax 5 months ago +2

      back when the x wasn’t a thing nor was announced, people thought the next product in line was the iphone 8 but it was actually the iphone x. later on, after the iphone x was released, the iphone 8 was released shortly after.

  • Ibtehal Hossain
    Ibtehal Hossain Year ago +8

    In the future, it looks exactly like I phone 7 and 7+ sorry for the spoilers

    • G Ξ N • C Λ Y
      G Ξ N • C Λ Y 6 months ago +1

      They thought the iPhone X would've bin called iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 would've bin called iPhone 7s

    • Vincent Metivier-Ali
      Vincent Metivier-Ali Year ago +1

      What? 😂😂😂

  • Arina Aloian
    Arina Aloian Year ago

    I really want to get that I phone for my dad he really wants one.

    • tylrr
      tylrr Year ago

      Arina Aloian mate this year was posted nearly a year ago

    • Meher Sultana
      Meher Sultana Year ago +1

      Arina Aloian you will never get it

  • Dimond12
    Dimond12 Year ago

    At 2:48 that is the iPhone x omg

    • Space
      Space 9 months ago

      Dimond12 no that was the 8! stop thinking you know everything

  • Jennifer Martinez

    I whant it pls

  • Taranjit#gamer Singh

    I really want a iPhone 7 Plus because I don’t have a phone

  • Zaid Spam L2
    Zaid Spam L2 Year ago

    iPhone X

  • Aph Art
    Aph Art Year ago

    looking back at this we were so close to the real deal.... except 4 the 8

  • Francis Lol
    Francis Lol Year ago

    Me me win dat

  • totally not your mom

    yall,,,thats an X...

  • Pradeep Pradhan
    Pradeep Pradhan Year ago

    More like iPhone x

  • Billy
    Billy Year ago

    iPhone X

  • Charles Neumann
    Charles Neumann Year ago

    I want a iPhone 7

  • Romeo ARK
    Romeo ARK Year ago

    I have always been an apple lover

  • Elon musk
    Elon musk Year ago


  • it's nour
    it's nour Year ago

    i hope i win

  • Zachary Perry
    Zachary Perry Year ago

    You are my tech hero

  • Adrian Lopez
    Adrian Lopez Year ago

    Bruh it’s the same as the 7 just has different textures features and wireless charging etc.

  • Mr. Unknown
    Mr. Unknown Year ago

    hi I love your vid

  • third degree cousins

    Please let me have the phone . I am ten years old, and I don't have a phone.

  • natoya davson
    natoya davson Year ago

    Hi I love iPhones