Mixing All My Slimes! DIY Giant Slime Smoothie!!!! Nicole Skyes | NICOLE SKYES

  • Published on May 3, 2018
    Terarium Slime Video: ru-clip.net/video/pnI6D1aHqLk/video.html
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    Mixing All My Slimes! DIY Giant Slime Smoothie!!!! Nicole Skyes | NICOLE SKYES
    Nicole Skyes
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  • Cupcake !!!!
    Cupcake !!!! 12 hours ago

    But on captions to see what would happen and it said Scott squad and not sky squad

  • Kristy Kirby
    Kristy Kirby 2 days ago

    Shut up

  • Miri Nakash-Silver
    Miri Nakash-Silver 2 days ago

    Mine nun num slime also melted

  • Juste Angelica Rose
    Juste Angelica Rose 5 days ago

    Don’t play with slime bc u don’t know how to play 😒🙄

  • Alyssa Geldert
    Alyssa Geldert 11 days ago +1

    Hi this is Alyssa Geldert and I love your slimes and your shows and even the discusting old slime smoothy that almost made me throw up

  • Lois Hubbard
    Lois Hubbard 13 days ago

    Put bath bombs in slime

  • Amber Felmey
    Amber Felmey 14 days ago +1

    The num nums have a special coating on them so it melts the slime

  • ilovecatssomatch lol
    ilovecatssomatch lol 15 days ago +2

    You a
    You ar
    you are

    Your crazy thinking im doing this "trend" .Bye have a nice day 😎😐😑.

  • Gelsey Montalvan
    Gelsey Montalvan 16 days ago

    I never had slime be for

  • Tasha Pernazza
    Tasha Pernazza 18 days ago

    Hey girl

  • Victoria Melin
    Victoria Melin 18 days ago

    I wish I could have a lot of slimes like you.😜😘🌞❤️💛💙💚💜🖤♥️💯💭💮🌲

    • Victoria Melin
      Victoria Melin 18 days ago

      I'm not even that old this is my Grammy picture I'm 7 year's old.i love you so much and I think you are my hero. I love you so much and I hope you have a great weekend as well as you can imagine I love you so much I love you and miss you so much and I hope you're having a good day so far but I love you so much I love and miss you.

  • Teine Taula
    Teine Taula 19 days ago

    You should do a video with all your slime smoothies and make one whole BIG slime smoothie. PLS

  • Teine Taula
    Teine Taula 19 days ago

    I am your biggest fan my name is nina

  • saylem regalado
    saylem regalado Month ago

    I have my nodvcashins on and I love you so much

  • Sophia Mehton
    Sophia Mehton Month ago

    Can i have a showdot my name is princess

  • muhd faris
    muhd faris Month ago

    I love that hatchimal slime

  • Hayyden Girard
    Hayyden Girard Month ago

    Do a only hatchable slime video

  • chloe osborne
    chloe osborne Month ago


  • Angie lovers
    Angie lovers Month ago


  • A La
    A La Month ago

    I love the clear hachimal slime

  • mike Miller
    mike Miller 2 months ago

    "Eww the Slime smells bad "continues to smell it

  • Robin Brown
    Robin Brown 2 months ago

    I love slime

  • Kyla Mccormick
    Kyla Mccormick 2 months ago

    I have been sky squad since I was seven I'm nine now

  • Chris King
    Chris King 2 months ago

    A galicy slime butter slime

  • Chris King
    Chris King 2 months ago

    Can you give me some slime

  • Kristen G
    Kristen G 2 months ago

    I love slime so much 😍😍😍😍

  • Margaret Bush
    Margaret Bush 3 months ago

    That pink slime with nomnoms is like a vibrant pink

  • sister magic sister lover

    Your the best

  • Attie Engelbrecht
    Attie Engelbrecht 3 months ago

    Wow jou are cool

  • Precious Cummings
    Precious Cummings 3 months ago +1

    OK I think she took my comment she read comments and she found mine or that was just her original idea no I literally just commented this before she said what she just said at 7:45 time lapse so yeah maybe just me or It’s a coincidence

  • Precious Cummings
    Precious Cummings 3 months ago +1

    I don’t think anybody has a slime smoothie inside of a so that’s another video idea

  • Iron Ranger812
    Iron Ranger812 3 months ago


  • Hazel Perry
    Hazel Perry 3 months ago +18

    Me:Then stop TOUCHING IT!
    ...Im a bit grumpy today...

  • jamie bowater
    jamie bowater 3 months ago

    I love clear slime alot too

  • Soila Marquez
    Soila Marquez 3 months ago +1

    Like si no hablas ingles

  • Charlotte Eaton
    Charlotte Eaton 3 months ago

    The scent from the nom noms melts slime

  • Amanda&Robbie Roberts
    Amanda&Robbie Roberts 3 months ago

    U have bowls

  • cal f
    cal f 3 months ago

    At 0:02 she ses 2

  • Crunch Time ASMR
    Crunch Time ASMR 3 months ago

    12:30 you know you thought it was a butt 😬🍑

  • Lori Walker
    Lori Walker 3 months ago

    I watch all your video's

  • Abby Brooklyn
    Abby Brooklyn 3 months ago

    Pom-pom slime

  • It’s Yagirlserenity
    It’s Yagirlserenity 3 months ago

    Why you didn’t mix it all the way

  • Tim Dugan
    Tim Dugan 3 months ago

    You showed 15 slimes on the cover of this video and there’s only 9

  • Hailma Raja
    Hailma Raja 3 months ago

    Can u do much Xiong all my giant slime smoothies to make a massive slime smoothie

  • Cynthia Andrade
    Cynthia Andrade 3 months ago

    You can't just say that it could brake her blender love you sky

  • Alfredo Garcia
    Alfredo Garcia 3 months ago

    Can u give me some slime please 😊😊😊

  • Mary Jane Garcia
    Mary Jane Garcia 3 months ago

    Hiiiiiiii I'm a fan ❣️💟

  • Jeffrey Hatten
    Jeffrey Hatten 4 months ago

    I thought that the slime smoothie would be raindow

  • dark angel deth 100
    dark angel deth 100 4 months ago

    nicole you can put saran rap under the lid

  • chantelle koen
    chantelle koen 4 months ago +1


  • Eliza Chee Quee Dawson
    Eliza Chee Quee Dawson 4 months ago


  • Makenna Purvis
    Makenna Purvis 4 months ago

    I love your slimes

  • Emma Zimmer :D
    Emma Zimmer :D 4 months ago

    U play Fortnite? Me too that’s cool

  • ashley lein
    ashley lein 4 months ago


  • Amanda Allison
    Amanda Allison 4 months ago

    That bad smelling slime is one of your makeup slimes

  • slime wierdo
    slime wierdo 4 months ago

    Could you make me some slime

  • Nicel Mckinnon
    Nicel Mckinnon 4 months ago

    #sky squad

  • Forever Daishia
    Forever Daishia 4 months ago

    That's a lots of slime

  • Charlotte Kavanaugh
    Charlotte Kavanaugh 4 months ago


  • Philip Wick
    Philip Wick 4 months ago

    Me to