I Made Earth Bigger Than the Sun and This Happened - Universe Sandbox 2

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
  • I Made Earth Bigger Than the Sun and This Happened - Universe Sandbox 2
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    You guys wanted more space to put your stuff on earth, there you go.
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  • GrayStillPlays
    GrayStillPlays  3 months ago +8890

    I gave you guys more space to put your stuff.

    • Dylangabriel 26
      Dylangabriel 26 15 hours ago

      Big Shaq Edits / Meme

    • PeggLegLarry
      PeggLegLarry 23 hours ago

      Btw that final "earth" after the super nova is called a Pulsar. I type of star that emits pulses of radio waves and radiation. Not only did you kill us, but If Pulsar Earth reaches any other Galaxy, who or whatever in that galaxy is dead. Good job 8)

    • PeggLegLarry
      PeggLegLarry 23 hours ago

      gee thanks.

    • vipul rohilla
      vipul rohilla 3 days ago

      Sun size but temperature super loww

    • Logan Bruemmer
      Logan Bruemmer 5 days ago

      GrayStillPlays Not in my watch que The Super Doppler Sploder Galaxy Sized Destructicator White Hole Damnit

  • Rezilia Grieves
    Rezilia Grieves 2 hours ago

    This must be what being God feels like.

  • Angelos USA
    Angelos USA 4 hours ago

    Every one is on King Kai's planet training with Goku

  • DXD_Shawey_X
    DXD_Shawey_X 6 hours ago


  • Umar Hamraz
    Umar Hamraz 6 hours ago


  • Umar Hamraz
    Umar Hamraz 6 hours ago


  • H S
    H S 7 hours ago

    RIP venus

  • TheKbnrba
    TheKbnrba 9 hours ago

    This game just goes to show how tenderly balanced our life and everything is!

  • Gaming Channel
    Gaming Channel 11 hours ago

    *Frisk walks out into Snowden.
    Frisk: woah, the underground is huge!
    Gray triples its’ size and everyone dies. The end!

  • Dakota Kimbler
    Dakota Kimbler 11 hours ago

    Im blind yhx

  • TheWildDash
    TheWildDash 20 hours ago

    Yeah that Earth Nova Remnant is a singularity which is literally the center of a black hole.

  • Mike Wilhelm
    Mike Wilhelm Day ago

    What would happen if you just deleted the sun?
    I also don't know how this game works too.

  • ParaEwie
    ParaEwie Day ago

    Please make a black dwarf hit earth

  • Young Stunna
    Young Stunna Day ago

    You actually made a freaking pulsar you sir are amazing

  • Talli
    Talli Day ago

    Yooooou keep on talking about Florida do you live there or somethin’?

  • Bhanu Chhabra
    Bhanu Chhabra Day ago

    That explanation of gravity and spines ... It made me crack up real hard!! And it's first 60 seconds or so 😂🤣

  • joeymonster
    joeymonster Day ago

    I’ve never thought the earth would turn into a pulsar

  • Lucian Lazuli
    Lucian Lazuli Day ago

    Venus is the nether realm

  • Badboy DCX
    Badboy DCX Day ago

    The earth is on fire and it's friken awesome

  • Litivious Spartus


  • Jon V.
    Jon V. 2 days ago

    You made a pulsar, the earth is now a neutron star it's so massive

  • Elizabeth Bell
    Elizabeth Bell 2 days ago

    Gray:You Guys Got Space for your stuff
    *Stuff Burns*
    Me:MY STUFF!
    *Gray Thinking its perfect*
    Gray:The Earth is On Fire
    Me:Yeah Our stuff Burned to
    Gray:Its Pretty While on Flaming Fire
    Me:It Was his plan

  • Apollo Smile
    Apollo Smile 2 days ago

    Wake up and notice getting to work took 2 times longer and you get fired.

  • Apollo Smile
    Apollo Smile 2 days ago

    @ 5:37 What a bitch it is.

  • Noah Bryant
    Noah Bryant 2 days ago

    5:43 Seems like something aphrodite would do XD

  • SerElbass
    SerElbass 3 days ago

    Never disturb the balance of nature

  • Aki
    Aki 3 days ago

    Global warming just got real.

  • R3Dash— Cloud91
    R3Dash— Cloud91 3 days ago

    You just love to kill billions of people daily

  • Persouna 5
    Persouna 5 3 days ago

    7:06 "Everytime i feel like eating a frisbee..." uh.. *OK*

  • Bummy Ray
    Bummy Ray 3 days ago

    Can you put every planet in earth?

  • vipul rohilla
    vipul rohilla 3 days ago

    Keep the size of sun but take the temperature real looowww

  • [ᑭᗩҜ] βєןเєשєг

    Only Saturn and Uranus were good friends of Earth..
    They went with him till the End!

    Sun: *Hold ma Fire*

  • Pyroball
    Pyroball 3 days ago

    Gray I think you accidentally created a pulsar!

  • XxSleeping wolfxX
    XxSleeping wolfxX 3 days ago

    2:45 the Philippines 🥰😊

  • Zachary Metz
    Zachary Metz 3 days ago

    Ya we live in a bianary star system

  • Zand26
    Zand26 3 days ago

    Only gray can some how make a planet go super nova

  • moovacktor
    moovacktor 4 days ago

    Sweet baby jesus

  • Sal AveNU
    Sal AveNU 4 days ago

    Hey ? What Arthur C Clark 2010 ? Make Jupiter a sun ?

  • Christopher Boyle
    Christopher Boyle 4 days ago

    That's a magnaget field not a supernova you can tell by the shape

  • space potatoes
    space potatoes 4 days ago

    Is this game free because I need it

  • [WAB] amazing
    [WAB] amazing 4 days ago

    Oh i see Philippines😍

  • Shane Larrisson
    Shane Larrisson 4 days ago

    2:44 what is the name of the song? Like the piano

  • Rison Maruli
    Rison Maruli 4 days ago

    Wait, you play mk

  • Doogan Rabeau-Louis
    Doogan Rabeau-Louis 4 days ago +1

    Btw, the thing earth does at 11:30 is called a pulsar. It is so heavy and concentrated in energy that it just bursts out at the poles.
    I believe gravity is so heavy on a pulsar that a spoon would fall on the surface at 4,800,000hm/h if it was dropped at a few meters away or something like that

  • MrGreenthumb1000
    MrGreenthumb1000 5 days ago

    Dude you caused the earth to go supernova!

  • MrGreenthumb1000
    MrGreenthumb1000 5 days ago

    the earth started looking like that because the oceans have started to evaporate

  • GamerDeck Ryke
    GamerDeck Ryke 5 days ago

    Proton star

  • Thisis Amar
    Thisis Amar 5 days ago

    You can't make flames in the universe because there's no air

  • Dirk
    Dirk 5 days ago +1

    "On the plus side, florida is much bigger now"
    NO GOD!!!

  • Cesy Rodriguez
    Cesy Rodriguez 5 days ago

    I feel like eating a frisbee

  • Michael sanderhoff asp kristensen

    9:28 well. atleast we still have MyAnus

  • jojolafrite90
    jojolafrite90 5 days ago

    The living tribunal wants to know your location.

  • pr0sp0t3r FrangoDaSadia


  • Raisin Starr The Octoling

    At the end the Earth becomes a Pulsar

  • ritoru batafurai
    ritoru batafurai 5 days ago +7

    If you’re my science teacher, I would be so gladly to enter your class 😂

  • GenralDmoney
    GenralDmoney 5 days ago

    Wow. The size of One city is now how big the earth used to be

  • Rafiqul Alam
    Rafiqul Alam 5 days ago

    6:41 kinda hurt my eyes

  • FishBoi
    FishBoi 6 days ago

    Let's turn the earth into a pulsar.

  • Carmelo Justin Allauigan

    You cooked us down here!

  • keller blair
    keller blair 6 days ago

    No one notice all the ice caps spreading

  • mesSgamer
    mesSgamer 6 days ago

    You made a pulsar blyat 😱

  • Curtis Warren
    Curtis Warren 6 days ago

    at 11:20 i got a south pp
    park phone destroyer ad...

  • Just Jay
    Just Jay 6 days ago +2

    7:47 to 7:57 in the top right corner is the earth having a firery secure

  • Curtis Warren
    Curtis Warren 6 days ago

    what ciuntry/state do u live in? I never knew... or I forgot... PS I'M A FLORIDA MAN

  • Prime Prime
    Prime Prime 6 days ago

    When you sized the earth he became a star because he has larger so the earth has not on fire.

  • Ingmar Lleshi
    Ingmar Lleshi 6 days ago

    What is this app simulator you used.

  • Kaia *
    Kaia * 6 days ago

    This time expand the moon

  • Keven Nielsen
    Keven Nielsen 6 days ago

    im dying over your metafors. :D :D :D

  • MarvelTeen 15
    MarvelTeen 15 6 days ago +1

    OMG I KNOW WHY THE EARTH TURNED INTO A GAS GIANT!!!!! When the Earth started pulling on Venus and knocking it out of orbit it sucked up Venus’ thick atmosphere. This made the Earth’s atmosphere (probably) almost 2.5x thicket than it originally was. Also Venus has A LOT of carbon dioxide in its atmosphere so that’s why Earth’s temperature went up so quickly.

  • Keigan Art
    Keigan Art 6 days ago

    1:58 What’s wrong with being Goku?
    I mean we can still function as a society

  • Xervz
    Xervz 6 days ago

    *this is how it will be when god makes a youtube channel*

  • UltraGreninja
    UltraGreninja 6 days ago

    Next up: Earth becomes a black hole

  • Jonny Riley
    Jonny Riley 6 days ago +2

    Welcome to epileptic seizure simulator

    I can't stop laffing

  • Al Waizeright
    Al Waizeright 6 days ago

    what would happen if you made the EARTH or the SUN the size of the GALAXY - assuming you can keep it from blowing up. - I wonder what the effect on the LOCAL GROUP would be.

  • Conrad Moser
    Conrad Moser 6 days ago +11

    "Unfortunately, I killed everyone again."

  • Boot licker back
    Boot licker back 6 days ago

    You made a neutron Star from the earth

  • fregly102 2
    fregly102 2 7 days ago

    wouldn't this make us way taller or am i stupid

  • nghtcor3 _84
    nghtcor3 _84 7 days ago +1

    4:12 looks like itachis sharingan that I me later

  • dmprax
    dmprax 7 days ago

    Here, HOLD MY BEER!!!!

  • Lonely One The
    Lonely One The 7 days ago

    Why am I laughing so much

  • AngryTechGuy
    AngryTechGuy 7 days ago

    11:40 "Quasar Earth". The earth simply needs to be 3 million times larger. Got it.

  • Subscribe 2 Me
    Subscribe 2 Me 7 days ago

    Now that’s climate change

  • Gerson Dombrowski
    Gerson Dombrowski 7 days ago

    This video got me paranoic about the real Earth crashing into something at any moment, maybe now? or 2 secs later... f*ck

  • PandaWamen
    PandaWamen 7 days ago

    dude. d you mind not exploding the sun? I live there.

  • PandaWamen
    PandaWamen 7 days ago

    there will be no lunar eclipses. there will be eclipses for certain countrys tho.

  • Axaye
    Axaye 7 days ago

    he said something was "ejaculated"

    lol wth

  • Mark Blue
    Mark Blue 7 days ago

    did i just watch earth turn into quasar?🤣

  • DemonKing HS
    DemonKing HS 7 days ago

    Best moment imo is 9:39

  • aniket soman
    aniket soman 7 days ago +42

    4:18 " unfortunately I killed every one Again"
    😂 thanos would be so proud

  • Taiger
    Taiger 7 days ago

    Wow! That's so cool!

  • Made from Razka
    Made from Razka 7 days ago

    If the earth is bigger

    They are make WWIII cuz for a land

  • Oblivion
    Oblivion 7 days ago +2

    Moon did the smart thing and got the hell out of the solar sistem before it was too late.

  • Eric Pham
    Eric Pham 8 days ago

    In fact the reality is that earth is the center of solar system and the sun was a man made satellite of earth

  • AngryHateMusic
    AngryHateMusic 8 days ago

    It was funny when The Tic said it.

  • Yoongi's Jams
    Yoongi's Jams 8 days ago

    Just imagine Gray creating the universe😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Space Gandalf
    Space Gandalf 8 days ago

    That blue spiral hourglass thing is actually called a pulsar! I think...

  • Rick Gutierrez
    Rick Gutierrez 8 days ago +2

    EJECTED, the word you’re looking for is ejected.

  • Eero Vehviläinen
    Eero Vehviläinen 8 days ago

    3:34 talking about jupiter......

  • CosmicKat
    CosmicKat 8 days ago

    U made earth a sauna

  • thony catz
    thony catz 8 days ago

    I bet Earth-Chan is now big.