BIONIC - A Pure Synthwave Mix

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019


    0:00 Lazerhawk - Arrival
    5:27 endK - Resonance
    10:05 Wice - District 9
    14:01 Kick Puncher - Fury
    17:38 Sung - Ignition (from Fahrenheit)
    22:03 Isidor - Gates of Chaos
    25:34 Kick Puncher - Reset
    31:44 Oracle FM - Black Magic
    34:54 ALEX - Ritual
    39:10 Kick Puncher - Something Else (Redux)
    41:56 Wice - Start The War

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  • Astral Throb
    Astral Throb  Month ago +54

    Sup gang! Decided to not go the chill route with this mix, instead went the complete opposite! Hope ya dig it! Comment this Sunday's mix titles below, winner gets a shoutout to their channel!

    • David Szczesniak
      David Szczesniak 10 days ago

      yes sir i do dig it

    • Righteous One
      Righteous One 29 days ago

      Can you out source music... I'm working on a project.. And i need and intro...

    • Whiteless Eyes
      Whiteless Eyes Month ago

      @Donald Love he said this sunday so its coming fo sho!

    • Isi DiGiorgio
      Isi DiGiorgio Month ago

      This mix is now added to my gym playlist thanks you

    • Replicant Rogue One
      Replicant Rogue One Month ago


  • Victor Pavelescu
    Victor Pavelescu 4 days ago

    Last track is a killer. Awesome vibe.

  • Connor Daley
    Connor Daley 4 days ago

    Title Ideas:
    P S I P H O N
    F I S S U R E
    N E U R O N
    P O S I T R O N
    S P E C R A
    V I R T U O S O
    M I N I M I Z E
    F O R T I T U D E
    E V A S I O N
    P R O M I S E S
    S P A R K

  • David Szczesniak
    David Szczesniak 11 days ago

    watch out for that kick punch, itll knock you on your ass

  • Kev One
    Kev One 11 days ago

    Stop adding ads in between such odd space, it breaks your flow!

  • Jack Miller
    Jack Miller 16 days ago

    Some of this music also reminds me of Rocket League because of their Radical Summer event and music to match the event.

  • Clover Joker
    Clover Joker 20 days ago

    I could listen to Fury all day.

  • Ace Destroyer
    Ace Destroyer 21 day ago +2

    It's all ads 👎

    • Ace Destroyer
      Ace Destroyer 13 days ago +1

      @Astral Throb doesn't work.

    • Astral Throb
      Astral Throb  21 day ago +1

      For a smoother listen without ads click the end of the video and then play the video from the start again. I don't have control over the ads in my videos and all the ads revenue goes back to the copyrights owner (musician, labels etc). Enjoy the mix!

  • Yuga
    Yuga 22 days ago +1

    Incredible mix. Thank you so much!

  • AutonymousTube
    AutonymousTube 25 days ago

    Awesome mix!

  • Michael Pitz
    Michael Pitz 26 days ago +1

    Holy shit that mix is on fire

  • Dan
    Dan 26 days ago

    dude 2:52 sounds exactly like Bucky O'Hare (NES) - Escape Theme, god that game was so fucking epic I wish someone would remake the whole soundtrack because its amazing. I feel old now lol

  • De_Krank3n
    De_Krank3n 28 days ago

    really enjoying this mix, nice one

  • Mike Ost
    Mike Ost 29 days ago +1

    Great mix Astral, helps a lot in boring job :)

  • Jase Malvis
    Jase Malvis 29 days ago +4

    Title idea

    M U T A N T

  • Righteous One
    Righteous One 29 days ago +1

    I love this....really, really great job

  • Righteous One
    Righteous One 29 days ago +3

    You really open your mind to see the future...👍👍👍👍👍👍 great job

  • Righteous One
    Righteous One 29 days ago +3

    She awake seeing nothing but darkness until; she hears the sound of a switch in the distance. Only then now she's truly awake... Project Zero Seer vol 1

  • Po P
    Po P 29 days ago

    Thanks Astral. Wish I had read the description sooner, kept waiting for chill songs and got disappointed.

  • Chris O
    Chris O Month ago

    I'm not a robot

  • Niel
    Niel Month ago +7


  • Sarah Szabo
    Sarah Szabo Month ago +18

    The Japanese says "I am not a robot" just in case anyone was curious.

  • David Rojas
    David Rojas Month ago +1

    "I'm not talking about Robotics, I'm talking about BIONICS, from the Greek for, like, kick-ass!"

  • Dyllan Grey
    Dyllan Grey Month ago

    * dr disrespect intensifies *

  • griffin zwicker
    griffin zwicker Month ago

    Elon Musk is actually starting a prototype of micro chips inside brains fort AI. He's starting with animals first then first chip in a human in the next year or so. We are almost there everyone

  • SynthWave City
    SynthWave City Month ago

    Awesome Tunes Astral!

  • jslime
    jslime Month ago

    Such a damn good mix.

  • xXKiragaXx
    xXKiragaXx Month ago

    This kicks so much ass

  • Crispin Vejil
    Crispin Vejil Month ago

    00:00 Lazerhawk - Arrival sounds like a slowed down remix of Kavinsky 1986 (Unreleased)

  • Bruce Dorsey
    Bruce Dorsey Month ago


  • silenthillvictim
    silenthillvictim Month ago

    Another sick mix!! Hey, could you make another mix like the “Cult” mix? I love that one!

  • Cichlid_Visuals
    Cichlid_Visuals Month ago

    great jam list to pump u the f up

  • nazarenko.maxim
    nazarenko.maxim Month ago

    15:37 - Kojima Productions.

  • Michael Last
    Michael Last Month ago

    oh shit.

  • Jack Miller
    Jack Miller Month ago

    Kick Puncher reminds me of Stranger Things

  • Daves World
    Daves World Month ago

    Awesome mix!!

  • Jack Miller
    Jack Miller Month ago

    At 15:37 I did what this sound effect is usually used for when I heard it.

  • John T
    John T Month ago +1

    awesome mix, thank you. ^^

    WHEATS Month ago +1

    not going to be the one to like this over 420, it's already at the perfect amount.

  • Automatic Porridge
    Automatic Porridge Month ago

    *Kick Puncher - Fury* kinda sounds like *Carpenter Brut's Roller Mobster*

  • Potaishee
    Potaishee Month ago

    "Operator, it seems you've discovered an ancient console that dates back to the age before the Orokin."

  • Miles Boot
    Miles Boot Month ago

    Love that MGS alert noise there

  • ElectroTerraVision
    ElectroTerraVision Month ago

    T R A N S C E N D

  • Bowie Boy
    Bowie Boy Month ago



  • Colin Cochran
    Colin Cochran Month ago

    just wondering: how do you not get copyright strikes, etc., for posting music?

    • Ataraxia
      Ataraxia Month ago

      The video is not monetized, probably.
      You can tell because the video has no ads.

  • Antonio Tyler
    Antonio Tyler Month ago

    My kid said this hurt his ears. Any one want a defective kid? 😅

    • Ataraxia
      Ataraxia Month ago

      What if we're all defective but him?

  • K3 K4
    K3 K4 Month ago

    Yes! A New Mix!
    Some title ideas for you.

  • Jenna S
    Jenna S Month ago

    Kicking it right the fuck off with "Arrival" (one of my favorites), and it only gets better from there!

  • Replicant Rogue One


  • Donald Love
    Donald Love Month ago +32

    Your music inspires a lot of people to achieve their goals. Training at the gym, driving to meet the new client, planning the biggest project ever, and so on. We thank you for this, keep inspiring others with what inspires you...

    • Slap Nicholson
      Slap Nicholson 23 days ago

      @John Wang So, if this video hits 2 million likes, will 12 artists be splitting $1000? Also, why not put the artist and track names in the video? Not to harsh on Mr. Throb, I enjoy the mixes :)

    • John Wang
      John Wang 24 days ago

      Lol it's now exactly astral throb's music, it's owned by the independent creators of those songs.
      But I am very thankful that he made these synth, retro, and chillwave mixes. They are absolutely amazing

    • Clark Parker
      Clark Parker 29 days ago

      ... writing the screenplay for my next film ☝🏾
      This really helps me stay productive. Thank you.

  • Amanda Harlin
    Amanda Harlin Month ago

    The art and mix are so good!
    if you do a shout out check out
    title ideas:
    H Y P E R J U M P
    N O R T H B R I D G E
    S T A T E L E S S
    P R O C E S S I N G
    C O M P I L E
    RE // B O O T
    C O R R U P T // C O N N E C T I O N
    > S U D O

  • Forge Zero
    Forge Zero Month ago


  • Stre Led
    Stre Led Month ago +2

    Snake ?

  • RPGBros
    RPGBros Month ago +1

    For just a second I thought I was going crazy, but then I realized I was already there...

  • Muhammad Saeed
    Muhammad Saeed Month ago

    ****ing unbelievable!

  • sp gp
    sp gp Month ago

    Thanks muh nigga.

  • Rickotap
    Rickotap Month ago +2

    Well done, like it alot!
    As a title suggestion: NETRUNNER!
    I mean, you need to have one called like this, right? right?! ;)

  • cindy-tron
    cindy-tron Month ago


  • Nicholas van Orton
    Nicholas van Orton Month ago

    Very, very nice

  • Fox Roulette
    Fox Roulette Month ago +3

    Damn, Astral! This is my favorite mix yet!