Yugi "I really can't sing Minnie's part. The notes are too high" [SHOW CHAMPION Behind Ep 127]

  • Published on Mar 15, 2019
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Comments • 2 351

  • h i
    h i 2 days ago

    anyways,, who's yugi?

  • ccp foryou
    ccp foryou 3 days ago +1

    Minnie is good in sing and in rapping (I love her)❤️

  • Sweet Daemon
    Sweet Daemon 8 days ago

    don't worry Yuqi, I can't sing that part too XD

  • Lalablink
    Lalablink 8 days ago

    What is this song???

  • Destiny mintjas
    Destiny mintjas 12 days ago

    SHUHUA UR DOING GOOD keep going and build ur confidence

  • Fitri Huang
    Fitri Huang 13 days ago

    Soyeon is idle hidden vocalist

  • Fitri Huang
    Fitri Huang 13 days ago

    Which one part yuqi means?

  • Anjas Novia
    Anjas Novia 14 days ago

    Shuhua can't sing korean song ckck,

  • KoReAn pRinCeSs
    KoReAn pRinCeSs 15 days ago

    If you'll look at them they look like sexy and serious but you can see her how cute and savage they are

  • Mikenna xoxo
    Mikenna xoxo 20 days ago


  • vicky qu
    vicky qu 25 days ago


  • Xy Belle
    Xy Belle 29 days ago

    Their outfits are cute.

  • jennie Kim
    jennie Kim 29 days ago

    I love idol

  • Ellie Weaver
    Ellie Weaver 29 days ago

    It doesn’t matter how they switch because they’re all great singers

  • Annie Yu
    Annie Yu Month ago

    0:36 Poor Shuhua , she want to sing but she's too shy 😟💜 and then Yuqi save this 😅 You can do it Shuhua ! 😄💕 Fighting !

  • saf_
    saf_ Month ago +2

    Minnie out here coming for that rapper position

  • Isbet Fonseca
    Isbet Fonseca Month ago

    me encanta la voz de soyeon en el min 2:19 en adelanta

  • tae's gucci slides
    tae's gucci slides Month ago

    Yuqi's voice is great

  • Nancy Segura
    Nancy Segura Month ago

    I find this video to cute ㅋㅋㅋ 😭😍😍😍😍👌 omg like the way they said “señorita” was too cute and the video I find it so lit and dope 😂💯

  • Palm Tree
    Palm Tree Month ago

    Soyeonnie has such a nice singing voice! It's much higher than I'd expected, honestly. Shuhua is clearly shy but she sounds great too. This is such a fun clip ^^

  • AHAfni
    AHAfni Month ago +1

    Yeh shu ahh was so cute😍

  • kay bb
    kay bb Month ago


  • Bts softie
    Bts softie Month ago


  • TheDreamcatcher6
    TheDreamcatcher6 Month ago

    Yuqi's voice is so deep, now I want her to sing all of Senorita but deep version that would be awesome!

  • ISpyDreams
    ISpyDreams Month ago

    I'm just saying...that hug between Miyeon and Dami was super cute

  • Cuentya Canceus
    Cuentya Canceus Month ago +1

    EPIC ! 2:57

  • GodPrimrossie
    GodPrimrossie Month ago +1

    Wow Minnie rapping!!! She is good tho

  • AinRose
    AinRose Month ago

    awh shuhua at 0:36, she wants to sing :((

  • Nor Farah Hanani Basir

    cameraman really loves yuqi !

  • Rahma Abdulrahman
    Rahma Abdulrahman Month ago

    2:22 cuteeee

  • Rahma Abdulrahman
    Rahma Abdulrahman Month ago

    1:58 can relate girl hahha

  • Camila Olguin Bustos
    Camila Olguin Bustos Month ago +2

    I hope shushu gets more comfortable and confident.

  • dannaohnana
    dannaohnana Month ago

    yuqi should be the main vocal

  • Leemo Taula
    Leemo Taula Month ago

    This should've been their real stage performance..... Y'all can't sing!!!!!

  • aga dendi
    aga dendi Month ago

    i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💚🧡💛💜🧡💙💚🧡💛💚🧡❤💚💜💛❤❤❤❤❤

  • aga dendi
    aga dendi Month ago

    i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💚🧡💛💜🧡💙💚🧡💛💚🧡❤💚💜💛❤❤❤❤❤

  • meeiiling
    meeiiling Month ago

    Señorita deserved more wins

  • 恩綺
    恩綺 Month ago

    yuqi, not yugi 🤔

  • Pynnipi
    Pynnipi Month ago


  • Anty Chan
    Anty Chan Month ago

    yuqi: wt? the one who can sing high note dun sing?

  • PeachyChaeng
    PeachyChaeng Month ago +2

    Soyeon is the most multitalented singer in kpop in my opinion cause she can spit fire but still have a bubbly high pitched singing, her dancing skills are so good and she helps compose and right songs for g idle 😭💕❤💓💖😍

  • Luckylucky Nuk
    Luckylucky Nuk Month ago

    Omg minnie rapper

  • Luckylucky Nuk
    Luckylucky Nuk Month ago


  • LeBelle
    LeBelle Month ago


  • Tomo. mi
    Tomo. mi Month ago

    You know it's Cube's culture to have vocals that can decently rap and rappers who can sing better that other groups' vocals.

  • Valeria Chamorro
    Valeria Chamorro Month ago


  • Minh Huyền Cầm
    Minh Huyền Cầm Month ago

    1:36 You can hear Miyeon sing Soojin's part so stable, but she is shy :((( I want to hear her show it

  • MTGhifari
    MTGhifari Month ago

    Yuqi ya bangst bukan Yugi

  • Gissaya
    Gissaya Month ago

    I love seeing my baby Soyeon smiling like that. Also it's so funny that she doesn't like aegyo but her voice and herself looks so CUTE UWU

  • Rachel Lee
    Rachel Lee Month ago +1


    STAN DREAMCATCHER Month ago +2

    So proud of shuhua for even trying to sing bless her heart!

  • Sharon Yang
    Sharon Yang Month ago

    Their happiness is so infectious omg I was smiling so much while watching this also Soyeon's vocals and Minnie's rap we need to hear more of those

  • Crispy Vinegar
    Crispy Vinegar Month ago +3

    Minnie's "SENORITA" can cure cancer

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago +1

    They are so cute when pronunce Señorrita 😂💖

  • Zhang盈盈
    Zhang盈盈 Month ago

    I don’t want to being rude but now I know why Cube don’t let Shuhua had more lines.

  • Davian Bailey
    Davian Bailey Month ago +6

    2:20 😍😍😍 yes yes yes we love when the rapper becomes lead vocal yes Soyeon

  • Carolina Gamboa
    Carolina Gamboa Month ago +2

    2:33 Minnie's laugh😂♥️♥️

  • Szymonbymon
    Szymonbymon Month ago

    Yu Gi Oh I guess

  • Ryeo Hwang Kyung Woon

    Shuhua ah...

  • clover
    clover Month ago

    Shuhua looks so shyyyyyyy >

  • Hưng Thịnh Phạm

    Yugi ????????

  • Helen :]
    Helen :] Month ago

    Isn’t it Yuqi ?

  • Sunlight 11
    Sunlight 11 Month ago

    YuQi is so cute

  • Rie31 Rie31
    Rie31 Rie31 Month ago +4

    Soyeon!!cute Voice!!😍😍♥✌
    I luv G-Idle!!!!!!
    Yuqi & Miyeon my bias!!!!

  • Readioheed
    Readioheed Month ago +3

    Rapper Minnie gets her due with Uh-Oh. :)

  • Othmane Boudjellaba

    Yuqi is my fav

  • Anais Persephone
    Anais Persephone Month ago

    Ok Soyeon👏🏾👏🏾🔥🔥🔥

  • Trang Tuyên Lý
    Trang Tuyên Lý Month ago

    Yuqi is such a cutie pie 💞

  • Yeji
    Yeji 2 months ago +1

    And people still complain about shuhua not being given lines when she doesn't yet built her confidence in live performance like this which you will not made mistake

  • Rocky Quang
    Rocky Quang 2 months ago

    Yuqi not Yugi oh LOL

    KPOP ERS 2 months ago +1

    Soyeon multitalented

  • mirae
    mirae 2 months ago +2

    the cup on hand: no problem :v i can dance :v

  • just kidding
    just kidding 2 months ago +1

    Minnie, I-dle's new main rapper

    • just kidding
      just kidding Month ago +1

      @Readioheed :oooo

    • Readioheed
      Readioheed Month ago

      I'm expecting that she'll be rapping a bit in Uh-Oh. :)

  • Neverland Jay
    Neverland Jay 2 months ago

    Yuqi not yugi

  • Rene Sakura
    Rene Sakura 2 months ago +1

    i still cant get enough of soyeons vocals here