iPhone X Model Hands On + Latest Leaks!

  • Published on Jun 29, 2017
  • iPhone X First Hands On Size Comparison + Latest Leaks, Rumors & Features. Touch ID Tech, New Clones For Sale, Fast Wireless Charging & More!
    Previous iPhone X Leaks: ru-clip.net/video/IonNdu1hflE/video.html
    AppleiDesigner: instagram.com/appleidesigner/
    My Instagram: instagram.com/PhoneRebel/
    iPhone 8 Clone Video: ru-clip.net/video/Bffk1Q6WXVU/video.html
    iOS 11 Charging Sounds: ru-clip.net/video/xAgpgtgrh88/video.html
    iPhone 8 Model Hands On: ru-clip.net/video/pW1gx086ZxU/video.html
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  • Sujeet sahani
    Sujeet sahani 8 days ago

    Hello sir have icloud activation lock solution? Plz unlock my iphone 6
    Imei 352089071673625
    County India

  • enzmondo
    enzmondo 4 months ago

    Oh my God. It’s iOS 10 hahahaha

  • enzmondo
    enzmondo 4 months ago

    This video brings so much perspective even after the release of the phone.

  • adews
    adews 5 months ago

    iPhone 8 lol

  • J Hickmott
    J Hickmott 9 months ago

    IPHONE 10 mostly

  • J Hickmott
    J Hickmott 9 months ago

    Thats the iPhone 10 iPhone 8 looks like the iPhone 7 #2018

  • Manish Dassasingh
    Manish Dassasingh 10 months ago

    Samsung and iPhone have the same screen 5.5 inch

  • tadej in žan
    tadej in žan Year ago

    I like more the nokia 4

  • xscallcos boss
    xscallcos boss Year ago

    LOL i was like itz 28. jun already

  • Danny
    Danny Year ago

    Who else is watching this a year later to see how close it is to legit iPhone x

  • MJD Edits
    MJD Edits Year ago +2

    0:05 "press home to open" where is the home button!!!!!!!

  • Sky High
    Sky High Year ago +2

    X not 8

      INFLIXO 5 months ago

      Game Boy this was before we knew the official name

  • MrAqif
    MrAqif Year ago

    its called iPhone x /10

  • Yassin oyunda
    Yassin oyunda Year ago

    lol they first said this is the iphone 8 i think they gave up to make it look like an iphone 7 to make an iphone x loool thats cool though

  • Proud Bulgarian
    Proud Bulgarian Year ago +1

    You must see the real deal in 2018. I am from the FUTERE😮😮🤫🤫

  • Bj Youtube
    Bj Youtube Year ago

    That’s it the real phone

  • Razan Salaymeh
    Razan Salaymeh Year ago

    this is the iphone 10 or X not 8

      INFLIXO 5 months ago

      Razan Salaymeh this was before we knew the name

  • zpolzpol
    zpolzpol Year ago +1


  • Drone & Drone
    Drone & Drone Year ago

    I think you should also copy the Wi-Fi charger: goo.gl/SzkN8i

  • Mona hdad
    Mona hdad Year ago

    Iphone X not iphoe 8

  • Meexer - YT
    Meexer - YT Year ago +1

    Who else was here after the iPhone x release

  • ilovecupcake211
    ilovecupcake211 Year ago

    Where can we get it?

  • One Day
    One Day Year ago

    Which is funny that it isn’t the 8

  • Neringa Grabiene
    Neringa Grabiene Year ago

    Why ar you said iphone 8 but its iphone 10 or x

  • Expert Robo
    Expert Robo Year ago

    iPhone X - What is the iPhone Latest Model

  • Djamaldine Abdallah

    I want see iphone

  • Djamaldine Abdallah

    I want see iphone

  • Keynote Remix
    Keynote Remix Year ago

    Looks horrible

  • Benny Yeung
    Benny Yeung Year ago

    Looking back, the information is spot on. X dummy must be provided by someone working in the factory, camera cut out is exactly what we see today!

  • JB Acteur
    JB Acteur Year ago +1

    Avec tous les compliments de l'équipe www.jbonline.fr !!

  • Steve Nguyen
    Steve Nguyen Year ago

    How come nobody talk about Samsung leak? LOL

  • 李伟杰
    李伟杰 Year ago +1


  • Keda Wood Dye
    Keda Wood Dye Year ago

    So what do you think $$$ or $$$$

  • Keda Wood Dye
    Keda Wood Dye Year ago

    Cool knife!

  • guangyu lin
    guangyu lin Year ago

    the video from china?

  • amazing
    amazing Year ago

    Model of the face to unlock?hmmmmmm......What about Windows Hello from Microsoft???Apple copybot

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson Year ago +1

    l want use iPhone 8 as soon as possible lts so smart iPhone 8

  • Joshua Rundels
    Joshua Rundels Year ago


  • Iunix
    Iunix Year ago

    A like for the nice ink^^

    ABDUMANAF P 2 years ago

    is it true or no
    you saying

  • Othynrix
    Othynrix 2 years ago

    When you flipped the knife out it sounded like the Nintendo Switch click. 0:25

  • Daniel han
    Daniel han 2 years ago

    i see the China post~

  • Lucas Finzi
    Lucas Finzi 2 years ago

    1. Physically impossible. 2. Cheap s8 ripoff. 3. 4x the price.

  • Jacob Belden
    Jacob Belden 2 years ago

    Is it real

  • Flash turn 1
    Flash turn 1 2 years ago

    Who is the apple

  • Manoj Kumar
    Manoj Kumar 2 years ago

    It is copy nt the original one

  • Shippo Hsu
    Shippo Hsu 2 years ago

    The wireless charging soundtrack sounds funny.

  • Shippo Hsu
    Shippo Hsu 2 years ago

    Also, I thought America's printer tech could be better than Taiwan, such a shame. I don't believe it could be printed like this.

  • Shippo Hsu
    Shippo Hsu 2 years ago

    Hardware : Samsung won.
    Software : Apple won.
    However, Samsung's hardware device successfully convinced me that Samsung's software is also better than Apple.

  • Misael mecome u kkk
    Misael mecome u kkk 2 years ago

    Give me a cell phone

  • xBelCist
    xBelCist 2 years ago

    Is there gonna be an iPhone 8+ ?

  • Editary Information
    Editary Information 2 years ago +1

    If you look closely at 1:59 his 7 is slightly bent

  • NMG Fan
    NMG Fan 2 years ago

    Its gonna be so funny when the iphone 8 comes out and looks nothing like these

  • Stranger
    Stranger 2 years ago +1

    $950 ?? It not too much xD
    iPhone 7 plus price in India is around $1200 :)

  • aydın skate
    aydın skate 2 years ago


  • musa luswata
    musa luswata 2 years ago

    i love

  • Sh1te
    Sh1te 2 years ago

    How he draws that knife! Wow that is the perfect knife for a killer! ☠️😵

    SPILL DATEASIS 2 years ago

    I'm a bit upset that there won't be a plus

    MANAV MINATI 2 years ago

    Help me bro Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Thank You............

    MANAV MINATI 2 years ago


    MANAV MINATI 2 years ago


    MANAV MINATI 2 years ago

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    7666216652 I am Indian your witch country Help me Thank y

  • Mushroom
    Mushroom 2 years ago

    I want air pods my guy

  • xd man
    xd man 2 years ago

    That knife sounds like a Nintendo Switch

  • Sync.BAST10N
    Sync.BAST10N 2 years ago

    Um apple isn't it supposed to be iPhone 7s

  • OrangeBoy Productions
    OrangeBoy Productions 2 years ago

    TBH the iPhone 8 kinda looks like an Android phone

  • Kim Morren
    Kim Morren 2 years ago

    Iphone Pro

  • luminous
    luminous 2 years ago

    clickbait aint going o get you far.. fuck off im out

  • Jose Ruiz
    Jose Ruiz 2 years ago

    iPhone 8 looks ugly

  • nix arias
    nix arias 2 years ago

    give me a iPhone 7plus pls! this is my dream phone pls pick me to win a giveaway!

  • Mindaugas Janušauskas

    And the moment the iPhone 8 is out everyone will forget it and start speculationg about iPhone 8s and so on. This is stupid. Wait 'till the phone is out, then start making these pointless videos. You are just milking content that is just not there.

  • Crome_ Hyperboi
    Crome_ Hyperboi 2 years ago

    Can I have the iPhone 8

  • J.B. MacDirty
    J.B. MacDirty 2 years ago

    I fucking need this shit like now!!!!

  • allcoping.nellÿ
    allcoping.nellÿ 2 years ago +1

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    you came for the thumbnail
    I did to

  • 阳鸿达
    阳鸿达 2 years ago


  • Vincent Hansen
    Vincent Hansen 2 years ago

    What kind of knife is that ????

  • clinton mathibeng
    clinton mathibeng 2 years ago


  • Abner Veiga
    Abner Veiga 2 years ago


  • Zafar_ Official
    Zafar_ Official 2 years ago

    IPHONE 9 damn already talking boast that shit

  • Milos Loncaric
    Milos Loncaric 2 years ago

    ugly better iphone 7

  • Zubaidullah ghafoori
    Zubaidullah ghafoori 2 years ago

    It's fake man by China a product.

  • Lina Charpentier
    Lina Charpentier 2 years ago

    Layer burden cover wear happiness third contact

  • Antoan Phu
    Antoan Phu 2 years ago


  • Kill Yourself
    Kill Yourself 2 years ago +1

    Who chooses for a code 0000 bruh

  • Dre Vlogs
    Dre Vlogs 2 years ago

    If you have that much money to buy iPhones not just fakes then buy me one. Especially there'd iphone 7 red

  • Israel Campos
    Israel Campos 2 years ago

    always looking forward to new info bro thanks

  • High Biscuit
    High Biscuit 2 years ago

    How is this click bait all you morons? It's an iPhone 8 leaked model, and it's hands on... if you actually expected a real working device then that's your fault for being an idiot.

  • William DatKKid
    William DatKKid 2 years ago

    Yall stupid saying he its clickbait but its not. He said its a model not a Device idiots

  • Slav
    Slav 2 years ago

    What knife do you use to open you're boxes

  • Truett!
    Truett! 2 years ago

    Once u go Mac, u don't go back!

  • Chimera Gang
    Chimera Gang 2 years ago

    there all tryna say the new iPhone is gonna have a beautiful bigger screen but what im really interested in is that how powerful is it how powerful is the internals that's real thing we should find out cause I aint paying no 900 dollars for a phone that works like shit but looks good

  • Hosea Irwin
    Hosea Irwin 2 years ago

    Awesome infor

  • Dave
    Dave 2 years ago

    I think Apple is just making the phone more expecive but the specs are really good one thing tho they keep removing nearly all parts first headphone jack now home button what next volume buttons and lock button ??? Thats just making the budget lower for making the phones basicly...

  • Vishaal Khairnar
    Vishaal Khairnar 2 years ago

    So finally Apple Dump their Touch id ......

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  • Destroyer1k
    Destroyer1k 2 years ago

    I just bought the fucking 7 plus, should have stayed with ma Samsung note 3 you legit need to be a fucking tycoon to bloody have the latest crap 😞

  • Sean Brennan
    Sean Brennan 2 years ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Wei
    Wei 2 years ago

    China Post!Haha!Welcome to China!

  • Emilio Montero
    Emilio Montero 2 years ago


  • Gneiss Biscuits
    Gneiss Biscuits 2 years ago

    looks gross not going to lie.