Make spindle sanders for the drill press

  • Published on Jan 4, 2015
  • Making spindle sanders for my drill press. I made and tested three different sizes.
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  • Dan Jones
    Dan Jones 4 months ago

    Here's an idea... Take the handles off a rolling pin.

  • Joodar Alapaev
    Joodar Alapaev 4 months ago


  • Ra El
    Ra El 5 months ago

    Nice job.

  • david endres
    david endres 6 months ago

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  • Peter Olson
    Peter Olson 7 months ago

    Nice- but how well are you able to change the sand paper?

  • eliyahu Duani
    eliyahu Duani 7 months ago

    In which glue spray did you use for the sandpaper?

  • challu Pandey
    challu Pandey 7 months ago

    Good job dear, Well done.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • UMU-i-D
    UMU-i-D 7 months ago

    Awsome stuff as usual

  • Carl Zorro
    Carl Zorro 7 months ago

    I did a few after looking at your video But I didn't do the sanding to make it straight down as you did I used a file mmmmmmmmm not so good , I did put the vacuum hose behind the drill press for the dust and it worked good :)

  • Ron Davis
    Ron Davis 7 months ago

    The longer you make them the more you loose 90 degree sanding ability and ruin the drill press with too much side to side movement.

  • 나랑narang
    나랑narang 10 months ago

    creative or very

  • oziel46
    oziel46 Year ago

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge AND experience.

  • Ben Redfern
    Ben Redfern Year ago

    Whats the device at 2 mins please anyone

  • Eddy Yu
    Eddy Yu Year ago

    Jack, you're very lucky. You and I also have polio, but you can do woodwork that easily and freely.

  • Semen Viktorov
    Semen Viktorov Year ago

    qood boy

  • Anderson Gomes
    Anderson Gomes Year ago

    BR Salve kksksk

  • Black Waterdogs
    Black Waterdogs Year ago

    A big thumbs up to all viewers who realize that a bottom support (preferably a sealed bearing) is needed. Check how much deflection your spindle is getting when you put pressure against the bottom of the drum....that will kill the upper thrust bearing in a hurry, it was never designed to take side loads. Make the sandpaper replaceable by sawing a thin slit vertically into the drum, so you can tuck the edges of the paper down into the slit, which will hold it in place.

  • TheStroiDom
    TheStroiDom 2 years ago

    Спасибо за подсказки.

  • Alham Rana
    Alham Rana 2 years ago

    At 2:00 was that a nuke radio active detecter,,?

  • Taunter Atwill
    Taunter Atwill 2 years ago

    Best way to ruin the ball bearings of your drillpress! lol.

  • Alvaro Ampudia
    Alvaro Ampudia 2 years ago

    is that arthritis??

  • Emanuel Costa
    Emanuel Costa 2 years ago

    esse cara tem a mão atrofiada?

  • K9
    K9 2 years ago


  • Real Gagne
    Real Gagne 2 years ago

    Seem like a waste of sandpaper. You might only use the bottom 2 1/2" unless you turn your bolt around. I can get the same results with my homemade 6 x 48 belt sander, and no paper waste.

  • Patrick Richardson
    Patrick Richardson 2 years ago

    genius! so simple ...thanks for sharing.

  • Mark Langenkamp
    Mark Langenkamp 2 years ago

    Very practical. Thank you! Ingeniously simple and smart!

  • Pro Gamer 7878
    Pro Gamer 7878 2 years ago

    What kind of glue that you have used

  • Jalma Quantin
    Jalma Quantin 2 years ago

    great job !

  • Alpha Sigma Sezón
    Alpha Sigma Sezón 2 years ago

    Good Job

  • Joel Janzen
    Joel Janzen 2 years ago

    Dude, slow your drill press speed down before you hurt yourself!

  • Caleb James
    Caleb James 2 years ago


  • Angel Roberto Sánchez Pérez


  • Mohd Idris
    Mohd Idris 2 years ago

    Thk you.

  • Rita Riccitell
    Rita Riccitell 2 years ago

    Sei bravissimo

  • Antonio Valdenei Correa da Silva

    muito bom, obrigado por compartilhar.

  • Roy Gutknecht
    Roy Gutknecht 2 years ago

    Genius way to get concentric disks. Thanks for this!

  • Kari Oja
    Kari Oja 2 years ago

    Good idea, but with the hardwareshop bolts it bends to much it doesn´t give You a 90 degree angle

  • Brian Wood
    Brian Wood 2 years ago +3

    Real genius is
    seeing what was there all the time, when no one else sees it. Feliz Natal from Brazil.

  • Stan Cole
    Stan Cole 2 years ago +1

    Love it, am going to try making this set up, thanks for that Jack, love your videos

  • Paul Jordan
    Paul Jordan 2 years ago

    Nice video. Thanks

  • recon watcher
    recon watcher 2 years ago

    followed your method and THIS WORKS GREAT !!!! THANK YOU !!!

  • elton herrera
    elton herrera 2 years ago

    clever! Love your idea man.

  • Carl Zorro
    Carl Zorro 2 years ago

    good idea, Ilike

  • Wendy Somerville
    Wendy Somerville 2 years ago

    Thank you Jack. This is perfect!! I have been meaning to make some for my drill press.

  • telosfd
    telosfd 2 years ago

    Cover the cylinder with velcro!

    • Johan Combrinck
      Johan Combrinck 2 years ago

      With the velcro you will likely find that the paper (which needs velcro for a backing) and will cost a lot may come off, or catch on the edges. Velcro has itls uses, but in this specific place, i will not use that. One application for velcro is for disk-type sanders where there is no chance of the project catching the edge of the paper and ripping it off.

  • Simon Pernalete
    Simon Pernalete 3 years ago +1

    Excelente porta herramienta. Gracias por el video maestro. Saludos...

  • S Gudur
    S Gudur 3 years ago

    Aah.. This is something That I was looking for.. Something that can be made from simple things ! Got to try this one..

  • wayne frodsham
    wayne frodsham 3 years ago

    could you tell me the name of the first boring tool you used on the drill to cut the circles many thanks also what speed was the drill set at

  • Time Out
    Time Out 3 years ago

    Hi Jack .. can you make a spindle sander to sand a Large PVC pipe ... basically to sand and polish the pipe ...? thanks

  • DJ. Morgan
    DJ. Morgan 3 years ago

    just needed this type of Sander, That's great

  • 738polarbear
    738polarbear 3 years ago

    Good ideas.Especially the table support.

  • zeroaxe
    zeroaxe 3 years ago +13

    Hi there,
    Sorry, I didn't read through all the comments to see if this has been covered before(sneaking in this video at work and need to get back at working ! lol). Just wondered why you haven't make a bearing race at the bottom to steady your drum/threaded bar? Just a square block of wood at the bottom that you can clamp to your table(even from the bottom), then have a counter sunk hole for the bearing. A small piece of wood can also be added if you wish OVER the bearing to prevent it from coming out(extra security). Then a through hole for your threaded bar. That should stablize your drum a lot.
    Hope my attempt to explain makes sense!!!

    BOB FOLTY 3 years ago

    now you run a chain from your quill feed arm to the floor with a paddle on it to work it up and down while you sand

  • Jack Sniper
    Jack Sniper 3 years ago +3

    why not making lathe ?? easy

    • Carl Zorro
      Carl Zorro 2 years ago

      he doesn't want to over work lol

    • BEdmonson85
      BEdmonson85 3 years ago +16

      He's probably using the drill press to show how this can be done on a drill press. Someone interested in making these would surely have a drill press, but may not own a lathe.

    • Samuel Scott
      Samuel Scott 3 years ago

      +Jack Houweling maybe he was asking why not make the wood blocks round on a lathe? of so that is a reasonably good question. just speculation though

  • Peter XYZ
    Peter XYZ 3 years ago

    Thanks for the education!!!

    • Peter XYZ
      Peter XYZ 3 years ago

      Very useful, thanks. It's good to find clever people who are willing to share information.

  • SuperSaltydog77
    SuperSaltydog77 3 years ago

    The toolmakers McGuyver.

  • Jean Barros
    Jean Barros 3 years ago


    TheVENEZOLANO73 3 years ago

    wow, thanks man, this was quite useful for me.

  • Aussie Steve
    Aussie Steve 3 years ago

    Nice one Jack

  • Claudio Fernandes
    Claudio Fernandes 3 years ago