[MPD직캠] 있지 리아 직캠 '달라달라(DALLA DALLA)' (ITZY LIA FanCam) | @MCOUNTDOWN_2019.2.14

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • [MPD직캠] 있지 리아 - 달라달라 | @엠카운트다운_2019.2.14
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  • Zhi Min Toh
    Zhi Min Toh 3 days ago

    we can do it for 1m before their comeback!!

  • Yohanes Jisrel
    Yohanes Jisrel 4 days ago

    she change her expression for like 0,5 second everytime 😁

  • Nicole Kim
    Nicole Kim 6 days ago

    can i borrow your perfect body for a second? UWU your my BIAS!

  • Ashley Joy
    Ashley Joy 12 days ago

    she's so cute ommo

  • HEy StOb iT
    HEy StOb iT 12 days ago

    Those pants look quite heavy.. good job lia x

  • 강빵이
    강빵이 13 days ago +1

    리아 어깨가 예술이야 진짜..0

  • Gapsong 56
    Gapsong 56 14 days ago

    这就是当初我看了一夜的直拍 啊

  • Gapsong 56
    Gapsong 56 14 days ago

    韩语留言顶这么高 看来南韩人很喜欢妹妹

  • bellissima 1202
    bellissima 1202 15 days ago

    She seriously deserves more attention, she puts a lot of effort into the song and still she doesn’t even get 1 million views 😔

  • Ninkudo koh
    Ninkudo koh 16 days ago +1

    I wanna lick her armpit so much so fair and smooth, i same age as her...

  • YMN Hobi
    YMN Hobi 16 days ago

    So pretty and her hair seems alive ♥

  • Justin
    Justin 17 days ago

    I'm developing armpit fetish because of Lia.

  • mizamono kaori
    mizamono kaori 18 days ago

    She dances so bad:(

  • 링 다하
    링 다하 19 days ago +1

    어깨 각 무슨일이야 너무 예쁘잖아..

  • Bts Stupidity
    Bts Stupidity 19 days ago +2

    Lia deserves more recognition

  • TWICE Momo
    TWICE Momo 20 days ago

    I took me a moment for me to realize that she’s not the main dancer😶❤️

  • Elizabeth Pérez
    Elizabeth Pérez 22 days ago

    Is she the visual?

  • 치와와존귀
    치와와존귀 23 days ago

    이분덕에 있지 입덕하게생김

  • andinimeiris
    andinimeiris 26 days ago +1

    Soooo prettyㅠㅠ

  • Jay Kim
    Jay Kim 27 days ago

    있지 처음 나왔을때 다 진짜 여태 여자아이들처럼 비슷비슷하게 생기지 않고 개성 있게 예뻐서 너무 신비한 느낌 나고 간지 나고 멋있었음..
    그냥 신비하고 뭔가 다른 그룹이라고 느껴짐
    넘 좋다

    BELLE AH Month ago

    she’s so sOFT UWU

  • Adam Haiqal
    Adam Haiqal Month ago

    I love song blackpink kill this love
    I love song twice fancy
    I love song ritzy Dalla dalla

  • Adam Haiqal
    Adam Haiqal Month ago +1

    Cute Lia

    Ang-GIMOTTY Month ago

    빨고싶다...저 겨드랑이...

  • Justin
    Justin Month ago

    Lia looks like Yeji and Yuna if they had a kid together.

  • candy girl
    candy girl Month ago

    jyp i hope you find this:plz dont let her sing in high voice because she will lose her fucking confident just let her sing in her normal voice is it that hard? I dont think so

  • Abhilaaash
    Abhilaaash Month ago

    Liaaaa, ily❣️

  • Love Kpop
    Love Kpop Month ago

    Lia is so beautiful 😍😍🔥

  • HYUN _
    HYUN _ Month ago

    ㄹㅇ 이요원배우님 닮았어..소름

  • Elanur Gunes
    Elanur Gunes Month ago

    Lia so cute😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • a a
    a a Month ago

    비주얼이 진짜 유니크하다

  • Sheianne Seblante
    Sheianne Seblante Month ago

    Okay 0:25 is iconic

  • Jisoo is Jichu
    Jisoo is Jichu Month ago


  • KLSV Entertainment
    KLSV Entertainment Month ago

    Cute little adorable kid

  • UU Zhang
    UU Zhang Month ago

    She is so CUTEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Safa Ali
    Safa Ali 2 months ago

    Lia basically invented duality

  • Karina Olivia
    Karina Olivia 2 months ago +1

    Her shoulder so pretty~

  • 짱서입니댜
    짱서입니댜 2 months ago +2

    어깨 ㅈㄴ 이쁘다....ㄷㄷ

  • 쩡vely
    쩡vely 2 months ago

    썸네일 수지 데뷔초 뱃걸굿걸할때 모습 보여서 허걱하고 들어왔다..

  • yolia Y
    yolia Y 2 months ago


  • Riza Bintang
    Riza Bintang 2 months ago +1

    Armpitt nice

  • Carat-ITZY Mingyu Jisoo

    i love her even i'm a girl hahahaha 😍😍

  • 223007阿你
    223007阿你 2 months ago


  • lovelove
    lovelove 2 months ago +1

    전부 예쁘다는 관점에서만 보는데...
    사람얼굴이 어떻게 저렇게 완벽한 대칭일수가 잇는지가 난 더 궁금..ㄷㄷ
    보통은 좌우가 조금씩은 다르게 마련인데 거의 컨트롤씨 컨트롤브이 수준이네. 신기하다.
    게다가 이마부터 턱까지 각 이목구비의 비율 역시 황금비율. 근데 더 충격적인건
    얼굴뿐 아니라 신체밸런스 역시 황금비율 ㄷㄷ
    하지만 난 그래도 류진이 좀 더 좋아.ㅎㅎ

  • HyVaA hYvAa
    HyVaA hYvAa 2 months ago +2


  • Nouha Amara
    Nouha Amara 2 months ago +8

    i'm so sad 😥😥cause only lia fancam is not 1m+ views yet 😭😭😭 , my baby deserve better ! , please let's focus on this fancam and make it 1m asaaaaaap , fighting 💪💪💪

  • 흥하자드림캐쳐
    흥하자드림캐쳐 2 months ago

    웃을때 엄청 예쁘고 귀여움~

  • 요괴워치짤린로보냥

    블랙핑크 제니 닮앗다..
    우와 예쁘다 ㅎㅎ

  • Harro Bye
    Harro Bye 2 months ago

    I love her duality- cute to ice princess 0-100

  • 댄이루
    댄이루 2 months ago +2

    어깨 진짜이뿌다....

  • 서강준
    서강준 2 months ago +2

    리아는 꼭 뜬다 뜬다!! 너무 잘하노 ㅜㅜㅜㅜ 얼굴도 이쁘고

  • i dont even know who is my ultimate bias

    Skinny legend

  • 증산도
    증산도 3 months ago +2

    애들이 그나마 레드벨벳한테 남아있던 파이 마저 먹어 치울것 같다

  • Wngml K
    Wngml K 3 months ago

    제왚 그룹인데 춤이 딴 멤버들보다 좀 떨어지는거같다...

  • 금강역사수미산
    금강역사수미산 3 months ago

    정녕 사람은 신이 만들었단 말이냐.. 저 예술적인 용모는 나같은것이 감히 평할 수준이 아니다

  • 다이아그자체
    다이아그자체 3 months ago +1


  • Deepthi Fernando
    Deepthi Fernando 3 months ago

    Not a good dancer, not a good singer, not pretty... because she's THE BEST ONE IN THE GROUP, Maybe not the best dancer but her expressions, her visual and especially her SMILE!!!!!!!!! She's too perfect.

  • Your Average BTS ARMY
    Your Average BTS ARMY 3 months ago

    Honestly, she is very thin.. is she okay??

  • 찌니
    찌니 3 months ago +1

    와 다시봐도 이게제일 레전드다... 진짜수십번은 보고또보고하는듯...

  • 규리배
    규리배 3 months ago

    진짜 너무 말랐다ㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • tk’s pasta
    tk’s pasta 3 months ago

    she’s so skinny i cri because i’m fat

  • Being completely honest

    Creepy facial expressions... I don’t get why people like her facial expressions, feels like she is smiling while pointing a knife at you

    • Itxchy Pie
      Itxchy Pie Month ago

      Being completely honest ikr it’s so cute

  • 안녕
    안녕 3 months ago +1

    다 좋은데 아새키들 줫나 시끄러워서 귀때기 찢어지겠다

  • Mac O.
    Mac O. 3 months ago +1

    absolute cutie

  • kka ppq
    kka ppq 3 months ago +1

    아..아ㅏ.... 공주님... 곧 여왕 대관식 해야되니 제 등 즈려 밟고 가소서,,,,

  • 21222이효은
    21222이효은 3 months ago +1

    2:40 개죽이 아니냐 너무 귀여워 리아... 너무너무 귀야워ㅠㅠㅠ

  • danira_k
    danira_k 3 months ago +3

    Ok i get that everyone is defending Lia for not being comfortable singing in a high range, but honestly, that shouldn't be an excuse for her performance when she's the main vocalist. The main vocalist is supposed to be the most trained singer and should be just as comfortable and even more than the rest of the girls singing this sing. I'm not hating on her, but if Lia is going to be the "main vocalist" of this group her skills need to improve. Or she shouldn't have been put into a group whose songs are sung in a higher key. And the dancing shouldn't be an excuse either. The other girls have parts just as difficult as Lia's but they execute them fine almost all of the time with the same movement involved.

    • Itxchy Pie
      Itxchy Pie Month ago

      danira_k okay look that’s not her range. She was like only trained for 1-2 years.

  • FireKiller Yuuki
    FireKiller Yuuki 3 months ago +3

    Thats why it looks a little awkward when she dances. No offense

  • 홍준호
    홍준호 3 months ago

    입이좀더자연스러우면 좋겟다

  • くさくさ
    くさくさ 3 months ago