• Published on Mar 23, 2019
  • Honestly I might just be a pyromaniac at this point, but it looks cool so I'm aight with it. It be like that sometimes. MYSTERY BOX SPECIALS THIS WEEKEND ONLY - LZMFG.com
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  • Rocketbros TV
    Rocketbros TV 10 days ago

    Omg I would hate to have to chase Adam his s15 makes so much fucking smoke u would literally have to be on his fucking door to see throw his car just to see where tf your going feel sorry for the opposition ☠️

  • t4LLy
    t4LLy 17 days ago +1

    man! the drift session at night gave me goosebumps!! i love it!!! i wish i could be there and drift too! keep it up adam

  • david quinn
    david quinn 26 days ago

    The s15 needs to be a different colour

  • amcf2000c
    amcf2000c 27 days ago

    Who’s is the defender

  • Andraž Logar
    Andraž Logar 27 days ago

    daaammmn you like eminem of cars

  • arkir
    arkir 28 days ago

    That last camera angle was killer.

  • Giovanny_421
    Giovanny_421 28 days ago

    Shirts are awesome, red shirt cream 240 🔥

  • Noah Reyes
    Noah Reyes 29 days ago +2

    People don't truly understand how fast the S15 looks coming into the lower bank turn. The camera does it no justice

  • Patrick McMann
    Patrick McMann 29 days ago

    4:11 Mini Cooper

  • Jayne Coles
    Jayne Coles 29 days ago

    Dude the sweatshirt I ordered from the giveaway is the SOFEST sweatshirt I own

  • THE ploviskick
    THE ploviskick 29 days ago

    Sparks flied

  • Danjan Supsup
    Danjan Supsup 29 days ago

    Alberto and his dorito powered car

  • Dwight Lawson
    Dwight Lawson Month ago

    Adam should be a formula drifter with that s15 who agree

  • Vybz Tv
    Vybz Tv Month ago


  • jonas brogård
    jonas brogård Month ago

    you sould bring the s15 to norway for gatebil bro, four days of drifting and partying

  • SuperMantheiBros
    SuperMantheiBros Month ago

    Mr. Adam LZ,
    You have unknowingly been entered into the 2019 RU-clipr March Madness tournament! Congratulations. Honestly. Big honor. You and 63 other youtubers will be going head to head to make your way into the final four and hopefully the championship round! Unfortunately you are a 10 seed but release some bangers and you may end up further than you expected. Gl

  • D-Easy34
    D-Easy34 Month ago

    *builds elaborate garage to house and work on cars*

    *wheels toolbox outside a quarter mile to work on most expensive car*

  • irvin hernandez
    irvin hernandez Month ago

    That FC tho

  • Scoobyfreak86
    Scoobyfreak86 Month ago

    Lookit Adam using the bead maker. Matt has taught you well haha.

  • zPhatty
    zPhatty Month ago

    Damn I haven't watch you since Robert was making eggs and peppers in your apartment kitchen

  • AzzaPlays
    AzzaPlays Month ago


  • Andres Galvan
    Andres Galvan Month ago

    Why dose he have a r32 tail light ???????????huh Adam do u have an r32 you needa show us?🤨😑😑😑🤣

  • snakezulu7
    snakezulu7 Month ago

    Will the Missle-Z make it to the new Burn Yard at IWD?

    PARTY Month ago +1

    8:10 omgggg that s15 rippppppppsssss!!!

  • Locke
    Locke Month ago

    love the fairy tail logo :D

  • Katsinum
    Katsinum Month ago +1

    I find it hilarious that people in Europe mod their lights and plates like US spec, meanwhile people in the US are switching to euro lights.

  • Lochlan Nuss
    Lochlan Nuss Month ago

    FD ready for sure!

  • dinho890i
    dinho890i Month ago


  • Kyle Sweeney
    Kyle Sweeney Month ago

    Adam when he bought the z I don't want to do to much in the future or I don't want it to sound obnoxious

    Adam good few months later : well....

  • Spudtastic
    Spudtastic Month ago

    People go vegan to see this amount of smoke and not damage the earth, just for you adam

  • Yelte Soete
    Yelte Soete Month ago

    that defender tho :o

  • Spudtastic
    Spudtastic Month ago

    I like the orange side markers on the porchse since it blend in

  • tristan trevino
    tristan trevino Month ago

    Yo where is Bert? Hows he been? There should be a video on catching up and stuff

  • lilrob Houston
    lilrob Houston Month ago

    Wire tire

  • Ridge Booker
    Ridge Booker Month ago

    S15 is so sick

  • PubGKnoob Mobile
    PubGKnoob Mobile Month ago

    That s15 is stupid fast lol

  • isupersta1
    isupersta1 Month ago

    3:35 , nicoles coming? or a call is coming?

  • Jon Bolton
    Jon Bolton Month ago

    Can you do a video on the evo 10 please

  • Carlos Ramirez
    Carlos Ramirez Month ago

    I think Adam thought he was playing Mario cart 🤣

  • dro Davis
    dro Davis Month ago +3

    @adamLz Can you please just make us a Spotify or RU-clip playlist of some of you’re favorite songs and artists

  • expired Panda
    expired Panda Month ago

    Ive been watching u for a long minute seen u been thru alot man u the GOAT love your videos 🤙

  • Mike Le
    Mike Le Month ago

    I got my shirt holy moly it fit perfect

  • Carlos Márquez
    Carlos Márquez Month ago

    That was CRAZY!
    Love it, poor Z ...

  • Kohen Larocque
    Kohen Larocque Month ago

    Do you remember the BMX vids

  • Brendan Zastrow
    Brendan Zastrow Month ago


  • Hyp3r Drift3r
    Hyp3r Drift3r Month ago

    Yooooo adam i have the same toolbox

  • Veiled Specter
    Veiled Specter Month ago

    5:00 damn no more adam and nicole sticker on the rear window... rip...

  • Keen Sav
    Keen Sav Month ago

    i like just because he said popcorn Z guy

  • Rocketbros TV
    Rocketbros TV Month ago

    Bro get a new Lens bro so u can have better shoots for the banks

  • E1 Luchador
    E1 Luchador Month ago

    Thanks to Adam I went to a porche dealership and have a collection of reflectors

  • chase inc
    chase inc Month ago

    Magnum P I love the stache maybe she grow a goat

  • Jason Moran
    Jason Moran Month ago

    so glad matt was in this vid miss that bud

  • Cory Cooper
    Cory Cooper Month ago

    Dude youve got way more rowdy! I like it.

  • Qusef
    Qusef Month ago

    Not porsha it’s Porsche !

  • Planedriver 84
    Planedriver 84 Month ago

    Just a heads up, Your camera lens is very noisy. The autofocus or OIS motor can be heard through out over any talking in the video. Could also be if you using the internal mic and not an external. Only youtube channel I follow that has this problem. Something to look into ! 👍🏻

  • Guy Bean
    Guy Bean Month ago

    11:43 V-1 ROCKET INBOUND

  • josiah feazell
    josiah feazell Month ago

    She didnt like your pops Adam lmao

  • ⠀
     Month ago

    I feel like Adam is lowkey super sad.

  • Samuel Akinmade
    Samuel Akinmade Month ago

    where the bundle bruh

  • Soccer Kid
    Soccer Kid Month ago

    You look like Toby from the office shave the stash

  • Zero Degrees North
    Zero Degrees North Month ago

    Why can't he just say Porsche instead of the whole car name it's not like he has any other porshe

  • mr nobody
    mr nobody Month ago +2

    You should get a set of xenon or LED'S on the S15 for the front lights.
    Think it would look cool through the smoke.

  • Richie drifts
    Richie drifts Month ago

    I want some merch but new Zealand currency is step plus fright

  • Uniquesloth
    Uniquesloth Month ago

    This title gave me cancer.

  • Jixx
    Jixx Month ago

    Man I wanna buy a hoodie i just dont know which one

  • MrMateo911
    MrMateo911 Month ago

    Osw: sponsored by VQ35.

  • los noodle
    los noodle Month ago

    Year of flex

  • Andrew Cox
    Andrew Cox Month ago

    Show have shown off some of the other people at the event

  • Andrew Cox
    Andrew Cox Month ago

    That clip with you wall tapping hard and running down to the wire is so crazy! Now that's what I call drifting.

  • Skylite
    Skylite Month ago

    Bro... lemme just say.... you have grown so far ... i feel like ive watched your life sprout alongside mine


    Never get bored of seeing that s15 make noises like Donny from the wild thornberry's

  • abduragmaan De Roos

    Where's Nicole????

  • Takeshi Nakazato
    Takeshi Nakazato Month ago

    Ridin' on a horse,
    U can whip ur Porsche

  • Deviate
    Deviate Month ago

    Anyone else who makes RU-clip videos might as well just quit, it doesn't get better than this.

  • MajorReaper
    MajorReaper Month ago

    I’m a simple person
    I see any rx7
    I hit like

  • Steve Rivera
    Steve Rivera Month ago

    You are getting Soo good I'm in shock how crazy that looked on camera!

  • Logan Nelson
    Logan Nelson Month ago

    Adams 350z dash cluster looks like a vw cluster there's always many many warning lights 😂😂

  • Pubg Mobile 01
    Pubg Mobile 01 Month ago

    Where is nicole

  • Emil August
    Emil August Month ago


  • Ethan
    Ethan Month ago

    Thumbnail: 10:33

  • Antoine Lafond
    Antoine Lafond Month ago

    Im happy to see him good again he look like he is enjoying is life by now

  • ImGavin
    ImGavin Month ago

    1:16 fairy tail logo :)

  • ashlee shores
    ashlee shores Month ago

    Stop supporting jimmy johns!! The owner is a damn animal poacher!! Stand for something people fr.

  • Okipouros
    Okipouros Month ago

    Not a drift fan, but damn, that is some cool footage

  • K1ngz
    K1ngz Month ago

    Adam is clever. When he was doing the R33 giveaway every entry cost 5dollars. And many people entered it. So think it, how much profit did he make???

  • K Vinson15
    K Vinson15 Month ago +1

    how to void a Porsche warranty with everyones favorite host adam lz

    • Brandon Doe
      Brandon Doe Month ago

      K Vinson15 because he did it himself?

  • Robert Browning
    Robert Browning Month ago

    Longer videos

  • Robert Browning
    Robert Browning Month ago

    We got a ripper that s15 is so damn beast

  • Aaron
    Aaron Month ago

    More pLZ

  • duiknowyou
    duiknowyou Month ago

    10:33 damn lol

  • MiniNinja
    MiniNinja Month ago

    where is this drifting at?

  • Monster Rhys
    Monster Rhys Month ago

    Did any remember the s15 when it was white

  • Mitchell Hunt-Sharman

    Shout out to the camera quality. 60 fps 1080p is beautiful

  • NissanR33Ztune
    NissanR33Ztune Month ago

    comment 499 , you missing the smell of Japanese petrol yet.... lol

  • Dirtyd23
    Dirtyd23 Month ago

    That S15 is a fuckin Rocket.I’ll be honest,when Adam got that car I thought it was gonna be to much for his level of driving at the time but I was wrong and he seems to be getting more comfortable with it and doing pretty good

  • jdm80sbaby
    jdm80sbaby Month ago

    Content is a-1 my guy! Keep it up

  • wade smith
    wade smith Month ago

    Honestly every time you take out or show the s15 i am grinning ear to ear..

  • Jon Drives
    Jon Drives Month ago

    You’re nuts man! Haha keep up the good work brother

  • Landon Hart
    Landon Hart Month ago

    S15 is so nasty

  • sohcboostedcoupe
    sohcboostedcoupe Month ago +1

    The only thing that caught my eye during that whole Porsche segment was the fJ land cruiser 😍