Cam Newton's shoulder is more of an issue and Panthers fans should panic | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • Nick Wright and Chris Canty explain why the Carolina Panthers loss in Week 2 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers should be cause for panic and why QB Cam Newton's shoulder may be more of an issue than originally anticipated.
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    Cam Newton's shoulder is more of an issue and Panthers fans should panic | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST
    First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
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Comments • 248

  • First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

    What did you think about the Panthers' loss in Week 2?

    • joe smith
      joe smith Month ago

      Cam never adjusted like steve young did to being a pocket qb. Hes not good anymore.

    • Joker Joker
      Joker Joker Month ago

      tone West exactly especially with McCaffrey getting the most attention. Cam needs a Shannahan, Kubiak style coordinator. Who does more bootlegs and rollouts. Get him out the pocket at times.

    • tone West
      tone West Month ago +3

      Ron needs to allow cam to play his game look at cams history from high school to now he is a mobile qd he throws better on the run look at flims norv has to design out the pocket plays for cam the only solution is to let him be super cam thats his game but the offensive line needs to protect him as well

    • Joker Joker
      Joker Joker Month ago +3

      It's not Cam. Ron Rivera and the league need to stop recycling offensive coordinators Bill B doesn't, he grooms his own guys talent. Norv Turner was washed as a coordinator everything he has is on tape already. He should be qb coach. Not a coordinator. Let the young guys continue to innovate the league. Can needs a coordinator who is calling plays to his strengths and designing the offense together. Not the old school way that made QBs adapt to the system.

    • Travis Stoudt
      Travis Stoudt Month ago +6

      Cam is finished

  • Sandra Smith
    Sandra Smith 25 days ago

    Shouldn't be worried about his shoulder, why is he cross dressing im worried superman better call on wonderwoman , shazamm

  • Gary Gagnon
    Gary Gagnon 25 days ago

    Cam just sucks.

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord 26 days ago

    It seems like he knows he's done, an just working on his RU-clip channel.

  • JABoyle3875
    JABoyle3875 27 days ago

    They should panic because Cam is nothing but a punk who quits when it gets tough...let alone something with a shoulder.

  • bryan joiner
    bryan joiner 27 days ago

    Imagine the black guy blaming everyone except Scam Newton.

  • CCW Noob
    CCW Noob 28 days ago

    2:10 so funny when white boys act black

  • Robovillars Villars
    Robovillars Villars 29 days ago

    Just trade me,please!

  • Viking Blood
    Viking Blood 29 days ago +1

    Cam has always been trash. He had 1 good year and coincidentally he had a top 2 defense and a top 3 running game which let him run a lot of goal line td's which got him the mvp. He can't read a defense, He's not a accurate passer and without the threat of running for a first down he's useless. Scam newton is done and he can't throw to small recievers and rb's which is all he has now. If I was a Panthers fan I would want him gone so C-Mac is not deemed useless in his prime years.

  • Nick C
    Nick C 29 days ago

    nick is cool and all but he doesnt know sports

  • James Winchester
    James Winchester 29 days ago

    I have been panicking for years brahh he’s always been overrated now he’s clearly on the decline.

  • T P T
    T P T Month ago +2

    Cam has gone from being Johnny Unitas to being Gianni Versace.

  • Werkin Progress
    Werkin Progress Month ago

    Nick makes sense at times when and only when and if, he’s not discussing you know who

  • Werkin Progress
    Werkin Progress Month ago +1

    Cam’s shoulder may be injured, but so are his wardrobe choices. He’s double injured. Injured the same time.

    • Sandra Smith
      Sandra Smith 25 days ago

      Whatever happened to a traditional football uniform, like I gotta go change first, change???

  • whodatmartin 89
    whodatmartin 89 Month ago +3

    I'm tired of hearing Andrew luck while speaking of cam

  • Bu11et23
    Bu11et23 Month ago

    No love or respect for the Bucs..smdh

  • Jesse Leverett
    Jesse Leverett Month ago

    Cam would've gotten all kinds of concussions if they ran the QB sneak.

  • Dylan Thomas
    Dylan Thomas Month ago Rivera is a goofball.

  • Dylan Thomas
    Dylan Thomas Month ago

    Yeah all this bs and the fact he's rockin girl's clothes. He went nuts. The O line sucks. If it was up to me we would trade him while he had a lil value remaining and go with Allen at QB.

  • Vaughn Miller
    Vaughn Miller Month ago +1

    What's more of a issue, is his desire to dress like a female...

  • Erick Williams
    Erick Williams Month ago

    I hope Ron listen and cam

  • Jerome Bryant
    Jerome Bryant Month ago +3

    Coach. I blame the Head Coach for the last. Two years

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson Month ago +2

    Cam is done...Get a new QB and a new offensive coordinator. If he cant run and cant pass why is he playing? Bench him and see what Kyle can do, it literally cant hurt.

  • Besus
    Besus Month ago +1

    It sucks to go from feeling like the sky's the limit, to realizing you need a LT and QB. This offense is done. Not panicking, but def cutting ties with optimism in order to eliminate disappointment.

  • Eric Collins
    Eric Collins Month ago

    Just blew that game

  • Talkin Bout Nawlins
    Talkin Bout Nawlins Month ago +3

    Saints fan here.Cam came back too early.Hes a warrior but he needs to get fully healed.

  • vin russo
    vin russo Month ago

    Cam is NOT hurt. I have kept up with this team all off season. Teams know they can concentrate on Cmac and force Cam to throw. That'swhy he checks down so much to Cmac.Norv is a QB coordinator.It'sabout timing passes.That is Cam's weakness.

  • Alan Favia
    Alan Favia Month ago +1

    Squawking about the 4th and 1 call? If they had scored it wouldn’t have been an issue but because they failed now Cam is on the decline? Give me a break 🙄

    • Burt and Yvonne Myers
      Burt and Yvonne Myers Month ago

      Cam is the best 4th and 1 QB in the history of football. You have to give it to Cam and let him sneak it there.

  • cptamazing12
    cptamazing12 Month ago +1

    If Cam had any respect for the game and anyone he would go away and retire.

  • Dapper McNuggets
    Dapper McNuggets Month ago +1

    Carolinas offensive gameplan: Give the Ball to McCaffrey.

  • Mickey Scraps
    Mickey Scraps Month ago +2

    Even when cam was young and healthy he had no accuracy

    • Anthony Henderson
      Anthony Henderson 27 days ago

      That's because 90 percent of his throws was deep balls

  • Rico Suave
    Rico Suave Month ago

    C'mon guys, let's keep making excuses for Cam.
    Keep this notion that he's going to regain his MVP form going.
    Ignore the fact that he sucks.
    Just keep saying that the only reason that is, is because he's hurt and we're going to use that EVERY SINGLE SEASON
    -idiot Cam fans everywhere
    So who's with me?

  • Rusty Ass
    Rusty Ass Month ago

    My got her face looks like there might have been some brother,sister baby making? Yuck

  • joshx336
    joshx336 Month ago +11

    Being a Panthers fan for almost 20 years now I can say I feel like some big changes need to happen and most likely will, I think Cam is one more injury away from pulling a A. Luck, and that might just be the best think for The Panthers because it hurts to see Cam playing this bad, Cam just isn't superman anymore and I think Ron Rivera is gonna lose his job because of it, which is sad because I think he's a good couch!!!

  • Karim Halim
    Karim Halim Month ago

    Im a panther fan, i would have more respect if Cam just admits that he is hurt. Its obviouse and Norv son yhe QB coach should be fired. Norv is going to end Cam.I hope Greir is ready.

  • Rando Commando
    Rando Commando Month ago

    i love how the bucs defense are getting no respect for that game

  • Pradigy Musicman
    Pradigy Musicman Month ago +4

    All your throwing power starts from your feet. If he can't plant his right foot correctly, then it will throw off his passing mechanics(already is). He is going to re-injure his shoulder soon b/c he's trying to make up for a poor foundation.

  • Ivanka speads for Quincy Jones

    Is Colin Kaepernick still available? Cam needs to sit on the bench for a while, heinicke has looked good both pre-seasons.

  • Eloy Montoya
    Eloy Montoya Month ago

    jenna Wolfe can get it.

  • bodysnatchers8
    bodysnatchers8 Month ago +2

    Cam finished he should have won that Super Bowl but he wanted to sit in the pocket and pretend he was Joe Montana..

    • bodysnatchers8
      bodysnatchers8 29 days ago +1

      @Gregory shaw A conspiracy theory on how Cam choked in the Super Bowl Von Miller won that game and Cam lost it holding the ball too long funny stuff though..

    • bodysnatchers8
      bodysnatchers8 29 days ago +1

      @Kewl Khid Yeah but he should have won that Superbowl..

    • Gregory  shaw
      Gregory shaw Month ago

      The NFL is a consortium of Billionaires, ruled by hand shakes, winks and nods. There was simply no way that this power group was going to let Cam have SB 50. He was told to back off, let Peyton go out the winner. That's a hard pill to swallow. It broke Cams spirit.....he may never be the same.

    • Kewl Khid
      Kewl Khid Month ago

      He was the MVP of the league.....

  • joe smith
    joe smith Month ago +2

    RUNNING QBS ARE FUN BUT THEY DONT LAST... even steve young had to adjust his game

    • Anthony Henderson
      Anthony Henderson 27 days ago

      @Rashad Faison Russell has not been playing for 10 years 😂😂😂😂

    • Rashad Faison
      Rashad Faison Month ago

      Russell Wilson been playing for 10 years and he a running quarterback so your comment don’t add up

  • Dwayne Bannister
    Dwayne Bannister Month ago +4

    Cam is tired and tired of the game. His heart and mind is not in the game anymore.

  • Christopher Davis
    Christopher Davis Month ago


  • Michael Ellis
    Michael Ellis Month ago +3

    Time to rebuild in Carolina. Cam needs to hang it up like luck.

  • michael hicks
    michael hicks Month ago +2

    I think this is Cams last year. He’s going to do a Andrew Luck. Or he may ride out this contract. He’s not having fun anymore. Remember the old cocky, smiling, boisterous Cam? He’s done, now he just want to spend his money and focus on his fashion.

  • kurt lowder
    kurt lowder Month ago

    he should just take a year off.

  • Robert White
    Robert White Month ago +2

    Fortunately we have a new owner who won’t put up with this

  • Central Florida Pickers

    That nose though. Goodness trim that beak

  • DarkSaint411
    DarkSaint411 Month ago +5

    Came here to watch CC interrupt Nick... But CC is not in today

  • brody027
    brody027 Month ago +2

    I wouldn't be surprised if Cam's IQ isn't above 80.

  • Ed Neg
    Ed Neg Month ago


  • ninthundertow
    ninthundertow Month ago

    That dude is super negative. I'm not saying they played good at all but he just gives off this attitude that it's so easy.

  • Anthony Cole
    Anthony Cole Month ago +1

    The most physically dominating QB we’ve ever seen, Cam Newton?! You’re joking right 😂

  • jsh0822
    jsh0822 Month ago +5

    Cam is likely the most overrated qb in the league. I hope he turns it around, I just never have seen the accuracy week in and week out, now if you want the qb to run somebody over for .5 yards I have to say he is likely the best at that position.

  • jsh0822
    jsh0822 Month ago

    Chris you are way to long winded, my opinion, try and bring your personality out with less instead of more.

  • James L Avery
    James L Avery Month ago

    Cam Newton should retire to save what remains in good health. He doomed himself with his bipolar antics beginning with rookie year. "Riverboat Ron" never provided offensive line protection. Elite quarterbacks don't like being a running back.

  • Reezy_Bad
    Reezy_Bad Month ago

    Shut up!it was the first game of the season

    • MrOffroadjunkie
      MrOffroadjunkie 29 days ago

      Uh 2nd and it was to a division rival that wasn't supposed to be any good. Carolina is in trouble.

    • Ryan Ploeger
      Ryan Ploeger Month ago

      Reezy_Bad Are you sure about that?

  • Drewbar 100
    Drewbar 100 Month ago

    Cam sucks

  • Aaron Velazquez
    Aaron Velazquez Month ago +1

    For his own good he needs to be bench

  • Big Jonah
    Big Jonah Month ago

    First time I agreed with Nick