iOS 13 Beta 3! 60+ Features & Changes

  • Published on Jul 3, 2019
  • Here's everything new in iOS 13 beta 3! 60+ new features & changes. Lots of great ones in here, tons of refinements!
    Last iOS 13 beta 2 features.
    Latest iPhone 11 leaks.
    Top iOS 13 features.
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  • Davin Nguyen
    Davin Nguyen 13 days ago

    Or maybe the iPhone 7 will get slow on iOS 13

  • Gina Bermas
    Gina Bermas 26 days ago

    you sure iOS 13 Beta 3 post to come in today

  • Andrew Phan the CB&B Fan

    This is 666K views...


  • Dylan Lauri
    Dylan Lauri Month ago

    I love iOS 13 how do I install it on the iPhone 10

  • ᄂᄀᄂᄀ ᄂᄀ ᄂᄀ


  • do u know wha ot
    do u know wha ot Month ago

    can u do more drop tests i miss those

    GC_O-SCAR Month ago

    You may have missed one, When you change your ringer there is a little GUI coming from the top telling you if silent mode is on or off

  • Noah Balser
    Noah Balser Month ago

    The app

  • Noah Balser
    Noah Balser Month ago

    Smh yo holds it down all the way like for a while then it will give you options to delete it

  • FireXY
    FireXY 2 months ago

    This update is very goooood 👌

  • YTrupaj
    YTrupaj 2 months ago


  • Burger
    Burger 2 months ago


  • Bella Moo
    Bella Moo 2 months ago

    Aking for an iphone 💔 pls notice me

  • Chris Magee
    Chris Magee 2 months ago

    Wwe SuperCard is not crashing anymore so that good thing

  • A J
    A J 2 months ago

    Any changes regarding the dual sim iPhones? In beta 3?

  • Jayden
    Jayden 2 months ago

    Tell me how u get this

  • D Man5
    D Man5 2 months ago

    Well damn I’ve been looking at the old update like why tf did they change something that wasn’t broke

  • Emily walker
    Emily walker 2 months ago

    How do u get the ios 13 beta 4 wallpaper u have

  • THC Buu
    THC Buu 2 months ago

    How do I download it

  • Riley K
    Riley K 2 months ago

    How did I not get this update yet

  • bby
    bby 2 months ago

    Lol I love the random messages you sent to yourself idk why I laughed at that. filip: “sheesh” 😂? I know you do it as a way to show the feature you’re talking about but I just find it funny. also i laughed at the trash can thingy in the messages idk why they think anyone could see that small ass thing lmao. Also still kind of weirded out by the new message thing how iMessage shows your “profile”? I don’t understand it. I thought iMessage was supposed to be a private texting app where you can talk to whoever while having their # or email mahjigg........? I don’t want people seeing my “profile”. Like... I don’t like that. Or is it just a “profile” you can customize yourself (like the name/picture) to only let certain people see? Or only the people who are texting you/have your number will see it? Or is it like a way of how someone will see your contact mahjiggy? I don’t understand. Like will people still be able to customize your contact name to whatever they want or will the profile thing show up instead of the contact name they put you in their phone as????? I don’t get it help

  • Žaidimu Karalius !!!!
    Žaidimu Karalius !!!! 2 months ago

    Hello I would like to ask you if the iPhone 7 will be able to download ios 13?

    • Shirley Dutes
      Shirley Dutes 2 months ago

      Žaidimu Karalius !!!! I look online it’s said 6s 6s plus iPhone 7 7plus 8 8plus iPhone X and I believe iPhone SE older models like the 5 nope

  • franco cabrera
    franco cabrera 2 months ago

    I have an iPhone 7 Plus with beta 2 and it has all the same feature beta 3 has maybe that’s why they didn’t release beta 3 for these phone I guess it already had it maybe lmk

  • TheSoldierCraf7
    TheSoldierCraf7 2 months ago

    The app store is the worst thing now it requires a credit card even if it. Free like even for updates its just worst

  • Scott Nielsen
    Scott Nielsen 2 months ago

    So, will the official IOS13 release support he iPhone 7 and 7+?

    • Scott Nielsen
      Scott Nielsen 2 months ago

      Joseph Moore bless, thank you ⭐️

    • Joseph Moore
      Joseph Moore 2 months ago

      creamy crunchies yes, it’ll support the 6s & up.

  • J P
    J P 2 months ago +2

    It should have multitasking. Using two apps at the same time would be awesome

    • SAMxB Wreck
      SAMxB Wreck 2 months ago

      J P like some flagship androids ? yep.

  • ManCub 64
    ManCub 64 2 months ago

    just relesed on iphone 7

  • vsp
    vsp 2 months ago

    iOS 13.. how to install hindi

  • ureal007
    ureal007 2 months ago +6

    I have 7 plus and mine works😶😶

  • dzhiurgis
    dzhiurgis 2 months ago

    They should really add backspace on dictation screen - occasionally I misspeak and need to edit it out, much quicker than restarting the dictation.

  • Zomadic
    Zomadic 2 months ago

    I cant find the download for it

  • CDN_Shadow IOS
    CDN_Shadow IOS 2 months ago +14

    4:44 I reported that, got an email from Apple said they would look into it! Yay I feel special 😂🥰.

  • Mohsin Peerzade
    Mohsin Peerzade 2 months ago +3

    What kind of human you are??
    😂😂😂There hardly 2 3 new features,
    changed icons are not you get it?

    • Shamur Stewart
      Shamur Stewart 2 months ago

      the title literally says features & *changes*

  • Chris Martinez
    Chris Martinez 2 months ago

    So iPhone 7 will have iOS 13?

  • Pogo Mogo
    Pogo Mogo 2 months ago

    Honey I have 8 plus and it didn’t get the beta so 7/7+ and 8/8+

    HAYDEN GENTRY 2 months ago

    60 features with 2 ads every feature

  • Abbas M Mahmoud
    Abbas M Mahmoud 2 months ago

    Please contact with Apple to add these features : Hide/Minimize calling screen and take a brief look to status bar when its landscape mode for see the battery percent and time (during playing games) instead to scroll down to see all notifications , finally we believe in Apple and i hope to response for us .. ♥️

  • Cory M.M.
    Cory M.M. 2 months ago

    Public beta is terrible especially on iPad. My apps won’t update unless you do 1 at a time and even then it doesn’t even show that it’s updated. Also the tray at the bottom won’t move if you rotate the screen and you have to lock/ unlock for it to move.

  • TheBlue22angel
    TheBlue22angel 2 months ago +1

    And I just move to android after almost 10 years of using iPhone 😅

  • Allen Greenwell
    Allen Greenwell 2 months ago +1

    Not hating or anything but beta 3 did not get skipped on iPhone 7’s. I currently have beta 3 and I have iPhone 7

  • Georgios Kalaydjian
    Georgios Kalaydjian 2 months ago

    I have problem in some Siri Shortcuts, which are not performing after the iOS 13 upgrade, such as (where was this taken), did you face the same issue, and do you have any suggestion how to solve that?Thank you.GeorgePeace.

  • Breezy Films
    Breezy Films 2 months ago

    I have iPhone 8 and I didn’t get iOS 13😭

  • Febrianna Asri
    Febrianna Asri 2 months ago +1

    RiFki AsRiFki 1234567890 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Kaitlyn Diamonds
    Kaitlyn Diamonds 2 months ago

    I had to go back to regular iOS 12 because there were to many bugs in the iOS 13 beta I just couldn’t do it with my phone crashing and when I’m watching RU-clip it freezes🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Nova 29
    Nova 29 2 months ago +1

    Now on my 7 I can download but Apple better not ghost 7 and 6s

    • Boost Mobile
      Boost Mobile 2 months ago

      It works on iPhone 6s Plus that’s what I got

  • tyler smith
    tyler smith 2 months ago +6

    Is anyone else having problems with Siri reading back messages? It’s on in my settings but it’s not working

  • Shaun Mckinna
    Shaun Mckinna 2 months ago

    Never mind figured it out calls will still come through if someone called ID block *67 but if it’s a regular unknown caller it won’t

  • Shaun Mckinna
    Shaun Mckinna 2 months ago

    You probably already covered this but I have iOS 13 public beta 2 on my iPhone XS Max but the Silence Unknown Callers feature doesn’t seem to be working on my iPhone & my wife also has the Max with beta & feature doesn’t work on her iPhone either

  • Lovo
    Lovo 2 months ago

    So i tried to download the beta but my iPhone 8 had a problem saying that it failed to download. Is there any problem at all with my phone?

  • Jessica’s Corner
    Jessica’s Corner 2 months ago

    I can’t get this on my iPhone 8 Plus

  • D Griffin
    D Griffin 2 months ago

    Hey guys, has anyone addressed the issue with not being able to locate beta 3? Seems I can only download Apples beta 13.2, where are you finding 13.3??

  • jacobhartnessgt
    jacobhartnessgt 2 months ago

    Why isn’t the iPhone 7 supported 🤨

  • Api
    Api 2 months ago

    Where do you download iOS 13 beta 3.1/version 2 or whatever? I need a link. Current beta 3 is complete trash.

  • Sophia Barber
    Sophia Barber 2 months ago

    How are u guys getting iOS 13 I haven’t gotten it yet??

  • John Fabris
    John Fabris 2 months ago

    New interface when sharing an app from the App Store via text message. It sends a tall video and link in the messages list.

  • N15HY
    N15HY 2 months ago

    I’m watching this on an iPhone 6, actually so sad i can’t get ios13 fuck sakes it looks nice and everything :(

  • Origami Ninja
    Origami Ninja 2 months ago

    I am so EXCITED for iOS 13/ipadOS

  • Tori Feliciano
    Tori Feliciano 2 months ago +17

    beta 3 is a lot more unstable than beta 2 for me it’s constantly crashes, hangs up calls, and lags is there anyway i could could go back

  • Apple Info Help
    Apple Info Help 2 months ago

    Hey!!!! I have a question for you about iOS 13!!! Will the iPad 5th gen get iOS 13?

  • Darren Paradissis
    Darren Paradissis 2 months ago

    What case is that for the iPad?