KayPea: Spooky Jinx | League of Legends

  • Published on Oct 13, 2018
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    Sometimes your worst nightmare has a nightmare. Just ask KayPea. It's On.
    Watch KayPea on RU-clip: ru-clip.net/user/kplol
    Song: Slayer Jinx
    From: League of Legends
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  • LukaEvFan Pues eso
    LukaEvFan Pues eso 26 days ago

    Plot twist: kaypea never played jinx before xD

  • Ezz Elshebokshy
    Ezz Elshebokshy Month ago

    umm wp.. maybe hehe... yyaaay.. jinx

  • mano mamo
    mano mamo Month ago


  • Andreas Heinrich
    Andreas Heinrich 2 months ago +1


  • WickedWitcher01
    WickedWitcher01 2 months ago

    All y'all talking bout how Kayn breathes on Jinx and she dies? Clearly y'all don't watch KayPea :P

  • Darkness117
    Darkness117 2 months ago

    Did kayn not have r?

  • Dodga Sola
    Dodga Sola 2 months ago

    not gonna happen

  • Mrs. Robinson
    Mrs. Robinson 3 months ago

    Why did they use the Slayer Jinx soundtrack?

  • Twilight Jester
    Twilight Jester 3 months ago

    Yay Jinx!!!

  • Santiago Conforti
    Santiago Conforti 3 months ago +1

    Jinx si que estas locamente genial

  • Roaujo 22
    Roaujo 22 3 months ago

    /all please report kayn feeder and troll ty

  • Donny Darkblade 2
    Donny Darkblade 2 4 months ago

    This is adorable, I love Jinx! :)

  • Adolfy!
    Adolfy! 4 months ago

    This is right when the enemy team has alot of squishy and your bot is 0/6/2 in 12 min... And you are trying to get blue kayne..

  • Devon C
    Devon C 4 months ago

    Riot, put this anime on Netflix!

  • Anonymous Crazy Girl
    Anonymous Crazy Girl 4 months ago +3

    And y'know, Jinx ain't even one of KayPea's main champions

  • SejudGame
    SejudGame 5 months ago

    Riot, more realistic please

  • Ash bell
    Ash bell 5 months ago

    "-" Jinx is A wall too why didnt u Just pass by?

  • qew Lp
    qew Lp 6 months ago

    fed lethality jinx omegalul

  • AvaKun
    AvaKun 6 months ago


  • 黄文
    黄文 6 months ago

    Stop feeding

  • Gamer's International Agency (G.I.A)

    *Stopwatch intensifies...*

    COOPYTRONIC. 7 months ago

  • Rapin Kralı Cezadır
    Rapin Kralı Cezadır 8 months ago

    Rep kayn intentional feeding

  • A V
    A V 8 months ago

    Kayn was lagging they forgot to add that part.

  • Marcelo Arevalo Quiroz
    Marcelo Arevalo Quiroz 8 months ago

    Y love jinx

  • 오준현
    오준현 8 months ago

    Kayn ( 0 / 10 / 2 )

  • Kuru ruru
    Kuru ruru 8 months ago

    jinx very cute

  • Lux Ko.
    Lux Ko. 8 months ago

    Jinx x Kayn

  • Alois Mocalia
    Alois Mocalia 9 months ago

    Ultimate battle of the braids

  • Hào Nhật
    Hào Nhật 9 months ago

    hai vị tướng trẻ trâu lmht

  • Belisa Aguilera
    Belisa Aguilera 9 months ago

    Kaypeaaaa my love

  • Abelard Adebayor
    Abelard Adebayor 9 months ago

    Kaypee, this who...lesome woman?

  • Jill Tesar
    Jill Tesar 9 months ago

    Jinx is best girl for me 😆

  • vivo Matlock
    vivo Matlock 9 months ago

    Jinx lol

  • タウアナ
    タウアナ 9 months ago


  • Jack Marin
    Jack Marin 9 months ago

    Gotta love Riot games for no giving the names of the animators or concept artists for these amazing animated shorts. Gotta love how they don't give credit to them just like the animator of KDA Akali.
    I just want to know the name of the animator/animation team who makes these animated shorts.

  • DeathHazard
    DeathHazard 10 months ago

    Nmms que asco da jinx :v

  • Signore Fatih De Grande Terim


  • Lunarainn
    Lunarainn 10 months ago

    I'm here to wait for that one comment that is gonna say that Yasuo thought he was a bigshot and then fed Jinx.

  • Hardstuck Gold 2
    Hardstuck Gold 2 10 months ago


    YOVEY 10 months ago

    poor kayn

  • 死
     10 months ago

    What actually happened:
    Kayn is 40/0 and he felt like he was fed enough to one-shot everyone without transforming into Assasin Kayn. So the basic “ADC in 2k18 lul” scenario happened ft our 5/23 KayPea’s Jinx BMing after fired her ult and thought that she had Kayn but little did she know that Kayn had his GA up.

  • adoor hargreeves
    adoor hargreeves 10 months ago

    screaming ungodly levels of jojo

  • Steven Kenney
    Steven Kenney 10 months ago

    This video is very inaccurate. 1. Kayn in base form vs Jinx. 2. Kaypea winning as jinx vs a kayn. 3 Kaypea playing Jinx, she's played her like what 6 times. 4. Kaypea being serious when she gives me Russian Hockey "It's only a game" vibes

  • davidhcefx
    davidhcefx 11 months ago

    WOW KP!!

  • HetzerAhoy
    HetzerAhoy 11 months ago

    That 900k Jinx Main BM though.

  • Im_Z AGamer
    Im_Z AGamer 11 months ago

    *1 Auto*

  • Yusuf Birdane
    Yusuf Birdane 11 months ago

    Cuz that's pretty accurate :P

  • izabec123
    izabec123 11 months ago

    de nom

  • Kendziorek
    Kendziorek 11 months ago

    Adc op

  • SuperBlackonyx
    SuperBlackonyx 11 months ago

    pretty sure the kayn was dom trying to suicide for form

  • Dragon Arc2000
    Dragon Arc2000 11 months ago

    kayn didn't have his form at this point in the game where jinx had ult
    I'm a trash kayn but I normally get my form with or before my ult

  • Braitton Blanche
    Braitton Blanche 11 months ago

    he is not faithful to the manga

  • KimPopGaming
    KimPopGaming 11 months ago

    Report Kayn for inting

  • RedShibo
    RedShibo 11 months ago

    Thought she was a Lux main.

  • Sho
    Sho 11 months ago

    If only the game was this interesting

  • Veri Vera
    Veri Vera 11 months ago

    They should have given her Brand or Ahri

  • Kircho21
    Kircho21 11 months ago

    Anime of legends pleaseeeeee

  • The Player One
    The Player One 11 months ago

    U know what league of legends just make a badass anime with all this amazing characters please

  • Sonan X
    Sonan X 11 months ago

    I forgot all about that login screen music. Was the best!