Apple iPhone XS vs XS Max: Unboxing & Review (All Colors)

  • Published on Sep 22, 2018
  • Unboxing & In-Depth review of the iPhone XS vs XS Max in all colors.
    iOS 12 Video:
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  • Thai Huy Nguyen
    Thai Huy Nguyen 6 days ago


  • Lorraine Mannion
    Lorraine Mannion 13 days ago

    I’ll get my hands on the gold iPhone 10s

  • Shakya Sherrod
    Shakya Sherrod 18 days ago

    Iphone can i get it

  • ALIEN_CailyxB !!
    ALIEN_CailyxB !! 22 days ago

    I have the iphone xs

  • Grace
    Grace 22 days ago

    I really want a gold XS

  • GodsonI Jaden Williams 1 my name is Jaden EEI

    I really like the little one my dad that one and he got the max

  • Vishal Singh
    Vishal Singh Month ago

    I big hope to Apple

  • Guilherme Uesugi
    Guilherme Uesugi Month ago +2

    5:10 “...XS Plus...” :)

  • techforever1970
    techforever1970 Month ago +1

    My XS Max box says lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack. There is no adapter in the box, however. Any ideas, people?

  • Murat Boz
    Murat Boz 2 months ago

    Super video! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Timothy Y
    Timothy Y 2 months ago +1

    I am waiting for your iPhone 11 videos

  • Nisha George
    Nisha George 2 months ago

    Anxiously waiting for my new iPhone XS, goosh it's so cool but will it support the third party "" apps, I like the colors but my favorite was black, I guess I had to buy my own black case, from the shop... Keep posting such stuff.

  • Amber van Broekhuizen
    Amber van Broekhuizen 2 months ago

    In december I wanna get the iPhone Xs or Xr. Which should I get?

    • Omg what.....
      Omg what..... 2 months ago

      I’d say Xr, it’s got a lot of features from the Xs, and it’s cheaper and has colors :)

  • Lawson HELLU
    Lawson HELLU 2 months ago +1

    I can't wait for the iPhone 11 pro/ pro max unboxing !!!!!

  • T.U.K Walkthroughs
    T.U.K Walkthroughs 2 months ago +2

    Out of ( ALL ) the unboxing videos on RU-clip, DetroitBORG is without a doubt the best one, not only beacuse of his level of professionalism he take's with each video, but it's also full of important information and provies each viewer a better understanding before buying the product.
    I hope he does make a Samsung Galaxy S10 & 10+ unboxing video, even though it's been out for a few months, and it's one of the video's I've been waiting for, but also with the upcoming Iphone 11 & 11 Pro Max as well, down the line.

  • Zach The BOSS!!
    Zach The BOSS!! 2 months ago +1

    Oh and I’ve been watching mike since 2013

  • Zach The BOSS!!
    Zach The BOSS!! 2 months ago +2

    Mike always makes the video complete when other tech channels just mess around with like drop,bend,and water test it’s a waste doing that and mike is very responsible with all his devices and is very neat

  • Rishabh Goyal
    Rishabh Goyal 2 months ago

    the only tech youtuber whose unboxings dont let me in doubt about looks of device

  • Rishabh Goyal
    Rishabh Goyal 2 months ago

    the difference is display size,battery size and ofcourse the price

  • rulenumber1
    rulenumber1 2 months ago

    Pretty nice phone :) however I got the Iphone 8 plus in 2017 so I think i'm going to wait at least 4 years until I purchase another phone. Before having the Iphone 8 plus I owned a HTC One M7 (loved that phone, still works to this day, I passed it on to my cousin and she loves it)

  • Aldrit'z Maligmat'z
    Aldrit'z Maligmat'z 2 months ago

    Great review

  • haidysa
    haidysa 2 months ago

    I´m a bit late for this, may be :P, but I am so excited cause in a couple of days I will be receiving an iPhone Xs Max!! Talking about upgrades.. I go from iPhone 5 to this one, so the change is going to be huge!! XD Thanks for this very useful video!

  • ben benn
    ben benn 2 months ago

    Space gray for men
    Gold for women
    White for gay 😬😬😬

  • Justin M.
    Justin M. 2 months ago +2

    Still have my iPhone 6s lol I’ll probably go to 8, 8 Plus or XS Max (64 GB, unless there’s a better deal with higher storage lol) 😜

  • C o d e N a m e N a m e l e s s

    5:10 Did he say XS plus?

  • Mohamed Reda
    Mohamed Reda 3 months ago

    Buy x 256g or xs64g

  • GEMINI 1978
    GEMINI 1978 3 months ago

    Just love your vids Mike. Such depth and quality. Especially like your case reviews for when Apple release new seasoned colors. I’m definitely enjoying my XS Max - don’t think I’ll be upgrading this year. Thanks for your videos.

  • FlashGaming
    FlashGaming 3 months ago +1

    I got the max space gray 😎☝🏾

  • Julio sports Montage
    Julio sports Montage 3 months ago

    Can u pls give me one I have a Samsung J7

  • Vishnu Prasath vp
    Vishnu Prasath vp 3 months ago

    Sir can u give 1of the phone please sir I do not have anything I have long longingness for 2yrs

  • Mr. Neo
    Mr. Neo 3 months ago

    5:09 Xs plus what it’s xsmax

  • Brad Meyer
    Brad Meyer 3 months ago

    I really like my Space Grey iPhone XS Max 256GB. I almost got an 256 Black iPhone XR, I also had the Galaxy S10 Plus in mind at the time. When I bought my phone I didn’t like how and adapter didn’t come with it because I have some Sony earbuds that I like so I had to buy one form Best Buy but I’m over that now

  • Random
    Random 3 months ago

    At 5:09 XS PLUS -XS MAX

  • Mike O'Driscoll
    Mike O'Driscoll 3 months ago

    anyone notice the green dots in his night shots? I have the same green dot when I take photos outdoors only. especially at night. and when I take videos that green dots follows around my shots. anyone experience this?

  • icey ice
    icey ice 3 months ago

    Which color should i get for xs?

    • 32943810143938 32943810143938
      32943810143938 32943810143938 2 months ago

      I'm debating between getting the xs or the xs max. If I get the max i will go with space grey for regular xs i will go with gold.

  • icey ice
    icey ice 3 months ago

    Ill choose xs gold from 7plus


      From my experience switching from a plus sized phone like the 7 plus to a smaller phone is a hard transition but if money isn’t a problem you should consider the XS Max

  • Daniel o
    Daniel o 3 months ago

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  • Sama Tarek
    Sama Tarek 3 months ago

    I currently have an iPhone 5s and I want to upgrade but I can’t decide on whether to get the 8 plus or the xs. Which one should I get?

  • cutie pearl
    cutie pearl 3 months ago

    Whenever i wanna buy something i always watch ur videos you save me best youtuber ever ☺️☺️👍👍👍

  • JM입 니 다
    JM입 니 다 3 months ago

    You're my no.1 favorite tech reviewer detroitborg, please review the samsung S9, Note 9 and S10, thank you detroitborg.👍👍👍😀❤❤❤

  • Chaitanya Paarijaat Mudgal

    Love your videos very much.

  • Zander's Universe
    Zander's Universe 4 months ago

    The iPhone XS should be called the “iPhone X Mini”

  • Simona Strand
    Simona Strand 4 months ago

    What color you prefer iphone xs and xs Max and what size?

  • Charlie Schuster
    Charlie Schuster 4 months ago

    My iPhone 6s has 32GB and I only used half of the GB after 2 years so 64GB is really good ur a dumbass if u get sold into buying the 512GB the 256GB I would say if u use crazy amount of space then maybe get that.

  • Conor Murray
    Conor Murray 4 months ago

    Who else got triggered when he said XS Plus 5:09

  • Young chicken Wing
    Young chicken Wing 4 months ago

    I’ve been watching mike since the iPhone 3g. Only tech RU-clipr I watch

  • Lawrence murillo
    Lawrence murillo 4 months ago

    Youre so rich make a giveaway..i will very appriciate it

  • Brad Meyer
    Brad Meyer 4 months ago

    I have an iPhone XS Max with 256GB in Space Grey and I love it, I don’t really mind the notch and I had to buy a separate adapter, I wish it cam with one. I bought a black Otter Box for it and a screen protector, I also have a very nice clear snap on case. And my phone can wirelessly charge with an Otter Box on it. I was about to get the iPhone XR in black which I also like a lot but I like the XS Max a bit more.

  • Charity Rivers
    Charity Rivers 4 months ago +1

    I’ve watched you for years and you deserve way more recognition!!

  • Sreeshanth Tech Tips
    Sreeshanth Tech Tips 4 months ago

    Hi mike I am Sreeshanth I was watching your video and love it I lost my iPhone XS can you give me a iPhone for free please

  • Agent piggles
    Agent piggles 4 months ago

    5:08 *XS max

  • Maria Rebecca
    Maria Rebecca 4 months ago +1

    Anyone here watching phone reviews and unboxing video cuz they can't afford one? No just me ok..

  • Tino Gaytan
    Tino Gaytan 4 months ago


  • Kadek Saputra
    Kadek Saputra 4 months ago +1

    I have iPhone XS Max (512GB ) And Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (128GB)
    I love both iOS and Android 😎✌️👌

    • Tech Guru413
      Tech Guru413 4 months ago

      Kadek Saputra oh dang you rich af.

  • asam farooq
    asam farooq 4 months ago

    Gold colour for ever is my favourite

  • *StayHigh* **
    *StayHigh* ** 4 months ago

    Black is my life lol 😜😂

  • Unknown Bytes
    Unknown Bytes 4 months ago +2

    R.i.p airpower

  • Diamond Ja’Nel
    Diamond Ja’Nel 4 months ago +35

    I stopped using that 5w charger and started using my iPad charger 😂

    • Mexicana Guapa
      Mexicana Guapa Month ago

      Who cares

    • Zeffvron
      Zeffvron 2 months ago

      Diamond Ja’Nel same

    • Diamond Ja’Nel
      Diamond Ja’Nel 2 months ago

      denice a no, works fine and charges quicker. If your phone is on 1% and you plug the iPad charger in, it does go up to 10% within 5 mins when with a regular iPhone charger, it takes forever to even get to 5% lol

    • babi bird
      babi bird 2 months ago

      Your phone doesnt mess up if you charge it with ur ipad charger?

    • SarahStudios
      SarahStudios 3 months ago +1

      Diamond Ja’Nel well I can’t my ipad is usb c

  • Murat Boz
    Murat Boz 5 months ago +1

    What color you prefer iphone Xs and XsMax?

    • Murat Boz
      Murat Boz 4 months ago

      GB TV Ok so xs space best?

    • GB TV
      GB TV 4 months ago

      @Murat Boz I honestly recommend the xs not the max cause the max in 6.8 inch display while the xs is 5.8 so I recommend it , and I ordered mine online yesterday it's $1500 PS small RU-clipR

    • Murat Boz
      Murat Boz 4 months ago

      And What size? Xs-Max?

    • GB TV
      GB TV 4 months ago

      Black or space grey

  • Yanish Lala
    Yanish Lala 5 months ago

    5:08 Xs plus :D Very nice video btw Mike.