iPhone Xs HUGE Update! So Many Leaks

  • Published on Jun 16, 2018
  • The 2018 iPhone Xs Has So Many Upgrades. Even Faster Charging, Face ID Gen 2, Dual Sim, USB-C 2019 & Latest Leaks & Rumors.
    Last iPhone Xs Leaks: ru-clip.net/video/xcrMQBPy9BI/video.html
    Triple Lens iPhone Demo: ru-clip.net/video/C3AP38jT6B4/video.html
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  • Clutterbrane
    Clutterbrane Month ago

    I’m from the future and that phone does not have 2 sim trays

  • Ari R
    Ari R 3 months ago +1

    I’m watching on an Xs max LOL 😂📱

  • Margaria Cupcake
    Margaria Cupcake 4 months ago

    Oh yeah so the iphone is called iphone XS max AND you got your little USBc iPad in late 2018...

  • - Cputnt -
    - Cputnt - 5 months ago +2

    I cant believe how close that was

  • love 3682
    love 3682 8 months ago +2

    Who is here after the I phone 10s max and I phone xr

  • Xavier Chapa
    Xavier Chapa 11 months ago

    Holy shit their adding an acog to these phones

  • Cornwall Discover
    Cornwall Discover 11 months ago

    I like lightning cables, because everyone has one and it’s convenient. Although it would charge faster with usb-c, it’s still less common.

  • Jefferson Domingo

    iphone xs max was already too expensive. imagine iphone 11, 12, 13 price can get😬🤯

  • Bilal Siddiqui
    Bilal Siddiqui Year ago

    Dude the Ipad Pro has already got usb c

  • NWFlorida Storm Spotting

    Anyone else watching after the XR?

  • planetfun85
    planetfun85 Year ago

    Wow, now they will invent type c usb...

  • RareDiamondXD 2
    RareDiamondXD 2 Year ago

    They were all right

  • D.D TUBE
    D.D TUBE Year ago

    The iPhone X looks like the new Iphone X (s) so I can go up to anyone and say I got the new iPhone X (s) that came out

  • Elite 7
    Elite 7 Year ago

    I love the pricing for the new iPhones it’s way better than the current pricing for the x... GREAT MOVE APPLE!!!!

  • Chris Jackson
    Chris Jackson Year ago

    I have a iPhone 11 amd 12

    • Zaineh Hatamleh
      Zaineh Hatamleh 7 months ago

      Well the iphone 11 and the 12 haven't come out so your lie was busted

  • T Overmyer
    T Overmyer Year ago

    Please Apple fix Siri

  • OliverD642
    OliverD642 Year ago

    instead of duel sim why dont they just keep the single sim and add an SD card slot...!

  • NurseMoniqueRN M
    NurseMoniqueRN M Year ago

    I’m waiting for the iPhone X plus 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • tifking73
    tifking73 Year ago

    I have the iPhone 8 Plus. I will only upgrade this year if one of the iPhones has a built-in stylus.

    • Zaineh Hatamleh
      Zaineh Hatamleh 7 months ago

      No they won't have one but the samsung note does



  • Yohhh Amk
    Yohhh Amk Year ago

    Will the iPhone 9 be better than iPhone X?

    • Zaineh Hatamleh
      Zaineh Hatamleh 7 months ago

      There is nothing called the iphone 9 plus all the phones in this vid have come out

  • # WaxWarriors
    # WaxWarriors Year ago

    Why would a CAR have a lightning port? The lightning port goes IN to an IOS device - not out from something the IOS device connects to?

  • EpicJohnny 100000

    I'm excited for the iPhone X plus.

    PLAYDEALS Year ago

    Shame no mention of a headphone jack.....that and the 6plus disease I am suffering from...a new replacement given to me when my battery pushed out the 6plus screen (i had to pay them £79) and now with the screen being dead due to bad soldering on a chip (check you tube) I have to pay £150 to get another new phone with a shit 12 week warranty, it might just be time to jump off the Apple Bullship. I have imac 27inch, 17inch mac book pro (bought that whilst my 27inch was having a new CD drive replaced in the Apple store...6 hour wait ) also have a 12 inch ipad pro purchased from Apple store in Grand Central Station, a replacement deal after my daughters gave me a apple watch for my birthday, I took it straight back, flew to Miami the next day. I prefer large analogue watches so the apple watch was returned. My daughter got her money back and I was $950 poorer :-) I am also p'd off about the talk of ios updates being created to slow your phone down. Side note, I purchased the Fossil smart watch when in Miami, took that back the next day...leave the room, the connection to phone died, reset the watch...leave the room...repeat, the 2016 Fossil was a nice looking watch, shame Apple can't see how many more watches they would sell if they also made a watch that looked like a traditional watch, I would buy their Round 43 or 45mm watch in a heartbeat....

  • Keluarga Bahagia
    Keluarga Bahagia Year ago

    Notch! Damn ... wish they check the oppo find x, which trully full...

  • Amari Grant
    Amari Grant Year ago

    Should i get the 11 or 10 i think its the same tbh

    EDM ELEVATORS Year ago

    I can expect the iPhone 10 and up to be a failure at sometime. When a company skips a number there products tend to fail. Samsung skipped the note 6 and the note 7 was a death trap. Windows skipped windows 9 and windows 10 is too buggy. Now apple skipped iPhone 9 and I have had several friends tell me there iPhone 10 has hardware failures.

      EDM ELEVATORS Year ago

      Like as of right now. My windows 10 laptop is telling me I need to be singed in as an administrator. I currently am signed in as an administrator. Also it won’t optimize drive D. Let’s just say anymore. So if I can I will continue to hunt down a reliable windows 7 installer that the DVE can verify.

  • Allen Suarez
    Allen Suarez Year ago

    Marry me 😩😩😩lol

  • Joseph Ferrari
    Joseph Ferrari Year ago

    Why in the h**** do I want dual Sim bay? Give me mini SD storage and headset 3.1 jack!!!!!!

  • Janice Bacsa
    Janice Bacsa Year ago

    Are you for real? I just bought an iPhone 10!

  • Jussin Dronekanava

    European Union is about to make a law, that will force every brand to use the same carging port to reduce the electronic waste. So Apple might have to switch to USB-C at least in Europe.

  • dan simmons
    dan simmons Year ago

    When are they going to have everything with wireless charging? iPhone watch AirPods and iPad?

  • Zarwali Khan
    Zarwali Khan Year ago

    What the fuck usb type-c in an apple device

  • Genesis Jaylo
    Genesis Jaylo Year ago

    If the notch will remain. I’ll go with the note 9.

  • Wendy Koek
    Wendy Koek Year ago

    The phones sound like they will be beautiful and stylish sleek too only a month to go to wait to find out when Apple do their Keynote.

    PARVEZ RAEEN Year ago

    what tha release date ???plz reply me ??? what price something ???

  • Kennen Lawrence
    Kennen Lawrence Year ago

    They wouldn't have to shift, because they'll just do the same thing for the USB-C that they did for the audio jack drop. They'll just make a "dongle" for it again when they do it 😂 USB-C to lighting input! HAHA!

  • Chaz from UK
    Chaz from UK Year ago +1

    Finally dual sim, won't buy a big iphone but as soon as they do a normal size with dual sim im buying it.

  • lovesbunnys
    lovesbunnys Year ago

    Why would iphone 8 to 9 go from 4.7, 5.5 to only having a 6.1. It makes no sense consumer wise. Which is why this has to be fake news

  • lostartistic
    lostartistic Year ago

    Apple was supposed to be uniform. One model fits all. I find this greedy.
    Btw. What happens with the original iPhone? Is that era over? Or will they sell iPhone 8 until it gets upgraded like iPhone SE?
    It’s like Apple is the new Microsoft and this is Windows Vista. Yes it’s new. But not exiting.. Just more expensive

    GEMINIJYNX Year ago

    i spent over $1000 on the last one. wth am i supposed to do this year , do the same thing ?! lol i love apple but they are crazy sometimes

  • Adventure Kehoe
    Adventure Kehoe Year ago

    10 plus

  • Tjay123 Shm
    Tjay123 Shm Year ago

    when is this releasing?

  • Ronalda Karik
    Ronalda Karik Year ago

    i got the 8plus and next year i’ll be switching to the new one, i’ll be sad if there won’t be a fingerprint cencor. i don’t want an ugly ratchet ass face scan

  • jamie maher
    jamie maher Year ago

    mainly the new iPhone x 5.8 inch this will be my first ever iPhone

  • Arii Maria
    Arii Maria Year ago

    I want to know if the iPhone X 6.1" camera will have the same quality as the 8 plus or X since it will not be doubled..??

  • 패트릭
    패트릭 Year ago


  • Xxxgaming Tv
    Xxxgaming Tv Year ago

    The red iPhone 8 Plus is my favourite iPhone

  • SpitFireBuz
    SpitFireBuz Year ago +2

    u say u don't think apple would switch to usb c because it's gonna be hard, but it's gonna be the same as when they switched from the old port to the lightning... If they wanna do it, they'll do it regardless of incompatibility... adapters will arise to help cope with the transition just as it happened the first time and just as it happened with the removal of the headphone jack... btw, i only recently came back to the apple ecosystem (but still not my main ecosystem, still prefer android) after a total rejection of apple products since the iPhone 4, which was the biggest flop ever...

  • ZZelos
    ZZelos Year ago

    Everything Samsung pro

  • Rotesserie spaniel queef

    Im getting it

  • Kondor Extra Thicc

    I wonder what the iPhone X+ will feel like

  • Johnny Who
    Johnny Who Year ago

    I'm really excited about the plus model.

  • Eric D
    Eric D Year ago

    Also, is it really necessary to have like 5 ads on a 10 minute video dude...
    This isn’t exactly original content..,
    You’re sitting in front of a camera and showing us other people’s work technically.
    Turned me off to this channel big time.

  • Eric D
    Eric D Year ago

    Buying an iPhone prototype for 100k...makes perfect sense!
    You know, wasting $99,000 on something you technically can’t use/activate, that will be worth a tenth of what you paid in 6-12 months and is nothing but a unsupported-sup’ed up iPod Touch!
    Great idea!
    The sad thing...there probably is some asshat out there that would buy it.

  • MichalPlays
    MichalPlays Year ago

    This is definitely some Apple specific connector because Apple earns their money with some shitty USB Data Cable which break after two months : P
    USB Type C would allow people to use 3th party USB Cables and it would mean that Apple won't sell any of their low quality cables 😂

  • jelly ness
    jelly ness Year ago

    I’m gonna be getting the 256 GB 2018 iphone 10

  • Tim Edmunds
    Tim Edmunds Year ago

    USB-C isn't as big a deal. Cars aren't Apple or Android specific, every modern one I've ever sat in has a USB-A plug that you then put your device's cable in. Considering Android devices are already shipping with USB-C connections, that doesn't pose a problem for them. As for other devices that have lightning connections... it's still not a big deal. Apple have already shifted plug designs once before, and there was a dongle to assist with the transition period. Besides, they aren't that committed to Lightning long term - why has no MacBook Pro ever had one built in - why did they go directly to USB-C on the new versions?

  • Daniel Sánchez
    Daniel Sánchez Year ago +1

    And I`ve just bought an iphone 8 fuck my life

  • Yann Renier
    Yann Renier Year ago

    Can anyone help me out here ?
    Should I buy the iPhone X considering that I’m in America for 2 weeks now and that it is cheaper out here than In the uk or should I wait for the uk release of the new models ?