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  • Published on Mar 30, 2012
  • arrow death scene from hostel 3
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  • Beautyvixenmary G
    Beautyvixenmary G 2 days ago +1

    This is so sick and demented!!!

  • 영호
    영호 6 days ago


  • 사지말고입양하세요

    난 이걸보는데
    왜 갇혀서 실험당하는 동물들과
    학대당하는 동물들이 겹쳐보이는지....
    저 죽는사람의 표정과 불안한눈빛이
    그 동물들의 모습일것같아
    너무 마음 아프다 ㅜㅜ

  • Ljubisa Stojanovic
    Ljubisa Stojanovic 16 days ago

    Diese Leute werden Hölle Erleben die Das gemacht haben , keine Gnade Gott ist der Grösste

  • Heea’s corner
    Heea’s corner 18 days ago

    Red room in a nutshell

  • nayla sharma
    nayla sharma 22 days ago

    Bakidas tukang bunuh ny:v

  • William Tallant
    William Tallant 23 days ago

    this is such a fucked up kill

  • True Gains
    True Gains 24 days ago

    Everyone that watches these things and finds themselves entertained by it deserve to die exactly the same way these actors are being killed in these movies. Your perverted wastes of oxygen.

  • Mirko Nese
    Mirko Nese 29 days ago

    What dark web might be

  • Στυλιανός Παρασκευόπουλος


  • Karl Hanks
    Karl Hanks Month ago

    Weird.. the bitch torturing him appears to be black in her gimpsuit but see her white fingers at 3:09

  • Mamann Mover
    Mamann Mover 2 months ago

    peur 😀😁😂🍇🍈🍐🏢🏣🏤🇦🇴🇦🇸🇧🇩

  • 75cm
    75cm 2 months ago +1


  • محمد محمدی
    محمد محمدی 2 months ago

    لعنت بر پدر تمامی غربی ها

  • Jahm -Al
    Jahm -Al 2 months ago +1

    الفلم مجنووون😂😂😂😂😂👏🏿 curse 😂

  • Jahm -Al
    Jahm -Al 2 months ago +1

    ابي افلام نفس ستوري ذا الموفي بليز قايز اللي يعرف يدلني 💙💙

  • MenyWasTaken
    MenyWasTaken 2 months ago +1

    1:07, who come here for this, welcome

  • Cem Daştan
    Cem Daştan 2 months ago

    Go to hell......forewer all

  • alan hunt
    alan hunt 2 months ago

    Scary deep web shit

  • Freemind stile
    Freemind stile 2 months ago

    As feminist i love his shock in his eyes after the first arrow drill his leg! Is the time who understand is not a bad dream and you sould suffer befor die! from the other side i fucking love this sexy cold blood killer She do it for fun and haven't any fucking emotion for any fucking guy! what orgasmic fun..

  • Suna Balci
    Suna Balci 2 months ago

    Ohh mein gott!!! wie krank muss Mann sein überhaupt um solche Gedanken zu kommen ...

  • Glen Lilley
    Glen Lilley 3 months ago

    the bloke getting speared at didn't smile much.

  • Vortex Oblivion
    Vortex Oblivion 3 months ago

    Hostel 3 is the weakest one of the franchise, but Justin had the best death out of the victims. Dude suffered and yet didn't beg for his life, he went like a champ.

  • Alexis AN AN Narezo
    Alexis AN AN Narezo 3 months ago

    Hihi, "Saint" sebastien

  • Alexis AN AN Narezo
    Alexis AN AN Narezo 3 months ago

    #vache #humain

  • Goldschmiedin 1978
    Goldschmiedin 1978 4 months ago


  • Ayşenur rhyme
    Ayşenur rhyme 4 months ago


  • Maru Bellegarrigue
    Maru Bellegarrigue 4 months ago

    The teather was underground or in the building

  • のぶ
    のぶ 4 months ago +1


  • ryan m
    ryan m 4 months ago +9

    Betting makes no sense if the chick intentionally can go for a kill shot whenever she wants. What’s stopping her from making sure the house wins?
    Should have multiple bets - time to die and how many arrows.

  • yesil
    yesil 4 months ago

    Omg... This is Christian ,, not İslam .... OMG

  • PS4 Gamer
    PS4 Gamer 4 months ago

    No good Horror very Cheap Production with cheap untalented actors, not like Hostel 1 or 2 ( Sharknado is 1000 times better than this Cheap trash👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Elijah Brown
    Elijah Brown 5 months ago

    What a disgrace to Eli Roth.. take a movie with some relative depth, a sequel that had SOME intillectual qualities for sure (nothing tops pt 1 imo), and completely bastardize it into saw 4- infinity. Absolute fucking shame for anybody that enjoyed the world building of hostel :(

  • grundunger96
    grundunger96 5 months ago

    der scheiss ist ja geschnitten stupid cut scenes

  • Marysia Bińkowska
    Marysia Bińkowska 5 months ago

    o m g

  • Simon Jais
    Simon Jais 5 months ago +2

    Bro this mask is so sweet,😂😂

  • 猫柳しろ
    猫柳しろ 6 months ago


  • Morris Meeuwissen
    Morris Meeuwissen 6 months ago +1

    This is really dumb

  • LanceDaPsycho
    LanceDaPsycho 6 months ago +27

    This scene upset me long ago. He was so cute and sweet..... didn’t deserve it. 😥

    • Alan Chizik
      Alan Chizik 4 months ago +1

      I feel the same way. It's upsetting.

  • ThalesFox
    ThalesFox 6 months ago +1

    Que merda de filme

  • Flacko Joyde
    Flacko Joyde 6 months ago

    Takeoff 🛫

  • えいるたん
    えいるたん 7 months ago +10


  • Hexat4ust
    Hexat4ust 7 months ago

    This is more like a documentary, because this stuff happens. The world is run by psychopaths, so this is torture porn. They get turned on by hurting people. Burn in hell.

  • ふじもん
    ふじもん 7 months ago +2


  • Iamyourdoggie
    Iamyourdoggie 8 months ago

    At least it was empowering for a woman, for a change, instead of a woman victim. Maybe #Metoo?

    • Mark G
      Mark G 6 months ago

      Please don’t multiply

  • David Jack
    David Jack 8 months ago

    wah is dat

  • Kıdemli Onbaşı
    Kıdemli Onbaşı 8 months ago

    Kadının götüne bakmaktan olayı anlamadım amk bu nasıl bi çekim

  • argalii
    argalii 8 months ago +6

    Obviously I don't agree with the actions shown in this movie but lord is that woman's whole aesthetic so amazing. I mean, the mask, the outfit, the way she carries herself, the way she acts. She's so dramatic about it all, I love her. What an absolute goth queen ahaha

    • tako cat
      tako cat 5 months ago

      I bet you are a lesbian

  • TX621
    TX621 8 months ago

    Lotta bitches in these comments. Its Hostel, dumbfuccs

  • Kreky Oliver
    Kreky Oliver 8 months ago

    She's hot af

  • Elite Gamer
    Elite Gamer 8 months ago +1

    love how the cross bow recoils like a shotgun

    • eki
      eki 7 months ago


  • HazeDer
    HazeDer 8 months ago

    Why was he saying "its ok" ?

    • TheHoodyBadger
      TheHoodyBadger 5 months ago

      Confidence, not begging.
      Death before dishonor. Robbed satisfaction from a sadist cunt.

  • heroinhero69
    heroinhero69 8 months ago

    what even is that thing? it looks like the predator

  • 『666』Wraith
    『666』Wraith 8 months ago

    Looks like he was hit by Cupid's arrows...

    MA SSAF 9 months ago

    Fuck this shit movies

  • Irish McTwat
    Irish McTwat 9 months ago +1

    She's definitely a feminist

  • abdo pain
    abdo pain 9 months ago +1

    هاذا هو مصير التلاميذ المشاركون في هذه الجرائم ببني ملال والي أمن بني ملال و مجموعة من رجال الشرطة ووكيل بمحكمة الجنايات قامو بسرقة ممتلكات شعبنا بالقوة فأين هي الإدارة العامة للأمن الوطني

    • abdo pain
      abdo pain 9 months ago

      You i dont know what your doing to little children in school stealing all there money

  • D. Moonspell Rites Productions.

    What is she supposed to be? An alien? Like the first 2 parts the best !!! The arrow to his cock ment his death.

  • Maze95
    Maze95 9 months ago

    Just sick

  • Vaman Bole
    Vaman Bole 9 months ago

    Wtf red room and dark web real 😂😂😡😡😡🤔🤔🤔🤔